In 2020, Terminator T800 is protecting Sarah Conner at their home in Los Angeles. Although they have destroyed the Skynet in 2017 and lived on an ordinary life, they still need to be aware about their surroundings in case the enemy may send a killer from another parallel timeline and threaten Sarah Conner's life.

One midnight, T800 waked Sarah up in a hurry.

"What are you doing, dad?", said Sarah disappointedly in a low voice. (Sarah always called T800 dad according to the former movie version) For a long time, Sarah have not been bothered by T800 when she was sleeping for a long time after they have endured the tough time before 2017. "I told you a lot of time, dad! Don't bother me when I'm sleeping if there's nothing serious. You don't need rest since you're a robot, but I do!"

"It's something serious.", said T800 in a cold voice as usual.

"Don't tell me something that is less serious than a terminator is going to kill me.", Sarah was still impatient with this robot who still didn't master any of the worldly wisdom. Then she covered her head with the quilt again.

"A terminator is going to kill you."


"A terminator is going to kill you."

"Where? When?"

"I've just detected strong pulse signal 5 miles from here, near the downtown area. The possibility of it becomes a time travel as I have calculated is…99.99%."

"Why did they come again? I remembered we've destroyed the Skynet 2 years ago." Sarah waked up and became more sober when she realized it was really something serious.

"Three years."

"Answer my question please."

"You should remember we just killed the leader of the Skynet John Conner—your son three years ago. We haven't destroyed the central pivot actually. Although the leader who betrayed our human…your human have been dead, the Skynet still have little chance to betray human again, and that's why I still stay here and protect you."

Sarah put on her T-shirt and said, "Then where should we go now. I'm totally forget about the tense day when we need to run everywhere to escape from the robot."

"I've prepared the weapons in the basement. Go and carry yours."

They hurried to the basement. Since they have gone through three years of peaceful life, Sarah has not been to the basement for three years. When the door was open, it looked entirely different from the previous one.

"Wow, dad. You make all these new weapons and the updates in the laboratory yourselves?"

"Yes.", said T800 briefly.

"When did you do this huge amount of work? I think you're accompany me all the time."

"When you are sleeping. I do these in case the Skynet travelled back again, although the possibility is as low as 0.134%."

"Do you know their aims this time?"

"I'm not sure so I can not tell you. Just be prepared."

"What will the terminator look like this time? I think it will be stronger than the previous T5000."

"Guessing about this is of no use."

When Sarah wore all the weapons, they went upstairs. Soon they saw the strong lightning not far away before them. "It seems really a strong robot.", sighed Sarah.