I started working as an escort to pay my way through college. I know the oldest excuse in the world. But it was true. I work fo a high end escort service, where sleeping with the men was optional. They expected it, but I didn't want to. I never did. I found out about this job because it was very little demand of me, so I can focus on school, but enough to pay for all my expenses to live and pay for my education.

My name is Alice, Alice Brandon. When I go on "dates" they call me Hayley. I never gave them any personal information. I just want to get through the date and go home. Some men are nice, they just are men who are too busy for a relationship and pay for a date for there functions and parties. And others... well some men are just to "hands on". I put on a smile and do my job, but at the end of the night i scrub my skin till it's raw.

I go to school in New York, I'm currently attending medical school. That's why I took this job, it was the best option for the demand of my schooling. I have a small apartment in Brooklyn. And everyday is routine for me. But when i get a date that's a different routine.

When it'a date night I go through the routine of showering and shaving every hair on my body, and rubbing lotion and scented oil all over my body. I always make sure I'm smooth and smell clean. I never thought men would find me attractive, but I guess men do find me attractive. I'm petite, very petite, I'm 4'10 flat footed, but 5'3 in heels. I have very small breast, and a tiny waist and toned legs. I'm very delicate and fragile looking. I guess some men like the fragile in me. The do love my butt, they always seem to grab onto that.

Tonight was a date night. I never know what these men look like till the meeting point, all I get is a name and a location. I looked at my phone and the name said J. Whitlock. I did my routine and dress in a red corset, tulle skirt dress that stops at my knees. I wear my silver heels that give me extra height. As I head downstairs and grab a cab. I give the address to the driver.

We arrive in a timely manor. As I head into the Luxury

Apartment complex, I go straight into the elevator, and press the button that said "Penthouse" and enter the pin that was needed. In just a short time span that felt like seconds. The doors open and I walk into the entry way.

For some odd reason I felt very intimidated just by being in the room. I look around. Walking... hearing the clicking sound of my heels hit the floor as I take each step. And then I hear, "Hello darling."

I turn around, my long black hair whipping around as I turn and my doll like green eyes meet blue eyes so intense and then I say...