Chapter 2 My Cousin?

Jasper, Nevada

Jack was having a typical day. Well a typical day for him anyway, he just got off his shift at OK Burger. With a sigh, he pushed open the door and he got out into the parking lot. Climbed aboard his Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle, he put his helmet on and sighed once more as he pulled out of the parking lot. Once he gets a bit out of town a female voice is heard "and why are we so grouchy this afternoon it is almost like Ratchet is rubbing off on you partner" Jack sighs and groan for a moment

"Mom texted me while I was on my break this afternoon told me she has something to tell us not sure if she meant it as all of the use or if it is just me, Raf, and Miko" "And that is why you're being crabby? by Primus Ratchet really is rubbing off on you Jack," the female voice says jokingly but a bit concerned for the teen who is her passenger. Jack shakes his head "No Arcee that is not it at all just the way she typed it so fast and sent message after message quickly, must be something really important if that is the case."

Thinking to herself as she drives into the desert Arcee decides it is best to finish this conversation once there inside the base "Listen partner stop being so bummed out we're doing our patrol then heading back to base we can talk more than about this got it?" she says waiting for a response from her rider.

"Yeah I got it Acree just I hope it is nothing too embarrassing" he replies. And with that, they start their patrol. Once they had finished, Arcee radioed to the base letting them know all was quiet and she told them she was headed back for Autobot Outpost Omega One. All was quiet as they pulled in to the old missile silo, from the outside it looked like a normal plateau in the desert but due to the cold war with the United States and the then Soviet Union, it left the plateau hollowed out and shielded for all radio waves making it the perfect hidden base for Team Prime while were hiding on Earth.

"Hey Arcee and Jack are back!" says the spunky Japanese girl running down the stairs for the human platform area. "Hey, Jack! Hey Arcee!" Miko says excitedly as Jack takes off his helmet playing it under his arm, "Hey Miko full of energy as usual I see." Jack says to her with a slight laugh "You bet! especially since you let me borrow your new Papa Skull cd those chicks rock!" Miko says handing him the cd case Jack laughs nervously and takes the cd from her "Better than that noise you like, what was it Bulgarian shriek metal?" he says to her slipping the cd into his backpack.

Arcee transform from her alternate mode and stretches and saying to him "Had no idea you like music like that Jack, you never talk to me much about stuff like that" "Well I did not think it was that important really" he says walking with Miko up the stairs heading toward the little area with a tv and a couch "and besides you never tell much of stuff you like so I think we are a bit even" he laughs putting his backpack down next to Miko and Raf

"How was work?" Raf asks from his spot on the couch his computer in his face as he edits posts of the bots off conspiracy websites "It was alright I guess money is money helps me get stuff I like and helps mom out on bills" Jack says sitting next to him rubbing his face with a heavy sigh "I almost forgot about what happened with my mom while I was on break till you asked that bud" "Sorry Jack if it is bothering you that much want to talk about it?" Raf says, finishing up what he was doing and shuts his computer down, putting it in his bag.

It is then the rest of Team Prime come in from a ground bridge with some Energon. They were about to score from an old stripped Energon mine, the Con had abandoned a while ago. Raf and Miko both ran to the side looking at their guardians bring in the Energon and then watch as Prime himself in his alternate mode drove through with a trailer full of Energon he unhitches the trailer and he Transformers looked toward Ratchet. "Ha finally a good pull of some much-needed Energon" Ratchet says, closing the ground bridge behind them and walking away from his terminal.

"Indeed old friend," Optimus says look over at Bulkhead and Bumblebee who put down their loads and went over to the charges. " And the Cons just left all of this behind?" Arcee says walk toward the groups after she looked over at Jack now nodded off. "Yeah, they must be getting sloppy with their mining crews which is better for us!" Bulkhead exclaims slapping him on Ratchet's terminal causes something to fall and break "BULKHEAD I NEEDED THAT!" the grouchy old doc bot exclaimed "Oops... Sorry Ratchet" Bulky says rubbing the back of his head.

"So did you get to smash any cons Bulk?" his young charge asks in her usual excited voice, he then laughs "No sadly not this time Miko." With the excitement of the successful mission, it is hard to believe Jack was sound asleep on the couch, the stresses of the day, and worrying about his mom must have got to him and exhausted him out. It is even harder still to believe that he was able to be dreaming during all this as well.

"Jack come on let's go exploring!" his cousin calls out to him from behind a tree in his aunts' backyard. He ran after his cousin, the two of them laughing and tackling each other as they went, the two of them did not even realize how far from his aunt Barbara's house they went and the sun was starting to go down. Jack looked around the forest and was getting dark. "Jim, maybe we should head back, it is getting late" Jack says to his cousin. Jim looked around as well and gulped "yeah... I think you're right cous." the two young boys backed into each other and screamed, both of them running and tripping over a downed hollowed-out tree where they hid.

Both shaking in fear, Jack trying to be brave peeked out a hole that was in the tree and let out a gasp when he saw something large and stone-like dragging his father and uncle. The stone figure than did something so horrible that it scared the young boy into near shock. From out of the peephole he saw the figure first devour his uncle whole and then lifted his father over its mouth and swallowed him whole. Jack let out a blood-curdling scream.

Jack woke up screaming bloody murder cause everyone in the base to come rushing over. He sat there sweat beating down his brow and his skin paler than usual, his eyes were the size of saucers. His dream was not just a dream to him, it felt so real like he was remembering one of the most horrible moments that haunted his childhood. Miko and Raf stood there looking at the older boy in shock.

They were not expecting him to wake up in that way "Jack.. Jack.. Jack!" his guardian said to him afraid something was wrong with him. Optimus gently picked up the boy holding him in his servos concern for the human child all over his faceplate and in his optics. Jack snaps out of it trying to catch his breath as he looks around realizing he was no longer on the couch but in the Primes hands.

"I… I.. I'm sorry I must have passed out and had a nightmare I did not mean to startle anyone" Jack spoke looking around toward the bots.. No his friends than Optimus. His voice was shaky and his frame was shaking in the Primes servos, whatever he had dreamt about really had him shaking "Jackson are you alright?" the smooth baritone voice of the Prime asked heavily with concern

"I am… Or rather I will be thank you for asking Optimus and I'm sorry about all that it was just a bad dream I promise I am fine" the boy says his voice still a bit shaky and even though he heard the boy say he was fine, Optimus could not help but think to himself that statement was untrue. He placed his servos next to the platform in front of Arcee, Jack got to his feet slowly and climbed off and stood in front of the femme for a few moments. "Jack doesn't ever do that to me again you nearly gave me a spark attack," the femme said looking at him concern also all over her faceplate as well. The same goes for all the bots and his two human companions.

With all that no one heard or noticed June Darby, the boy's mother pull in with her car and walk up the stairs "Jack are you alright, you look like you just saw a ghost" his mother spoke, her voice soothing and calming him down a bit "No mom I am fine. I just fell asleep on the couch and had a nightmare" the boy says to his mother as the bot all exchange glances with each other.

"No he woke up screaming like he was being murdered" Miko was the one to speak up, Jack gave her a look. "Did you have that dream Jack?" his mother said her eyes softened as she looked at him "NO mom! I am fine! Now can we just all move past this and tell me what was so important" Jack snapped and caused Raf, Miko, and even the bot to take a step back. "Very well than Jackson." his mother spoke and paused, took a deep breath, and continued "Well since I was off from work today, I want through some old family photos and found this."

She handed a picture to Jack of two boys no older than 6 covered head to toe in mud. On the back of the picture, it says where it was taken who the picture is of, and when. He reads it out loud "Jack and Jim age 6, Summer " he skipped the year and read where "Arcadia Oaks, California" He finished and looked at June with a huge smile on her face. Arcee grabbed the picture from him and laughed "You looked so cute and the other boy, Primus you two could have been copied from the same mold" she showed the picture to the rest of the bots "How did I know it was going to be embarrassing?" Jack says facepalming.

June then got the picture back after Miko and Raf looked at it, the two other children trying to hide their laughs and giggles. She then continued "Anyway, after I found this. It kind of made me miss the old days when we all went as a family to visit them for the summer or they come here for the summer. So I called you Aunt Barbara."

Jack's eyes were saucers again. How ironic he just had that nightmare and his mother pulled this in front of the bot no less " You called My Aunt?" Jack says dumbfounded "yes I did and it turns out she is off from work for 3 weeks and Jim is out of school too so I invited them to come to Visit us here in Jasper" June states to him with a smile.

Jack blinks shake the shock off his face "YOU INVITED JIM AND AUNT BARBARA OVER?" he raised his voice in surprise to all present especially to his partner/guardian, his mother, and the Prime "WE HAVE NOT SEEN THEM SINCE" he paused and gulped with no one noticing "since dad and uncle James.." he wants quiet and want to sit on the couch that had struck him. June looked at her son as the bot shared glances in confusion.

They all knew the boy's father was not in the picture but his uncle too? "Jack, that all happened so long ago. Don't you think it is time for you two to get close again" his mom says walking over to the couch and hands him the picture "But mom how are we going to do this now with us being involved with the bots? We can exactly tell them." he sighs looking at the picture again.

When this day first started he would have never thought he would be seeing his family from California. June smiles "let me worry about you just being a kid for once would you?" she says with a smile and looks toward Optimus expecting the Leader to say something about not blowing their cover but instead he comes out with something else completely "what is Barbara and young James like Mrs. Darby?" Optimus says the question everyone else had on their minds and processors.

"Well I wish you guys could just meet them, last I know Barbara was a trauma doctor in a hospital and as for Jim it has been so long I forget," she says folding her hands on her lap "So…" Jack starts to say looking around "When will they be here?" he finishes with a gulp. June looks at him and smiles sweetly "Tomorrow Evening" All present blink but Jack exclaims loudly "TOMORROW EVENING!"

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