Morning came earlier than expected and soon Lincoln got up from his bed without any issue and quickly got changed before everyone else got up. Once again Lincoln left a note saying that he would be out all day to move around Royal Woods. When in reality he was going deep into the countryside the train with his Master Goku in the way of the warrior.

After quietly walking down the stairs Lincoln left through the front door and began to make to his father's restaurant where he was expecting to me his martial arts master.

About thirty minutes later Lincoln arrived at the restaurant and just as he expected his Master Goku was waiting outside near a bench.

"Ready to continue the ways of turtle School?"asked Goku with a huge grin on his face even though he already knew the answer.

"You bet Master Goku, I've already stepped down this path I might as well see it through to the end!"said Lincoln with determination and fire in his eyes.

"Then you better change into this."set Goku as a tossed Lincoln a pair of clothes that look like it was an orange gi with matching blue undershirt, wristbands, and boots."I believe this clothing is more fitting for one training in the way of turtle School."

Lincoln just smiled as he went into the back of the restaurant and changed into his new outfit.

Once he was finished he came back and his master whistle because the outfit appear to fit Lincoln so well.

"Hey Master what is this symbol on my chest and back?"

"That Lincoln is the symbol for the turtle School so identify you as a student. So I'll ask again are you ready to begin?"

"And my answer will not change master Goku. I am ready for this training and whatever training you have to throw at me!"said Lincoln was pumped up for whatever his master had to throw at him.

"Then let's get started!"said Goku as he once again teleported himself and Lincoln to the countryside.

[Imagine your favorite montage music and play it in your head]

Once again Lincoln was in the mountains and just like last time he had to walk all the way up the mountain to deliver the milk. The training was grueling and just like yesterday it was not easy but Lincoln was determined to see it through. After much struggle and pain Lincoln made it to the top of the mountain and put the milk in the milk box.

Once he was back down in the mountain he began the second step in his training and began to use his hands to plow the field until it was nice and proper for planting seeds.

Once Lincoln completed the task he went to work building the house that he and his master had started building and started banging nails placing floorboards and making sure the foundation was sturdy.

When they were done Lincoln was on the floor again collapse with exhaustion but Goku gave him another bean and he felt much better.

Soon Lincoln was in the lake being chased by the shark that he did not know was real.

Once he had finished he was once again tied to the tree of the rope and began to dodge his master's punches and kicks even though he knew that Master Goku was holding back.

Once the sun began to set Lincoln was taking home by Master Goku and once again before his family could ask what was going on he quickly excuse themselves to take a shower.

The next day after school Lincoln met up with his master and began to training all over again and it continued like this all week. Goku knew that he had to adjust the training slightly to fit Lincoln's schedule so he cut the training in half to give Lincoln more time, except for the the taking milk of a mountain as there was no way to shortcut that.

As soon as he was done Lincoln went home and took a shower before enjoying dinner as his family was looking at him with curiosity wondering where he got that outfit that he was now wearing a regular basis.

Everyday it was the same thing. Lincoln went to school and as soon as school was over he went to his father's restaurant to continue his training with his master Goku.

As the weeks went by Lincoln started to gain muscle mass in his arms and legs area. Soon Lincoln began training at home by doing push ups, sit ups, squats, jumping jacks, and other various exercises to help improve himself.

It wasn't long until the Loud family began to take notice and Lincoln as they noticed that he was starting to become extremely muscular...almost to muscular as they noticed that his arms, legs, chest and stomach area were starting to change drastically as their once skinny brother/son now had the body of an athlete.

Soon as the weeks went by Lincoln started to get used to the training and his body could better handle it so the compensate for that Goku had him wear a fifty pound turtle shell on his back.

This made the training a lot harder but Lincoln was not going to give up not when he had come so far.

[End of montage]

Without even realizing it has been four months since Lincoln Loud had started his training with his Master Goku and they say that there were results was an understatement.

Lincoln's body was now almost completely made a muscle with very little fat on it. His arms legs and body area where now rip with extremely strong looking muscles. Lincoln's hair had grown a little in the time but he had done his best to keep it in his usual turkey tail.

What was unusual was that he no longer wore his usual outfit before he began the training instead he was now wearing the outfit that his master had given him along with many different gi's of the same design with the symbol of the turtle school on it. Lincoln decided to do this because as a student of the turtle school he believed that he had to show his pride with being a student despite many not understanding why he was wearing an orange gi almost every day.

"Well I better get to training soon."said Lincoln as it was a Saturday morning, so that meant he had all day to train.

After putting on the weighted clothing that Goku had given him as well as the turtle shell Lincoln was about to make his way outside of his room and out of the house when he heard someone call out to him.

"Hold it!"Yelled a female voice and when Lincoln turn to see who it was he saw that it was his family sitting in the living room and that it was his mother who had called out to him.

"Hey guys,...What are you guys doing up so early?"asked Lincoln as he was wondering why his family would be up at this time as usually they would be deep asleep especially on a Saturday.

"Lincoln we woke up this early to call an emergency family meeting to talk about your... recent behavior..."said Rita as she gestured for Lincoln to come over to the living room to which he did.

"What do you mean I've been doing well at school especially in athletics?asked Lincoln who couldn't recall getting into trouble recently with his teachers or even his family.

"No son this is about your disappearances."said Lynn Sr as Lori decided to speak next.

"Yeah for the last several months you literally disappear on us all day and come home late at night covered in sweat."said Lori but she was worried about Lincoln since she was the oldest she was in charge of protecting her younger siblings.

"Yeah and while I really like that outfit you're wearing I'm curious as to why you're wearing a martial arts outfit almost every day even to school."said Leni who was just as worried as Lori as she was one of the closest sisters to Lincoln.

"Yeah bro and don't think we haven't noticed that your body has been changing."said Luna as Lincoln looked at himself.

"What do you mean?"

"Come on Lincoln those muscles of yours are totally not natural especially for someone your age. For goodness sake it's like you've been climbing mountains with your bare hands and doing hard labor!"Exclaimed Luan, who was so worried about Lincoln that she didn't tell a joke that time.

'Well technically I walk up a mountain but let's not mention that...' thought Lincoln before he spoke his mind."Guys I honestly don't see why you're worried I'm not getting into any trouble I'm doing plenty of exercise, so what's the trouble?"

"Lincoln you've been very distant with us lately and all you do is come home late, take a shower, eat, and go to sleep. And it's not just us that are worried about you Clyde came by the other day and asked where you were because you haven't been hanging out with him or your other friends lately."said Lucy who appeared behind everyone scaring them, including Lincoln.

"I told Clyde I just been very busy lately... but you're right I should talk to him?"said Lincoln as he knew he had been avoiding his best friend lately because of his training with Master Goku which he knew wasn't fair to Clyde so he decided to make it up to him Monday.

"Lincoln seriously what is going on with you I mean you always bring that heavy turtle shell to school. It's like you're a completely different person."

"Guys I honestly don't see what the big deal is! I just found something that I really want to do and I've been so focused on it that I've been ignoring you and my friends and I apologize for that. But come on look at me coach even said I am the top athlete in all the 5th grade. Now if you will excuse me I'll be out all day but I promise to make this up to you guys tomorrow."said Lincoln as he ran out of the door.

"Lincoln wait! Exclaimed the Loud family as they gave chase but by the time they got outside Lincoln was nowhere in sight.

"We seriously need to have a heart-to-heart talk with our son Lynn. While I will admit that I'm happy that he's finally doing some exercise those muscles of his just aren't natural!"exclaimed Rita as she began looking around for Lincoln.

"Your right Rita. I mean our son looks like he's some kind of gym rat for goodness sake!"said Lynn Sr who was trying to find Lincoln as well but couldn't see him anywhere.

"Yeah if anyone here is the athletic one it's me I'm going to find out what kind of training Lincoln is doing if it's the last thing I do."said Lynn as she pointed her thumb to herself.

Lynn unlike the others was honestly jealous because she could tell by the amount of sweat that Lincoln has either been sitting in the sun all day which is not likely since he would have had a heat stroke. It was more likely he was doing training... physical training and that made her really upset because she was the physical athletic one. She wanted to know desperately what kind of training Lincoln did to get a body like the one he currently has.

"I'm just so worried guys I have a feeling that Lincoln has gotten himself involved with something... dangerous"said Leni with worry causing Lori to pat her on the heads try to make her feel better.

"Don't worry Leni, we'll find out what Lincoln is up. That is a promise that I plan to keep."said Lori as they all went inside knowing that they wouldn't be able to fine Lincoln.

'Normally I would be able to track Lincoln with a tracking device I implanted into his neck but it hasn't been transmitting signals lately I wonder why?' thought Lisa as she checked the tracking device and just like usual there was no signal for Lincoln's tracking device.


Lincoln was doing his training in the mountains when Goku notice the device on Lincoln enact and removed it and then gave Lincoln a senzu bean to heal him up right away after doing so.

[Cutaway End]

Meanwhile Lincoln was in the mountains with Master Goku once again.

"So what's the next step in the training Master Goku?"said Lincoln as the other day Goku said that they would be getting another step in the training.

"Lincoln you have been doing well at this time and by now your body is gone beyond human limits so I believe it's time I teach you a powerful technique I learned at a young age."

"And what technique would that be Master Goku?"Asked Lincoln as he was doing some stretches.

Goku merely smiled before answering."Lincoln I'm going to teach you the Kamehameha wave, the most powerful technique in all of turtle School!"