Chapter 10 Operation Sneak Them Out

Jack and Jim groan. They did not have the time for this not when they had two giant freaking trolls standing with them in the basement.

Jack's head still reeling from finding out trolls, from myth and legend are in fact real, thankfully for him however he was a bit more prepared due to knowing, interacting and sometimes fighting,

the Cybertronians. This was not that surprising to him.

Trying to come up with a plan now to sneak Blinky and AAARRRGGHH! Out was going to be tricky. Jack is smart and a leader, he will figure it out, but first he needs to deal with his mother and aunt.

"Look here is the deal. I will go upstairs and deal with them. While you guys get them out of here. I will try and get them out of the kitchen long enough for you to get them outside through the garage. Okay?" Jack asks, looking at his cousin and his friends.

The trio nods as Jack heads upstairs to handle the moms.

Once upstairs Jack starts trying to figure out ways to distract his mom, it was not hard for him he had done it loads of times with Arcee but this was very different. Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!, were in the house and they would have to go through the kitchen to get out the garage door, if he is lucky Arcee is still out with Optimus on patrol.

He leaves the basement door ajar so they can hear what is going on upstairs, turning a small corner connecting the short hallway that has the basement door and garage door he enters the kitchen. Seeing his mom and aunt talking while waiting for teens to come help.

"Mom, Aunt Barbara. Jim and his friends are downstairs washing up in the spare half bath. We kind of got caught out in the storm on the way back from getting ice cream and we got soaked and slipped coming home. Jim got covered in mud and Claire was so soaked she looked like she just washed up on a deserted island, and Toby we don't even want to go there. It is not pretty." Jack says coming up to his mom and explaining why his cousin is not upstairs.

June looks Jack up and down noticing he is perfectly clean up, even if he is a little wet from the storm."You seem fairly spared from the mess you just told us about Jack." June says to her son with her eyebrow raised to him. "Ohh yeah that well I had my windbreaker on so I was spared." Jack says with a laugh then looks toward the basement door.

June smiles at her son "Ever the thinker Jack." She states softly, as she ruffles his hair playfully.

Jack mumbles and fixes his hair. Again he glances toward the basement door seeing Jim peek and motions him to hurry. Trying to think fast, Jack places his hands in his pockets, when he feels something small and squishy.

He pulls it out and sees it is a ketchup packet. Causing him groans to himself at his dumb luck and his even dumber idea. He looks toward the door at Jim and shakes his head, mouthing "you owe me." As her puts his stupid plan into action.

With the ketchup packet in hand Jack makes his way over to his mother and aunt. "Do you guys need any help?" He asks them with a shit eating grin on his face. The two women look at each other a moment and thinks, Barbara then smiles and pushes her glasses up to adjust them then says "Actually Jack, I could use some help getting something out of my car we forgot about last night."

"Cool, cool. Let's go, get whatever it is then" he says as he curses to himself under his breath. Turning around Jack makes his ways into the living room, toward the front door when his "accidentally trips" on the coffee table. Going face first to the floor, he then takes a moment to open the ketchup packet and put some right under his nose.

Let out a fake but realistic groan of pain as he lays there. June and Barbara, both rush over to his side as they leave the kitchen and have their back completely turned away.

Jim smiles and waves his hand for Blink and AAARRRGGHH! To come up the stairs. Once clear of the stairs and in the kitchen team Trollhunter decides to go out the backdoor rather than the garage. Jim perks into the living room and sees the scene Jack is putting on and he has to cover his mouth to keep him from laughing. Shaking his head he turns back to his friends, slowly and silently they make their way across the kitchen and to the backdoor.

Claire is the first one out the door making sure no one is around, she waves them on to follow her out. Then Toby next than Blinky followed by AAARRRGGHH! all make it outside without an issue. Jim however was not as lucky. Much to his dismay when AAARRRGGHH! finally got outside, the screen door came flying back and smacked him square in the face causing him to have an actual nosebleed.

Jack was milking it, thanks to acting lessons and tips from Miko. Groaning in pain, rolling around on the floor, you name it he was doing it. All to keep his mother and aunt from turning around. "Owww.. oh god it hurts" he says with his hands holding his "bleeding nose." June, who was kind of getting annoyed at this point, looked down at her son. Who was acting as if he was dying. "Jackson Darby, let me see your face this instant so I can see what you did." She spoke to him in her motherly voice.

This caused him to silence himself and sit up removing his hands from his face. Carefully she looked at his nose and hummed to herself thoughtfully. "Yup it is what I feared" she says looking at Barbara smirking, causing Jack to worry. "Barbara I think we have a cause of fakery" June says, wiping ketchup away with a napkin and holding the now empty packet in her hand. Jack gulps and laughs sheepishly.

Jim waves for the others, outside to continue on without him as he runs to the nearest bathroom to deal with his nosebleed. They four go heading toward the gyre station.

To say she was mad would be an understatement. June was far more pissed off at the stunt Jack pulled, than when she found out he was lying to her about Arcee and the autobots. So here they are Jack and team Trollhunter sitting in the kitchen getting scolded for their little sneak out plan going wrong.

One might ask how Jim, Claire, and Toby were found out. Well doesn't help when you are running behind giant Trolls and one them brushing against your mother's car while escaping the house, causing the alarm to go off. At least Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!, are out of the basement.