A/N: I haven't written Twilight fanfiction in a decade, and this is the first one I ever published. I enjoyed writing Leah's POV. She's just so pissed off and bitter.

So I know that Leah and ALice met before the wedding, but I'm going to say they didn't have eye contact until now. I haven't read the books in forever so if I get any of the details or rules wrong please feel free to let me know. I plan to reread the fourth one

This will be slow burn so slow burn it might be five chapters before all three of them are in the same damn room. This will be an ALice/Jasper/Leah fanfic because cheating makes me nauseated, and Leah deserves people to love her dammit.

Chapter One: Oh NO!

Who gets married at eighteen? Leah thought as she slumped down further in her chair. She crossed her arms over her chest and glared at the bride and groom. She came here for her mother, who hasn't cried for the first time in the weeks since her father died, and her brother because he's practically foaming at the mouth for a very slim chance to see Jacob. She's regretting coming at all. Bella is a naive schoolgirl and Edward is a prissy obsessive man child. Thank God they are married, hopefully there will be booze at the reception.

There isn't any goddamn booze at the reception, and Jacob is dancing with the bride. There is probably no booze because half of the guests are Vampires who can't drink, and the other half of the guests are under twenty-one. She's bound and determined to find some though because Carlilse, who loves pretense, has to have some sort of alcohol that is as old and as smooth as he is. She wanders through the kitchen nosing around, not really caring since she saved the bride from certain doom, the leeches kind of owe her. There is no alcohol in the kitchen, so she moves onto what looks to be an office. And there sitting on a fancy glass table was a decanter of a brown liquor, "It's scotch, two hundred years old," a voice sounded behind her. She whirled around, and saw the huge vampire, Emmett, Leah thought his name was, "Alice mentioned that someone would be needing it, so Carlisle put the good stuff out, and said we'd be buds. You're the little grey wolf right."

Leah straightened up, and went over to the scotch pouring herself a generous helping, "Yup," she then took a swig.

"You were fast, we should race sometime, see who's fastest." He was grinning. Then his ears perked up, "Well we might want to go back out there, I promise to let you back in here if you want more."

"Thanks...bud," Leah grumbled, and walked away with her two hundred year old scotch. She went back down and stood next to her brother who was practically giddy that Jacob seemed to be now seething at the bride as they angrily talked outside. Leah swung back some more scotch. Then Jacob stormed off, and Seth sulked a little. Her mother had left a few minutes ago, and was probably now crying on her way home. Leah pushed down that haunting guilt with another swig of the amber liquid. She should have eaten more, the alcohol was already making her head spin.

Then there she was in a short purple dress, and their eyes met and locked. Everything stopped. The air stilled in her lungs and it seemed like every moment in her life had led her to this. For once she wasn't drowning in her bitterness for Sam and Emily's bliss. The guilt about her father that twisted up her guts was muted just for a moment. Everything about the woman in front of her screamed leech, but that didn't matter not anymore because they were tethered together through fate. Then reality slammed back into Leah as she sucked in a breath and realised what just happened she had imprinted on Alice Goddamned fucking Cullen.

Leah felt sick as she immediately felt her eyes well with tears. Alice is married to the little blonde dude. She had fallen once again for someone who was incapable of returning her feelings. Her chest felt like it was caving in. Her throat was closing and the walls had begun to press in. She vaguely heard her brother ask if she was alright, of course she wasn't alright. The one person in this universe that was supposed to love her was in love with someone else...again. Then Jasper walked in. He took one look at Leah and clutched his chest and grunted, "Alice, what...what did you do to her?" he grunted out. Alice turned her head, and reached out to help her husband who was clearly in pain.

Then she heard the most beautiful lilt she had ever heard, "Jaz what do you mean I haven't done anything to her. What do you feel, is she alright, are you?" That snapped her fully back into reality.

"No no no no no no no, this can not happen oh god, Seth don't tell mom," then she took off running before she could hear Jasper respond to his...wife.

As soon as she hit the tree line she exploded into her small grey wolf. Jacob's name is the first thing she heard from the others in the pack. She pushed away what happened she had to, no one could know. Maybe if she ran far enough away it would stop.

Emmett grabbed Seth in a head lock just as he was about to run after his sister, "Hang tight pup we gotta talk about what just happened."

All the Cullens plus Seth found themselves in Carlisle's office, where the scotch had been.

"Why was your sister in such pain, I'd never felt that before. It was like someone was trying to carve out my chest cavity like a Jack-o-lantern," Jasper asked, the phantom pangs was making him rub his chest. Alice sat next to him. She placed her arm around his back for comfort. Her mate was upset, and that was always distressing for Alice. She tried to use her vision to focus on the wolf that was causing this, but as always when it came to the wolves her vision was hazy. she pursed her lips in frustration.

"Her heart was breaking," Esme said like she was talking from experience, and Alice looked at her mother.

"But why did that happened when we just happened to look at each other?" Alice asked, and Seth's head jerked in her direction, and suddenly he looked a little pale.

"Oh no was um there direct eye contact?"

"Only for like a second, it wasn't earth shattering or anything."

"To her it was," Seth said with a groan looking up at the ceiling as if it could hold the answers to this dilemma, "from her reaction and from what you all told me she imprinted on you fairy princess. This was the last thing my sister needed. I need to go find her."

"But wait what does that mean imprinting." Alice asked.

"It means her entire world just imploded, and that of the tribe I need to go, I'm sorry, I'll be back." With that he left to find his sister. Leaving the Cullens to their silence.

"Bella, do you know what's going on?"

"Yes, in their culture and biology an imprint is the equivalent of finding your soulmate."

Jasper's hand had been resting on her knee, and it tightened just a little, just enough to let himself be grounded by his mate, and Alice tightened her arm around his back.

"Maybe we should postpone the honeymoon to deal with this Bella," Edward said, and Alice jerked towards the newlyweds.

"Fat chance you two are leaving if I have to fly you there myself."

Bella threw her hands up in surrender, "All right ALice we're going, but please keep us posted on how this all goes please. Leah, she's been through a lot, and this isn't going to be fair to anyone."

With that she took a deep breath and led Edward away towards the door, and their honeymoon. Everyone follows out leaving Jasper and Alice alone, "You know this doesn't mean anything you are my mate," Alice said looking at Jasper. His amber eyes looked at hers.

"Darlin' you're all i've ever known when it comes to love, and you might be all she knows too. I know you're in love with me, and it will never wane, but if you ever want to consider this other person please don't take my feelings into account."

"Jaz, your feelings are the only things I take into account," she looks into his eyes, and he smiles and as always her heart does that little flip that it's done since she'd had her first vision of Jasper. He leaned over and kissed his wife gently, "Come my love, let's rest, and look at the wedding photos. I know you're dying to look at them."


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