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Kakashi was his usual self, flipping through his Icha Icha novel, humming a tune to himself, while walking towards the Hokage Tower, where the Sandaime waited. He sensed the chakra natures of everyone in the shinobi village, expertly making his way around all of his fellow jonin and mentally cheers as he makes it past Gai, despite the green beast being on the other side of the village.

"Hokage-sama," Kakashi chimes, walking inside without a warning. "You called?"

The old man sighed. "You should learn how to knock, Kakashi."

"Meh," Kakashi shrugged, "knocking's for genin and civis. Alerting you before they come are chunin and jonin. I'd usually take the window, but then Kurenai would see me, so nah."

"Typical," the Sandaime shook his head, "now, about the graduating Academy students."

"Hmm." Kakashi nods, shutting his book close. The Copy-Nin isn't usually seen without his perverted book, but Hiruzen was content with the fact that Kakashi was willing to pay attention. Sometimes the Hatake was a tiny bit selective when it comes to paying attention to people.

"Your new team," the Hokage's eyes turned dark, "you have to pass them."

"Huh?" Kakashi blinked. "This is my genin team; don't I get to chose if they pass or not?"

"Political pressure," Hiruzen grumbles, "worst thing in the world."

"Political pressure." Kakashi repeated. "Screw it. If they aren't qualified, they aren't qualified. End of story."

The Sandaime let out a little KI, or otherwise known as Killing Intent. "Kakashi." It wasn't to freak the man out, but it was a warning. Kakashi's been through much worse than an old man's KI, even if the old man was the Hokage and known as the most powerful Kage of his generation.

Kakashi sighed, massaging his temple. "Do I have permission to whip them into shape?"

Hiruzen nods slowly. "You have to. With the Uchiha survivor, the Yondaime's son and the rich Haruno heiress, they have high expectations on them. You're the only one suited for this."

"What, so ANBU training is okay?"

"...not that. They're still children, Kakashi."

"They're not that young." Kakashi pointed out. "I joined ANBU just a year older than them."

Hiruzen rolled his eyes, taking in a breath of smoke. "We're not at war or anything, Kakashi. Dismissed."

"Kakashi Hatake, 009720, jonin." And when he finished identifying himself, the ninja saunters back out of the office, waving a hand in farewell. Hiruzen inhales another mouthful of his tobacco. The Sandaime's chakra spiked, and a guarding ANBU member was instantly by his side, the window flung wide open.

"Yes, Hokage-sama?"

The Sandaime narrowed his eyes. "Make sure no one enters training ground twenty-two."

"Yes, Hokage-sama." The ANBU paused. "May I ask why?"

The old man sighed, closing his eyes. "I think our top shinobi needs to blow off some steam. Anyone caught in the collective damage will take responsibility; don't say I didn't warn you."

It was normal for Kakashi to blow off some steam. It was just...the man's gone through a lot, and one of the things he hated the most was being a pawn with his decisions being decided by someone else. Despite what others think, the most prominent reason why Kakashi's dropped all of his former teams, was because he didn't want them to be pressured into something they didn't want to do. Being part of the 'Team 7 legacy' meant that a lot of attention was on the members, and that was something Kakashi wanted to be avoided.


"Righto," Kakashi eye-smiled, "my cute little genin. Let's do this."

In front of the jonin stood freshly graduated Academy students; Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno. The one thing they had in common? That they were tired, somehow being kept up at night by some weird puppy who demanded attention.

"You all look tired." Kakashi raises an eyebrow.

Naruto groaned. "There was this freaking annoying dog, and what's-it-name kept me up all. Night. Long."

"Me too!" Sakura exclaimed.

"Wretched dogs." Sasuke agreed.

Kakashi smiled, and the three genin hopes soared, maybe they're first training day wasn't going to so hard-

-and all three of them ate dirt a split second later. Kakashi stood over them, a stormy look on his face. "What kind of shinobi complained after one sleepless night? I need to teach you quite a lot, it seems. First lesson. Never complain. Understood?" He never understood this declining Academy education. When he was back in there, part of the graduation exam was you had to stay awake for seventy two hours without rest. What was going on inside of that academy nowadays?

None of them responded, too busy rolling around on their stomachs, gasping for breath.

Kakashi inhaled, letting out a small dose of KI, just to shock them out of their pain. "I said, understood?"

All three of the squeaked, "understood, sensei."

"Good." Kakashi hauled all three of them up and expertly tied them upside down before any of them even realised what happened, making sure that all three of them were unarmed and had no way of getting out. "Now, we're going to have a psychology session today. We're going to take turns saying something honest that you know no one else knows."

"What?" Sakura tried to turned her head the right way round, but ended up swinging and knocking into Naruto's face, who in turn kneed Sasuke in the stomach.

"Haruno!" Sasuke hissed. "That was uncalled for!"

"Sorry!" Sakura pleaded. "I didn't mean it!"

"I'll go first." Kakashi offers. "Usually I'd do a team assessment to decide if a genin team is worth it or not, but I didn't this time. Why? Because I was ordered by the Hokage to pass the three of you, due to some political pressure."

All three genin shut up.

Naruto was the first to speak after a moment of silence. "Ordered to pass us?"

"Correct." Kakashi eye-smiled. "Now, who's next? How about you, you brooding Uchiha?"

Sasuke scowled. "Why do I have to do this childish little-"

"Because I said so." Kakashi smiled, but it was bordering on a dangerous line. The genin gulp. Kakashi usually didn't be so mean at his subordinates, but something made the Sandaime order him to pass the team, and Kakashi was frustrated. And this team was like the scraps and leftovers of the graduating Academy class this year, which is something that Kakashi wanted - needed - to change. "What was lesson number one again, Yellow?"

Naruto exchanged glances with Sakura. "Er, me?"

"Yes, you."

"Never complain?"

"Don't say it like a question, please."

"Never complain."

Kakashi turned to Sasuke, his charcoal black eye boring into Sasuke's. "Now, you hear that? Don't complain, you little brat. You've only passed because I was ordered to pass you."

Sasuke spat out a mouthful of blood, his face already swelling up. "Hai, sensei."

"Good." Kakashi let go of Sasuke, and the boy gasped as his back hit the tree with a small bang. "Now, it's your turn."

Even Sasuke didn't disobey. "I want to kill my brother."

Kakashi yawned. "Already knew that. Next."

Sasuke scowled, turning pink. "I like tomatoes."

"That's wonderful!" Kakashi smiled. "Obnoxious orange fox, it's your turn."

Naruto again was uncertain. "That's...me?"

"That's you." Kakashi nods .

"Um - well - I sometimes get beaten up by villagers!" Naruto cried, ratting off the first thing on his tongue. "None of you knew that, dattebayo!"

Kakashi's KI leaked. "You sometimes get what by who?"

"I get...beaten up...by some villagers...when I'm alone?" Naruto repeated, his voice getting smaller and smaller as Kakashi's KI increased, making the air turn frigid and charged with electricity. It was a theory that if your chakra reserves were large enough, even by releasing some KI, you'll also subconsciously leak chakra into the atmosphere and change the air according to your chakra nature.

"Who." It wasn't a question. It was demand. The person who dared lay a hand on his sensei's child was going to go to hell.

"Some guy named Kyosuke and his gang! I swear! They're the usual ones!"

Kakashi nods, his KI suddenly disappearing and the air turning normal. The jonin eye-smiles. "Your turn, Sakura-chan."

The Haruno felt a shiver go down her spine. "Er, I'm the unwanted child ever since my brother came back from his business trip?"

"That was new." Kakashi nods. "Now it's my turn." He settles down on the ground comfortably, much to his dangling genin's horror. "My honest impression of you three? One; an arrogant loud blabbermouth who can't keep his damaged pride in check,"

Sasuke growled.

"Two; the most childish, idiotic and ignorant person I have ever met - and that's including five year olds,"

Naruto winced, looking someplace else, ashamed.

"And three; a spoilt brat heiress who's whining about her golden brother returning and has no idea about hard work."

Sakura hissed, eyes turning angry.

Kakashi held out his arms, wincing internally as he knew it was too harsh. But they needed to face reality, exaggerated or not. "Prove me wrong when I teach you. Emo duckhead. It's your turn."

"...I like getting up in the mornings to watch sunrises."


"I like doing what teme does, watching sunrises! It's so peaceful, dattebayo!"

"Interesting...spoilt brat?"

"I'm not - er, um, my familydoesn'tlikeshinobisoIbecameonetopissthemoff."

"Rebellious child, hmm?"

"What did Haruno say?"

"She said, that her family doesn't like shinobi so she became one to piss them-"


The other two boys didn't know how to react. One had become shinobi because a, it was in his blood, and b, he needed to become stronger to kill his brother. The other one had become shinobi to a, become Hokage, which then b, in turn gave him attention. Kakashi clapped his hands together, startling the three genin and drawing attention to himself.

"Lesson two; never interrupt me when I speak." Kakashi's face turned hard, but not the kind that was purposeful. It almost seemed...nostalgic. "Lesson three; never judge a person by their words. Lesson four; always support your teammates."


Kakashi sent a glare towards Naruto, who instantly shut up. "I'll be giving out five lessons each session, so remember them carefully. When I mean support, I mean helping them. Yes, Sakura might have the worst excuse to become shinobi I have heard in a long time, but that doesn't mean she wants to become shinobi on her own. Now it's my turn."

"Hai, sensei." All three genin chorused, mind getting dizzy from being tied upside down for too long.

Kakashi smiled innocently. "Those dogs that kept you up all night? They're mine. Kuchiyose no Jutsu."

A puff of smoke appeared, before it gradually dissipated, and there stood three dogs, all of them familiar. Kakashi relished in amusement the horror of his genin and how smug his dogs were once they recognised each other.

"What's-it's-name! YOU!"

"It's Pakkun, fox kid."

"Stop calling me a fox!"


"Shiba. Thanks, Uchiha kid."

"You're the one who tore up my blanket at night and I almost froze to death!"

"Urushi at your service, ma'am."

"Next," Kakashi eye-smiled, "brat, it's your turn."

Sasuke growled. "I now hate dogs."

Kakashi shrugged, turning to Naruto, who was still in an argument with Pakkun, and surprisingly enough, it was about who was the loudest last night. "Naruto. It's your turn."

"I don't know who my parents are!" Naruto yelled, the blood in his head finally affecting him. Kakashi smiled. There we go. Now they could really have a heart to heart, of course, with the kids' version of being drunk.

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