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The King of Beasts


"Midoriya." Aizawa-sensei looked more than a little irritated, as he had to crane his neck to stare up at Izuku, "You scored the highest by far on the Entrance Exam. How far could you pitch a ball back in middle school?" The rest of the kids seemed like newborns next to him, though most of them also didn't really look surprised. Bakugo looked like a steamed lobster getting ready to explode and would need an eye kept on him.

"Uhhh?" Could someone that huge even look sheepish? Was that allowed? His voice was probably the deepest they'd ever heard too, "I…'m not sure?" He rubbed his long, shaggy-looking hair, "They let me throw one time in elementary and no one ever found the ball, so they never let me throw again." A cloud seemed to appear over his head, "Or bat… or kick. Or… be goalie too. Said it wasn't fair I could cover the entire goal just by sitting down." He slumped in depression as lightning crackled over his head. "They even stopped letting me play basketball when I got too heavy for the court."

The other kids around him started to giggle at various volumes. All of them except for a couple had been utterly terrified of the boy just based off of appearances. And who wouldn't be intimidated? He was five-and-a-half meters tall and built like a brick wall. Solid, intimidating muscle rippling all throughout his frame. The shirt and pants of largest U.A. uniform they'd ever had to make had been tearing at the seams every time Izuku had needed to move. He'd entered the classroom causing mini tremors with each step. It was little wonder most of the student had been wary of him.

Not Ochaco though. She smiled brightly at him, "Hey, at least your parents never lost you in the supermarket right?" The entire class burst into laughter, including Izuku himself.

Seeing him act like a cinnamon roll did a whole lot to alleviate their fear of him. But not Aizawa's headache. No, that just throbbed harder, "Fine then." He tossed him a ball, "Time for you to find out. Step into that circle and throw as hard as you can without using your Quirk."

Izuku stared at the ball sitting in his palm. It looked like what a marble would have looked like in a normal hand. He looked at Aizawa, then back to the ball, a sweatdrop growing on everyone's heads when they realized the problem, "Y…you got anything… bigger?"

The shortest boy in the class – a Minoru Mineta – mumbled under his breath, "I feel bad for him. How the hell would he even play with a girl with those huge fingers?"

He wasn't nearly quiet enough, because the girls collectively blushed and glared at him heatedly.

"Sensei!" The tallest girl in the class – which wasn't saying much since she came up to about Izuku's thigh – raised her hand like they were in class, "I can make a bigger ball for Midoriya-san if you can show me the schematics."

Aizawa let out a sigh, "Very well. Come here. Though keep in mind you'll be on duty making items for him."

He showed Momo his phone, and the beautiful girl quickly glanced through it for about thirty seconds, her lips moving with no sound escaping. Finally, she nodded to herself, handed the device back to Aizawa, and stepped away from the rest of the class before opening her tracksuit shirt. Most of the boys (and even some of the girls) started to blush. Rainbow sparks started to shower out of her front, before she put something on the ground, zipped herself back up, picked it up and brought it over to Izuku. It looked like a small medicine ball in her arms, but for Izuku it was the perfect size for him to grip like a baseball. "Here you are, Midoriya-san. I'm actually very much looking forward to this." She smiled up at him and he blushed.

"Thanks, Yaoyorozu-san."

"Alright, so if we could finally stop wasting time and get this show on the road," Aizawa sounded very irritated at this point, though he was also kicking himself and the staff for not having already considered this, "Step into the circle and throw. You are not allowed to leave the circle. Don't use your Quirk so we can get a baseline."

Izuku stepped forward, walking perfectly calmly despite every step sending Mineta five inches into the air. When he was inside the circle, the cracked his neck and his arms before taking a pitching stance. With a growl, he stomped with his leading leg – cracking the ground beneath him as though it were thin ice – and threw.

The class and Aizawa regretted not bracing themselves because a gale force wind whipped at them and nearly knocked several people over. A thundering BOOM rang out as the sound barrier was shattered by the flying ball. Mineta tumbled ass over teakettle and didn't stop for about a hundred meters. When the winds finally died down and everyone had an impromptu new hairstyle most were very unhappy with, they stared at Aizawa, whose eye was twitching like a drumbeat. They listened to the rapid beeping coming from his device as Aizawa visibly got angrier and angrier, "Midoriya, I told you not to use your Quirk. Are you looking to get expelled before the first day is over?"

Predictably, the class erupted, "Expelled?! That's not fair, sensei!" Ochaco was the first to stick up for him.

Mina looked pretty unhappy too, despite not yet even having had a word with him before, "Yeah, I mean look at him! How is he supposed to not use his Quirk?!"

"Fair?" Aizawa latched onto the word, "You think this is supposed to be fair? Natural disasters… rampaging Villains… freak accidents… The world isn't fair, Ochaco Uraraka. Calamity is always just around the corner, and Heroes are the ones who correct that unfairness. If you were planning on hanging out for the next three years, you're in for a rude awakening, kids. U.A. will do its best to put you through one hardship after another, because villains and disasters don't discriminate. The only way we can ensure you survive to be splendid heroes is by ensuring you are the strongest. That's Plus Ultra. Any one of you can lose your place here in the Hero Course with a stroke of my pen if I think you're fooling around. And in fact, whoever performs the worst in these tests will be going home." The students all shut up and most of them looked a little unnerved by his speech. The phone was still beeping as he turned to Izuku, "So Midoriya? Explain yourself."

"I didn't use my Quirk." Izuku said calmly. "I've only ever used my Quirk once; when I first awakened it. It happened when me and mom went on vacation to Norway. I was a late bloomer, so it actually came in when I was six. Back during that time, mom had been hearing about kids with powerful Quirks disappearing, so she asked me not to use it until I was older and could protect myself. No one has ever seen it other than my mom." At this, even Bakugo who had known him for over a decade froze in shock.

'What.' Bakugo's thoughts were like a scratching record, 'No, that's a lie. That can't possibly be true! It's impossible!'

"W-w-wait!" Ochaco stammered, "Y-y-you mean you didn't even use it at the entrance exam? You crushed everybody's scores AND took out that giant robot in one hit with no Quirk?!"

Izuku blushed and rubbed his head, "Yeah..."

Dead silence. "Kero, that's hot." Came from the cute froggy-looking girl.

Izuku blushed brightly before he forced himself to look in the direction of their teacher, "Truth be told, I wouldn't even use it in a ball throw either. I'd probably lose distance."

All of a sudden, everyone in the clearing – including the hiding All Might who had decided to watch this assessment after seeing someone possibly match him in strength during the entrance exam – was right back to being terrified. The device in Aizawa's hand chimed and he was almost afraid to look at it. "….one-hundred and seventy-four Kilometers."

"YOU THREW IT OFF THE COAST?!" The class yelled.

Momo raised a shaking hand and pointed, "A-actually… the coast is that way. …If my calculations are correct… it probably landed in…Nagano. …I hope no one got hit."

"HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO COMPETE WITH THAT?!" Mineta wailed, thinking that he was already going to be expelled.

Aizawa took a deep breath, "You said it wouldn't be useful for you to actually use your Quirk as a demonstration?"

Izuku nodded sheepishly, "Yeah… actually I'd break the "stay in the circle" rule too."


Aizawa snorted like an angry bull. His eyes even were more bloodshot than usual. "Fine. Bakugo; your record?"

Katsuki stepped forward, his face the dictionary definition of 'mind-numbing rage.' Seriously. You'd find his face next to the word. No definition needed. "Sixty-seven meters." He snarled as he accepted the ball. His muscles strained to their limits as he probably tore his own throat up with his scream, "FUCKING DIE!"


This one did not send Mineta rolling back like a ball, and Izuku didn't even budge despite the fact that Katsuki definitely hadn't waited for him to get clear. The device in Aizawa's had beeped for a couple seconds, before chiming, "A kilometer and some change." The number was 1073 meters.


"Uhhh, I think that's the textbook definition of better." Mina laughed in his face, watching as his eyes seemed to grow, sharpen, and pulse in rage.

"Enough. You kids are still not being rational and we're burning daylight. Demonstrations over. Let's go."

The grip strength tests were first, with the most impressive results being Shōji's and Momo's. Shōji displayed a good mount of brute strength with a score of 540 kg though creation of extra arms. Momo created a hydraulic clamp that maxed out the reading. Of course, Izuku needed a turn as well, so she created a much heavier-duty version for him to be able to hold. Izuku squeezed.


He sheepishly dropped the mangled metal Momo had just created for him, shooting her an apologetic look. Aizawa ran a hand down his face, before opening up his pad and scrolling to Izuku in this event. Grip Strength: Yes.

They also handled the sit-ups and pushups indoors, with Izuku easily outpacing everyone despite his enormous bulk. Of course, Momo had to create insanely heavy shoe-casings on the sit-up portion to keep his feet down. Izuku had blushed brightly, as he had to stand in front of her when she created them to catch them before she hurt herself, which meant he had gotten to see her supple cleavage.

With the indoor events done, it was time for the outdoor events, starting with the fifty-meter dash. Izuku cleared it in half a second.

"WHAT THE FUCK MIDORIYA! IT'S NOT FAIR!" About half the class wailed.

Momo herself was quieter, but no less astonished, "How is that possible? You're so… big." She looked incredibly frustrated, "It's not possible for someone so huge to move so quickly! I could barely even see you!"

"I don't know either." He rubbed his head sheepishly, "I've always been quick."

"And I can't help but notice," Aizawa glared at him, "That we still have yet to see a Quirk."

"Which is the next event?" Izuku asked him.

Aizawa raised an eyebrow, "The standing long jump."

"Yeah, I'll use it in the next one then. It'll actually be useful… kinda. If it doesn't break the rules." Izuku said, and the class almost ran over to the next event's area, totally hyped to see his Quirk in action. This event marked quite a few amazing results, from Katsuki's controlled explosions to Tsuyu's simple show of leg strength to Ochaco's skywalk. But despite everyone giving it their all, everyone was really just waiting to see what Izuku would be able to do. "…Okay… Here I go…" he said, stripping his shirt off – to much catcalling – and as he released a breath. He inhaled and reached inside of himself for the first time in years. Almost a decade, in fact. He clenched his fists and strained his muscles as he began to yell like he was powering up like a Dragon Ball z character.

Immediately a dark-blue crackle of lightning raced along his statuesque form. "What! No way man!" Kaminari complained, since now there was another lightning user apparently in the class. "How am I supposed to stan-"

Izuku's skin turned green and scaly. The iridescent scales shimmered in the light, up until an unnatural wind kicked in and the skies started to darken rapidly. His muscles jerked and bulged, before visibly getting larger.

No, it wasn't just his muscles. The five-and-a-half-meter tall boy had already grown past eight meters, and he was still getting bigger. His shaggy mane of dark-green hair had darkened further into black, and green tufts of fur had replaced his eyebrows with swirly patterns. He had rapidly grown a beard as his face elongated and his teeth turned into daggers.

And then he positively seemed to explode in size. He rapidly started gaining dozens and dozens of meters in length as his body continued to transform and soar into the air. Finally, his lower body shrank into just a tail, and his gym pants fell off of him and onto the floor.

"-d out?" Kaminari finished his statement in the squeakiest voice that ever did squeak.

The kids and Aizawa stared. And stared. And rubbed their eyes. And pinched each other/themselves. And rubbed their eyes again.


There was still a fucknormous DRAGON staring at them. And floating. "Surprise?" The sheepish tone sounded totally wrong coming from the titanic beast with an even deeper voicer now. It flew around, with the personal storm surrounding him shooting lightning around. Near his elbows were rings of intense flames burning bright blue. A single one of the smaller teeth were bigger than the tallest person in their class, sans Izuku himself.

Katsuki sank to his knees in despair, knowing he could never compete with something like this. The entire time he'd known Izuku, his explosions had never once done more than itch his hated rival's skin. He'd consoled himself with training and experimenting, making stronger and stronger explosions to ensure he'd always be ahead of the damn nerd. His Hero costume was designed to be able to hold his sweat for the biggest booms possible. But he knew in his traitorous heart that even his best wouldn't even be able to scratch his old friend. They couldn't even be rivals with this kind of gap.

Even if he surpassed All Might… he'd always play second fiddle to that. He placed his hands on the ground and howled in despair.

Similarly, Shōto Todoroki mentally reviewed every single bit of torment his sperm donor had visited upon him, his siblings, and his mother. All for the sake of creating a being capable of surpassing All Might, as he never could do it himself. Shōto Todoroki stared at the behemoth above them and started to laugh. He laughed so hard he started to sob.

Shōta Aizawa stared at his student. His flying student. He turned to his pad and scrolled to Izuku's name. Standing long jump: 'Yes.'

He paused, glancing numbly up again before looking back to the pad. Distance running: Also 'Yes.'