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"Dance, Rockin' Jaken, Dance!!"


Kagome sighed and hefted her bag up onto the side of the well. She couldn't believe her luck. She had managed to convince InuYasha NOT to follow her home or attempt to stop her! Of course, it had been on threat of multiple sittings... But she just wanted a few uninterrupted days of peace. Was that so much to ask?!

Appearantly it was, because just as she was preparing to jump, the well activated!

*No way,* she thought, *Something's coming through from my side!*

She quickly did a mental count of everyone's positions. *InuYasha's up a tree, sulking. Sango's polishing her boomerang. Miroku's probably unconscious with at least half a dozen bumps on his head. Shippo's at Kaede's scarfing down that chocolate I brought him.* She slid back down off the well and let her bag hit the ground. *Who the hell could it be?!*

She didn't have long to wait as the well stopped glowing and she heard two thuds from inside it, followed by...giggles?

She leaned over the side and peered down into the darkness. "Hello" she called.

Suddenly the giggles stopped as two figures peered up at her. She heard a young woman's voice whisper excitedly, "Ohmygod! Is that her?!"

Then the other one cried, "I think it is!" The giggles began again as the two began climbing rapidly.

A small hand appeared and Kagome took a step back. Out of the well came a young girl, not much older than Souta. She had shoulder length blond hair and bright green eyes. She was wearing a soft pink "Hello Kitty" shirt and matching, but slightly brighter, pink shorts.

She was followed by another girl Kagome judged to be a few years older than herself. She had waist-length, wavy red hair and the same startling green eyes. But she was wearing a plain white tee-shirt and jeans.

They simply stood there and stared with awestruck looks on their faces at the very confused girl wearing a green and white school uniform.

Kagome couldn't seem to form words as the two girls stared at her with gaping mouths and wide eyes. How had these two gotten through the well? And how had they found it? And why didn't her grandfather see them, and stop them?! Well, Kagome would just have to find out...and get them back to their own time!

They seemed to break out of the trance just as Kagome was regaining her speaking ability as well. They began jumping around excitedly and the young blond girl shouted, "See!! I knew it would work!"

The other one ignored this comment and raced wildly at Kagome.

Kagome automatically steeled herself for an attack, but instead the girl grabbed her hand and began feverishly shaking it all the while saying, "Ohmygod! I can't believe it's you! It's really you!"

The younger girl took this as her cue and dashed for Kagome as well. She began dancing wildly around her and singing, "It worked...It worked...I'm so smart!"

Kagome had enough and snatched her hand away, yelling, "Alright! That's it! Who ARE you?!"

The older girl released her hand and blushed.

"Oops! Sorry... I'm Charity, and that's my little sister, Morgan."


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