Currently it was a normal day in the town of Royal Woods. Royal Woods was like any other town. It has it's own school district, convenience stores like Flip's Food and Fuel, family-owned businesses, and several unique fusion restaurants like Jean Juan's French Mex buffet.

Currently it was a beautiful Saturday evening. There was very few clouds in the sky and the temperature not too hot and not too cold, it was just right. The day was so beautiful that the birds were chirping at the squirrels were collecting acorns without a care in the world. Even the people who called Royal Woods their home we're enjoying the day.

Mom's and Dad's we're off work enjoying the beautiful day with their children. Many families were enjoying this beautiful day either by going to the park, going out to the movies, or simply going to Flip's Food and Fuel for a flippy. As for the teenagers and children who were not with their families they were to enjoying this day as they were either hanging out, playing video games with one another, or going to Gus's games and grubs to get a slice of pizza.

Why currently heading there right now was one Lincoln Loud, the middle child as well as the only son / brother of the infamous Loud family of 1216 Franklin avenue.

The Loud family was well known throughout all of Royal Woods mainly because the mother and father of the family with a proud parents of a whopping eleven children, ten girls and one boy, that boy in question being Lincoln Loud.

Lincoln was whistling a tune without a care in the world, and why wouldn't he? Just this morning he got his allowance and For The first time in forever his sisters did not annoy him for anything. Lincoln does having a good day and he plan to keep it that way.

'Man I really wish I could go to Gus's games and grubs with the guys but they're all busy. Clyde had his weekly session with Dr. Lopez, Rusty went to Reno on family business so he could see his soulmate even though he still hasn't told that girl how much he likes her yet, Liam is helping his family on the farm, Zach and his parents went to go investigate some crop circles that appeared a few miles from here, and Stella is helping her grandmother repair a few things that they bought at the flea market. Man I really wish I could hang out with my friends but what can you do.' thought Lincoln as he finally arrived at Gus's games and grubs.

As he was about to cross the street he noticed an old man wearing some kind of cloak was walking slowly past the street just as a careless motorist was driving down the same street.

"Hey watch out!"Yelled Lincoln as he ran towards the old man and tackled him out of the way before they were struck by the careless motorist.

"Hey why don't you watch where you're walking!"Yelled the man as he drove his vehicle away.

"Why don't you watch where you're driving that was clearly a red light!"Yelled Lincoln as he got up from the ground and dusted himself off.

"Are you okay mister?"Asked Lincoln as he got a good look at the old man.

The just about 6 ft tall, if you were counting his strange hair. What was most unique about the old man was his unique spiky gray hair that look like it could never be combed down with any comb or gel. He had similar gray hair goatee on his face and judging by his wrinkles he was of advanced age, despite that he look really good.

"Hehehe thanks a lot kid. Not a lot of people would have risked their life to save an old coot like me hehehehe..."said the old man as he got up from the ground and began to crack his neck.

"Your sure in a good mood for someone who nearly got run over?"

"Hey when you live as long as I have you got to enjoy life even if you deal with jerks like that motorist."said the old man has his stomach started rumbling.

"I take it you're hungry."said Lincoln with a smile as the old man just nodded his head while flushing.

"I know how to repay you sonny...I was actually heading over to that pizza place to get some pizza and I'm more than happy to buy pizza for my little buddy."said the old man with a huge grin on his face.

"I never turn down free pizza."said LinkedIn as he handed the old man's walking stick back to him.

"Thanks sonny... now let us head inside and get some pizza"said the old man as he began walking Gus's games and grubs.

Lincoln wondered how this old man could be so carefree but he was hungry and the thought of free pizza quickly suppress his suspicions does he follow the old man inside.


Inside the restaurant / Game center Lincoln was absolutely astounded by what he was seeing.

At their Table Lincoln was eating a few slices of pizza but the old man he was with had ordered over a dozen pizzas and was eating them all like they were nothing. One buy one each slice went down into the old man's mouth and down his throat towards his stomach.

'How can someone his age eat so much? Not even Pop-pop can eat that much...!' thought Lincoln as he took a bite of his pizza.

Finally after chowing down the last slice of pizza from his order the old man laid his head back and let out a sigh of relief.

"Gotta tell you sonny... I rarely had pizza but man is it good."said the old man as he was handed a bill.

The old man didn't flinch for a second as he pulled out a check I began writing something down. A few seconds later he had a check over are the employee quickly took it after seeing it was legit.

"Well I got to get going but if you want any more pizza it's on me."said the old man as he grabbed his walking stick and began to make his way outside the establishment.

"Man that is the weirdest old man I've ever seen in my life. I wonder why he carries that walking stick around because based on the way he walks he doesn't appear to need it... did that walking stick belong to someone close to him?"Wondered Lincoln as he took another bite of pizza.


A while later after having pizza drinks and enjoying a few arcade games Lincoln left Gus's games and grubs fully satisfied. As he made his way outside he saw that the sun was setting in his eyes grew wide at a realization... if he didn't hurry he would miss his curfew.

"Oh man I better get going... man I really hope I don't get a stitch!"Exclaimed Lincoln as he began begin to run toward his house at high gear hoping that he wouldn't get a stomach cramp.

Lincoln was running as fast as he could he fail to notice that he's slightly bumped into a punk wearing a leather jacket. Lincoln quickly apologized and continued on his way unaware that the punk was offended by this and look to his buddies.

The but he's not at their head in agreement and soon the punk and posi started to follow Lincoln.

Lincoln continue running unaware of the group of delinquents that were following him.

Now normally he would be able to get away because he was running and they were walking but unfortunately Lincoln body did the only natural thing it could... it started to get tired.

Soon Lincoln found himself running out of breath and his legs starting to grow tired with each stride. Before Lincoln knew what was happening he was completely burnt out as he leaned towards a nearby light pole as he was trying to catch his breath.

"Man ha ha ha ... I am completely out of shape."said Lincoln as he was trying his best to catch his breath.

But before Lincoln knew what was happening he felt the strong hand grab him from behind and throw him into a nearby alley. As Lincoln quickly got up he saw it was the delinquent he had bumped into earlier with a few other delinquents, and before Lincoln knew what was happening he was completely surrounded.

"You bumped into me you little punk. Don't you know it's rude to bump into someone especially someone in my status!"Yelled the delinquent as he punched Lincoln in the gut.

"Oof!"Exclaimed Lincoln who was clearly in pain as the punch was so hard he went to his knees quickly.

"Yeah you were in our turf and you didn't even pay your respects to our boss!"Exclaimed one of the delinquents friends as he used his boot to shove Lincoln to the ground.

"Looks like we're going to have to teach you some manners kid!"

Lincoln tried to shield himself before responding."I don't know what you guys are talking about! I just bumped into you and I said sorry that's all!"

"Ha! Your really going to be sorry when we beat you so bad you're going to have to be in the hospital for the next several weeks! If your injuries don't kill you that is!"Yelled the delinquent as he raised his fist fully ready to cave Lincoln's face in.

Lincoln could only shield himself as he waited for the fish to connect with his face. He waited... and waited but it never came.

Opening his eyes Lincoln was surprised by what he saw in front of him.

Holding the delinquents wrist with a grip was the old man who had bought him Pizza earlier.

"Now now he said he was sorry and you're going to beat him up for that? My word young punks like you have nothing better to do in your lives. I bet you haven't even done an honest day of hard work in your lives."said the old man as he tightened his grip on the punks wrist.

The punk screamed in pain as he looked at the old man and was wondering how such an old bag of bones could cause him so much pain.

The punk been turned to his buddies and looked at them with eyes full of rage."What are you idiots waiting for get him!"

With that said the others quickly charge that the old man.

"Look out!"Yelled Lincoln but he was surprised by what he saw the next

Without even looking the old man block every single punch and kick the delinquents try to deliver at him... with one hand. The other man was too busy yawning as the old man look bored.

Soon defense turn to offense as the old man quickly incapacitated every delinquent one by one until only the head delinquent was left.

"What the heck is going on! How can an old bag of bones move like that!"Yelled the punk as he reached for his back pocket and pulled out a revolver and pointed at the old man with his hand shaking.

"My my there used to be a day when men would fight with their fists... only cowards pull out weapons in a fight between fists."said the old man as he started walking closer and closer to the head punk.

"Stay back! I swear I will shoot you man I'm not kidding!"Yelled the punk as he studied his aim.

"Look out!"Yelled Lincoln as he did not want the old man who had just saved him to get hurt.

But before anything could happen the old man press two fingers to his forehead and disappeared out of sight.

"What the...!"Yelled the punk when the old man out of nowhere seemingly teleported behind them and grab the gun.

Before the eyes of Lincoln and the delinquent the old man crush the gun like it was nothing.

"Now I want you to leave and never bother this kid again!"Yelled the old man as he pointed his hand towards the delinquents.

Before the very eyes of the punks and Lincoln estranged circular energy started to form around the old man's hand as he looked at the head punk with a glare that made him pee himself with fear.

"Otherwise I won't hold back next time!"

"Your a freak! LET'S GET OUT OF HERE GUY!"yelled the wannabe delinquent as he ran with his tail between his legs along with his buddies who ran soon after.

Suddenly the energy that was in the old man's hand disappeared as he turned to face Lincoln with a smile on his face.

"Are you okay sonny?"

"Who are you?!"Yelled Lincoln as he was wondering what was going on.

"Oh that's right I never gave you my name. Allow me to introduce myself my name is Son Goku. But you can just call me Goku."said the old man with a huge grin on his face as Lincoln looked on with disbelief.