Chapter Seven


Ronnie held tightly to the small yellow radio that she had found in one of the Byers's closets. It was pushed all the way into the back completely forgotten by the family. It had been days now since she had last seen or heard from Eleven and her worry was at an all time high. They said they would me find her. But she couldn't wait any more. She had to make sure that Eleven was safe and not back with Dr. Brenner. Ronnie walked towards the bathroom and made sure the door was securely locked before turning off the light. She stood there for a few moments, taking a few deep breaths, before pushing back the shower curtains and turning on the shower head. Ronnie closed the curtain again and sat down on the bathroom floor with her back pressed against the green bathtub as the water fell behind her.

Quickly she flipped through channels till she found on where it was only playing static since the channel itself was out of range. Her hands gripped onto each side of the small radio as she closed her eyes. Ronnie focused on the background noise of the static, using it as a compass in order to find her sister. It was a tool that Dr. Brenner not only taught her, but Eleven as well. Using the background static of a radio or television in order to listen in and connect. Soon the static started to fade away for her and voices started to speak through the radio. At first she wasn't able to figure out who was speaking exactly, none of them sounding familiar.

"Maybe it means that Will is home...but not home..." a boys voice came through the static of the radio, the voice slightly distorted. "When El first talked about Will she used the board...and flipped it...what if it's like home...but not."

"Will did say it was dark and cold." another boy spoke before there was a long pause.

"An alternate dimension."

"How do we get there?" a third voice spoke

"Do you know how?"

There was a long pause before it was followed by three different groans of disappointment. Ronnie's eyes shot open as the static over took the voices once more – cutting off her connection. Her stomach flipped slightly and she couldn't help the smile that slowly began to cross along her face. Something deep in her gut knew that they were speaking to Eleven. Even if she didn't hear her voice herself. Ronnie set the radio down on the bathroom floor beside the toilet before standing back up from the floor. Her mind was now completely focused on Eleven as she walked back into the hallway of the Byers home. The ice cold spray of the shower still spilling into the tub below as she walked out of the house.


Ronnie wasn't sure how long she had been walking for – but her limbs felt tired and heavy as she tried to walk further along the woods. She could still feel the slight buzz of the electricity from the radio hours ago and knew she was close when it came to finding Eleven. Ronnie didn't want to give up, she had to keep going, push forward. She rested back against a tree and held her knees tightly as she tried to catch her breath. Ronnie closed her eyes and focused on her breathing to make it more evened out as she took a small break. Ronnie stood there in the silence for a few moments longer till the sound of voices in the distance caught her attention. Her head snapped up and looked towards the direction of the voices.

"Eleven?" She whispered, mostly to herself, before pushing off from the tree and walking towards it. Her pace seemed to quicken the closer she got and the clearer the voices became. "Eleven!?"

Ronnie called out louder before she pushed toward the soft glow becoming brighter and brighter with step she took. She ignored the pain she felt in her legs as she pushed harder. Eleven is near, keep going. A small whimper left her lips when she stumbled and fell to her hands and knees on the forest floor. But when Ronnie looked up - she was face to face with a fence. Her features twisted in confusion as she focused more and was able to tell she was some where familiar. The soft glow of a pool peeking through the chain-link fence. Slowly Ronnie rose up from her hands and knees, dusting off the debris from her hands, before walking forward more. I've been here, the night Jonathan found me. Ronnie walked along the fence before finding a small gate and walking through. She remembers the first night that she was here. Watching the boys and girls splashing while in the water. She remembered wanting to be like them. Happy.

She could still hear the voices and followed along till she got closer, keeping back towards the gate still, as she focused to listen.

"Don't get your panties in a twist, Harrington." a deep male voice spoke. "Nancy will come around and you won't have to keep worrying."

A girls shrill laughter followed soon after making Ronnie wince back from the high pitched sound. She could hear another laugh. It was deep yet soft at the same time. She moved around the backyard more and looked towards the pool still feeling the electric vibrations grow stronger as she walked along. Why is it leading me here and not to Eleven? She only knew of the Children being able to read each other through the electricity, just like Dr. Brenner showed them, but she didn't know of reading places. Ronnie walked towards the edge of the pool and knelt down slightly, her face reflecting back up towards her, as she stared down into the pool. Ronnie took a few deep breaths and placed her hand over the water before closing her eyes and focusing. She searched deeper for the vibrations there were reaching out to her. Ronnie bit down on her lower lip as she focused, drowning out anything else around her, as she focused.

A small gasp left her lips as suddenly she was surrounded by the dark and cold of the Other Side. Black partials floated around in the foggy air as thick black vines seeped through the ground, latching onto anything that it could. Quickly fear latched onto her chest as she looked around, her eyes watering from the fear, as she heard to clicking noise of the monster. That noise haunted her in her sleep and any time she was surrounded by darkness. She could hear the sound of it's feet squishing against the murky and liquid bottom of the Other Side. It's close. Ronnie stood back up from the edge of the now empty pool and looked around for any sign of it. She knew that it was impossible because it hid before it hunted. From the distance she was able to hear a soft cry and almost immediately Ronnie recognized that noise before.

"Will? Will!?"

Ronnie called out and moved towards the noise, before she heard a shriek come from her left knowing it was the monster. It was lurking closer. Her footsteps stumbled as she frantically looked around, her feet soaking into the slime beneath her feet.

"Wake up. Wake up. Wake up." Ronnie fisted her hands tightly as she tightly closed her eyes, trying hard to snap herself out of her trance so she'd no longer be here. "Veronica, wake up! Wake up!"

Her mind was snapped out of it the moment she felt a hand on her arm. It was gentle and pulled her back. Her dark eyes opened widely and quickly looked towards the touch, fearing it to the monster, but found it to be far from that. Staring back down towards her were light brown eyes filled with concern. His brown hair falling slightly in front of his face as he bent down beside her. Ronnie couldn't help but notice the soft freckles that danced along his face.

"Did you hear me?" He asked, his voice feeling like it enveloped Ronnie in warmth. It was almost like the feeling that she got with Jonathan and Joyce, but at the same time different.

"W-what?" Ronnie spoke, her voice slightly shaky.

"Are you ok?" He spoke again, his brows knitting tightly together as he looked down at the stranger before him.

Steve planned on cleaning up from his small get together with Tommy and Carol – taking full advantage of his parents being gone for the night. The last thing he was expecting was walking out into his backyard and finding a girl beside his pool. He stood back in the archway of the sliding door, feeling like his mind was playing tricks on him, before he heard her whimper. Steve pushed away from the door and walked towards her quickly. As Steve stepped closer he was able to hear her more, mumbling to herself and crying softly.

"Hey? You ok?" Steve spoke as he walked towards her quickly. "Girl! You alright?"

It wasn't till he gently touched her arm that she seemed to snap out it. Her eyes wide in bewilderment as she looked up towards him.

"I-I..." Her mouth opened a few times, but nothing coming out of her mouth as she stared up towards him.

"What are you doing out here?" Steve asked, his hand still placed on the girl in front of him.

"Looking for Eleven." She whispered, her eyes moving around frantically around the backyard.

"Woah, Woah...Woah."

Steve reached out to grab her, but she moved quicker than him, quickly leaving out of the backyard and deeper into the Hawkins woods that surrounded his home. He sat there, on his knees, looking after in the direction that she disappeared. He was now left more confused than he was before.


Jonathan stared at himself as he got ready for his brother's funeral. A heavy weight of sadness sat on his shoulders. He came home after talking with Nancy, excited to finally have something to back his mother's story, only for it to be crushed at the sight of his father. The hatred he felt for Lonnie Byers was something he feared would never go away. It only seemed to increase as his father pushed him aside as he tried to speak with his mother. He had photographic proof that his mother wasn't crazy, and even better that Will was still out there, but wasn't able to show it. Your mother is sick and you're feeding into it. His father's voice rang out in his head as he struggled to tighten the tie around his neck. Was he crazy? Was this all crazy?

But when he walked around the home looking for Ronnie he couldn't help but feel panic creep up his chest and grip tightly at his throat. He looked every where for her, the only sign she was even there in the first place being the coat left on the living room chair, but came up empty. When Jonathan asked his mother she responded; "I don't know honey". Her voice vacant and lost as she stared off towards the wall. The same wall that now held a giant hole that looked out towards the front lawn. Something was happening and no matter what he couldn't figure it out. But Jonathan also knew that the answer came from Ronnie. She was a random girl that just showed up in the woods, along with appearing in my bedroom. Jonathan still wasn't able to come to the conclusion on how she was able to do that. One moment he's listening to music, thinking he brother was dead, and next he was staring into her dark eyes. He shook his head, as if to clear his mind, before finishing with tying his neck tie. There was a soft knock on his open bedroom door and when he turned around Jonathan saw his mother standing in the doorway.

"You ready?" She asked with a soft voice, her arms loosely wrapped around her small frame. Her eyes were already red from crying.

"Y-Yeah." Jonathan turned to grabbed the suit jacket from his bed. "Any word from Seven?"

"No. I-I slept on the couch and she never came home." Joyce sighed "Don't worry, I already called the station and they said they'd keep an eye out. But we've gotta go."

Jonathan nodded his head twice as he shrugged on the slightly over-sized jacket. As he passed his desk to walk towards his mother, he couldn't help but stare at the photo that rested on it. The black and white photo of the looming figure. But as he looked at it again, he couldn't help but see something standing in the far background. Someone hidden slightly in the bushes. Jonathan looked up to see his mother gone from the door way before he grabbed it to take a better look. When Jonathan pulled the photo closer to his eyes – he instantly recognized what, more like who, it was. Standing only a few feet from the mysterious monstrous figure was none other than Ronnie.

"Seven?" He whispered

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