Prologue I: Blind Faith

- Six Feet Under -
The Twenty-Fifth Hunger Games

The Most Reverend Bishop of Limos, Damarion Revery

"We shouldn't be doing this."

Lena must've said it for the umpteenth time as his lips peppered against her neck. With him, she felt at her best. He continued to kiss her skin before pulling away. Even in the muted light, Lena was able to see the stress and toll in his eyes.

"You're right, we shouldn't. But I can't stop now."

"Damarion," Lena giggled, like a lovestruck teenager, "You and I both know this wasn't meant to keep happening."

It was a whirlwind romance — a fleeting look in the church that led to one-on-one counselling for Lena's journey to Limos' light. But the heart wanted what it wanted, and Damarion's heart wanted a woman despite being bound to another: Limos.

"Limos would want this."

"She would not," Lena gasped playfully, "You're just saying that because you don't want to end it."

"I don't," Damarion confirmed, "I should be allowed to love whom I want."

"Your Mother— she would never approve of me."

Damarion warmly placed his hand on her cheek, "She is not my concern nowadays."

Minister Damarion Revery, son to the President of Panem, and Bishop of Limos. A complicated, mysterious but soft-hearted man whose only purpose was to spread the word of Limos and empower it. And yet, he gave in to his own cardinal sins of lust.

"I don't want to cause any problems…"

"Lena, please," Damarion's voice was thick, "I— I need you to stay with me."

Lena's heart flourished. Their tryst was never meant to contain romance. It was purely professional and physical — but Damarion also knew he was meant to be connected to Lena.

"I won't leave you," Lena smiled, cheeks flushed, "I won't ever leave you."

"I don't have to be anywhere…" Damarion's tired eyes and face softened.

The TV in the hotel room burst to life, scaring away the ambience. Lena and Damarion's heads immediately turned to it. The white static filled the air before it shot to a news announcement from CPN.

"We bring you an emergency announcement from the cabinet of President Revery."

Lena turned to Damarion, "Do you know what's happening?"

His face was fraught with tension. He edged closer to the bed and sat down. Lena joined him, her hand comfortingly resting on his knee as the screen shifted to that of President Revery, sitting in her home office.

"Citizens of Panem. Every year, in honour of Limos saving our great nation from times of darkness and famine, we celebrate the Hunger Games. A tourney of strength, willpower and courage. The blood that is spilled in Her name is a noble act of kindness."

"What is this?" Lena whispered.

Damarion didn't have an answer. He just stared at the screen with wide eyes.

"This year, as we reach an anniversary of twenty-five years, Limos has enlightened us with a new message."

President Revery pulled forth a small piece of scripture. It was faded and worn — Damarion recognised it as something from one of his own books. His Mother calmly and stoically stared at the camera.

"This year, to atone the past sacrifices that have been made in Her honour, there shall be no Hunger Games. No children shall be reaped and no districts shall lose a loved one."

"Did you know about this?" Lena asked quietly.

"I didn't—" Damarion's face was pale, "—I have to go, my darling. I'm sorry."

He jumped up abruptly, kissing her forehead as tenderly as he could before rushing from the room. He fled the hotel hastily with purpose, tapping away on his phone as he jumped into an awaiting car.

"Albus? Can you take me home please?"

"Certainly, Bishop," Albus obeyed as the car roared to life.

Damarion pressed the phone to his ear and waited. His heart thudded in his chest. The news wasn't so alarming — but the announcement would cause a huge blow-up. The Capitolites relied on the Hunger Games to strengthen their faith. Without it, what would happen?

The other person never answered. He grunted and looked down at his phone as it beeped. Multiple messages and voicemails began to appear from a flustered congregation that begged for an answer.

An answer that Damarion wasn't privy to.

The huge, metal gates of Revery Estate appeared in the distance. He didn't have a clue what he was going to say to his Mother, just that he was angered by her lack of tact and forewarning.

Damarion leapt from the car before it had even rolled to a stop. His phone continued to come to life with concern. He unlocked the door and rushed inside, heading straight to his Mother's office.

The lighting might've been soft, but President Revery's features were sharp and focused. She turned to face her son as he burst into the room.

"Mother!?" Damarion flustered, "What was that all about?"

President Revery smiled a toothless smile. One of power, greed and more importantly, control. "Sit, my son. We have a lot of planning to do."

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