Before you read this, a little *WARNING* I am changing somethings. You'll find out exactly what whilst reading this, but one I should point straight (HA) out is the changing of Alexanders birthyear. Granted, we do know that he did lie about his age. So, I expanded that a little bit on that fact (a fact based on a lie... I smell something I don't like... It starts with a T and ends with rump). If you look at years when things happened, you'll learn that Lin-Manuel Miranda used both years. Anyhow, Just a heads-up.


A group consisting of five men fell from the ceiling and landed in a pile. The bright portal that brought them there, now gone. Sounds of indignant men were overlapping with one another. When the men finally got the bearings, but before they even started questioning everything that was going on, A new bright light flooded their senses.

Another group consisting of six more individuals reigned down. Immediately the other group rushed to help, and confusion seemed to immediately enter several faces. A woman in blue and a woman in pink had their eye's wide, yet were glaring at the same time towards one of the shorter men who came to their aid. However recognition entered others.

Again, before more could me said another light blinded them, now only three men hit the ground. Two of them were older than the majority of who were present. The third seemed to be only around 19 or 20 years of age. When all three of them looked at each other, they all looked surprised. They all spoke at the same time.

"Philip?" one the older gentlemen asked, shock and fear and confusion emulated through his voice.

"Hamilton?" the other gentlemen asked slowly, guilt swam in his eyes.

"Pa?" the younger one was just confused, but also frightened.

It was silent for a moment before it was broken by another voice entering the fray.

"Alexander?" the woman in blue spoke up.

"Yes, ma'am?" The man that was being glared at earlier spoke up, confused.

The other man, the one who addressed this 'Philip,' replied at the same time, "Eliza?"

That was the straw that broke the camel's back. Chaos ensued. Everyone was frantic, looking around for answers. Finally, someone loudly whistled, causing everyone present in the room to become silent. They all looked to where they heard the whistle come from. In front of them stood this beautiful woman who looked like she came from the gods, at least to them.

She had dark, yet somehow, piercing eyes. Her hair was what some would call 'fuzzy' or 'frizzy,' but no, it was beautiful, natural and amazing. What shocked them the most was that she had soft dark skin. However, they also noticed her attire, most avoiding their gazes. She had on this tight yellow top that had no sleeves, her stomach slightly poking out. She also wore dark blue pants that seemed to have a rough texture. Her shoes were purple and blue and resembled what the night sky sometimes looked like. Her ankles were showing as well.

She finally spoke, "there is no need to avert your gazes," she had an accent that seemed like none other, it seemed almost magical. "My name is Kahina. I have brought you all here to listen to a story about one of your very own. Now I have brought you all here from different times-"

Her voice was cut off by yells of confusion, she whistled again.

"Shut it!" she yelled out, causing silence once again, "You cannot change what has already happened in your timelines, but you can change your own futures. Everyone one of you is from different timelines. Some from the same to work together, others are completely different. So, now you will all state your name and when you came from. Let's start with the first group to arrive, the young revolutionary soldiers."

The quintet all stared at each other before one of them stepped forward, the tallest of the bunch, "my name is John Laurens, the year is 1779," he looked towards his companions and nodded for the go-ahead.

The next one was almost as tall as the previous one, "my name is Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier de Lafayette, Marquis de Lafayette," he had a strong French accent, "and I am also from the year of 1779"

The next man butted in right after, "I am Hercules Mulligan, 1779"

The last two each looked like they didn't even want to say who they were, but then the one who was slightly shorter than the other stepped forward.

"My name is Aaron burr, at your service, the year, like my fellow soldiers have previously stated, is 1779."

Finally, the one who looked like a runt, but somehow gained an inch on Burr, spoke up, "My name is Alexander Hamilton, who are you?"

Kahina chuckled, "I believe I have already stated who I am," before Alexander could reply, the woman pointed towards the next group, "how about the women speak next?"

The woman in blue and the woman in pink stared at each other. Then the one in blue saw the other's eyes widening before rushing over to someone, causing her to swivel around there they saw a woman in yellow. The older women shrieked in glee.

"Margarita?!" They both were shocked that the younger woman was even present.

"Um, yes?" The younger woman, 'Margarita,' was confused. She looked up at the woman running the show, "should I start this off?"

Kahina just smiled lightly, causing 'Margarita' to sigh, before glancing over at the other women.

"My name is Margarita Schuyler. I go by Peggy, however. Uh, the year is 1780."

The other women gasped slightly. The older of the two glanced at the woman in blue before speaking up, "My name is Angelica Schuyler. To me, the year is 1797."

"My name is Elizabeth Schuyler; I go by Eliza to most. I'm with my sister here, the year is 1797."

"General?" The Kahina looked at the stern face of someone who was just done.

The 'general' sighed before taking a deep breath, "my name is George Washington, for me the year is 1781."

"Now for the southern boys."

"Uh," the taller of the two stepped forward to introduce himself, "my name is Thomas Jefferson, and I know for a fact that the year is 1798."

"I am with Jefferson here, the year is 1798" the shortest man in the room spoke up before going into coughing fit. When he finally recovered, he stated his name was "James Madison."

"Now, we are down to three," Kahina had a sad smile on her face. "How about Philip goes first?"

"Uh, okay?" he was confused. "I guess I should tell you all who I am," he chuckled lightly, "My name is Philip, and the year is 1801."

One of the men who have yet to let out a strangled, yet dry sob.

"Now, how about you?" she pointed at the one who hadn't made a sound.

"Okay," he was silent for a moment, "I'm Aaron Burr. The date is July 13, 1804."

The other man looked at him in shock, "Burr, to me it is July 10, 1804," the man looked around the room briefly before realizing he should state who he is. "I am also Alexander Hamilton."

"Now," Kahina spoke up once more, speaking softly, flashes of pain in her eyes, "we will have another guest appear in a moment. However, they will be frightened. I am taking them out of time where they are in a horrible spot. One that will eventually lead to freedom, but not yet. I at least want to give them some security of safety."

Just then the light appeared once again, but behind everyone. The person landed on a soft couch that somehow went unnoticed. The room was silent, then they heard it. Sobs of pain, of loneliness. Sobs that sounded like they could only come from a child. Slowly, everybody got a view of the child, his auburn hair was startling. He was soaked. Clothes ripped. They could even see bruises starting to form. The two Alexanders glanced at each other, knowing it was both they're young self that was shivering on the couch, sobbing and muttering words so soft nobody could properly hear them.

Kahina made her way through the group, kneeling next to the face of this younger version of Alexander. She put on a soft, yet sad smile.

"Alexander," she spoke softly, "can you please look at me for a moment?"

Slowly a tear-stained face was lifted, looking directly at Kahina, not daring to look around. He had a look of confusion on his face. He opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out, just another sob.

Eliza's motherly instinct kicked in and rushed next to Kahina, grabbing little Alexander's hand, but was surprised when he violently pulled back.

"Alexander, my darling," Kahina spoke once more, "I need you to tell me something, do you think you could do that?"

Alexander thought for a moment, tears still falling, slower than before, however. He nodded his head lightly.

During this exchange, everyone was thinking about how young this Alexander looked. Everyone except Hercules. He remembered being told his age and that he was scrawny. He knew that this boy was no younger than fifteen, he was told that by his brother when he agreed to take Alexander in.

"What is the date?" Kahina asked the frightened boy.

The youngest Alexander looked confused before answering, his voice so soft, "August 30, 1772."

Kahina smiled at this young boy, "Now can you tell me your birthday?" Before Alexander could speak, Kahina interrupted. "Your real birthday, not one of the ones you've made up."

The other Alexanders paled slightly. Everyone else was confused by that. What did she mean by 'made up' birthdays?

Alexander looked down and sighed slightly, "my birthday is January 11, 1760."

There were audible gasps throughout the space they all stood in. The non-Alexanders, beside Kahina, kept swiveling their heads back and forth between the three. 'How did Alexander keep this a secret?' They were all practically thinking that. These gasps caused the youngest Alexander to finally snap his head towards the others present. His eye's widened.

He pushed himself upright and promptly fell off the couch, too frightened to care. "Who are you people?!" His voice was quivering. "Is this Hell? Is this where they've been saying I'll go?"

That caused everyone to stop what they were doing and stare at the boy once again.

"Why do you ask that?" Angelica asked.

"Even Jemmy says that! He says we're both sins, but I will definitely go to Hell!"

"Who is 'Jemmy?'" The younger Aaron asked.

"James! My brother! He left me alone… said I'm cursed…"

"Why are you cursed?" John asked.

It was strange that the other two Alexanders weren't responding or intervening, but they knew they couldn't stop their younger self even if they wanted to.

"Everyone leaves or dies because of me…"

"Like whom?" Eliza couldn't help but ask this distressed child.

"Da left me, said I was a burden and that I should just not be on this earthly plane. Maman," the child let out a sob, refusing to say anymore.

"Back to why you said you'll definitely will go to hell," Hercules spoke up, "why did your brother say that?"


"I am begging you not to say another word on that!" Finally the younger of the two older Alexanders pleaded.

"As lovely as this all is," Kahina spoke up once more, "we need to move on to why you all are really here," then she muttered under her breath, "plus the author needs sleep…"

"What was that?" Someone non-specific asked

"Nothing! Anyway, sweet, Alexander, I will implant the memories of when everyone introduced themselves."

Without another word Kahina placed a finger on the child's temple and suddenly he scrunched his face and made a noise of disagreement. When she pulled away, she was smiling softly. The boy looked up at his older selves in shock, but stayed quiet.

The others felt uncomfortable with out quiet that version of Alexander was. However, without another word Kahina snapped her fingers and the room they were in transformed into a theater. Except instead of a stage, a white fabric was presented. The seats looked plush, but not at the same time. They somehow reflected some light. Speaking of light, the group just realized there were no candles present.

"Take a seat everybody," Kahina smiled softly at all of them, before stalling. "Hold up, I don't usually admit when I forget things, but I forgot one thing. Most everyone has someone they can sit with, but what about little Alexander? Oh!" she interrupted anyone before they could respond. "General, I know you are good with children-"

"I'm not a child!" An indignant voice cried out, obviously 'Little Alexander.'

"Shh, the adult is talking-"

"Why can't I look over him- me- ugh," the eldest Alexander was becoming frustrated.

"Because you and you," she pointed to the older Alexanders, "will simply not watch over him. I make the rules here. Anyhow," she glanced at Philip who looked like he wanted to say something, "and yes Philip, I cannot let you watch him either. I know you are wonderful with your siblings, but I can't allow this. General, do you accept to look after this little one?"

Washington stayed silent for a moment, shocked, "Yes, ma'am. I will look after him while we are here. However, you never really stated why we are, just some nonsensical stuff about timelines."

Kahina, who was holding 'Little Alexander's' hand, let go and pushed him over to where Washington was sitting, "heh, silly me. You are all here to watch what happens during one timeline, one of which was actually fulfilled to the point where nothing you do now matters. We are here to watch a musical of one your very own, Alexander Hamilton."