Chibi-Robo had been working out in the park all day. He didn't have time to take breaks or recharge, now that the whole place was bustling with visitors. It also just so happened to be hotter than usual that day... Summertime always made him feel like a zombie. He could feel the rattling of his cooling fan inside him, begging for him to take a break, but he couldn't! He was the only one taking care of the place, after all. Yet despite that, it felt like everything was against him. One visitor stepped on his plug, making him trip and fall onto the paved walkway. Another trampled flowers he had just finished planting. Another dropped a gross napkin with who-knows-what on it. By the time night rolled around, instead of being pleased with his work like he did at the end of most days, Chibi just wanted to head back to the Chibi House and flop down in defeat. His insides whirred, and he felt a strong sense of unease at the thought of going back to work the next day. When he entered his home near the exit gate of the park, Chet greeted him with the same peppy voice as always.

"Good work out there, Chibi-Robo! You did great!"

Instead of feeling appreciated, Chibi found himself getting annoyed by Chet's high-pitched voice. He didn't bat an eye towards his helper, and instead just plugged himself in and laid down in front of the outlet.

"Uhm… Chibi-Robo, we still need to check your flower total! Remember?" Chet reminded his buddy, wondering how he could have forgotten something they had done nearly every day they had worked together?

Chibi glared at Chet, and rolled over so he was facing the wall. Chet only got more worried by this unusual behavior. "Y-You know we can't skip out on protocol like this, Chibi…" He pressed, nudging Chibi's side. Chibi's processor whirred as he reluctantly pushed himself to his feet. Admittedly he did feel a little better after charging for a bit. "Wonderful! I was worried for a moment!" Chet said cheerfully, smiling wide as ever. Chibi felt as if Chet's enthusiasm was a bit forced… But it was enthusiasm nonetheless. He stopped slouching and stood up straight as normal.

"Let's see, your flower total has gone from… 407 to 322!" Chet smiled, before realizing what words just came out of his mouth. "W-w-whaaaat? What happened out there, Chibi-Robo?! Did you miss some smoglings..?" Chibi's expression changed to one of shock almost immediately. What DID happen out there? He wondered to himself, before remembering that some careless visitors had trampled plenty of flowers… And come to think of it, he didn't remember popping any smoglings either… Oh dear. Chibi's look of confusion turned to one of disappointment. And all of that disappointment was in himself. It weighed on him like a pile of bricks… He had been so careless during the day, and both Chet and himself had to suffer because of it. Chibi would have sighed if he could, but his lack of mouth kept him silent. He slumped down against the wall of the Chibi House, and laid down on the ground with no response to Chet's question.

Chet figured that all of the new visitors had been weighing down on Chibi's work, and it was best to not push that stress any further by asking more questions. "Um… W-well, I… Goodnight, Chibi-Robo…" He sighed with dismay. "Tomorrow will be better, I'm sure of it!" Chibi didn't even open his eyes to acknowledge Chet's encouragement. Chet sighed again and turned out the lights, not wanting to push his luck any further.