Chapter 19:And so ends the Horror

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"Ahh! Sasuke's just been pulled down by something!" Naruto said, trying to make his way back up.

Terry cursed under his breath. Kakashi was still trying to reach his wedgie.

Meanwhile, Sasuke fell to the ground, only to have the remaining employee that had fled tearing at his flesh.

"Wicked, wicked human!"

Sasuke groaned, flipped over to his stomach, grabbed the employee between his ankles, and flung him over his head. When the employee hit the ground, at least four feet away, Sasuke stood up and wiped blood away from his lower lip.

"I hate being pulled through a floor!" He said.

With that, he raced over and tackled the employee, punching out all of his anger. Naruto and the others heard this.

"We have to help!" Terry said.

Naruto nodded and made his way down the hole. Terry and Kakashi followed.

When they hit the bottom, Kakashi pulled out a wedgie.

"Oh look," He said pointing," There's Sasuke right now."

Sasuke had the employee by the hair, and was repeatively slamming him against the wall.

"Looks like he's doing pretty good without us," Terry said, "Maybe we should go look for Sakura."

Naruto and Kakashi nodded. Sasuke dropped the unconcious employee.

"C'mon, Sasuke, we have to find Sakura." Naruto said.

Sasuke, not even nodding, just followed.

They traveled down a dark hallway, floor wet and slippery. There was barely any light, and they heard strange noises from above.

"This is giving me the creeps."Naruto said, rubbing his cold arms.

Terry agreed.

"Yah, I mean, I worked at a snowcone stand and it wasn't even this cold."

Kakashi pulled out another wedgie.

"That was cheezy."

Terry turned red and looked down.

"I know."

Sasuke suddenly held up a hand for their silence. They could hear Sakura's voice in the distance. Naruto smiled.

"Sakura, I'm coming to save you!" He yelled, breaking into a run.

"The floor!" Terry warned.

Naruto slipped, and fell.

"Oww," He moaned, "my butt."

Sasuke walked past him.

He was the first one to make it to Sakura.

He stopped cold in his tracks when he saw King Neptune and her happily talking and laughing. Naruto, Terry, and Kakashi came to his side. Their draws hanging.

"Oh!" Sakura stood up.

"Sakura, we-we, what are you? I mean?" Naruto couldn't even get the words out.

Sakura smiled happily.

"Everyone, meet Joel."

They fell silent.

Sasuke, ironically, was the first to speak.

"I hate awkward moments."

An hour later, the buses were loading to leave Waterland. Some of the students whispered as they passed the mangled Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto.

"Well, I hope you guys come back one day." Terry said, handing them their bags.

Naruto smiled.

"Hell no!"

Terry frowned.


Sakura, sunburned and beat inside and out, shook hands with Joel.

"Good luck on following your dreams." She said.

Joel blushed.

"Well, I actually have a new dream."

Sakura cocked her head.


Joel looked away, the wind cheezily blowing his hair.

"I want to be, a marine biologist."

Sakura smiled.

"I wish you the best of luck."

While they were talking, Naruto approached Sasuke.

"You don't really have a crush on Sakura, do you?" He asked, slightly worried.

Sasuke shook his head.

"The chemical glop I rubbed on myself to keep from burning that failed to work warped my brain."

Naruto,though not sure if he was telling the truth, sighed of relief.

They were now on the bus, heading home. Many of the students were going on about what a great time they had. Our three ninjas, however, never wanted to speak of it again.

A week later, as they all sat in one of their classes, Kakashi-fully dressed (hooray!), walked in with a flyer.

"Matsuda-sensei," He said, "We should take the students on a fieldtrip to this place." He said, handing the teacher the flyer.

Matsuda-sensei took it.

"Hmm, jungle world...sounds great."

Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto froze in horror.

"Oh god." Sakura squeaked.

"No way." Naruto moaned.

"I hate expensive, marketed acres of land that promote amusement that really doesn't exsist." Sasuke hissed.

The End

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