The End is Just the Beginning
By: Ketra and Pikaniki Winner


In the year AC 198, the OZ Organization and the Romafeller foundation have both been dissolved. The Gundams had been destroyed for peace and peace has been spread throughout the colonies and the Earth. The Earth and its colonies are now called United Earth Space Alliance.

Without the Gundams, the Gundam pilots went their separate ways and obtained important roles in their respective Colonies. Heero Yuy, at the age of 18, became the youngest General of the United Earth Space Alliance on the L1 Colony. Duo Maxwell, as a religious person, became a minister and his religious teachings were known throughout the L2 Colony. Trowa Barton now takes on the name of Triton Bloom in his circus, resided on the L3 Colony, and became the circus master along with his lost sister Catherine. Quatre Raberba Winner, the heir of the Winner Family, became the youngest Governor of the L4 Colony and was the ambassador representing the L4 Colony in political meetings. He became the only delegate representing this Colony as time went on. Wufei Chang returned to rule over his clan in the L5 Colony and has beginning to change his point of view toward the weak. However, he never married again.

On Earth, the former allies of the Gundam pilots all took on roles vital to peace. Relena Peacecraft, as Queen of the Cinq Kingdom, continued her role as Foreign Ambassador of peace for her kingdom and was trying to rebuild the once-prosperous Cinq Kingdom. Sally Po, Lucrezia Noin, Midii Une, and Hilde Schbeiker formed a group called the "Peacemakers" to promote peace and to prevent wars. Milliardo Peacecraft, formerly known as Zechs Merquis, was appointed the advisor to Her Majesty Queen Relena in the Cinq Kingdom and was a member of the Peacemakers in an attempt to rethink about the relations between the people and the Earth.

As the all went on with their businesses, remnants of the Romafeller Foundation and the White Fang Organization teamed up in a plan to demolish peace and to take over the United Earth Space Alliance through force...