Ep. 4 Things I don't want to lose

Game/Hino: You've decided to investigate what caused the world's distortion in the island.

Shimizu: ··· Senpai, look at that tree. You can see animals. Look a squirrel.

··· there's another one . How cute.

Shimizu: There seem to be no distortion here, let's move on.

Shimizu: The breeze is pleasant.

···· The sound of rushing leaves of the trees and birds of this forest is audible even when they're afar. It's like we're listening to the music of the island.

Shimizu: It would be nice playing the cello here.

— oh. But rather than playing alone I want to play with you and match your sound.

It's best and I'm sure it's gonna be fun.

Shimizu: Ah··· I didn't notice that we've reached this deep part of the forest... listening to the sound of rushing leaves distracted me ···

Shimizu: This place is overflowing with natural sounds and inspirations ···

Shimizu: ·······

··· The island of the Fata ···

Shimizu: ··· Harmonia ··· forest ·· world···

(last is "Sekaijiku" but I don't really know how to translate 軸jiku so I just left sekai ..)

Shimizu: Pardon me, senpai. A sound /music just formed in my mind, I have to write it down ···

Shimizu: I always carry a pen and some spare music sheets in my pocket ···

I don't know if I can write it correctly if I do it later.

(probably because he want to record what he hears and the music that he creates.)

Shimizu: In this island, one after another fresh and new sounds comes naturally to my mind.

It's fun creating unique music using sounds that I haven't heard before. Or maybe the reason is because this island is full of blessing of the Fata of music.

Shimizu: ··· I want to make even more songs while I'm in here in Harmonia.

— I want to immerse myself in this sea of music all the time.

Game: What do you say to Shimizu :

Option: 1. Tell him you were supposed to investigate. 2. Worry about the situation. 3. Be silent.

Shimizu: Eh? Investigate?

Shimizu: ··· Oh, that's right we were in the middle of investigation ···

Save this island and return to our original world ····

Shimize: Right····

Shimizu: ·········

Shimizu: Everything that happened and everyone living in Harmonia are all gonna be part of everyone individual dreams when this end.

Everything that I've learnt and all the sounds I found and made in Harmonia will disappear once we wake up ····

Shimizu: ·············

Game/Hino: what do you say to Shimizu who is deep in thoughts?

Options: 1. Pull Shimizu's hand. 2. Don't bother him and continue the investigation. 3. Listen to what he has to say.

Shimizu: Senpai ····

Shimizu: Forgive me. We should continue investigating.

·— shall we go then.