The tragic story of The Ayase family is not one very pleasing to explain but essential for the purpose of understanding this story.

The Ayase's consisted of 4 people.

The lovely parents and 2 wonderful daughters that loved each other greatly. Both parents adored their daughters equally and spoiled them as much as they could. Any normal family that cherished each other greatly.

The parents Ayase were 2 excellent history experts. Her mother was one of the best Sociologists in Moscow and her father was a Language and Cultural professor at Moscow State university.

Their lives was wonderful. Eventful enough for a sweet family. A grandmother that took care of her only 2 granddaughters and a relatively nice estate they've worked hard to get.

Russia was a wonderful country to raise children in, but the jobs were getting scarce and the recession was hitting a majority of the population.

The elderly had nearly no help from the government and their families could barely keep them alive. Since they had higher than standard jobs, it didn't hit them as fast as it did for others. Their jobs warned them that although they were the best, not enough money was coming in for certain faculties and cuts were needed.

As a good bye gift from the universities, both got transferred to another sister university in Tokyo, Japan.

Everything was going according to plan notwithstanding one complication. The gentle grandmother did not want to travel and she was not going to. After much debate, the older woman won it on the one condition were an au-pair would take care of the house and her while they were away.

The little Ayase sisters were not too happy about leaving their beloved hometown, friends and most importantly their grandmother but their parents had a plan and they had to follow them.

After a year in Japan, all was well. The little girls grew quite nice and were getting old enough to reach middle school. An unfortunate set of event was not what a set of 10 and 14 year old girls have to ever face by themselves.

One night of November, all asleep in their hot and cosy bed, a phone call from Russia was all it took to forever change their lives.

Grandmother Ayase was known to have fallen hill and it was not getting any better. As a result, both parents were worried and decided to leave their daughters for a matter of 3 days to check on the older woman and the estate.

On their way to Russia, tragically their plane crashed and both parents died with the rest of the 345 passengers of the flight. When the rest of the family were alerted, the old dame collapsed and never woke up again.

With no more members of their family, the daughters were rich orphans in a country they barely knew.

At the funeral and inheritance, the notary was surprised by how detailed the testament was. Everything was neatly organized and divided for both daughters and even a trusted friend of the family was to become their tutor. It even stated that they were to stay in Japan and live there until their majority.

The house in Moscow was sold and with the money received a small apartment was chosen by the tutor not too far off the Russian capital. Georges was of french nationality but had lived in Russia for the longest of times. He had met the parents in their early 20s and the friendship never died. The girls considered him family.

All 3 of them travelled back to Japan and tried to continue on living their newly shattered lives.

After a few years the pain subsided, their love as a family increased, another apartment in Japan was bought and the little girls lived has happily as they could.

Eli and Alisa were both growing to be beautiful young ladies. At age 17 and 13 they both turned into the steps of their parents and studied history as a way of evasion.

Eli had continued dancing ballet, Alisa had mastered the violin wonderfully and Georges was the most supportive tutor anybody could have.

He pushed them to their limits, interested them into new subjects, but most importantly loved them like his own children.

He had truly given up his entire life in Russia just to raise them for he cherished their parents so much it was the only thing he seemed fit to do.

On Alisa's 14th birthday, another tragedy was to happen to the family and this one was going to be destructing for Eli.

Alisa caught some kind of infection the day after her birthday and ended up being bedridden for 2 days. Georges and Eli decided to go to the hospital for a check up and that was when Eli had the worst day of her life.

Alisa had caught an incurable disease almost no one had heard of through an infection. A simple infection. A microscopic infection was killing Alisa.

It was so destructive, it reached her organs in a few days. 3 days after the diagnosis Alisa passed away at age 14.

The night of her passing Eli was so shocked and unwilling to accept her death, the nurses and doctors had to rip her away from the departed body. Even Georges could not soften her aching heart. It had shattered a few years ago and had taken so much time and love to heal. This completely destroyed it, she became lost.

Eli entered into a depression. Had barely the will to survive but was still supported by her father Georges.

He helped her through the really hard times and he was not going to leave her like this.

They became inseparable. He made her do so many activities and learn lots of subject to keep her mind away from the death of Alisa.

She now turned 19 and had slowly but definitely not completely accepted Alisa's parting. She had graduated from high school. Got accepted into a great university for a History major and was in the summer of her first year. She had made some nice friends in university. Had met Tomoyo whom became her best friend. Developed a small crush on her- which she didn't want to admit yet. The exiting news, they were a small group that would go camping altogether.

This summer was going to be eventful for Eli and she knew it. She even felt like fate was bringing her happiness very soon and she was impatient to reach it.

Small signs had popped up out of nowhere from time to time whenever she least expected it.

Tiny kinds gestures directed to her by strangers, friends, and loved ones.

" Maybe god's finally giving me my happy ending." She smiled to herself on her bike that day on her way to the summer camp.

Heavy camping bag on her back, music in her hears and ridding her bike, Eli was so ready for a change for the better.