Chapter 3 Reunion

After more than six hours on the road, three rest stops and one flat tired. Team Trollhunters made it to Jasper just as the sun was starting to slowly creep below the horizon. "Dude this place looks lame," Toby says with his face against the window of the car, Jim looks in the back seat at Claire and Toby as he shakes his head. Barbara grins peering in the mirror, back at them as well, and sighs laughing a bit "Well Toby, Jasper, Nevada really isn't the entertainment capital of the world you know."

Toby then sits up looking out the window and groans "yea... well.. the brochure lied" With that, all four of them break out in laughter. Without noticing Barbara nearly misses hitting the back of a navy blue motorcycle.

She slams on the brakes coming to a full stop sending the teens flying forward, thankfully all wearing their seat belts. Arcee tunes her audio receptors to hear the conversation in the car behind her making sure that none of the humans were hurt. "Are you kids alright?" She hears a female ask "I'm okay", "All awesome sauce her Dr. L", "I am alright to mom" She hears the three passengers say.

Find out the humans were not injured, she and her rider headed off as nothing happened. "Jim, you see that is the reason you need to focus while driving and also why I worry about you on that Vespa of yours" Barbara exclaims as she watches the motorcyclist sped off as if not even knowing what happened behind them.

With that excitement out of the way, she starts driving once more trying to get to her destination in one piece. Jack and Arcee pull into the garage same time as his mother pulls in the driveway from picking up pizza for when their guests arrive. "Pizza mom and a lot of it? What are we feeding the whole army" Jack says jokingly "Jackson Darby do not exaggerate and besides three pizzas is not enough to feed a whole army" June says back joking sarcastically.

With the setting sun comes the deep blues, pinks, and purples dancing on the clouds as stars start filling the evening sky. With the Cybertronian warrior in her alternate mode and Jack and June still in the garage. They were not very shocked or surprised when the car pulled in the driveway and beeped at them. (Arcee being a bit surprised since it was the car that nearly tailbone her)

Barbara, Jim, Toby, and Claire got out of the car and walked over to greet them "June... Jack.. It has been too long" Barbara says hugging her sister-in-law than her nephew "Indeed far too long," June says with a kind smile " Hi aunt Barbara, Hi Jim" Jack says rubbing the back of his head looking over at his cousin and his two friends "Hey Jack," Jim says pretty much coping his cousin and then glances at his friends "Oh I almost forgot stupid me these are two of my best friends Claire Nuñez and Toby Domzalski. Aunt June said they could come " Jim said motioning to his fellow Trollhunters. "Charmed" Claire say shaking both June and Jacks hand,

"Y…. yo! Dude is that your Bike?" Toby says rushing over to the Kawasaki Ninja. Jack gets in front of him and more importantly Arcee "Umm yeah… She is but she still needs a lot of work done" Jack says coming up with a story about her.

"DUDE THAT IS AWESOME SAUCE! Jimbo this bike def could blow the wheels of your Vespa… I mean not that I would want that to happen cause you and Bli… Cause you worked so hard finding the parts of it" he chokes on his words at the end forgetting he can't talk about Blinky or his wingman. Claire also hit him in the back of the head to shut him up. Jack laughs nervously glancing over his shoulder at Arcee. June smiles "Come on lets all head inside lots of catching up to do and there is pizza getting cold on the counter" With that all present head in the house

Once all introductions were over and belonging brought in the house, Jack snuck outside for some much-needed air. Little did he realize that his cousin had the same idea as him. Jim was sitting at the workbench Jack used to fix his tenspeed right next to Arcee as he let out a heavy sigh seeing a picture of him, Jack, and their fathers after they finished a fishing trip when they were five "Needed to get out as well?" Jack said come up behind him as he placed a hand on the seat of Arcee "Yeah just could not take all the talking about the good old days and the embarrassing pictures" Jim said to him as he swung round on the chair "Jack grins "Yeah I get that. You know your friend Toby is a bit overwhelming" he says jokingly, Jim laughs "Yeah that is Tobes, he has been my friend since the summer of our dad's accident. After you and aunt June left" Jim finishes with another sigh.

Arcee shifts her mirrors looking at Jack's face seeing his expression go from one of happiness to grief. "Yeah." Jack says, his voice carrying a hint of pain, "Come on, let's head back in. Everyone's probably worried about where we ran off to" Jim says changing the conversation fast. Jack waves him off "Go on ahead, I'm going to close the garage and be right behind you." With that Jim nods and heads back inside. "You two seem a lot alike," Arcee says to Jack from behind "Yet so different at the same time" Jack laughs and turns toward her "Goodnight Arcee," he said as he heads inside "You to Jack," she says when he shuts the door

Back inside Jack heads to the living room when he hears Jim "Mom! Not the mud monster photo." Barbara and June laugh as Jim goes red in the face "Aw but you two were cute little Mud monsters" June jokes holding the picture she showed the Bots earlier that day. From behind him, Jim hears his companions giggling causing him to turn reder "Woh... Hold on mom and aunt Barbara what are you guys trying to do cause Jim to turn into a beet cause right now I think you're doing a fine job" Jack says walking in holding a glass of water trying not to laughs not only at himself but his cousin as well "Hahaha not helping Jack" Jim says giving him a dirty look.

Jack laughs and then looks over at a clock on the wall noticing how late it has gotten so fast "11:30 already and I got to be up by 8 for work in the morning, I have the early shift since I am out of school" Jack says with a yawn. "Jack is right we should all try and get some rest," Barbara says as she starts helping June clean up dishes from the coffee table in front of them. "Goodnight kids," June says standing up off the couch heading for the kitchen "Night Dr.L Night Miss.D"

Toby says heading for the guest room he Jim and Claire are sharing. "Goodnight Miss Lake Goodnight Miss Darby," Claire says following Toby. Jim kisses mom's cheek and hugs his aunt "Night" He says heading into the guest room last. Jack smiles and kisses June's Cheek "Night Mom Night aunt Barbara," he says going doing the hall to his room and shuts the door and sighs thinking to himself what a day.