Chapter 11-Lost Forever

That night, after defeating Mariemaya and Romafeller, Trowa immediately called the police and requested for a boat. He planned to find Quatre. Nevertheless, Relena and Duo talked him out of it until morning. Besides, they had a more important situation to attend to; Heero is slipping away. He was taken to the hospital minutes after Trowa called the police. To Trowa, Quatre's life might be dependent on him, but when he heard the phrase, Don't worry, I've gone to a better place, he knew that he had to go with Heero.

At the hospital, Duo and Relena both paced rather quickly while waiting for the doctor to give them the news upon Heero's condition. No one bothered to tell them to stop although when Quatre was here, he would have calmed them down. Trowa was near tears even thinking about Quatre. At long last, the doctor came out.

"What news have you about Heero?" asked Duo.

"I'm afraid that I have bad news," said the doctor.

"What?" asked Relena anxiously.

"Heero's condition is bad. He is in a state of coma and he might not even come out of it. His brain and some part of his nervous system have been damaged. If he comes out of the coma, it is virtually impossible for him to communicate or even perform simple tasks."

After hearing this, Duo started to cry and Relena fainted.

[Ketra: Wow, Duo cried… Well, what do you expect from a "man" who lost his best friend?] [Pikaniki: Hello! Who said Duo was a "man." I thought she was a woman] [Duo: I'm a man! Man! Man! Man! Man! MAN!!! You got that] [Pikaniki: All right, all right! Geez, you act so much like a bomb, ready to explode any moment]

Milliardo was quick to break Relena's fall. Wufei just simply stood there. Trowa was taking Quatre's death pretty hard and wasn't paying attention to the doctor.

"Can we see him?" asked Duo sadly.


When they went in to see Heero, they saw him in a bed with a bandaged head and all these gadgets around him. Duo looked away from Heero's face. He was taking Heero's condition very hard. Soon, they left, leaving Duo and Heero alone.

From that day on, Duo stayed with Heero all day long and Relena visited Heero often. Trowa sent out a search party to find Quatre's body but never did find the corpse. He mourned much about Quatre's death. Wufei went away. Iria found Trowa and together, they planned to search high and low for Quatre. The Maganacs learned about their little master's death and were so angry that they planned to kill Mariemaya, but Iria told them that killing Quatre's killer wouldn't be what Quatre had wanted. Thus, the Maganacs were told to take care of the Winner Estate until Iria's return. Catherine Bloom was told to take over the circus while Trowa searched for Quatre. This terrible incident changed everyone's lives…

A figure stands over Quatre's body and thought, Don't worry, Quatre is in good hands…

The End


Duo: *fuming* *overly articulate* I---AM---A---MAN!!!! M-A-N!!!!

Ketra: *sweatdrop* *nervous laugh* I think we get the point, Duo-kun.

Duo: *rants on and on and on*

Ketra: I'll go now...

Pikaniki: Hello, Duo, you are not a man. You're a girl.

Duo: Ahhh!!! *turns on Pikaniki* *fight erupts*

Ketra: Bye, bye... For now...