She was silently sitting on a chair; the only sound was the fork firmly grabbed the meat and the cutting knife sliced perfectly the flesh that poured out a glowing trail of blood. She took a bite and watched the knife with a smirk. She chewed the meat and enjoyed it. The protagonist had long lemon hair tied with a red knot in a ponytail. She was wearing a red necklace, a white blouse and black skinny pants, and red boots.

"Oh my gosh! It's Testarossa-sama! It's really her! So, it's true, you are really taking your meal here!" A voice perturbed the meal of the woman who glared at the intruder.

"I am your number fan! I love your manga. There are so good. I read them every week, even every day and time, I am so addicted to them! You are a genius!" A teenager squealed; she was with one of her friends who also seemed happy to meet a celebrity. The blond squeak her fork on the plate with a shrill sound. The teenagers put their hands on their ears. Then, the blond put the cutlery on the table, she wiped her lips with the napkin. She politely smiled.

"Finally, some peace. Such a bother. Flies always come to annoy me. Waitress!" She abruptly cut; her admirers were shocked at her cold response. They were expecting some kind comments, selfies or an autograph.

"What? How did you call us ?"

"Bother? Flies? Annoying brats? Should I continue? How did you enter here? Is it you the messages on twiter? It's called obsession." The mangaka continued, annoyed. The teenager red was so shocked, her favourite webtoon author was insulting her, she loved her work, it was everything in her life. How dare she look down on her? Furious, she grabbed the glass of wine and break it on the table and throw on her the pieces, blood slowly escape… from the palm of someone… the glasses entered the skin.

The mangaka watched who dare to interpose her moment and saw a red head woman, the waitress winced in pain and then she looked at the teenagers.

"You should behave this way it's not right; you could hurt someone badly."

"She hurts me first… I loved her so much… and… and…" The fan hiccupped.

"Hello the police, I call you to report a crime, there is a woman who tried to hurt me. She used a glass to throw me on my face." Everybody was looking astonished at the blond heartless woman who was on the phone, she stated the fact and give the address of the restaurant. The teenagers were running away, afraid to go to jail. The waitress said nothing when the client closed her smartphone, it was not a real call but a way to make disappear the nuisance. The red head took a napkin and put inside her bleeding palm.

"You should not talk this way to people. It could end worst."

"You should mind your own business or you could end very bad." The vermeil eyes owner sneered. She hated when people intervened when they know nothing and dare to judge the situation. Testarossa looked the badge and read the name… Nanoha. She huffed. She stood up and faced the waitress who did not budge from her position.

"You should leave now incompetent woman or I will make your life as a mmm-"An hand was put in front of Fate, a tall and handsome man arrived in time, and he nervously laughed.

"Ah sorry for my protege, she had bad nexs, her ... her... rabbit? died this morning. I am her editor, Chrono Harlaown. Nice to meet you." He brightly smiled and gave his card.

"If you need anything, you can contact me." Nanoha watched the pair, and put the card on the table.

"It's okay. I will go now. Good luck, you really need to." The red hair left. Chrono screamed liked a little girl. His author bit him.

"Next time if you dare to put your filthy hand on my hand, I will cut it." Fate proved her saying by suddenly pushing the knife into the wooden table a few inches from the fingers of his publisher who had cold sweats, yes, he needed a lot of luck with that lunatic woman. She was her livelihood and she was worth an incredible sum of money, number of sales for months, and with each new publication, it was total success but despite her talent and her great beauty, she had an appalling character, he had to clean the broken pots behind his eccentric artist each time. And he will do it again.

The owner of the restaurant arrived to see her famous client, he apologized for the disturbance, he was afraid to lose a precious client and tried to find a way to compensate.

"Fire her." Fate stated.


"That woman, Nanoha or I won't come back again. Never." The moody woman left and his editor sighed.