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The Dark Rising of the Cybermen

A Kim Possible/Doctor Who crossover

The sequel to 'Time Sitch'

Chapter 2

The next day, in the evening, at the local megaplex

"…Pain King and Steel Toe. Great", lamented Kim.

"Two of the biggest names from GWA; the Global Wrestling Association!" Monique stated excitedly.

"Whoopee, I can hardly contain myself", Kim said sarcastically.

"Ahh, come on, KP! Give the film a chance", Ron said.

"Who's the main lead?" Kim asked.

"Damien Bronde: roguish, handsome British actor plays roguish, handsome British super-spy."

"So a womanizer then?"

"Now that's jumping to conclusions…" Ron began to answer. Kim looked at him sceptically. He then added, "But basically yeah. I just watch these movies for the action and explosions."

"And I've never seen one of them in my life", Monique said. "I'm just coming for Pain King and Steel Toe."

"I really don't see the entertainment value", Kim said.

"It's a shame you can't judge a film for its artistic merit over incredibly superficial matters", Ron said. Rufus crossed his arms and just said "Yeah!", in agreement with Ron.

Kim rolled her eyes, but didn't say another word.

The three teens were currently waiting in a long queue leading to the ticket booth. Normally, Kim and Monique were the patient ones while Ron would get all fidgety and nervous waiting for so long in-line. Today was a bit different. Ron's excitement overcame his impatience; Monique was so excited to see her GWA heroes that she couldn't be patient; and Kim was really not wanting to be there, but nevertheless obliged so she could hang out with her closest friends.

As they edged closer to the ticket booth, Ron looked ahead to see who was manning up-front for the evening. And to his horror, it was the last person he wanted to see there.

"Oh no, not Lamar!" Ron lamented.

"Eww, yuck", Rufus added.

"Who else were you expecting? Zita?" Monique asked rhetorically.

"Of course not. She's not on shift tonight", Ron replied.

"Speaking of Zita, why didn't you invite her as well?" Kim asked.

"I did. But she was already scheduled to go to the Everlot Celebration event at the Tri-City Convention Center."

"Ooooh", Kim and Monique acknowledged in unison.

As they nearly reached the ticket booth, they started to hear small bleeping sounds coming from behind them, mixed with tiny mechanical clicks. They looked towards where the sounds were.

A few people were being bumped aside in the queue, with a few people muttering and exclaiming various phrases. "Hey!" "Watch where you're going, mister!" "Stop pushing in!"

Suddenly, a man stumbled out from the line of people he had just been pushing past. "Sorry! Very sorry everyone. Just trying to find a temporal anomaly. Don't mind me", he said aimlessly. He was too busy bustling about and concentrating on the 'device' he was carrying. It kind of looked like a large, open tape-recorder, but with only one spool. He was holding it out in-front of him while holding a telephone to his right ear.

"Middleton never fails to bring out the wackos", Monique stated.

The man's dress sense was also rather quaint. He wore a plain brown tweed jacket; a striped dress shirt; rolled-up navy-blue pants fitted with red braces; and dark, laced-up boots. He also sported a bow tie to finish-up his old-timey look.

But the man's physical appearance was less 'aged' than his fashion choices. In fact, he looked rather young. His hair was fairly long, and kind of in a messy comb-over style, with a fringe starting to hang over his face. He had a big-ish nose with a fairly large chin; although he displayed sharp-cornered cheekbones too.

As he started walking past them, Kim's mind suddenly felt very blurry for a moment. Her vision became unfocused and was unable to concentrate. She held onto the side of her head, trying not to keel over. But the others didn't notice Kim straightaway.

"Err, may I ask what you're doing, sir?" Ron asked to the gentleman walking around with the tape recorder-like device.

The bow-tie man stop paying attention to the device and turned his gaze towards the three teens. "Good question. I'm looking for something. Something very important. Something that this stupid thing won't let me find…" he finished saying, as he started to shake his device vigorously.

"Right…" Monique simply responded bewilderedly.

And then suddenly, the large handheld device started making a new sound. The bow-tie man stopped shaking it around. It had begun to ding.

"Aha! It's picked up something", the bow-tie man said excitedly. "The dinging is a good thing. And when it's dinging, that means there's stuff." He started to walk away, before he turned back to the others and said, "Also, this thing can boil an egg at thirty paces. Although I wouldn't recommend holding it near hens. It gets quite messy…" The bow-tie man finished talking uneasily; but more so from his own comments, as he seemed to be rather clueless to the look on the teens' faces.

With that, he strode off, without saying another word. He continued to hold his tape recorder device in front of him, and put the telephone to his right ear once more. The dinging seemed to continue from the device, which looked like the bow-tie man was trying to follow it.

"Huh, strange", Rufus commented, scratching his head.

"Well, this is new. I've never felt so weirded-out by an interaction with someone like that", Ron stated.

And then Ron, Rufus and Monique only just noticed Kim coming out of her little daze. Monique held onto Kim's left shoulder as the red-haired teen rubbed her head.

"Are you alright, Kim?" Monique asked.

"Yeah… I'm fine", Kim said gingerly. "I just had an odd moment."

"Not as odd as that dude just now", Monique stated.

As they finally came up to the ticket booth, Kim wondered why she had felt so funny just now. Just as that guy had walked by them. It was like a part of her brain had suddenly reacted to his presence… She hoped that maybe it was just a coincidence.

Ron was the first one to walk up the ticket booth. He did so precariously, not really wanting to interact with Lamar – the ticket vendor – more than he needed to.

"Hello", Lamar greeted, sniffing. "What film would you like?"

"Err, A License to Destroy, please…?" Ron requested hesitantly. He saw Lamar's clammy wet hand press a button on his control panel, and out came a very soggy ticket paper.

"Enjoy the movie", Lamar said.

Ron gingerly picked up the wet ticket slip, and walked past the booth. As Monique and Kim took their turns to get their tickets, they could just about hear Ron muttering, "Majorly gross…"

About five minutes later, the trio took their seats in the screening for the movie they were going to watch. Ron and Rufus had brought themselves a gigantic box of popcorn, and were already starting to dig into it. Kim and Monique had each gone for the more subtle normal-sized soda drink, and weren't too impressed with Ron's and Rufus' eating habits.

"Now listen, you two better not be munching on those when I witness Pain King and Steel Toe killin' it onscreen", Monique warned Ron and Rufus.

"Hey, I promise, I won't eat a speck", Ron said. "I will be giving all my undivided attention… As long as Kim doesn't start critiquing everything in the movie."

"I don't deliberately go out of my way to peeve you, Ron", Kim responded.

"No, I'm sure nit-picking every little detail in Sudden Overkill wasn't trying to peeve me off either", Ron said slightly sarcastically.

"That was because everything was so… unrealistic", Kim stated defensively.

Monique stared right at Kim. "Girl, you're the one that fights monkey ninjas and crazy mad scientists."

Before Kim could respond back, Ron waved his hand to motion for quiet. "Shhh, it's starting."

The theater descended into darkness, and the movie started. From the get-go, the first scene jumped straight into the action, with the main character of the film making their escape from a secret underground Russian military base. As the first couple of minutes rolled by, Kim was already starting to get fidgety in her seat, really trying to stay quiet and not comment on any of the action that seemed 'implausible'. Ron and Rufus were just fully engrossed in the movie.

Soon enough, in the film, the main lead was cornered into a dead end. And from the shadows, there appeared one of the main villain's henchmen, who wore an eye-patch across his left eye. He was holding a Saiga-12 shotgun towards the main character.

"I have you now, British scumbag", the henchman said in a strong Russian accent.

"I guess the negotiations are off the table now?" the main lead said with a devilishly, handsome grin.

Kim groaned at that line and facepalmed herself. Her patience was now broken. "No one ever says that!"

"That took longer than I thought it would", Ron noted in response to Kim's first nit-pick.

"But it's true!" Kim exclaimed.

Ron took out a piece of paper from his pocket. "May I present to you my list of 'Kim Possible's Infamous One-Liners'". He passed the list over to Kim, and she started reading it.

" 'Vacation's over, Shego'; 'Alright Lucre, cough up the sausages'; 'Drop the dramatics, Adrena Lynn'… You keep a whole list of these?"

"I've done my homework", Ron said.

"Now that's a corny line", Kim responded with a smirk.

"I am corniness embodied, KP."

"Would you guys keep quiet?!" Monique exclaimed in a hushed tone.

Meanwhile, in the film, the Russian henchman character pointed his shotgun at the main lead, preparing to take the shot.

"Any final words before I blast you into oblivion?"

And then a broken, monotonic robot-like voice interjected from the back of the theater.


"Wait, what? That doesn't make any sense", Ron said, still concentrating on the theater screen.

"That's not coming from the movie!" Monique exclaimed, having already turned to look behind.

Standing behind everyone else was what looked like to be a very loosely-built robotic creation of some kind. Although it was roughly the size of an adult, it had a large body build, creating an imposing-feel to the 'robot'. Its metal-plating was a dirty silver-ish colour, and its 'eyes' were dark and eerily empty. Connecting around its head – from the top of it to their 'ear' areas – were jug-like handles. It had only just entered the screening hall. And despite its threatening look, it was trudging quite slowly towards the film audience.

"DELETE - DELETE!" the robotic thing kept on repeating. And then it raised an arm, and began firing shots at the audience from its inbuilt wrist blaster.

People started screaming and scrambling for cover, as Kim shouted, "Everybody get down!" She prepared to make her move. Fortunately, because the 'robot' seemed to be in such a rough state, it couldn't quite steady its aim and hit anyone. But Kim didn't want to waste any more time before it managed to take any lives.

However, before she could jump into action, the bow-tie wearing man they had encountered earlier suddenly burst into the theater. He was still holding the large tape recorder-like device, but now it was dinging quite wildly.

"Ah ha, there you are!" he yelled in triumph. "You're a slippery one, aren't you? Leave these people alone, metal man, and turn to face me!"

The robotic-like figure slowly turned around to face the eccentric bow-tie man. And then after a small pause, it said, "YOU HAVE - SUFFICENT - ORGANIC - PROPERTIES. - YOU WILL - BE - CONVERTED - OR YOU WILL - BE - DELETED"

"Interesting proposition. But I don't think so, tin-head", the bow-tie man quickly responded. He dropped his tape recorder device and reached a hand inside his tweed jacket. He then somehow pulled out a fairly large wrench; which would have confuddled everyone, if they weren't all screaming their heads off and running out of the theater hall.

With a big swing, the bow-tie man whacked the wrist blaster the robot-thing had been using to shoot at the audience. It crackled and sparkled, which indicated that the robot's firing systems had been wrecked.

The bow-tie man smiled gleefully. But not for long. His facial expression changed as the 'robot' reached a hand towards him, and grabbed his neck. The robotic person yanked the bow-tie man into the air effortlessly, and held him up there. The man seemed to be struggling for breath, trying to pull himself away from the robotic-machine's grip.

After just watching on for a while, Kim finally sprang into action. It was safe to say the bow-tie man needed saving. She bounded across the top of the theater seats, and then did a triple-front somersault, before finally landing a swinging kick on the side of the robot's body. Kim had expected it to be more robust; but the robotic-machine thing actually crumbled into pieces very easily. It had indeed been very roughly-built together, and stopped working completely as soon as it was dismantled.

As the robot-thing fell apart, its hand let go off the bow-tie man's neck, who started gasping for air as he landed on the floor. Eventually getting his breath back, the bow-tie man rubbed the front of his neck with the whole of his left hand.

"Yowzah! That one had a tight grip", the man exclaimed.

"Are you ok?" Kim asked.

"Yeah, I'm alright mate, don't worry about me", he replied, picking himself up. "Are there any casualties?" he shouted across the hall.

"Doesn't look like it", Monique replied, as herself, Ron and Rufus finished looking around the whole room.

"Good, good", the man replied to himself, and picked up his tape recorder device again.

"Is this robot thing yours?" Kim asked the bow-tie man.

"Of course not. I wouldn't create a monstrosity like this", he replied passively, looking like he was scanning the broken robotic machine all over. The tape recorder device then started flashing a small green light, which the bow-tie man noticed. "Oooh, interesting", he murmured. He then put the device down and picked up the detached head of the 'robot'. He suddenly gave it a big lick, and seemed to taste whatever he was tasting in his mouth.

Kim pulled a face, being rather disgusted and baffled at the same. "What are you doing?" she asked.

"Checking to see where it comes from", the bow-tie man answered. "And it definitely doesn't come from around here."

He stood up properly, dropping the robot's head and picking up his tape recorder device. Standing very straight and kind of rigid – but full of energy – he said to Kim, "Right, it's all yours. I'll see you around." He started walking off, before stopping and briefly turning to Kim again. "Oh, and thanks for the save", he said casually, before walking away again.

"Wait, hang on-!" Kim called to the bow-tie man.

"Sorry, can't stop! Things to do and stuff to sort out. You know how it is. Bye!" This was a rather empty explanation, but before Kim could catch the bow-tie man, he was swiftly gone out of the hall.

Kim was now left more confused than ever. Who was this man? Why were her senses affected when they first crossed paths with him? And why did he act so strangely? It was possible that the bow-tie man knew something about this type of 'robot', but she had lost sight of him.

"So do we know who this unwanted guest is?" Ron asked Kim, referring to the fallen 'robot'.

"Haven't a clue", Kim replied.

"Where did the loony one go?" Monique asked.

"He just left. He seemed to be in a hurry."

"Hmm, that seems a lil' suspicious to me."

"Odd he may be, but I have a hunch that guy wasn't behind it." Kim then took her Kimmunicator out of her pocket, and called-up Wade.

"Hey, Kim. What up?" asked Wade.

"I need you to take a diagnostic analysis of this robot-thing we just took down", Kim said.

"Is it one of those rogue 'Robot Rumble' fighting robots?" Wade asked.

"No, this is very different", Kim replied.

A sensory scanner opened-up from the back of the Kimmunicator, and Kim hovered it over all the 'robotic' body parts. As soon as the scanning was completed, the analysis was collaborated and looked through by Wade; such was the speed of his computer's processor and the genius of the boy himself.

After a surprisingly quick few seconds, the analysis was complete. Wade gasped in horror. "Guys, I don't think you're gonna like this…"

"Spill the juice, Wade", Kim said.

"There's juice alright. This isn't just any robot. I wouldn't even call it a robot. This is some seriously sick cybertronic science…"

"'Sick' good, or 'sick' bad?" Ron asked worriedly.

"Very bad. I think this might be a cybernetically augmented humanoid."

"And that means…?" Kim asked, getting a little afraid where Wade was going with this.

"This 'robotic' shell contains a human central nervous system, complete with a working human brain. It seems to have been transferred from a previous human body into this metal host."

"What….? No…" Monique gasped, trying to hold-in her queasiness.

"…Gross… Too much juice…" was all Ron could say in-between barfing behind one of the theater seats. Rufus was also feeling queasy; his face had turned green, and he was flopping out of Ron's pants' pockets.

Kim was also very horrified, but just about kept herself together. "That is wrong on so many levels. Is there anything else about it from your analysis?"

"The body exoskeleton is made out of a super strong kind of metal", Wade explained. "I suspect you would need some sort of electromagnetic device or really powerful artillery to cause any damage to it."

"Well, all I had to do was kick it once and it just fell to pieces", Kim said.

"Then whoever put it together did a very bad job at it", said Wade. "The human brain and central nervous system don't seem to be recent additions, but the cyber-robotic parts seem to have been assembled together quite recently… Judging by the analysis, they're quite old, damaged parts too."

"Maybe it was reassembled?" Kim suggested.

"Exactly what I was thinking."

"Could you trace where this… 'Frankenstein's Monster'… came from?" Kim asked.

"On it." Wade began quickly typing on his computer, working on finding the original location of where the cybertronic contraption came from. A few seconds later, a result was found.

"The source seems to be located just outside of Middleton, in an abandoned block of warehouses. I've also managed to hack into the mainframe servers set-up there to find out who's currently based in those warehouses…"

A picture of a certain infamous duo appeared on the Kimmunicator screen. One blue-skinned, one dressed in green and black…

"Drakken and Shego!" Kim exclaimed. "Even for them, this is a new low."

"I don't know if Drakken was the one to originally put it together, but I wouldn't put it past him to reassemble it", said Wade. "The question is who originally built it?"

"I guess Ron and I will have to pay a visit…" Kim said grittily.

"Not before I've paid a visit to the little boy's room…" Ron said, before puking-up once more.