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She remembers a girl.

Bright, compassionate, adventurous, and ambitious. A warrior at heart.

She remembers the love she holds for her parents. Her Family. Her Friends. She is protective of those she thought as her own. And she made sure everyone knew that.

She remembers dying at a young age, seventeen, in the arms of her first love. She remembers the gut-wrenching scream of her friend, and the light leaving her eyes, and then enveloped by darkness. And at the end of that dark tunnel, there was a bright light.

And she believed it was peace.

A lot of dreams, she has yet to achieve, and a whole lot of life ahead, she has yet to enjoy. But she never regrets what she did, and never will. She would die again if it means her friends and family are safe.

And so, when she finally walks up to the light, after what feels like years, content with everything she did...

Allison woke up, gasping for air, sweating a little as she jerked up from the hard bed she was sleeping in. She looked around the dingy room she woke up in, with no memory of how she got there. The place had two double beds, a tiny round table far across the other end of it, with two chairs, a mini-fridge, sink, and a bathroom from what she could see.

She could hear the distinct sounds of thunder outside alongside the incessant taps on one of the windows, notifying her it was pouring outside. She could see the glowing neon sign of a motel from the window with a quick peep. As her mind processed everything around her, taking aware of her surrounding, Allison remembered the pressing matter at hand, which had her scrambling to her feet.

She looked down at herself, squinting her eyes to look in the dark, her hands reached up to trace over her chest, feeling for any sign of the pain, gushing blood, or a stab wound to the chest shaped by the Oni's sword. And the brunette couldn't figure out if it was a good thing there is not a single scratch on her body, or not. Where am I? She asked herself, Am I really alive? But that's impossible. I remember the darkness and the light.

She pinched herself, hard, and felt the pain. She counted her fingers like Stiles used to say when she had a hard dealing with hallucinations after the willing sacrifice. There were 10. This is real, Allison decided. The brunette looked around the room, searching for the light, and found a table lamp.

And once she could see clearly, Allison looked down at herself to notice the same purple dress, crusader overshirt jacket, and biker gloves she was wearing the day she died. Her suede, knee-high boots sat at the end of the cot she got up in... as if someone took them off her so that she can sleep comfortably, without ruining the bed.

She looked around once again. The room is mostly empty except for two duffel bags, a laptop on the tabletop. She paid no heed to her wrist, which was pierced slightly, and is already healing. She tried to work on the Laptop but closed it shut when asked for a password. All she got was time, 9:27 PM, and the battery percentage.

Desperate to find where she is and how she got back in the real world, Allison dived for the two bags in the room, not before mumbling an apology for the people whose privacy she is about to violate. And all she found was men's things. Clothes that needed laundry, a few weird occult books that resembled her Bestiary, an alcohol flask, and, of course, a lot of fake IDs relating to government departments. Fed's, Forest rangers, Reporters, to name a few. Names changed in almost everything, which didn't freak her out as much as it should have.

Maybe, fighting different kinds of monsters in one's teenage years, and dying at 17, will do that to a girl.

Allison made up her mind and just took two credit cards from their bags, which she was sure are stolen, and then stashed it in her pockets. She promptly zipped the bags, kept them in their former positions, switched off the light, and slipped on her boots. And just when she made up her mind to get the hell away from the creepy motel, with which she had horrible experiences with, she heard two masculine voices just outside the corridor, halting her steps.

Allison instantly took the nearest best thing she could find to protect herself with...the table lamp. She stood erect against the wall next to the door, gripping the apparent weapon tightly in her hands, close to her chest. Just what have I gotten myself into, she asked inwardly.

"I can't believe you talked me into leaving some unknown chick in our room with all our belongings still inside," A gruff voice spoke.

"Hey, I won fair and square," Another voice said with a chuckle, as two sets of footsteps neared and came to a stop.

This had the first one grumbling. "I still don't understand how a paper can defeat a huge ass rock. No logic, whatsoever."

Allison took a deep breath, unclenching and clenching the lamp. And as soon as she heard the door click open, she swung the metal base table lamp at the first person that entered the door. The surprise attack caught both males off-guard. The one she hit, bellowed in pain, dropping the packet in their hands, clutching his forehead while the other one let out a 'Shit.' Before anyone could react, Allison kicked the still standing guy, wh was shorter than other, in his knees, and sent him to the floor, moaning and releasing a string of curses.

And just the Allison thought she could make a run for it, the first one caught her by her jacket and yanked her backward. She yelped in protest, surprised a little they got back on their feet so quickly. They are either supernatural creatures or, they have a lot of experience with pain. But it didn't stop Allison from fighting. She stomped on her feet, kicked back to their knees. But the guy just let out a curse instead of losing the hold on her collar.

"Shh," The green-eyed one shushed her, holding her at gunpoint, making Allison glare hard at him with narrowed eyes.

"Dean," the one that held Allison by her arms cried out in a disapproving tone.

"What?" Dean began in a defensive tone, gun still pointed at the seventeen-year-old. "She is running away after kicking us. We don't know why or what she is running with."

The taller one just shook his head, as if he would preferably not argue with his partner, and just dragged Allison inside their room against her protests and profanities.

"Leave me alone," Allison hissed, "Or, I will shoot an arrow through your heads."

"Arrow," the shorter one of the two, the one with green eyes spoke in a mocking tone, "What are you...a cupid?"

"Why don't you untie me and find out," Allison retorted as they handcuffed her to a chair.

As soon as those words left Allison's mouth, the taller one held his hand to Dean, asking him for something. "It's in the car," Dean replied. His partner just rolled his eyes and started reciting something in Latin. "Exorcizamus Te Omnis immundus spiritus Omnis satanica potestas Omnis incursio infernalis..."

"Is that Latin?" Allison asked aloud, jerking her hands, trying to see if she can run grabbing the chair along with her. Both her kidnappers stayed at a decent distance, enough for her to not touch or lunge at them. "What are guys? Members of a cult? Is this some kinda weird initiation ritual, you got going on?"

"Will you shut up?" The green-eyed one, Dean said, tired of her incessant blabbering. The taller one stopped chanting and shook his head at his partner.

"Not a demon, then," Dean muttered to himself.

"Dude, you are messed up," Allison said when she heard him talk about Demons. Dean, however, just took out a knife from his pocket as a reply, and Allison prepared herself to fight, to raise the chair with two hands, not afraid to break her wrist in the process to get away from the psychos.

Her heart begun to beat wildly in her chest. Something about dying again as soon as she came back to life, left a sour taste in her mouth. For a second, back there, she had hope. The mere idea of seeing her father again, her friends...it was everything she looked forward to until that moment. Allison didn't even know how long she was gone, or where she was. The thought that her father wouldn't even know about her resurrection- if one can call it that- had her stomach-churning.

"If I get out of this alive, you are so going to hell," Allison snarled. "And if I don't, I am gonna haunt you from the other side."

And to her surprise, Dean, instead of killing her like she was expecting him to, just sliced her arm a little until the blood was visible to everyone.

"No, black goo," he murmured to his brother. "Not a Leviathan."

"The what?" Allison asked, confused at the uncanny males in front of her. Just what the hell is happening here, she wanted to question.

The tall guy came forward with an apologetic look, holding out the keys to unlock the cuff. And as soon as Allison was free, she knocked the gun out of Dean's hands and held it at them both threateningly.

And they both just raised their arms in surrender, stepping back from her a little.

"Now, let's talk," Allison began, "Why did you guys kidnap me?"

"What?" while one asked offended at the question, the other held a confused tone.

"Do I look like a kidnapper to you?" Dean asked with a scoff, pointing at his handsome face.

"Ted Bundy was handsome too," was Allison's sarcastic reply, and the guy seemed to agree from his expression.

"Look," The giant one began in a calm tone. "We didn't kidnap you, okay. We were on the road when we saw a bright light. When we went to the spot, you were there. And we didn't find any Id on you, so we brought you here. We were out buying some food before you wake up. And we are sorry for all the tests. But we just had to check if you are human." The look in the guy's eyes told, he was being sincere throughout the monologue.

Allison squinted her eyes with a frown at his words. Check if she was a human? "Are you guys hunters too?" She asked, trying to understand if the tests they did were to check if she was a werewolf, by checking her healing factor.

"Too?" Dean asked, surprised at her wording, "That means you are one too?"

"Yes, dumbass," Allison said, still angry at their attempts in man-handling her, but lowered her guns slightly. "I am an Argent."

"A who?" They both asked at a time.

"Argent," Allison said again, knowing the name holds standing in the hunter's community. "I am the new Matriarch." When they both looked oblivious at the name Allison pointed the slightly lowered gun back to their hearts. "Are you guys really hunters?"

Dean snorted at her question, while the taller one answered, "We are the Winchesters. I am Sam, and this is Dean."

Allison knew every hunter out there, credits to her Grandfather, Gerard Argent. But never has she come across the name Winchester. "Is that supposed to mean anything to me?"

"Are you sure you are a hunter?" At Dean's question, Allison just slid back the safe, unlocking it, and aimed at him, notifying she knows how to operate a gun.

"Anyone can do that if they see a few action movies," was Dean's reply. Allison scowled at him and started dissembling and assembling the handgun in her hand in 10 seconds. Both brothers made a noise of approval at the show.

"What's the date?" Allison asked the most awaited question.


"The year," she stressed.

"Uh...2012, September." I have gone for a year then, she thought.

"Where are we now?" She inquired.

"Liberty, Kentucky," the giant one, Sam said.

"How far are we from Beacon hills?"

"The what?"

"Beacon hills," Allison repeated, "The town in Beacon County, California."

"Sweetheart, we have been all over America. And we can tell you with 100 percent guarantee that there is no such town as Beacon Hills, nor Beacon County in California."

And Allison felt like she died...again.

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