Golden desert sun shone through the window as Raffi woke in the bedroom of her Vasquez Rocks trailer. It had never really felt like "home" to her in all the years she had lived there. Not really. Not until now, she thought. Now she was here with her wife. Gods! Wife. She allowed a contented smile to creep across her face. She quietly sniffed out a laugh as the word played, once more, around her head.

Her thoughts turned to the stunning blonde Fenris Ranger who had crashed - or rather, beamed - into her life, stealing her heart in a way which nobody had ever done before. No-one had ever made her feel the way she did. Seven didn't care about Raffi's past, her failed marriage, her history with Starfleet, her addictions and so forth, she simply had accepted her just as she was. Flawed, just as Seven was herself.

With a groan and a stretch, Raffi turned her head to glance towards the rumpled sheets as they lay where Seven should have been. She threw a hand lazily upon the pillow which still bore the other woman's scent. Through the open bedroom door, she could see Seven at the window of the kitchen, cradling a mug in her hand as she regarded the morning sun. Raffi smiled as she allowed herself to simply watch the woman, lost in her thoughts, leaning against the window frame as the sun caused her golden hair to almost glow.

Quietly, Raffi slid from beneath the sheets and pulled on a pair of sleep shorts and a top which had been discarded the night before, she found herself giggling at the thought that she couldn't remember which one of them had cast them off onto the floor whilst they had fumbled their way into the bed.

Slowly she padded her way into the kitchen area towards the other woman, the closer she got, the brighter her smile became with anticipation. She slid a hand up to sweep blonde hair to the side as she nuzzled her face into Seven's neck, placing a small kiss onto warm skin.

"Hi" She smiled.

"Hey" Seven greeted her, as she allowed her head to roll to the side, granting Raffi more access.

"I woke up alone, I don't think I like that any more," Raffi mumbled into Sevens hairline with a hint of a laugh,

"I didn't want to wake you." Seven replied as she turned to wrap an arm around Raffi's waist, pulling in for a slow kiss to greet her.

"Hmhmmm" Raffi hummed in response, whilst she slid the mug from Seven's hand, placing it at the edge of the dining table behind her.

"But I like the way you wake me in the morning." she continued with a suggestive wiggle of her brows.

"Oh, you do, do you?" Seven said with feigned surprise.

"Mhmmmm most definitely.." Raffi reached behind blonde hair and pulled Seven into a searing kiss.

Lips, hands, tongues all slid across each other as the women increased the intensity of the morning rendezvous. Anxious to gain some sense of dominance over the kiss.

Raffi felt arms tighten around her waist as she was pulled firmly, pelvis to pelvis, against Seven. She felt as though every drop of blood she had was rushing to her loins as hips began to move against her own whilst hot, wet lips trailed along her jaw.

Words became lost as Raffi could only summons deep, breathy moans. Her eyes slid closed, losing herself in the feelings her wife was creating within her body.

She could feel Seven begin to move her backwards until the back of her thighs hit the table behind her, and became aware that she was being folded backwards. There was a sudden clatter of noise as Seven swiped away the few items from the surface, casting them desperately onto the floor.

Raffi felt Seven lean into her torso as she was laid atop the table surface and hot, desperate lips resumed their attention to her neck, leaving wet trails. Hips began grinding once more against her own. Hands traced their way down the sides, caressing every inch of her hips and onwards around the curve of her buttocks, grabbing them firmly.

Fingers dipped beneath the waistband of her shorts as Seven swiftly peeled them from her hips. The blonde raised her head to look deeply into her eyes, azure blue now dark with growing arousal. Raffi gazed at her as her shorts were rapidly removed and cast onto the floor, lifting her head to meet full lips in a brief kiss, before dropping her head back to the table with a dull thud, her eyes struggling to keep Seven in view.

"What are you…?" Raffi tried to ask as she could feel warm hands cradle either side of her hips, a wicked smirk appearing on silent lips as Seven dropped from her line of sight.

"Oh God. Babe." She could only huff out, her mind unable to form any kind of sentence.

Seven wasted no time bringing her hot lips right to where Raffi wanted them. Placing a searing kiss onto her inviting lower lips, receiving a jolt of hips in response. She felt one of Raffi's hands rest on the back of her head, keeping her in place as the other gripped onto the hand at her hip.

Raffi's eyes clamped closed at the sensation of Seven's warm tongue as it began following the contours of her aching folds, slowly, teasingly along one side, slipping across her throbbing clit and swooping down the other.

Flattening her tongue, Seven lapped it up over her wet opening all the way to her front. She could feel Raffi buck as she continued repeating the process. Gently she pulled the clit between her lips, slowly releasing it with a guttural moan from Raffi. In a slow figure-eight motion she slid around the swollen nub, down one side and back up along the other, repeating the motion several times. Raffi's hips moved rhythmically with her own ministrations, deep groans of approval accompanying each lap her tongue made.

Stopping at the moist opening, she slowly dipped inside, teasingly slow, savouring the feeling of muscles tightening around her tongue, as she brought her hand to rest upon Raffi's pubic bone, temptingly close to her heat.

"Babe," Raffi breathed. "Please."

Emboldened by Raffi's responses Seven slipped her fingers lower and gently circled the bud before sliding lower still and replaced her tongue with two long fingers.

She heard a gasp from above her as she began to slip them back and forth inside warm, clenching walls.

Returning her mouth's attention higher she swirled the warm tip of her tongue around Raffi's clitoris once more, gently encasing it within her wet lips before allowing it to slowly slide out again.

Raffi was lost in the rapture, feeling the building of her own climax fast approaching. Muscles began to quiver of their own accord, she grasped at Seven's hand still upon her own hip as though desperate for some sense of remaining grounded. Her other hand gripping blonde hair of the head which was working its blissful magic between her legs. Her hips undulating in time with Seven's handiwork.

As the rhythm and intensity with the fingers were working in and out of her, Raffi could feel the spasming muscle inside grip tighter and tighter until they clenched with involuntary bliss. Seven heard the primal moan escape from her lover as she rode the hights of her climax.

Gently, she slid her fingers from the wet entrance and tenderly flattened her hand, cupping Raffi's sex and she brought her down from her heights. Soft, wet kisses were peppered across the inside of thighs which gradually ceased their trembling.

Raffi could feel her breaths begin to slow as she let her hand caress the back of Seven's head. "C'mere.." she huffed.

Slowly, Seven trailed sweet kisses along Raffi's abdomen, which had become exposed beneath her sleep shirt, skipping across the rumpled fabric which remained in place, to meet her flushed lover's face. Smiling, she gazed lazily into her warm brown eyes as she brought her hands to lay either side of her flushed face, leaning upon her elbows.

Raffi smiled up at her wife.

"You look pleased with yourself."

"I am." Seven said, with a smile to match.

"You do realise, we need to eat of this table?" she said, teasingly shaking her head with a shallow laugh.

Seven flashed her a devious grin.

"I thought I just did." She retorted, earning her a swipe across her shoulder as the two women laughed, holding each other tightly.