Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Smash or characters from franchises related.

However, my first main antagonist will be an OC. But don't worry, as I will still be using antagonists from some of the Smash franchises.

World Setting: The Creator has tasked Master Hand and his brother Crazy Hand to construct a world that housed many of the Smash fighters and some of their respective kingdoms. The planet is made in a similar style to Marvel's "Secret Wars(2015)" Battleworld. At the beginning of this series, most of the fighters have yet to meet each other as a whole new world is born. This world, full of strong fighters where good and evil will battle was named "Super Smash Planet."

Our story begins with a rather unfamiliar face to Smash lying down on the soft green grass of the Mushroom kingdom. The Hero of Dragon Quest XI, or Eleven as Master Hand told him. He was in fact, a new addition to the planet, having been ripped from his universe along with some of his friends. But he would not be the Hero yet, as his was only the beginning of an entirely different journey.

Master Hand had done quite some work transferring Eleven and his friends to the planet. He no longer remembered the events that transpired in his native kingdom or its perils, and neither did his friends. They were in the world of smash now. All of them lived in an isolated in a village in an isolated valley in the Mushroom kingdom's grasslands.

Eleven was an adventurer who occasionally fought any monsters or beasts that tried to attack the villagers. He longed to leave the valley someday to go exploring, but was told by the Master Hand that he could only do so at an appointed time. Today was meant to be a peaceful day for him as he lay peacefully on the grass. Little did he know that it was simply the beginning of a much less peaceful but epic adventure.

Suddenly, his ears picked up shrieks coming from a distance. The teen instantly got up and surveyed his surroundings. His eyes widened. It was coming from the village!

The adventurer ran there as fast as his legs could carry him as he drew his sword, ready to strike down any attackers. But it was too late. As he reached the settlement, Eleven gasped at sight of what was once his hometown. All that was left was rubble. No building was left intact as smoke rose high into the air. Not a single person was in sight.

"Jade! Erik! Veronica! Rab! Serena! anyone there!?" the adventurer cried out in desperation as he searched through the rubble, hoping to find survivors. "NO!" he gasped as he caught sight of several lifeless bodies of villagers. He continued to search but to no avail. Just then, he sensed a few malicious individuals approaching. Eleven swiftly ducked into a corner and readied his sword.

"Hey Bob, did you hear somethin? I kinda swore I did for a sec."

"Must have been another worthless villager here. There were a handful of strong individuals here that boss wanted alive, and alot of useless ones. We got what we needed. If anything, must have been a rat who escaped us."

"You sure it'll be somethin weak?"

"Yeah. If it were strong, it would've attacked us earlier and we would've crushed it."

"I guess so. Anyway, shouldn't we be joinin the rest of the Murder, I think we're the only two left."

"Come'on jimmy, let's loot what we can find, then maybe we'll get stronger and more recognized by the others."

"Good idea Bob!" Jimmy replied

But Eleven could no longer bear to listen to the thugs talking of looting the dead after they've already destroyed the village. He sprung out of the corner, sword in hand, and lo and behold, he witnessed the strange forms of the thugs. They were burly humanoids covered in black feathers and had long, grey beaks for mouths. They sprouted a pair of black wings from their backs. But Eleven was not in the mood to gaze at them.

"Woah Bob, dis one don't look like a normal villa- ARGHH" Jimmy screamed as Eleven slashed down on his chest. The Crowman fell back, crying in pain as he clutched his bleeding chest.

"Hey You! I'm gonna kill you!" Bob shouted as he lunged for Eleven, only for the boy to jump out of the way and deliver a kick right to Bob's jaw, sending the Crowman flying and crashing into a wall. Bob opened his eyes to see Eleven's Sword in front his face as the the Teen stood over him.

"Tell me who you people and where do you come from." Eleven asked coldly as he threatened Bob.

"Hey i dunno man, we're just grunts we dunno anything about da boss." Bob spurted frantically as he looked for ways to escape his predicament.

"Then take me to him." Eleven threatened as he leaned his blade closer to Bob's throat.

"Okay boy." Bob said as he quickly slipped on a pair of goggles that he had been wearing on his head.

Confused at his sudden change in attitude, Eleven took a quick glance at the other Crowman, of whom he believed he had taken care of, only to see a can of pepper spray land at his feet.

The can exploded.

"PSSSSSTTTT!" Pepper spray erupted from the can as Eleven clutched his eyes and stumbled backwards, before feeling a punch from Bob; right to the gut, sending him flying away.

"Finish him Bob!"

"No you idiot! He's strong! I'm not risking it when we almost got killed by the long-haired chick earlier."

"Right Bob! Let's go join the rest of the Murder." Jimmy replied. There was the sound of several flapping wings as the partners took off into the air.

As Eleven finally recovered from the blinding attack, he caught sight of the two black Crowmen flying off into the distance. "Dang it! I thought I had them!" Eleven cursed.

Just then, as the boy sunk to his knees in defeat, a giant white hand appeared.

"Master Hand!"

"It seems that a disaster has occured."

"Yes it has." Eleven replied solemnly.

"These enemies will flee to beyond this valley and will continue to spread around the world. Fortunately, your friends are still alive."

Eleven heaved a sigh of relief at this.

"Therefore, I believe that now its time. Time for me to allow you to leave the valley. Time for you to travel the world of Super Smash Planet!"

"Whatever you say Master Hand, I'll do whatever it takes to get them back. But can you tell me how to?" the young adventurer inquired.

"The world is filled with strong fighters and your enemy is very powerful too. You cannot defeat him alone. Therefore, you would have to gather powerful comrades to defeat him."

"But do you know where he is?"

"I am not allowed to disclose that information but you would have to find it out yourself Eleven."

"Alright, I guess I'm on my own for now. Thanks Master hand." Eleven said solemnly as he sheathed his sword. Looking around the remains of his village, the adventurer went about burrying the fallen.

Eleven took one last look in the distance. What was once left of his Village, was now nothing more than a graveyard. The sky was coloured a pretty shade of orange as the sun was low on the grassland horizon.

"I'll bring them to justice. I promise." said Eleven as he turned to face forward. He took his first step out of the valley and into the actual Mushroom kingdom. So the lone adventurer set off into the world as he traversed through the grassland.

Unbeknownst to him, a massive Koopa with shades was spying on him from a distance as he traversed the plains of the Mushroom kingdom.

"Who's dat Ludwig? Never seen someone like 'em before."

"Hmph! Beats me Roy." Ludwig replied, uninterested.

"Hmmm doesn't look like a toad or a goomba, looks a lot more human-like. maybe like Princess Peach!"

"Do whatever you want Roy. Just remember that at the end of the day, we kidnap the Princess and take over the Mushroom kingdom quickly. Maybe then father will recognize us more than that irritating brat."

"Ooof. still sore over not being his favorite anymore Ludwig?"

"Shut it Roy! I've got no time to fool around with you when I've got work to do!" Ludwig then left on his Clown car and flew off.

"Was only jokin," Roy remarked before he turned his sights back to the oblivious Eleven.

"I guess I'll add one more to my exotic pet collection."