Quirk. Quirk.

Quirk... less?

No, that couldn't be right. They both had quirks. They had generations of quirk users from both sides.

What to do... A quirkless child would only suffer in the world. So would any family try to care for them while also laced with the stigma? No one deserved that.

With heavy heart, a thought entered the distraught mind. Why not end it before the pain began? It would be merciful, wouldn't it? Wouldn't it? Yes, it would. After all, no parent would want to see their child suffer. Nor any other children. The fault wasn't their own. It was their spouse's. They must've lied about their blood. So they would go together. No need to send their child alone.

With a mission in mind, a note was left on the fridge and the person approached their child's room. Buried under a favorite All Might inspired comforter, a small sleeping child with tear tracks on his face remained none the wiser as he was gently lifted out of bed by warm and familiar arms. A small smile bloomed on the child's face as he snuggled into the warm body.

Silent footfalls made their way through the house, out the front door, and into the lone car. The house remained dark for a few hours when another individual ran out in a panic, heading for the beach, the address written on a piece of paper for them.

Straining their legs and out of breath, the person arrived at a trash covered beach, long since abandoned.

"Inko! Inko where are you?"

"We're over here Hisashi," a far calmer voice called out.

The man now known as Hisashi ran into the maze of trash, eventually finding his wife near the water's edge with a sleeping Izuku in her arms.

"What are you doing out here? The sun's not even up," Hisashi commented as he stood next to his wife. She lifted her arms slightly and he took Izuku into his own to alleviate the weight. There was a small murmur from Izuku as he was shifted, only quieting back down as he snuggled towards his father's chest. No smile came to his face, but the relief was apparent.

"I just wanted to see the sunrise. If you stand in front of the trash so you can't see it, it's beautiful here."

"Inko, we're surrounded by trash. No doubt rats are running through here carrying who knows what kind of disease, sharp metal we could easily get cut on... Let's go home."

Inko stood silently gazing out at the dark horizon. Her quirk pulling a metal bar ever closer to her hand while Hisashi focused on her face and his sleeping son. Once the bar was in her hand, she firmly clenched her fingers around it, assuming it wouldn't slip.

It would be for the best. Her husband and son wouldn't have to suffer from the unfortunate stigma of Izuku's condition. As hard as she could, she swung the metal bar into Hisashi's head. In shock and pain, fierce fire escaped his lips and bathed Izuku's arm in dreaded flames. Izuku's eyes widened in pain. A shriek escaped and a sharp blow to his head knocked him out.

Inko struck again and again at Hisashi's body. Once she was sure he was unconscious, she dragged him to the water, Izuku still in his arms. She watched as the tide took her two boys out to see. Tears poured down her face knowing she wouldn't see them again.

At least they wouldn't be in pain.

The ocean was wide and vast. Holding countless secrets from far longer than humans have documented. Floating in ocean unseen by so many, was one such secret. Migrating away from people as humanity furthered their grasp into nature. Veiled in silence as the last shreds of magic hid away from the world. Fairies flying through the air, plants tangling around one another, golems of ground wandering the paths for giants. Humans with magical talent sealed away in slumber by the strongest of fairies so they wouldn't be hunted and killed for their magic.

Standing on the edge of the hidden isle a well-fit individual looked over the horizon. A quiet sigh escaped his lips.

"Man, there anything to do today?" a masculine voice dripped from his lips. He loved living on the island with Elaine, but with so many days of the same, he understood why Elaine wanted to leave. Granted, his melancholic mood was rather rare as he had all the people he cared about on the island. He couldn't ask for much more.

He was about to leave when he saw a shift on the horizon.

With a feral grin, he dove into the water below and took off towards whatever was afloat. There was nothing in the water that could scare him.

With intense speed and insane endurance, he made it out to the little speck he had seen from miles away. To his disappointment and shock, it appeared to be a human. A child from the looks of it. Floating on their back with the legs falling below the water's surface. Pained breaths were easily heard even unconscious.

At least it wouldn't be boring.

With one arm he pulled the kid onto his back and made his way back to the island home of the Fairy King's forest. The strokes weren't hard and he made it back in pretty much no time. Maybe he punched a shark or two but who would know...

Reaching the edge of the island, he began to climb up the cascading roots from the trees above. Pulling out of the water, his curiosity was peaked as well as a small amount of worry. Cascading from his shoulder and onto his back as well as the upper part of his arm was a rather recent looking burn, no doubt infected from being in the ocean. The red irritation of the skin, the hot swelling easily detected out of the water, and the color of the blisters a ghastly yellow.

But the kid was breathing. Still alive somehow. And made it out to their ever-moving island.

Ban grinned tersely and climbed quickly up the roots. Piggybacking the kid, he tore off towards the center of the island where he knew the kid could be seen by an actual healer. Or someone who knew a little too much about everything.

Weaving through the trees, he ignored the fairies greeting him in favor of running the kid.

Quick as he was, it only took a few minutes to reach a quaint-looking building with a rather pointed roof. With a swift kick, he opened the door, much to the surprise of the blond boyish person behind the counter.

"Whatcha' got there Ban?" the blond asked with playful lit to his voice.

"Some kid floating in the ocean," he offhandedly stated, "You seen Merlin lately?"

"Out in her lab. Need her for the kid?"

"He looks a bit roughed up but he ain't dead. The kid seems to be a fighter. What do you think captain?"

"Looks more like a baby to me. He's tinier than King was."

"Yeah don't I know it."

"Why don't you leave him here and go get Merlin. She can teleport over if she's gonna help."

Ban shrugged his shoulders and placed the kid on a table.

"Better still be alive when I get back captain."

"Now what do you take me for?" The blond laughed. Ban just smirked before tearing out of the bar, leaving the Captain and the kid. Walking from behind the bar to the table, the blond looked over the injured kid. Couldn't have been older than six, most likely younger. Not old enough to train to be a knight in Liones or Camelot, but still injured and apparently alone at the sea of all things.

"Hey, Meliodas? Whatcha got there?" a new voice interrupted his thoughts.

"Well Hawk, it would seem Ban has picked up a stray."

"And where would Ban even find one on this island. Most everyone is a fairy or already grown up," Hawk commented as he walked closer to the table. He took a cursory sniff as Meliodas said, "Oh, he was adrift at sea."

"Seriously!" Hawk screeched, "Then how'd he end up here!"

"I'm guessing Ban dragged him out. No worries."

"How can you not be worried! He looks badly hurt! Shouldn't we get Elizabeth?!"

"Hawk, you know why we can't just get Elizabeth," Meliodas spoke in a rare melancholic tone, "Besides," he added sounding a bit perkier, "Ban's already on his way to get Merlin. Oh and speak of the devil," he chuckled as Merlin and Ban appeared out of thin air.

Dark eyes landed on the child with a bad infection with moderate disinterest.

"It's not that bad, hardly something I should worry about," she drawled.

"But he's not from the forest Merlin," Ban drawled back, "And you'll want to ask him questions won't you?"

With the same disinterested look, her eyes fell on Ban.

"And what would you gain from this?"

"Dunno. A new distraction I guess. See how humans have changed."

"Very well." Merlin set her eyes back on the boy and cast a rather simple spell to clear out the infection. It wouldn't prevent scarring but she saw no reason to waste more of her limitless magic.

But with the small amount of magic, the boy's eyes opened wide. Dilated green eyes darted around the room in confusion. He tried to sit up, only to feel the pain from his recently magically cleaned burn.

"Wha-what's going on?"

"Uh, Merlin? Any idea what the kid's saying?" Meliodas asked not understanding the slew of syllables pouring from the kid's mouth. Merlin smirked in interest. It wasn't often she ran into a language she didn't immediately recognize. This just got interesting.

"I have the perfect spell for it."

With a wave of her hand, grey smoky tendrils darted towards the boy. He screamed in fright, allowing the smoke to enter his mouth and down his throat.

"That looks gross."

"It's a language spell I've been dying to try."

"You have got to stop using people as your guinea pigs when they don't know what's going on," Meliodas commented not seeming overly bothered.

"You have a better way to understand him?"

"Not really," Meliodas admitted.

"Will he be able to understand us?"

"We're about to find out."

"Wha-What was that?" the child asked in a meek voice. "What did you do? What's going on?"

"I'll answer those questions if you answer ours," Merlin responded. The boy furrowed his brow curiously but nodded his head in agreement.

"What's your name kid?"

"Mi-Midoriya Izuku."

"Mimidoriya? What kind of name is that?" Ban snorted.

"Midoriya is my family name."

"You always introduce yourself that way?"

"E-everyone does."

"How the world has changed."

"No one here goes by their family name here. So you'll go by Izuku," Merlin stated, "One question."

"Who are you?"

"You can call me Merlin. He's Ban-" she said pointing at Ban, "Hey."

"And he's Meliodas," she finished pointing at the other who waved and added his own, "What's up?"

"Where are you from Izuku?"

"Musutafu, Japan."

"Never heard of it," Ban commented as he walked behind the bar.

"Well, the world is a pretty big place."

Izuku bit his lip waiting to be allowed to ask a question.

"Well, do you have a question?" Merlin pointedly mentioned.

"Oh uh, Where am I?"

"That's easy. The Boar's Hat tavern."

"You're in the Fairy King's forest," Merlin added.

"The wha-"

"Ah ah ah. Our turn to ask the question. What happened to your arm, back and shoulder?"

Izuku turned his head to look at the blistered flesh. He vaguely recalled being in his dad's arms and then pain.

"My, my dad? He has a fire breath quirk."


"That must be what they're calling latent magic now," Merlin mused.

"What's the Fairy King's forest?"

"The last sanctuary for magical beings in the world."

Izuku blinked in confusion.

"Magic's real?"

"You're here aren't you? That means we get two questions."

"Ye-yes ma'am."

Inko called the police around six. Right when she would have normally woken up. She was in hysterics, crying as she told them she couldn't find her son. That her son was normally up by this time. That her husband had been home the night before and was the last person she had seen Izuku with.

There were no signs of a break-in. Inko sobbed as she revealed to the police her son had been diagnosed as quirkless. Sympathy went to the grieving mother as they had pieced together the scenario. A mother finding out her child has no quirk and a father who was never around erasing the stigma of a disabled child.

They promised they would look for Hisashi Midoriya and the young Izuku. But the likelihood of finding Izuku alive was considered an impossibly small statistic. The police force did know should they find Hisashi Midoriya, they'd have him on trial for murder.

Despite it still being so early in the day, Izuku fell asleep at the table in the middle of questioning. Having to survive the waves of the sea, his bad burn and the mental fear upon arriving mixed with his rapidly fading adrenaline left him asleep at a table in the Boar's hat.

Granted, Merlin had what she wanted to know, for now.

"So what are we gonna do with him?" Hawk asked. The group looked back at the pig almost forgetting he was there with how quiet he was.

"Leave him to Ban I assume," casually stated.

"Now hold on. Why should I be stuck with the kid?"

"You were the one who found him were you not?" Merlin sassed, "Might as well take care of him."

"And if I don't?"

"Might end up dead. Might end up alive. Besides, you were the one who said you were bored."

And as quickly as she entered, Merlin vanished into thin air.

"Damn woman," Ban grumbled, "I don't even know if Elaine would want to care for a human kid."

"Well, I could always take care of him," Melidoas offered.

"No way Captain, you're cooking alone would kill him."

"Guess you'll have to take him then."

"Whatever," Ban grumbled as he picked up the child. Despite his tiredness, or perhaps because of it, he almost instantly curled up into Ban's shoulder. His face nuzzling into the taller man's neck, his matted, salty, and curly hair tickling his throat.

"Don't forget to give the kid a bath Ban. He stinks."

"Yeah no kidding," Ban responded leaving the Boar's Hat. Keeping the kid close and fairly unmoving, he made his way towards his home. He allowed his eyes to fall back onto the kid's form, catching glimpses of the burn under his clothes. There was a spark of warmness in his chest seeing a living, breathing child like him. He half wondered if this was how Zhivago felt when he was with him or his son Selion. Something so small and innocent giving all their trust to you.

He knew it wasn't like that with the kid. The kid was just tired and alone. Something he was far too familiar with from his own childhood.

"Well, kid. Hope you like it here. You're probably not going to be leaving any time soon."

With a bit more speed to his step, he made his way to the humble little set up he had with Elaine. A lovely little open canopy with soft mosses grown for furniture to sit and sleep on. Granted they did have a little alcove in a tree as well for more personal moments and items, but the canopy was mainly their home.

"Elaine. I'm back."

"Glad to hear- Oh. I see you've brought something home."

Ban gave a warm smile as a beautiful, pale-skinned, blonde-haired, winged woman appeared before him. Elegant in her beauty, the fair fairy approached Ban with a curious expression. Her honey-colored eyes gazed upon the small child in Ban's arms, not recognizing a single feature he carried.

"Yeah. The kid was floating out at sea. Seems to be a little fighter."

"And you brought him home?" An underlying tenseness and unspoken question on the tip of her tongue.

"Elaine," Ban began with a tired sigh. As much as he did love her, like any relationship, there were a few issues. He never blamed her for them. She was her own person and he loved her all the more for it. But there were complications after dying once it seemed, "He may not be ours in the traditional sense, but I wasn't Zhivago's either."

Elaine's eyes softened at the comment. No, he wouldn't be theirs exactly, but they would be his if he allowed it. Her hands gently pulled his curls from his eyes, closed and unaware of the world around him.

"I'm sure he'll be fine here. He did make it here after all."

Bakugo Katsuki was confused. It wasn't a feeling he liked. Confusion made him feel angry, and that he was being ignored. No one was answering his questions. Why was Auntie Inko crying like she was? Where was Deku? He'd be crying with her, wouldn't he? He would at least tell him what was going on and why there was all the crying.

Even his mom wasn't telling him anything. She was trying to comfort Auntie Inko with things like "It'll be okay" and "They'll find the bastard." There was an animosity there Katsuki had never heard from his mother of a thousand curses. Something had had the explosive toddler on edge. He needed to ask Deku what was going on.

"Hey, hag!" Katsuki called out. He didn't quite understand what hag meant but it always served to get his mother's attention. This time was no exception. Her reaction though was not as angry as she normally was.

"Don't call me that you brat."

"Where's De-Izuku?" He ignored the fact his mom called him brat-she often did- but made sure to call Izuku by his given name rather than the nickname he knew Auntie didn't like to hear. His eyes widened as a new wave of tears overcame Auntie's eyes and poured down her cheeks. His mother gently held her and locked eyes with Katsuki. Normally violent and passionate flames, mere embers in her eyes. Her own ever held rage smoldered by some unspoken knowledge.

"Izuku is missing. He and his father are."

Katsuki raised a brow curiously, slightly irritated.

"So why not call him?" his irritation bled through his words.

"It ain't that simple brat!" his mother yelled as Inko continued to cry, "He won't answer and..."

His mother looked over at Inko who appeared heavily distressed. A slight nod came from her though and she turned back to her tempered son.

"Izuku is quirkless. We don't know if he's even okay or not."

As hotheaded and explosive as Katsuki was, for the first time, feeling his blood turn to ice. Deku, a quirkless? Well, his name could be read as worthless, but he was Deku. He was Izuku. He was like a little puppy always following and making him happier. Playing with him and praising his quirk.

He was missing? And had nothing?

"But he's with his dad, right? He'll be okay."

With childlike conviction, he went to his room thinking how Izuku just had to be okay. Parents didn't hurt kids. Only villains did. Only villains did.

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