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The Dark Rising of the Cybermen

A Kim Possible/Doctor Who crossover

The sequel to 'Time Sitch'

Chapter 1

The 'present' day, in the midst of the Bavarian Forest, Germany, 3am CET

It was late fall. Peace and calm reigned over nature. The tall, imposing spruce and European beech trees stood proudly amongst it all, surrounded by the effects the late season was having, before winter would come along and take its place.

Water continued to trickle along to the silence of the night, with a clear sky full of stars reflecting on the rivers and lakes amidst the wildlife.

Suddenly, a loud explosion erupted from within the depths of the forest. It had come from a top-secret research facility that someone had just broken into, and now the culprit was making their grand escape. Which kind of ruined the 'top-secret' element that the research facility had going for it.

Flames sprung up from inside the facility building. A massive, wide open-hole had appeared at the side of the wall caused by the explosion. A bulky figure appeared through the flames, and stopped on top of the crumbled remains, to shout back into the building with a notoriously broad Scottish accent.

"Ah would love tae stop for a wee reunion, lassie", he taunted to the person he was addressing to. "But ah have some unfinished business before ah get back tae swinging some birdies."

He sprang onto the ground and started sprinting away. And then a blonde-haired teenaged boy appeared from the building.

" 'Swinging some birdies'? I didn't know he shimmied with the ladies", he said naively.

His friend appeared alongside him. "Golfing, Ron. Come on, we've got to stop Killigan!" This was Kim Possible; red-haired teen / cheerleading / crimefighting hero extraordinaire. Her sidekick was the never-failing goofy commenter / long-time friend Ron Stoppable. And they were after the infamous former-professional-golfer-turned-rogue-mercenary Duff Killigan.

Kim instantly sprinted after the kilt-wearing Scotsman, with Ron trying to keep up. Despite the surprising amount of athleticism he was capable of for a sidekick, he still lagged behind his best friend. Then again, Kim did have her cheerleading skills to thank for that.

Duff Killigan was no slow-coach himself. But his big build and all the golfing equipment he was carrying slowed him down a tiny bit. Enough that Kim was slowly gaining on him.

Killigan stopped running, took out a golf club from his bag, and picked out a selection of golfing balls. He then teed-up one of the balls, and prepared to swing his chosen golf club.

"Let's see how ye like a mouthful of explosive little golf balls, miss sunshine!" he yelled at Kim. He then cried out, "FORE!", as he took his first shot at the teen hero.

Kim managed to easily doge the first ball, leaving it to explode behind her. But Killigan continued to quickly take many pot-shots towards her general vicinity. The whole golfing-thing that the Scotsman had might have been really wacky, but Kim had to admit that Killigan was also a very well trained marksman… even if his marksmanship was only ever displayed by swinging at little white balls.

Kim kept on dodging the other shots; but she was under increasing fire, and Killigan's shots seemed to be quite 'random'. But that was his plan: to confuse Kim long enough to catch her off-guard, and then strike the final blow.

Some of the trees had already taken some damage, but Killigan spotted one particular big European beech tree that had gained quite a sizeable gap near the bottom of it. He used his final explosive golf ball to take a shot at the gap, and the explosion left a fatal blow. With the hole at the bottom too big, the tree began to topple over and make its descent.

Kim had been left a little disoriented from dodging all the explosive golf balls, leaving her unaware of where she was exactly standing. Ron saw the tree falling down towards her, and he cried out, "KP!"

Noticing too late, Kim saw the tree making its speedy plunge downwards. But Ron had managed to find one last bit of energy from his aching body, and sprinted towards Kim. He pushed and held onto her, managing to roll away from the crashing tree. It landed just a couple of metres away from them.

Ron just lay on the ground panting for breath, while Kim quickly stood up. "Thanks, Ron", she said gratefully. "I promise I'll be back in no time." And then she continued to chase after Killigan, who had already ran ahead before the tree had finished falling.

The Scottish mercenary took a quick glance behind him, and saw Kim making up ground that she had lost. "Jings, crivens, an' help mah boab!" he exclaimed. But he wasn't too far from his getaway ride, so he continued to sprint onwards.

Killigan bounded up a steep hill. At the top of it, there sat his tartan-themed airship. He quickly jumped inside and started up the engines.

As the blimp began to float upwards, Kim reached the top of the hill. She noticed that Killigan had forgotten to put away the rope ladder left hanging out of the airship. She grabbed onto the bottom of it, lifting her upwards away from the forest.

As the airship continued to rise, Kim climbed up the rope ladder. Killigan hadn't paid enough attention and didn't notice the red-haired teen making her ascent to the blimp gondola. He was too busy taking something out from his golf club bag. It was an item that he had just stolen from the secret research facility. It was unknown to anyone what it exactly was yet. But all Killigan really cared about was how much it would sell for.

"Hmm, this wee little thing has some crazy rumours aboot it", Killigan commented. "Ah could probably sell it for a good price tae HenchCo…"

Kim had reached the top of the rope ladder, and was now grabbing onto the side of the airship. She flipped over into the gondola, catching Killigan by surprise.

"Why do red-heads have tae be such feisty wee anes?" Killigan taunted Kim.

"And why does ye 'ave tae be such a div?" Kim replied back with a really bad, fake Scottish accent.

"Oi, that ain't funny!" Killigan retaliated. He took out one of his golf clubs, and took a stance in preparation for battle with the teen hero.

Kim took her own stance, utilising all her skills to analyse her opponent. If at all possible, she wanted to stop Killigan in his tracks. But at the very least she needed to take the object he had stolen and not let him escape with it.

Killigan made the first move. He strode towards Kim, spinning his club at great speed with his right hand. Timing herself, Kim managed to dodge Killigan's swinging club when he finally made an attack, tumble-rolling to the side of the gondola.

Killigan continued to attack, swinging multiple times at Kim. But she managed to block all the hits easily. Gradually, Kim shuffled nearer to the controls of the blimp as she continued to defend herself.

Seeing the golf bag nearby, Kim grabbed one of Killigan's clubs and started defending herself with it against the kilt-wearing Scotsman. She began to try to make her own attacks, but was caught out when Killigan struck her on the back. She wasn't hurt badly, as her bag cushioned the strike. But that particular swing had damaged the jet-pack inside the bag, which Kim didn't know about yet.

Kim quickly stood up again, and raised her club ready. She needed to focus. Her next combination of attacks were more precise and calculated, eventually catching Killigan off-balance, and striking him in the belly. He crumpled to the floor briefly, giving Kim enough time to grab the stolen object that was sitting on the control panel.

This unknown object was roughly cuboid-like, with a mixture of red and yellow coloured patterns covering the black surface. The design patterns varied from line streaks to using circular and square shapes. It looked like a small electronic device to the eye, but Kim couldn't really guess much more than that.

When she turned back round, Killigan had already pulled himself together, and had taken a small trigger-device from his kilt pouch. He pressed the button on it, and suddenly an opening appeared underneath the control panel, displaying a golf-ball-like countdown bomb device. It showed less than 20 seconds until detonation.

Kim was less than impressed. "Seriously, this again? The 'needle-popping-the-blimp' thing was so old the first time."

"Ah know", replied Killigan with a wicked grin. "This one's just set tae go 'ka-boom'!"

The Scottish mercenary grabbed a new golf club bag, and slung it over his shoulders; this one was sporting in black. He pressed a button on the nearby wall, with a hole opening in the middle of the gondola floor. "Enjoy the fireworks, lassie!" he shouted to Kim. "And this time ye won't stop me."

And with that, Killigan jumped through the hole. When he had fallen a few metres, he activated the jet rockets built into the club bag on his back, and zoomed away into the distance.

At that particular moment, Kim wasn't worried about Duff Killigan. She was more worried about getting herself off the blimp. Holding onto the reclaimed object, Kim dived through the hole and began falling towards the ground. And not a moment too soon, as the blimp suddenly exploded above her.

Now the next thing Kim would have done was activate her jet-pack and fly safely to the ground. The only problem was that she hadn't realised how much damage Killigan had done to it when she had been whacked from behind. The wings did open out, but the little engines inside it wouldn't start. They were kaput. To add insult to injury, the wings suddenly snapped off and tumbled away.

"Uh oh", was all Kim could say. She was now less diving and more plunging to the ground beneath her. Having been caught out by her damaged jet-pack, she began to flail her arms and legs more.

Meanwhile, back on the forest floor, Ron was still collapsed on his back. He still felt really tired from trying to chase after Killigan with Kim. Rufus was just pulling himself out from one of Ron's pants' pockets, when he noticed someone falling from the sky. They were quite far away, but even Rufus knew there was only one person in the near vicinity who had such distinct, flowing red-hair.

Rufus squealed, and then starting slapping Ron's face and jumping on him, repeatedly saying, "Kim! Kim! Kim!"

Ron groaned as he sat-up. "What's up, Rufus?"

The naked mole rat pointed towards the person falling through the air. Ron instantly recognised who it was.

"Arrrggghhh! It's Kim!" Ron exclaimed. "But she's not up; she's coming down!"

Ron swiftly picked up Rufus and put his lil pal back into his pocket. He then activated his own jet-pack and shot into the air.

Kim was facing upwards as she continued to fall down to the ground, when she heard the familiar voice of her sidekick and best friend.

"I'm coming, KP!" Ron yelled to her. Unfortunately, like many other times, Ron didn't really have control over his jet-pack, and completely missed Kim. He sped onwards into the sky, as Kim rolled her eyes and groaned, "Come on, Ron."

The ground was getting ever closer. It was starting to get a bit squeaky for Kim; if Ron didn't catch her now, she would go splat like a big pancake.

Ron managed to get control over his jet pack, and quickly turned round to rush back down to Kim. "Come on, Ron, faster!" he exclaimed to himself. Rufus was only just managing to stay inside Ron's pocket, and was screaming with fright. Naked mole rats were not supposed to fly in the air at top speeds like this.

Ron accelerated as fast as his jet-pack would allow him. Kim began reaching her arms towards him, in the hope that it would save an extra second or two for Ron to catch her.

Just as they came within metres of the trees below them, Ron finally grabbed hold of Kim, carrying her with both arms. He then had to quickly swoop-up before the teenaged boy himself splattered onto the ground.

Despite saving Kim, Ron began to lose control of his jet-pack again. He starting twisting in the air, and one of his wings clipped the side of a tree trunk. Kim and Ron began tumbling downwards, although thankfully at nowhere the same speed as before. They were also much closer to the ground, so they were able to somewhat cushion their fall.

When they landed heavily on the ground, they continued to tumble and roll quite vigorously for a few more moments, before finally coming to a halt. Although Kim felt the bumpy landing, she was good enough to quickly pick herself up, and go over to check on Ron. He was also very much alive and in one piece; although he seemed to have picked up a few more bruises than Kim did.

"Ow…" was all Ron murmured as he rubbed the back of his head, now kneeling on the ground. Rufus also staggered out from Ron's pants pocket and said something along the lines of, "Aye yai yai, my head."

"Are you ok, Ron?" Kim asked concernedly.

"Just a bit of bruised dignity and a headache. Nothing that a Stoppable can't handle…"

Kim hugged Ron before he could say anything else. "Thanks for saving me again. I guess that's two nacos I owe you now."

"Three", Ron corrected her. "Don't forget about that time I had to pull you out of that embarrassing case with Bonnie…"

Kim suddenly turned down a notch from her previously completely grateful tone. "We agreed never to speak about that again."

"Yep, sorry, my bad."

Kim smiled once more, and rubbed the side of Ron's right shoulder. She then stood up, and took out her Kimmunicator, to call up their ever reliable computer-guru / genius whizz-kid friend.

"Hey Wade. Killigan got away, but we managed to retrieve the item that he stole from the research facility."

"Great! The research facility team have sent out a helicopter towards your location. They should be with you in five. In the meantime, I'll get onto contacting someone to give you guys a ride back to Middleton."

"Please and thank you", said Kim. She turned the Kimmunicator off, and went over to Ron to wait for their ride.

Later, somewhere over the North Atlantic Ocean

Kim, Ron and Rufus were making their way back to Middleton, hopefully before they were supposed to be home for their curfews. After their chase with Killigan, the research facility team had picked the trio up by helicopter, and had taken them over to Munich Airport. Thanks to Wade, from there Team Possible caught a ride by private jet. It was owned by a world famous author they had saved at the Tri-City Convention Center one time from a writer's block… a literal, solid 400,000 lb block that a long-time rival wanted to use to murder the more successful author with.

This world-famous author had been so thankful, that she had been very happy to accept Wade's request for Kim and the team to fly back home on her plane. Of course, for Kim it was "no big".

Kim and Ron had tended to their bumps and bruises, and were now sat comfortably in the plush seats on-board the private jet. Once more, Kim took out her Kimmunicator, which was currently beeping its signature ringtone.

"Hey again, Wade. Thanks for getting this ride sorted."

"No probs, Kim. I just wanted to check on how everything is with you guys at the moment?"

"I dig this ride, Wade", Ron responded. "Comfy seats; unlimited soda; chips and nachos galore… I can deal with this."

Rufus chittered in agreement, currently eating one of the chips from the many assortment of packets Ron had taken from the storage area.

"How about that item that Killigan nearly stole, Kim?" Wade asked.

"They were actually going to send it over to the research team at the Middleton Space Center anyway. I just asked for permish to deliver it to them myself, which they were happy with. I want to talk to my dad myself and see if they can figure out what this thing is."

"I could always start analysing it myself if you want…" Wade suggested cheekily.

"Thanks for the offer, Wade. But I think this may need to be done a bit more by the book. The top-secret research facility team back in Bavaria were rather quiet about it themselves, so it must be quite high priority. Were you able to find any info about it?"

"I did try hacking into their server mainframes. It looks like they did detect some very strange energy readings. But otherwise, any other research they tried to do has proved unsuccessful."

"Well, with all the work the Middleton Space Center do on technology and cybertronics, I'm hoping they can find out what's so special about this object."

"I'll let you guys go so you can relax", Wade said. "Have a safe journey back."

"See ya, Wade." Kim put her Kimmunicator away, and then picked up the object she had just been discussing about with Wade. She took a proper look at it while turning it slowly in her hand.

Ron noticed the slightly bothered look on Kim's face. "Hey, KP, why don't you relax for a while? Are you mad we didn't get our favourite Scottish psychopath?"

"That's not bothering me", Kim responded, continuing to look at the object she was holding. "It's this I'm worried about."

"The overly-decorated-looking-box thing? Looks like a terrible Xmas gift."

Kim left her glance from the cuboid object and looked towards Ron. "It's just… Are you not afraid that this could be another mysterious object from 'nowhere'…? Like two months ago…"

Ron lost some of his goofy opportunism, and slumped down into his seat. "You know I could never forget that, Kim… or anything about it."

They hadn't really talked about it since the day it had all ended, but Ron knew what Kim was referring to. Two items had appeared on their world out of nowhere… One was called 'the Eye of Harmony'; and the other was known as 'the Hand of Omega'. Two pieces of 'technology' with great power created by another race… from another universe. And not just from any other universe, but from another multiverse. Not their own reality. And to say it had caused great damage would have been the understatement of the millennia.

To them, it had only been thanks to one man that their universe's reality had been saved. They had helped a little, but they were ever grateful to this man for saving them and bringing their lives back to normal. In another multiverse – in his universe – he was a lonely wanderer; a traveller in time and space.

It had been about two months since that incident. Kim, Ron and Rufus had actually settled back down fairly well. They were able to appreciate what they had. But they couldn't help but wish to see that man come back again… 'the Doctor'. Sure, he had been annoying at first. But the more they learnt about him, the more they realised he was just a man wanting to help people, no matter how big or small they were in the grand scheme of the universe. And some of his tales he had told them before he left… They were full of adventure, mystery, spooks and scares… They would have liked to have a taste of what he saw every day.

That said, they knew they couldn't complain too much. They mightn't have been travelling intergalactically, but their own rogues gallery was definitely full of colour and character. And every day, Team Possible would experience some new wacky, zany scheme their villains would try to commit. They hardly had a boring day.

But all the same, because of recent past events, Kim couldn't help but be a little afraid about this object she was holding.

"I know it was hard for us…" Kim started saying.

"But it was definitely harder on you, Kim", Ron quickly interjected. "You know… after what you saw…"

"But it didn't stay that way. The Doctor changed everything back to how it should have been. Of course I can't forget it, but I don't worry about it anymore. Also, don't go telling me you didn't find it just as tough and unkind on yourself."

Kim knew that one reason they hadn't talked much about 'the incident' recently was partly down to Ron holding back on any conversations relating to it. Despite his goofy, out-going and socially-inept behaviourisms, it was clear Ron still felt those events weighing heavily on him. It was good for him – and for Kim also – to talk a little about it now.

"Yeah, maybe…" Ron said. "But you know how good I am at distracting myself. I just didn't want to worry you…"

"Ron, I know you too well", Kim said with a tender smile. "Just promise you'll talk to me if it's all really bothering you."

Ron stayed silent for a moment, and then answered, "I promise, KP." He returned the smile.

After another moment's pause, Ron broke the silence, still seeing Kim looking a little anxious about the unknown object. "I'm sure if any new bad happens, the Doctor will come", he said hopefully.

Kim looked up at Ron, and simply replied, "Yeah." It had only been two months, but she wondered whether the Doctor would actually come back. Even with everything happening beyond their own universe…

"Anyway", Ron said, deciding to brighten-up the mood. "Changing the subject. There's this new mega-awesome blockbuster movie coming out tomorrow at the megaplex. You, me and Monique – the three amigos – could check it out."

"Hey!" Rufus suddenly interjected, feeling left out.

"Sorry, you too Rufus. Make that four amigos."

"What's the movie?" Kim asked.

"It's an action-packed spy film! Full of back-stabbing spy organisations, over-the-top chase scenes, mega-wicked weapons of mass destruction…"

"So basically what we do but sooooo not real?" Kim asked rhetorically.

"Come on, KP!" exclaimed Ron. "It's got two of mine and Monique's biggest sporting heroes!"

"And that would be…?"