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The Dark Rising of the Cybermen

A Kim Possible/Doctor Who crossover

The sequel to 'Time Sitch'

Chapter 3

In an abandoned warehouse, just outside Middleton

"Shego!" Dr Drakken bellowed, walking into a storage area that had been turned into his makeshift lair. "What happened to my Semi-Automated Mega-CyberBot 3001?"

"Really? That's what you're calling that hunk of junk? Glad to see your creative genius hasn't left you, Dr D", Shego replied sarcastically.

"Don't get cocky with me, Shego. I have you know it's tough to come up with an original title these days that hasn't already been copyrighted."

"If you must know, there's just been reports of a certain robot that was completely wasted at Middleton's megaplex theater. Kinda looked like one of yours."

"Blast!" Drakken yelled, slamming both of his fists onto a desk, before a realisation came to him. "Wait a minute, how did it get out of here unnoticed?"

"Someone must have forgotten to turn the off switch", Shego said disinterestedly, continuing to read her copy of the Villains Digest while slouching in an old office chair.

"And you didn't think to keep an eye on it?!" Drakken exclaimed.

"Funnily enough, no. I have other… important stuff… to do", Shego replied half-heartedly.

Drakken was less than impressed with Shego's reply, and resulted to griping and humphing in child-like frustration.

"How could this happen?" Drakken continued to lament.

"You're really asking that question?" Shego said condescendingly.

Drakken stared blankly at his green-cladded assistant. "What are you insinuating?"

"Well, duh, who is the one and only vigilante that's willing to give up their time for you?"

It took a moment for Drakken to figure it out, and then he realised who Shego was referring to. "Of course, it would be Kim Possible and her blundering buffoonish sidekick!"


Drakken then turned disgruntledly to Shego. "Alright, so I don't have the most glamourous list of arch-enemies…"

"A grand list of one. Maybe a half if you really count the blond-haired doofus. Hey, maybe we can add the naked mole rat to your foes index too…"

Drakken grew more agitated, waving his fists around. "May I remind you that Kim Possible has countless times – as the youth say – 'kicked your butt'."

"I actually don't get my 'butt kicked' near as many times as you think, Dr D", Shego pointed out. "Most of these failures tend to stem from some fault in your stupid plans."

Drakken had become so vexed by Shego's provocative back-talk, that he kicked the nearby desk in temper. But he had underestimated the bulkiness of it, and instantly regretted his reactionary outburst, starting to hope around on one foot while holding the other one he kicked with in pain.

"And speaking of the robot-thing", Shego continued, "Let's just say it wasn't exactly spankin' to begin with."

"Well obviously that was just the trial run", Drakken said defensively. "The other one I have will be greater than any other contraption I have ever devised."

"Dr D, your gizmos come into two categories. One is where you actually invent the thing yourself. The other is when you just steal it from some big-time scientist. This falls into the latter…"

"Ah ha! Not this time…." Drakken initially exclaimed with self-conceited pride. And then his face quickly dropped, adding, "…I found it sitting outside the entrance."

"You what?" Shego snorted. "Nothing just 'suddenly appears' right at your feet…"

"Well this did!" Drakken griped.

He wasn't lying. They had only been based in these old warehouses for about a week, due to Drakken's actual lair having a deep spring-clean (courtesy of the kidnapped house cleaning service staff, which Drakken was holding to ransom). A mad scientist he might have been, but he wasn't uncivilised; he felt he did his best work in immaculate conditions. But the day before, Drakken had found two piles of completely disassembled robotic parts on their doorstep. No explanation. No card to say who it was from. It wasn't Drakken's birthday, and it wasn't even the Christmas season yet. But seeing as it was free stuff (and Drakken certainly liked to be a cheapskate whenever he had the chance), the blue-skinned mad scientist had gladly taken them for his own means.

"Well, that explains why it looks so shoddy…" Shego scoffed.

"It's not as simple to put together as you think, Shego", Drakken bemoaned. "It's very taxing when you haven't got a full arsenal of advanced machinery to assemble it. I only have a few dim-witted lackeys on hand!", referring to his own henchmen.

"Ahh, poor ickle Drakken hasn't got his favourite toys", Shego said in baby-like talk.

By this point, Drakken was ignoring any of Shego's snidey comments and continued to rattle on about the 'robots'. "It's even more complicated with those human brains still inside their metal head casings…"

"Wait, wait, wait, WHAT?" Shego yelped. "Time out, Dr D. You've used human brains in those robotic things? That's just grim, even for your own standards."

"It wasn't my doing", Drakken said. "Whoever last used them must have placed the human brains inside the robots as part of their design. I tried to remove the human brain, but it wouldn't function without it."

"Still gross", Shego said.

"But do not worry", Drakken said. "Evil I may be, but 'freaky' I am not. I will combine syntho-chemicals with a cellular sample from the human brain to create a large batch of syntho-brains, which I will then implant inside my robots, and thus create the mightiest war machines mankind has ever known!"

The instant he finished describing his nefarious scheme, Drakken began to cackle like the mad scientist he proclaimed himself to be. This carried on for quite a while, before he started gagging from his own laughter. As soon as he finished coughing, he turned to see Shego looking unimpressed at her boss.

"You done jabbering, Dr D?"

Drakken just sighed. "Honestly, my expositions are wasted on you people."

"Your speeches are not even Golden Globe worthy", called out a familiar teenaged girl's voice from behind him.

As Drakken spun round to see the well-known teen dynamic duo – who had just arrived through an opening in the glass-roofed window above – the 'sidekick' took out a notebook to scribble in, and said matter-of-factly, "Another one-liner to add to the list…"

"So not the time for that", his red-haired friend quibbled.

"Kim Possible! And… you… the boy with freckles", Drakken said, once more forgetting the other half of Team Possible.

"Oh wow. Not even called 'the buffoon' today. I feel insulted", said Ron, who was genuinely irked.

"Enough with the jibes. We know you sent that cyber-robot to attack the megaplex theater…" Kim stated.

"Actually, that wasn't me. It was Shego's fault. She didn't keep tabs on it", Drakken quickly blamed.

"Oh, sure, blame the assistant", Shego retorted, looking up from her magazine.

"Whatever", Kim said. "We also know you were sick enough to implant a human brain into the-"

"Errr, no. I didn't do that either", Drakken interrupted, before Kim could finish speaking. "That was from whoever last used it."

"You still stole it," Kim declared.

"Wrong again!"

"'Ah ha. Not this time. I found it sitting outside the entrance'; close quote", Shego said monotonously.

"The greatest crime of all: unoriginality", Ron stated.

Once more, Drakken's temper built up from all the provoking. This time the lid burst, and he yelled right at Shego, "Just get Kim Possible and her annoying, dopey sidekick! NOW!"

"Ok, yeesh, relax. Take a chill pill, Dr D", Shego said. She put down her magazine, and clenched her fists – which were now pulsating with green energy – ready for a scuffle. But before she could attack either Kim or Ron, another voice called out from the entrance to the makeshift lair. A very strong, over-the-top German accented voice.

"Vell, thiz iz a very varm, velcoming gathering, hmm?"

"Professor Dementor!" Kim and Drakken exclaimed in unison.

"Jinx!" Ron and Shego shouted simultaneously.


Everyone else turned to face the naked mole rat who had just won the game. Rufus sat on-top of Ron's right shoulder proudly, feeling very pleased with himself. Kim, Ron, Drakken and Shego were just left a little dumbfounded.

"HAH! Lookz like you all owe the hairless rodent a zweet carbonated drink each", Professor Dementor said snidely. He was currently standing in the entrance doorway into the warehouse building, with his arms crossed in a self-assured, potent stance.

"This doesn't concern you, Dementor!" Drakken asserted.

"For once, I have to agree with the man in the blue", Kim said.

"Aha, but that is vhere you are both VRONG!" Dementor declared.

"How so?" Ron asked.

"Vell, vhen I heard rumourz about Dr Drakken acquiring a couple of robotic androidz recently, I knew that his success assembling them vould be… shall we zay, 'mediocre' at best."

"How… How dare you insinuate my level of competence?!" Drakken cried out.

"Short-and-stumpy does have a point", said Shego. Drakken just gave her a cold, hard stare in return.

"And indeed, I do see one of these robotic contraptions on your crafting workbench nearby", Dementor continued, indicating towards one side of the warehouse space. There sat a large bundle of individual robotic parts piled on top of the table. "Zo if you don't mind – and to be honest, I don't care if you do or don't mind – I would quite like to have it."

"Well it was awfully nice of you to drop by, Dementor", Drakken said briskly. "But this is a strictly 'No Visitors' zone. Henchmen, attack!"

From behind and within the shadows of various crates still stacked around the vicinity, eight of Drakken's red-cladded goons appeared. They weren't much to be inspired by; all of them either being rather thin and lanky, or fairly stout and a bit round on the belly. They plodded towards the others, not providing much confidence for Drakken himself.

Dementor chuckled briefly and said, "How amuzing. Very cute. But I vill not leave UNTIL I HAVE VHAT IZ MINE!" And with that, the side walls of the warehouse caved-in from explosive impact. When the dust from the explosion started to settle, Dementor's superior and more proficient henchmen marched in, ready to do battle. They also easily outnumbered Drakken's own lackeys.

"I think we're way in over our heads, KP", Ron said worriedly.

"So not, Ron. We've faced worse", Kim said. "We just need to distract them long enough to call the authorities, and then…"

"Erm… I would start worrying about the FLYING GREEN PYSCHO COMING TOWARDS US!" Ron suddenly yelled.

Kim looked up to see Shego dropping from above, having made her jump towards them. The green-cladded supervillain prepared to strike the two teens feet first, but Kim shoved Ron to the side before dodging Shego's landing blow. The red-haired teen cartwheeled backwards before stopping to take her battle stance.

"Shouldn't you be helping Drakken take down Dementor's crew?" Kim asked rhetorically.

"Contractually, I only have to worry about one thing. And it's for a certain red-head", Shego said. "Time to rumble, princess."

With that, they began their routine rough-and-tumble, slowly moving away from the other battle between the two groups of henchmen taking place.

This left Ron and Rufus to just watch the chaos evolve before them. Kim and Shego had started to become more animated in their brawling, with them now diving across the room and jumping onto different objects and crates lying around. Meanwhile, Dementor's well-trained bully boys were easily overwhelming Drakken's lesser goons.

Unfortunately for Ron, Dr Drakken wasn't so tied-up, and noticed the blue-skinned mad-scientist begin to stride towards him.

"Alright, blonde wonder", Drakken said derisively. "I know you and Kim Possible have something up your sleeves. You're the one that provides the distraction."

"Hehe, well, you see", Ron began edgily, "We didn't exactly expect a welcoming party like this."

"Excuses. You're clearly trying to distract me now. But not this time."

Drakken continued to approach, as Ron took a few steps back nervously. But then he noticed something over Drakken's shoulder, and said, "Well it looks like I'm doing a pretty solid job at distracting again."

Drakken's eyes widened at Ron's comment, and spun round to see what the teenaged boy was looking at. Too late, he saw a couple of Dementor's henchmen charge over to the tabletop with the disassembled parts of the other 'robot' on it, after they had easily knocked out two of Drakken's goons.

"No! Not my Semi-Automated Mega-CyberBot 3001!" Drakken cried out, as his nemesis' henchmen started collecting small bundles of the robotic parts, and carried them away. But before Drakken could vainly try to stop them, he was pounced on by another henchman, and was pinned to the ground, unable to move.

"Zeriously? That's the best you could come up vith?" Dementor ridiculed. "No vonder you are zuch a disappointment, Drakken."

Drakken groaned from the body weight of the goon nailing him to the ground. He managed to call out in plea, "Shego! A little help, please?"

"I'm kinda tied-up at the moment", Shego called back in annoyance. It was enough to be slightly distracted from her fight with Kim, and the red-haired hero took full advantage of it. She slammed a couple of punches in; first at the belly, and then on the left-side cheek. Having taken those hard blows, Shego was dazed enough that she began to swing her green pulsating-energy fists wildly, which Kim dodged quite easily. With a final attack, Kim briefly hoisted herself on one hand from the floor, giving her enough balance for a moment to side-kick Shego into some nearby wooden crates, which crumbled and fell apart around the super-powered mercenary as she crashed into them.

Kim quickly stood up, and dusted herself off after cushioning her landing. By now, the whole warehouse lair was in complete disarray, with other demolished crates, objects, and Drakken's beaten-up goons lying around. The last few pieces of the dismantled cyber-robot had just been taken, with all of Dementor's henchmen jumping into their getaway hovercrafts, including the henchman who had previously been holding Drakken down.

Dementor was now standing on top of one of the crumbled warehouse side walls, taking a brief moment to address to Kim. "Farewell, Fräulein Possible!" Dementor yelled. "Ve vill meet again, I am very zure. UNTIL THEN…"

Before Kim could make chase after Dementor, he jumped on-board one of his hovercraft transporters, and started going airborne, with all of his henchmen following suit. And then they sped away, flying off into the distance with great speed.

Kim heard the grumbles and moaning of Drakken's beaten henchmen starting to revive themselves, and also saw Drakken and Shego gradually begin to stand up.

"Kim Possible…" Drakken started saying, coughing in-between words, trying to breathe properly after being squashed. "You think you're all that…"

"Please, so not in the mood right now", Kim abruptly interrupted, before Drakken could finish his signature catchphrase. "Come on Ron, let's bail." She grabbed onto Ron's waist, before pulling out her grappling hook and firing it towards the open glass ceiling window. Catching the edge of the opening, Kim and Ron swiftly disappeared through the window, and made their getaway before anyone could stop them.

Right now, Drakken didn't care for Team Possible's departure. Finally standing up straight and with some of his breath back, the mad scientist started addressing to his green-cladded assistant. "Shego, we need to pursue after Professor Dementor before he…"

"Sorry, no can do", Shego interjected. She clambered herself out of the pile of broken wooden crate pieces, and brushed herself down, before walking over to the warehouse exit.

"But… but… the Semi-Automated Mega-CyberBot 3001…!" Drakken protested.

"Give it a rest, Dr D! It's gone! Vamoosed! Comprende? It was worse than your normal pet projects anyway." Shego continued to walk away, before stopping one more time. "Besides, my hours are done for today. So unless you're going to pay me for overtime, I'm calling it a night."

Shego then disappeared out of sight, leaving Drakken with his incompetent, unskilled lackeys still clambering from the floor, all of them still bruised from the tussle with Dementor's henchmen.

"I really should stop accepting freebies", was all Drakken could bemoan to himself, holding his head with his left-hand in angst.


It had been one hell of a bumpy ride. It might have been his first time, but he figured travelling through a Boom Tube would have been a smoother journey than this. The others who had been through one before didn't seem to have any trouble. It felt like he had lost control and any sense of self-direction, even though he knew it should have been just a 'one-way' system.

But despite the difficulty he had with this particularly chaotic Boom Tube, he seemed to have finally arrived wherever he was. Although he was still somewhat enveloped by the Boom Tube's arcane energy at the opening of the tunnel, with some unknown force not allowing him to step into this 'new world'. Currently, he was also unable to focus on what was in front of him.

"Cyborg. Do you read me? Are you still there?"

"Just about, Bats. I think I've stopped moving. Wherever it is I am at the moment…"

"The readings are off the charts. I don't know where you are exactly, but you've definitely crashed out of our universe."

"Whoa… But I've still not lost contact with you?"

"Maybe it's because you created the Boom Tube and our communications are connected to you. That the best I can guess right now."

"How long do I have?"

"Just a couple of minutes until this Boom Tube starts to close."

Damn, tighter than we wanted.

"Even from my end, it's looking very unstable", the Batman continued to say.

"Alright… Right now, I'm unable to see much; except for the sides of this damn, bright-lighted Boom Tube. And my sensors can't focus on anything right now. But I'll try to squeeze some extra juice out."

"Be careful. We don't want to lose you."

Cyborg began to concentrate on boosting extra power into his sensory systems, so he could focus more clearly on what was meant to be in front of him. But knowing he didn't want to get sucked back through this unstable Boom Tube, it took a bit longer than he wanted. But slowly, he was able to see more clearly through his cybernetic-vision.

"Hey Bats, I think I'm starting to see something", Cyborg said.

"You don't have much time left."

"It's box-shaped…"

"Could be the Mother Box."

"…and it's blue."

"That can't be the Mother Box…", another voice interrupted in the background on Batman's end.

"Quiet, Hal", Batman rebuked assertively. He'd just referred to Lantern by his real name. He must be stressed. Very uncharacteristic of him to show it. "Able to make anything else out?"

"I think… there might be something at the top…", Cyborg replied, beginning to struggle. "Some words…"

"What does it say?"

"Give me a moment to visualise…"

"Make it quick."

"… It says… 'Police Public Call Box'?!"

"What do you mean by that?"

"Exactly what it says on it! I don't know what else to add…" And then Cyborg paused for a moment. "Wait! I'm getting signals… I'm detecting the Mother Box… It must be inside that blue box!"

"We don't have any more time…"

"But I can get the Mother Box...!"

"This Boom Tube is going to collapse if you don't come back. We're almost at critical level. It's not safe for you or for us."

Cyborg sighed dejectedly. Close, but yet out-of-reach. "Copy that", was his only response. He then went back through the Boom Tube, just as the opening to the 'other world' was closing...