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The snow crunched under my feet as I walked down the path to the lake. I paused on the hill and took a seat on the fallen log overlooking the beach. It looked different in the wintertime. No boats were tied to the docks. No golf carts were lined in a row on the small dirt lot. The swings moved in the breeze with no riders.

As I sat there, I could hear the echoes of laughter and music from the vacant beach. I could almost see the ghosts of kids having swimming races and building in the sand; while the teenagers raced jet skis and stole kisses when no one was looking. My childhood vacations here were carefree and filled with laughter.

I met him when I was only six years old. He was my best friend even though we saw each other roughly two weeks a year. As time went by, our feelings changed and matured. I thought I knew everything about him.

But I was wrong—I didn't know him at all.

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