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How Did We Get Here?

By Bain


Chapter 2

Years of living without his father waking him up at the crack of dawn by any means necessary forced Ranma to become a light sleeper. He could tell it was early morning, just about 6 AM, his usual wake up time. Ranma would automatically wake at this hour. However, this morning, something was different.

As usual, Ranma suffered from the usual condition most adult men suffer from, when waking up. That was not unusual for the young martial artist. But the warm snugness he felt around his morning arousal was noticeably different, however. Also was the fact his arms seemed to be wrapped around a very warm and comfortable body.

Fighting down panic, Ranma slowly opened is eyes and saw a shock of cyan hair. 'That's right, I slept with Ryoko-chan... I SLEPT WITH RYOKO!!! Wait, we only slept, she was having a nightmare. Ya, that's it.' Ranma slowly calmed down, noticing that they were spooning, and tried to will his erection down. It wouldn't however.

It had been 4 years since he last had a bed partner, Ranma was not use to the experience anymore. He did not want to admit how much he missed having a warm body next to him when he slumbered and woke up.

'Oh Kami-sama, how do I get in these situations?' Ranma thought frantically. 'I gotta get up before she notices... IT! I don't need her to think I'm some hentai trying to take advantage of her.'

Gently, Ranma tried to extract himself from Ryoko's body. Ryoko apparently decided she was comfortable and held onto Ranma's arms in her hands, crushing them to her bosom, and to Ranma's dismay, slowly started to grind her backside into Ranma's groin when he tried to pull it away. Ryoko murmured happily through Ranma exquisite torture, frying his brain making him unable to reason.

Eventually, Ryoko ceased her gyrations, sleeping peacefully. As Ranma's mind began to function once more, he started to slowly extract his limbs from Ryoko's warm, comforting, embrace. A large part of him regretted pulling away from her, but pigtailed man knew that he didn't want Ryoko to wake up and see him in his current condition, embarrassing both of them. Finally free, he sighed a breath of relief.

Having an apartment on the top floor of his building was convenient for Ranma. He put on a pair of shorts, took off his tank top, walked to his balcony and then flipped up to the roof. Here, Ranma did is morning workout, as he did every morning for an hour. This morning, Ranma worked harder, to help fight of this mornings arousal which eventually it did.

As usually, Ranma lost himself in his forms and didn't notice a lithe form rising through the roof. Ryoko sat and watched as the pigtailed martial artist worked through a complex kata. She seemed almost mesmerized by Ranma's sleek form as it weaved and glided through the kata, making it look more like dancing than a deadly fighting form.

A pink hue spread across Ryoko's face as she watched Ranma's workout. Slowly, she sank back down through the roof before Ranma would notice she was even there.


When Ranma walked in from his balcony after his workout, he noticed the aroma of a fresh pot of java waffing through the air. He also heard the shower running and noticed his bed was empty. 'How nice of Ryoko to put on a pot of coffee.'

He was about to get a cup of coffee when there was a knock on his door. 'Who would be knocking on my door at this hour in the morning?'

He went and opened the door. In front of him were two green haired women with very big smiles on their pretty faces. Immediately he could tell they were twins and dressed the same way.

"Nihau Saotome Ranma!" One said. "I am Sze Mi!"

"And I am Sze Yu!" said the other.

'Oh great, twins this time,' Ranma thought bitterly to himself. "Hello, welcome to my home. Please come in." As much as he didn't want to, he let them in. He was now an Amazon ally so he couldn't refuse them entrance to his home, which he knew the amazons abused shamelessly in their pursuit of him. "What brings you to the lands of the rising sun?"

One of them responded, he couldn't tell which one. "Matriarch Cologne suggested we come here as part of a foreign student exchange program."

"We are in medical school!" the other one piped in.

"... I see. Well I'm about to have breakfast, would you like to join..."

"Ranma, do you have a spare toothbrush?" Out of the bathroom in only a towel wrap around her came Ryoko. She stopped as soon as she saw Ranma was not the only one in the room.

The two Chinese Amazons stared at the ex-space pirate standing there with water dripping off her body. They started talking furiously to each other in their native language, as they kept glancing over to her. Ranma couldn't tell if this was good or bad, but he wasn't' getting a very good feeling about this. The last thing he wanted was more trouble.

"Hai, Ryoko-chan, in the medicine cabinet. I always keep a few spare for unexpected guests like Ryoga." Ranma slowly started to sip the coffee he just poured. 'This can't be happening,' he thought to himself, hoping things wouldn't get worse.

"Honored Ally, is this your mate?" asked one of the twins.

Ranma spit out all the coffee he had in his mouth.

With an evil gleam in her eye, Ryoko walked over to Ranma, still in only a towel to show any mediocrum of modesty, and draped herself all over the startled young man. "Why of course I'm his mate," she purred.

Ranma was too shocked at what was going on to stop any of it.

"In fact he just proposed to me last night! Isn't that right, lover?" Ryoko cooed into Ranma's ear and licked it. His eyes grew wide and he stood stock still, as his body refused to respond.

The green haired duo started furiously conversing in mandarin with each other.

"What are they saying?" whispered Ryoko into Ranma's ear as she rubbed herself all over Ranma.

Fortunately for Ranma, his brain started working. "I don't know," he whispered back to her. "What the heck are you doing, Ryoko-chan? Why did you say you're my mate?" Ranma tried with all his might not to stare down at Ryoko's cleavage as the towel surrounding her body started to slip down. He tried to ignore the feel of Ryoko's sensual body rubbing against his own.

"These are Chinese Amazons, ne? I figured they couldn't try to get you in the sack if they thought you were off the market. That's the reason they keep trying right?" Ranma could see that Ryoko was trying very hard not to laugh.

"Aya, we apologize, but we forgot we have an appointment with the university councilor early this morning. We will not be able to stay for breakfast." Both girls bowed to the psudo-couple.

"Aww, you should really stay and try Ranma-chan's cooking, it's simply scrumptious!" Ryoko gushed.

"Thanks for stopping by, Sze Mi, Sze Yu. Good luck in school." Ranma barely choked out the last part as Ryoko started nibbling on his ear.

"Bai Bai!" The Chinese twins exited the small apartment as fast as they could.

As the door shut, Ryoko finally let go of Ranma and started laughing, pulling her towel back up around her. "That was fun! Did you see those two? They had no idea what to do. Hah!" Ryoko suddenly got silent. Ranma finally looked over to Ryoko. "My, my Ranma, I didn't know you thought of me that way."

Ranma noticed the smirk on Ryoko's face as she gazed down at his groin. Ranma looked down at his groin. He noticed how apparent his arousal was and jumped behind the bar blushing furiously.

"Ha ha ha! You're so fun to tease!" The cyan haired woman continued to chuckle as she went back into the bathroom.

Ranma tried to calm himself down as he made breakfast for both of them. By the time Ryoko was out of the bathroom, and fully dressed, breakfast was ready. They both sat down at the bar to consume their meal.

"You know, when Cologne finds out about you from the twins, she's gonna have a cow," Ranma grumbled as he ate.

"Ara, you're right. I guess she's still mad at me, ne?"

"Hai, last I heard she didn't forgive you for the demons you unleashed in her restaurant," Ranma chuckled.

"Stupid Shampoo," she grumbled. "She shouldn't have said that crap about me. I wasn't even a fianc‚e!"

Ranma continued to chuckle. "I still remember Shampoo trying to explain to Cologne what happened. I think she still shudders to this day if your name is mentioned."

Ryoko decided to change the subject. "Can you believe I actually missed a traditional Japanese breakfast? After having Juraian cuisine for the past 5 years, I'm glad I can have some home cooking," Ryoko said cheerfully as she ate.

"Heh, I never thought of my food as home cooking, Ryoko-chan, but thanks for the compliment." He was pleased that Ryoko enjoyed his cooking so much. "So what are you gonna do for today?"

"I have no idea. Not sure what I'm gonna do. I guess find a job eventually, but I just got back to earth, I don't wanna look for work right away."

"That's fine. You can say here if you want."

"Mind if I tag along with you to your dojo and watch ya teach?"

"Sure I don't mind. Just don't go telling folks that I'm your fiancŽe and everything will be fine."

"Aww," Ryoko pouted. "You take the fun out of everything."


Ryoko was laying down with Ranma once more on her bed wish her arms around Ryoko again, her head snuggled against her chest. For some reason, Ranma insisted that she turn into a girl before going to bed with Ryoko when she asked Ranma to hold her in bed to stave off nightmares.

It has been a nice day and she had fun at Ranma's work, watching him as he instructed his students. She could tell that his student's didn't know anything about Ranma's personal life, and so she deflected most of the inquiries of the students to spare Ranma some embarrassment.

'Ranma was so different now then what he use to be,' Ryoko thought to herself, basking in Ranma's warmth. 'He's so in control now, and seems to be at peace. He even takes my teasing much better and doesn't panic that often. He's not even uncomfortable with is girl form.'

Ryoko thought about her own predicament and shuddered.

"Are you cold Ryoko-chan?" Ranma asked drowsily.

"No I'm fine." The ex-space pirate could tell Ranma was becoming more alert.

"What's wrong?" the sleepy red head asked softly, stroking she hand along her arm.

"Just thinking."

"Want to talk about it?"

"N-no. I'm fine." She tried to banish her pains and fears in Ranma's warmth.

"Ryoko-chan, please, it hurts me knowing something is wrong and I can't help you with it."

"I'm sorry, I'm so weak." Ryoko's voice was barely a whisper. "You don't have to sleep with me if you don't want to Ranma, you've been so kind to me as it is. I don't want to be a burden."

"It's okay, I don't mind," the red head said softly. "Just remember I'm here for you."

"I will."


"You know, I've never held a job before."

Ranma raised an eyebrow. "Really? Five thousand years and not one job?"

Ryoko sipped her morning coffee. "Ahh. Nah, I never got an opportunity, unless you consider being a space pirate a job. I didn't get much choice in that."

Ranma finished his breakfast. "You got something in mind on what ya wanna do?"

"I got no idea. Any suggestions?"

"I'm not sure. What do you like to do?"

"Hmm. I like fighting, watching TV, teasing you, sex, flying..." She said wistfully. "That's about it."

Ryoko noticed Ranma was blushing. "What?"

"N-nothing." Ranma cleaned up the breakfast dishes. "Well you could become a prize fighter if ya wanted. I thought of doing that as well, but I enjoy teaching a lot."

"Nah, I don't wanna fight for money. And I really don't want any notoriety."

"Well, anything else you can think you like to do?"

Ryoko fidgeted a bit. "Well, promise you won't laugh."

"I won't."

"I've always wanted to have a family," she said softly looking down.

"Really? That's great! I never knew that."

"Of course I can't even have children."

"Oh, I'm so sorry Ryoko-chan" Ranma said softly. He moved over to her and held her in his arms. "Well you can always ask Washu. Don't you think she can do anything to help?"

"No, I won't ever talk to her again."

"Why not?"

"I don't want to talk about it."

"Does it have something to do with why you left Jurai?"

Ryoko just sat there in silence. "You should get ready for work. I need to go find a job as well," Ryoko finally said. She got up and headed to the bathroom.

'What the heck just happened?' Ranma thought to himself. He then proceeded to follow Ryoko's advice.


Ranma entered his apartment. He noticed that Ryoko wasn't home. 'I wonder where she is?' He took off his shoes and left them at the door.

It has been a two weeks since the impetuous woman moved in with him. The young martial artist really enjoyed having her live with him.

Ryoko finally felt confident enough to sleep by herself after the first week. He had mixed feelings about that. He was relieved that she was having nightmares less and was getting more settled. However he knew he could get use to waking up every morning with someone in his arms, even if he had to be a girl to hide his arousal.

Ranma was in the shower, enjoying the spray of warm water when the bathroom door opened to let in an excited Ryoko.

"I did it!" she gushed enthusiastically. "I got a job!" She noticed that Ranma was standing in the shower with his eyes wide open, standing still. The transparent shower curtain did little to protect Ranma's modesty. "Aren't you happy for me?"

She noticed that Ranma was not responding. "Ranma?"

"H-Hai. Happy for you." Ranma slowly tried to cover his privates from view. "Umm, Ryoko-chan, do you mind if I finish showering?"

"Of course not I don't mind," the ex-pirate said cheerfully. She sat down on the sink top.

Ranma just stared at her.

"Oh you want me to leave so you can finish?" she asked innocently.

"H-hai." Ranma didn't think he could blush any more than he already was.

Ryoko giggled. "Okay hon, I'll wait for ya on the couch." With a wink she left the bathroom and closed the door.

As he finished his shower, Ranma was trying to figure out what disturbed him more, whether it was embarrassment that Ryoko saw him naked or his arousal because Ryoko saw him naked.

In the two weeks that Ryoko had been with Ranma, it seemed that he had been in a constant state of arousal when near Ryoko. With her full body hugs and small kisses here and there, Ranma was getting very frustrated lately. Not sleeping with her in the same bed was a small reprieve.

Ranma came out of the bathroom dressed, a cheerful Ryoko floated over to him handing a glass of champagne to him. "Cheers!"

They touched glasses and Ryoko drank hers down while Ranma took a small sip. "Ryoko, where did the champagne come from? I know I don't have any in the apartment."

"I bought some on the way home to celebrate!" Ryoko said happily, pouring herself another glass. "Come sit on the couch with me Ranma."

There was light jazz music playing on his stereo and he noticed that the lights were off but Ryoko had lit candles around the room. As soon as Ranma sat down, Ryoko snuggled up to him.

"So what kind of job did you get?"

"There is a bar called the Pink Pineapple near here and they needed a bouncer during the day. I applied and got the job!"

"Wow that's great!"

"Ya it should be a blast! I get to hang around, listen to good music and beat up troublemakers. I just can't drink while I'm working but that's okay." Ryoko finished her glass and poured another one for herself as Ranma still nursed his first one.

Ranma was having a difficult time thinking at the moment. Once again, Ryoko's nearness was causing a physical response in his body. He was trying to ignore the sensations of her body on his. "So Ryoko, I just was wondering, where did you get the money for the champagne? And you've been taking me out to dinner for the past week. How did you get the money for that stuff?"

"Oh I have a bunch of gems I've been slowly converting to cash if I need it. I got enough gems to last a couple of hundred of years if I wanted."

Ranma was a bit surprised. "But why are you getting a job if you have money?"

"Cause I get bored." Ryoko started to draw lazy circles on Ranma's stomach as she leaned against him. "When you're not here, I get lonely. I figured this way I can keep busy. I can't keep going to work with you every day."

Ryoko's hand moved down from his stomach and started rubbing Ranma's inner thigh as she turned her head and started kissing his neck softly.

Ranma stiffened slightly in response to Ryoko's administrations. "R-Ryoko-chan?"

"Hmm?" She turned her body on the couch and floated herself onto his lap as she continued to lap at his nick and shoulder.

"W-What are y-you doing, Ryoko-chan?" Ranma couldn't move. His constant arousal of late made it difficult to fight off how nice what Ryoko was doing felt, so he could not think coherently.

"Why I'm trying to seduce you, you silly man," she said seductively. The cyan haired vixen nibbled on his ear as her hands roamed around his chest. "Mmmm... I love how you smell and taste after a shower. I wanted to show you how much I appreciate you letting me stay here and taking care of me." She slowly unbuttoned his shirt. "I have an itch inside of me Ranma" she said in a husky voice. "From what I in the bathroom, I know you can scratch it for me and then some."

Ryoko stopped her nibbling and looked Ranma in the eyes. He could see the desire there and something else. His body finally decided to respond by leaning forward. As his lips met hers, their lips parted and they kissed passionately. Ryoko grabbed one of Ranma's hands and pulled it under her sweater onto her breast. 'No bra, how nice,' Ranma thought hazily. He caressed her bosom as they continued to kiss and Ryoko grinded her hips into his as she straddled his legs.

Suddenly the phone rang. Ranma was snapped back to his senses. 'What the hell am I doing?' Ranma broke the kiss and reached for the phone. He could not tell if he was relieved or disappointed by the interruption.

"Moshi, Moshi?" Ryoko started to unbutton Ranma's pants. "Masaki-Sensei! How good it is to hear from you!" Ranma noticed Ryoko stiffen. He looked and saw her pale as a sheet. "Have I heard from Ryoko?"

Ranma looked into Ryoko's eyes and was surprised to find pain and fear her golden orbs. "No, I haven't heard from her, Sensei. Hai, hai, I will if I hear from her. Arigato sensei." Ranma hung up the phone as Ryoko stood up. Ranma quickly buttoned himself back up.

"Thanks for not letting him know I was here," she said in a low voice almost trembling.

"What's going on?" Ranma asked softly. He knew this had something to do with Tenchi, her nightmares and why she left Jurai.

"W-would you like some more champagne?" she asked as she poured herself another glass and downed it.

"No thanks, Ryoko-chan." He could tell she did not want to talk about what it was that was troubling her. "Masaki-Sensei said that Tenchi has been searching all over the galaxy for you and wanted to know if I heard from you." Ryoko stayed silent as she poured the last of the champagne out of the bottle and drank it.

"I just lied to Masaki-sensei. I don't like lying to anyone, especially Masaki-sensei. I owe him a lot. I figure you have some problem with Tenchi, but running away and ignoring your problems won't make them go away or get better. I had to learn that the hard way."

Finally Ryoko spoke in a faltering voice. "I thought I could put it behind me. Kami, what did I do to deserve this?"

"What's wrong Ryoko-chan? Did you and Tenchi have a fight?"

"No, not a fight. A fight I can handle. At least then he'd be paying attention to me."

"Ryoko-chan, when you left 5 years ago, I thought you and Ayeka were going to marry Tenchi. He could do that because he's a prince and can have multiple wives, right?"

Ryoko nodded.

"I noticed there is no ring on your finger. You never married?"

Ryoko stared at a spot on the floor and shook her head.


"I'm not good enough," she sobbed and crumbled to her knees. Ranma leaped from the couch and embraced the crying woman holding her tightly rocking her back and forth.

"What do you mean Ryoko-chan? Of course you're good enough! Tenchi agreed to marry you, didn't he?"

"Oh ya he agreed, at first. Then we got to Jurai. The priests wouldn't marry us. Tenchi couldn't get anyone to marry us. The Juraians were furious that he wanted to take me as a bride. They are xenophobic as it is. Tenchi is only quarter Juraian and they barely accepted him as Emperor, but me? I'm not Juraian, I'm not even human!" Ryoko burrowed her head into Ranma's chest as she sobbed in fits.

"Do you know how horrid it is knowing you're not good enough to marry the one you love? Being called a mongrel not worthy of Tenchi's love? He fought for me at first. But then the people were going to revolt! It would be a civil war all because of me! Tenchi finally conceded, he didn't want war on his hands, so he married only Ayeka in a private ceremony without me."

Ranma held the vulnerable woman and tried to sooth her. He gently cradled her in his arms, and moved over to the couch, settling her on his lap and continued to rock her back and forth as she continued to weep. Finally she started to calm down.

"What happened next?" Ranma asked. He stroked her hair softly.

"Well, Tenchi's people wanted to kick me off the planet, but Tenchi at least got me to be able to stay at the palace. I became Tenchi's royal concubine. The only way they allowed that was to make sure I could not have children. I refused! I wanted his child! If I couldn't be his wife, I wanted to be able to bear our love! But Tenchi decided it was the only way, and so without telling me, he convinced Washu to "fix" me. She didn't even ask!" Once again she cried uncontrollably.

"For five years I took their abuse. The Juraians still hated me. They took perverse pleasure in reminding me that I didn't get to marry Tenchi. Whenever any of the nobles saw me, I would be called the Royal Whore, the Emperor's Fuck Toy. Oh how the mighty Ryoko became nothing than a whore. I guess it made them feel good that the destroyer of worlds ended up flat on her back for their emperor. I took it, just so I could be with Tenchi. He was all I had."

"A few months back, we found out that Ayeka was pregnant. I really wanted to be happy for her, I really did. But it just reminded me what I had to give up to be with Tenchi. Tenchi was so busy running the empire as it was, I didn't get to spend much time with him as it was. I wasn't able to go to most functions he and Ayeka went to because it wasn't seemly to have me around. After Ayeka announced her pregnancy, I got even less time. But I persevered."

Ryoko's tears finally slowed down. She looked into Ranma's eyes and he could see the pain and sorrow she endured. It broke his heart to see her suffering so much.

"I didn't have any idea what was going to happen next. I guess it was easier for Tenchi just to ignore me than to talk to me and tell me what was going on, except when he wanted to have sex with me. Last month it was announced that Tenchi would marry Sasami when she turned 18 in a week and that their romance and been brewing for awhile. Sasami would become his 2nd wife."

Ryoko's voice became calm and cold. "Tenchi wasn't even the one to tell me. I saw it on a galaxy news station. I was in shock. I didn't even get an invitation to the wedding."

Ryoko sighed and laid her head down on Ranma's shoulder. "I didn't know what I was going to do. I was angry and depressed. I didn't have anyone to talk to. Before I would talk to Ayeka but she had less and less time for me. Now with her being pregnant and her sister marrying Tenchi, I couldn't talk to her. So on Tenchi and Sasami's wedding day, I left Jurai and ended up here. I don't want Tenchi to find me because I know he'll ask me to go back with him, and if I see him, I know I won't be able to say no." Ryoko said the last in barely a whisper.

The cyan haired woman cried again as Ranma held her in his arms as he gently rocked her. "I'm sorry Ryoko-chan for what you have suffered. You can stay here as long as you want. I won't make you go back." They held each other for the rest of the night without saying a word.


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