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Harry, Ron and Hermione returned to the Weasley house. Arthur, Molly, Ginny and the others were sitting around the kitchen table.

They sat down at the table and were immediately served tea by Molly. Harry filled them in on everything that happened at the meeting.

"So we have to go and live at the school?!" Ginny exclaimed


Ginny held her bump protectively as Ron and Hermione returned to the house to collect all of Harry and Ginny's things.

"I'm so sorry Gin." Harry said

"It's not your fault." She paused, then burst out "I am so scared. What if he hurts our child?"

"I don't know." he was as frightened (if not more), than Ginny, he knew what was out there, what they would be facing.

The other Weasley's looked slightly uncomfortable.

"Look, we'll be fine, we survived last time and we will this time." Harry said in a winning voice."

Fred and George seemed to take heart in this and George piped up "Yeah, they don't call you the-boy-who-lived for nothing"

"Weasley blood is strong, together you'll be fine." Fred added.

It seemed only a short time later when Ron returned with Harry and Ginny's things.

"I'll phone your work and tell them that you had to move to China or something." Ron said.

Mr Weasley shrunk their things and, handed them to Harry in a back pack.

Harry and Ginny hugged everyone and returned to Dumbledore's office.

Most of the order had left and only the Hogwarts staff remained. Ginny went a deep shade of red but defiantly greeted everyone.

McGonagall escorted Ginny to the staff tower and Harry remained to bite the bullet and actually speak to Remus, they would, after all begin teaching tomorrow.

"Remus." Harry said

Remus for his part looked awkward. "Harry" he replied in a slightly shaking voice.

"We should go somewhere to - uh - talk about classes." Harry said, feeling slightly foolish.


The two of them left the office and headed towards one of the empty classrooms.

They entered and closed the door. Harry sat on a desk, Remus looked uncomfortable for a further moment and then sat on another desk opposite Harry.

"I'm Sorry Harry." Remus said after a pause.

"I never understood" Harry said "Why you -"

"avoided you."

"After Sirius - fell, you were ok me, offered help, but then after the final battle you changed, you stopped talking to me."

"I know there's no excuse, but it like - didn't hit me until Voldemort was gone. Suddenly everything stopped; the worry, the planning, and it gave me time to think, and grieve."

"Did you blame me?"

"No. but whenever I saw you, I saw it happen. I held you back. I should have raced you to the veil."

"We'd both have died." Harry pointed out.

"I wasn't thinking clearly. Again I am sorry for ignoring you, making you feel I blamed you."

Harry looked at Remus, finally understanding, but he couldn't stop himself "I nearly died in the final battle. I barely won against Voldemort. I was in St Mungo's for 8 weeks. You didn't come once."

Remus looked down and again mumbled "I'm so sorry."

Harry got up and sat down next to Remus. "I know. we have to put this behins us. You used to be a good friend of mine."

Remus smiled and clapped Harry on the back "Thank you."

"We should work out how this joint DADA thing will work."

"You've been teaching at a muggle school haven't you?"

"Yeah. I always tried to teach like you."

Remus blushed slightly

"I do have one question though" harry continued "how do you avoid turning into Snape when you are angry?" it was like I was channelling him whenever I taught the worst classes."

"I hacve been a warewolf for most of my life. It teaches you some self control.


The two of them spent the next hor planning classes. Harry would teach years 1 - 3 and Remus 4 - 7. Harry was also going to restart the DA, for students who showed an interest. If Voldemort came back the kids would need all the help they could get.

Remus then walked Harry to his new rooms. Harry entered and felt his jaw drop. This was perfect.

A comfortable living room and dining area. Bathroom to the left. Straight on was a bedroom with a double bed and another room with all the baby supplies they had bought (and a few supplied this evening by Molly).

It was well past midnight. Ginny was waiting up for him, immersed in a book.

"How did it go?" she asked

"I think my classes will be ok. Remus and I have talked and decided on a plan of action for the classes." Harry changed into his PJ's and He headed off with Ginny towards the bedroom. Unfortunately, his getting into bed was interrupted by a knock on the door. Harry answered it and let in Dumbledore and Mr Ollivander. Perched on Dumbledore's shoulder was Fawkes.

"Come in." harry stammered. He had completely forgotten about the wand.

Ginny yawned and sat down in an armchair.

"Miss Weasley, you may go to bed, Mr Ollivander has agreed to fit you with a wand tomorrow, while Harry teaches."

"Right." Ginny got up, still looking uncomfortable to be near Dumbledore and retreated off to bed.

"She didn't do it you know." Harry said, annoyed "I know you agree or you wouldn't have let her back into Hogwarts."

"I know. I realised shortly after you left."

"Why didn't you take back the expulsion then?"

"Because, I thought you'd be happier out of the wizarding world."

"You've put Ginny through hell."

"Have I? She's engaged, having a baby, begun a career as a writer."

"Well now that we are all back why can't you take back the expulsion now?"

"School rules. Once an expulsion is more than a year old, it stands permanently. Why do you think I haven't helped Hagrid complete his education since his innocence was proven?"

Harry sighed in irritation "I just wish you'd stop making these sweeping decisions about people's lives because you think they'd be 'happier'."

"Ahem" came from behind Harry and he spun around, finding himself face to face with Mr Ollivander.

"can we please get started?"

Harry nodded and Mr ollivander egan handing Harry branches from different wand trees to see which provoked the biggest reaction in harry. Again, it was holly that won out.

Fawkes landed on Harry's knee and when he took off again a feather remained.

"good, good. The wand will be delivered in the morning." Ollivander said and sweot from the room.

Dumbledore bade Harr a goodnight and left, finally allowing Harry to crawl, exhausted into bed beside his sleeping fiancée.

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