For the comment about this story inspired with the drama It's okay to not be okay, yes it takes the idea there, but it will be slowly different.

Fate played with the ballpoint pen, she turned it fast round her fingers and coldly said:

"Do you some stupid accident can happen without a warning? In my manga, the main character had a pen, and because he was angry with his classmate, he threw directly on his throat, sooo much blood." Elios Katsuma gulped hard when the pen suddenly stopped and was near his throat, few centimetres and it was inside his flesh. He stepped back and almost fall, it was the blond who had the power now, she smirked, her eyes were so dark and cold. She laughed.

"You…You are totally crazy! I can destroy you and your miserable career!" The man warned but he had forgotten that it was on impulsive ears.

"Ooooh…You can do it, my dear. Destroy me if you want, I don't care at all. If I am that crazy, I have some circumstance to hurt you? I am not those poor women whom you take advantage. The rumours are strong in our circle and I notice the way you touch the young writer. You simply disgust me. You are so ugly, even with money and fame, you are nothing except than a loathsome crawling worm."

"You have not an idea what you are doing Testerossa! If you had accepted my generous proposition to have fun with me, it will be a win/win situation for both of us, but now, I won't accept the money of your editor anymore, I won't turn my head. The other women said yes because they all want me. I just help them." Fate laughed more.

"It's the best joke I ever heard in my life. Having good articles or review against sexual favours? Not for me. Perhaps for women's safety, I should pierce something other than your mouth?" Fate had her eyes who wandered below. The journalist put his hands on his crouch.

"You! crazy bitch! You are nothing like your mother Precia! She is nicer than you that why she is more famous than you will never be!" Testarossa face darkened. The pen was now between the journalist's eyes.

"I am proud to have nothing in common with that woman. She is nothing for me. Next time, you come to bother me, I won't be nice." With her knee, Fate hit Elios balls hard, the man cursed loudly and fall on his knees. The blonde just left and heard she will pay for that.

"Oh, I won't. But you will bastard." The mangaka took her phone, she recorded everything on her phone, it will be very useful and she knew how to use it. She noticed her editor who was paled. She slapped his shoulder.

"Should we go to see my fans buddy?" Fate went to the library for the autograph session as if nothing had happened.

Vivio was waiting in a long line to see her idol. She as waiting for this moment months ago, she did not regret to skip classes, she was always the top student, she never did what she really wanted, she only studies and did not have life. She could not bear anymore the pressure on her shoulders. To be always perfect. Her mother saw her like perfection embodied, the best. If she had read the manga of Fate, she would not be able to live… she was so alone, no friends, she was hated at school, they bullied her every day. But when she read the manga, not alone. She really felt she was not, that story save her. A woman who was an outcast because she was different from the others. Alone, her family did not notice her pain, she had not a friend but she falls into a parallel universe, where she was a queen, she had everything. She was living a double life.

Vivio heard her ringtone, and she saw on her phone 20 missing calls and 15 unread messages from her big sister. She sighed and did not read or listen to them. She already knew the nature of the message, where is she? Why she was not at school? She loved Nanoha, but she was too protective with her, and she was suffocating, she had already had one mother, she did not need another one! She will take the consequence of her actions later. She heard some screams; her idol was here. In front of her, waving on her fan with a bright smile.

"Hello everybody, I am happy to see you all here. It will be a wonderful day, right?" The mangaka teased and her fans squealed in delight. But there were not only looks of admiration and adulation, a hateful look wandered among the crowd, and it was intended directly for Testerossa.