A man walks down the street, in a nice perfect neigborhood, with all the houses alike, all in a row

All the characters are pretty much out of character, but overall this is a very. . . hmm. . interest piece of work. Ahh. . . it's a opera based on the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's (Philosopher's) stone.

A man walks down the street, in a nice perfect neighborhood, with all the houses alike, all in a row. He uses what looks like a cigarette lighter to turn off the lights. Then goes to a brick fence, where a black cat is sitting attentively.


Hello, my dear Minerva.

What a pleasant surprise to see you here!

After the deed is done,

Would you like to go get a beer?


Nevermind that, is it true?

What are we going to do?

Is You Know Who

Really through?


True it is,

Lily and James are dead.

Voldemort has been defeated,

Leaving a scar on Harry's head.

They look up, at the sound of a distant rumbling, and step back, as a gigantic motorcycle lands, with a gigantic man sitting on top, with a little bundle in his hands.


Sorry I arrived so late,

The Potter's house was a mess,

Had a bit of trouble,

Looking through the rubble.


Oh really, Excuses, Excuses.

Now Hagrid, where'd you get that bike?

From Ray, or perhaps Mike?


Sirius Black, that little slack.

Gave to me at the Potter's Shack.

Must give it back,

Or I'll receive a whack.


Hush, Shush,

Or they'll find out!

Quick, bring him to the steps,

Before anyone shouts.


Sheesh, fine than,

Drop him off,

Like an unwanted pup.

Now leave me alone, so I can scoff.

The three adults set Harry down, staring after him, with sadness in their eyes.


Well, that's done.

Let's go to the pub!

Before one.

Or we can hop in the tub!


Er. . . Not the tub,

Thank you very much.

I've got to er. . . plant some shrubs.

A/N hee hee, okay, this is totally stupid. What can I say? I'm at my grandma's house and Totally bored.