With the Thunderstorm still bearing down on them. Team Trollhunter gets set to explain that has happened tonight and why to Jackson.

While he is waiting as the group of five talk out where to begin, Jack can't help but feel that due to the Decepticon drone Lazerbeak he has put not only himself but his cousin and his friends endangered.

Jack starts thinking to himself for a moment

"Great job Darby. Now you have to not only worry about giant alien robots from Cybertron,but now giant stone creatures from your own world. Why can't life just be simple."

He is snapped out of his train of thought by the sound of stone hitting concrete and he looks up to see the Blueish creature with six eyes standing next to his cousin.

"Alright Jack if your are ready we can begin from the beginning" Jim states

"Indeed Master Jim is correct, the sooner we inform you the better and possibly safer you are" Blinky says to Jack.

Jim sighs "Well I guess it all happened about 6 month ago. Me and Toby were on are way to school when we took a shortcut though the canal and that where I found the amulet on a pile of stone."

Jim paused looking at his cousin who by his revelation does not seem to be in awe or shocked by his tale.

He continues "The amulet was glowing bright blue, and if you can believe it calling out to me. Which is why I picked it up in the first place. Little did I know it was connected to Trolls."

Jack rises his brow and cuts in "Trolls?"

"Yes Trolls. Now let's continue." Jim says back

45 mins later

After the explanation. Jack just was left pondering the info dump, he received.

Trolls. Creatures of legend and myth were real. Nothing In this world surprised him anymore, but it was a bit shocking learning there was an entire hidden civilization under his feet.

From the conversation Jack learned that his cousin Jim is the Trollhunter and with the power of the amulet of Daylight. Created by freaking Merlin, cause you know he was real to. Him has to not only protect troll kind but humankind as well from evil troll known as The Gumm-Gumms.

To Jack this sound all too familiar to him. A group of heros, having to protect not only their kind but another race altogether. Then there were the villains, with an evil leader wanting control and power.

To him it was all too familiar cause he lives it himself every day. Autobots fighting an eon long war with the Decepticons and earth and humanity caught in the middle.

Taking a breath, Jack s what to say next to his nervous companions in front of him.

"So what was that thing that attacked us in the park" Jack asks

"Angor Rot, Morgana's champion and servant. He is here to hunt the hunter" Jim says darkly

Jack goes wide eyed realizing what his cousin just said "Hunting the hunter" he repeats the words tasting sour in his mouth than he looks at Jim.

"Hunting the hunter as in that Angor Rot is trying to kill you?" Jack says with all the seriousness and concern in his voice.

"Oh indeed Master Jackson. Angor Rot's sole purpose is to seek out and assassinate Merlin's Trollhunters." Blinky states matter of factly.

Jack stands up and points at Jim, "Your telling me that after not seeing you for 10 years. You come to visit and literally there is a bounty hunter that wants you dead!"

Jim looks at his cousin, seeing his brow furrowing and his expression full of serious concern.

"Does aunt Barbara know?"

"No. She doesn't and it is staying that way."

Jack sighs and takes his phone out, after feeling it vibrate multiple times, seeing it to be Arcee trying to reach him and he groans to himself "Not the best time Arcee." Jack against his better judgement puts them on silent.

"Look Jim I love you. You're my cousin, but this is now too much I need to figure everything out and those!" he points to Blinky and AAARRRGGHH! "They need to leave before our mothers come h.."

"Kids, we're back and we have groceries" the two adult females called.

Jack and Jim both groans.