Chapter 4: The Clutch

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Smash or characters from franchises related.

However, my first main antagonist will be an OC. But don't worry, as I will still be using antagonists from some of the Smash franchises.

World Setting: The Creator has tasked Master Hand and his brother Crazy Hand to construct a world that housed many of the Smash fighters and some of their respective kingdoms. The planet is made in a similar style to Marvel's "Secret Wars(2015)" Battleworld. At the beginning of this series, most of the fighters have yet to meet each other as a whole new world is born. This world, full of strong fighters where good and evil will battle was named "Super Smash Planet."

"Alright that's the last of the weapon crates." A Crowman yelled as his comrade loaded the crate onto the wooden airship.

"Have all the power-ups been extracted from this castle?" Rabu asked one of his commanders.

"Yes Lord Rabu, all of them have been loaded onto the ship." He replied.

"Good. Anyway, the important thing is the Princess and what she carries. The other loot is merely a bonus. Prepare to head back to base." The Dark leader commanded.

"Yes Lord Rabu."

Eleven and Mario frantically dashed on the roof of the castle. As they ran along the battlements, they could catch glimpses of Larry's airship.

"Hurry! Before it leaves!"

The plumber and swordsman raced to the dockingport as the blades were rotating, preparing to take off.

Just as they reached the port, the airship nonchalantly lifted up and turned away as it flew off, unaware of their presence.

"Crap! So close!" Eleven cursed.

"Don't worry, I've got this," Mario said as he whipped out a white and yellow feather. With a 'Poof!' it transformed into a huge yellow cape.

"Wow!" Said Eleven.

"Grab on!" Mario shouted as he began to levitate. Eleven quickly complied.

With that, the Mario and Eleven flew after the airship and silently infiltrated it, while the ship and Crowmen were still unaware of their presence.

"That's a really useful cape," remarked Eleven as they entered the ship through a canon window. The teen was still baffled by the fact that airships existed, and they were on one right now.

The whirring of blades was significantly softer than before but still clearly audible. Though Mario had been on an airship a number of times, this was an entirely new experience for Eleven.

However, he had no time to admire the vessel as right now, they were on a stealthy rescue mission.

Slowly and quietly, Mario and Eleven made their way across the compact, wooden corridors of the airship. They passed by numerous crates, but none of them indicated having a princess. They also passed by some prison cells but all they could see were vicious, rattling Mecha koopas, as well as ticking Bob-ombs locked up inside.

"Those are the ship's clockwork guards. They belong to the Koopa kingdom." Mario told Eleven.

"The Crowmen seem to have not much control over them, seeing how much they're rattling about in the cages." Eleven remarked.

As they continued searching the ship, they came across a huge map on the wall of the corridor. It read "WORLD MAP".

"Wow" Said Eleven. "I've never seen a map of the world before. To think that it was this big."

"Hmm me neither."

"You haven't?" Eleven gasped as he stared at the red plumber.

"Well... while there was a period where I lived outside the Mushroom Kingdom as a young plumber, I've never actually seen the world map." Mario sheepishly replied, embarrassed at his own illiteracy and lack of general knowledge.

"Anyway, it seems that we are from the Magical continent." Mario said, as one of the kingdoms in it was labelled "The Mushroom Kingdom "

"Look there's a funny star shaped one!" Eleven cried, pointing to a star-shaped continent labelled "Popstar"

It wasn't even shaped like a natural land form. Popstar had no rough edges. Instead, all five of its points were rounded. A strange place indeed.

At the very centre map was a rather huge continent. Many routes were charted towards it from all the other continents. The continent was labelled "Gaira"

"Looks like a place of great interest," Eleven thought.

Just then, as Mario and Eleven turned to leave, two Crowmen emerged from the corner they were walking to.

The two parties froze stared at each other in shock.



Eleven and Mario swiftly knocked out the Crowmen respectively with sharp blows to the head. Despite their burly and menacing forms, they were kind of pushovers.

Eleven and Mario dragged the unconscious Crowmen and trapped them in an isolated corner among some crates and continued searching the ship

"That was a close one," Eleven sighed in relief.

"We don't have much time left." Mario replied.

Eleven mustered his courage. He knew that his intentions differed from the plumber's and he had to make it clear. He took a deep breath.

"Hey Mario, I know that you're here to save Peach, but just to let you know, I'm here to find out more information about these guys and what they've done to my friends. So if worst comes to worst, we're separated, and I do not have much of a choice, I won't prioritize saving your princesses." The boy firmly stated.

"Okay boy, I see. You have your own goals. I respect that. However, given the situation now, I only have one cape feather with me. So to survive this, you'll probably have to either leave together with me or continue hiding on this ship until it reaches the grou-

Mario was interrupted as Eleven's backpack suddenly started shaking violently.

"Oh NO! Not now?!" Eleven face palmed himself.

Mario looked on, perplexed as the bag shook and shook, and out popped the familiar-looking droplet-shaped slime!

Eleven peered into his backpack.

"You finished all your snacks already didn't you?"

The pesky little creature nodded as it smiled widely.

"What a burden!" Eleven thought. Not only did it eat a good chuck of the food in his bag, it also came out to disturb them during a stealth mission.

"Hmmmm," Mario studied the strange creature as he had never seen one before.

"Is that your pet? Your companion?"

"Ermm no. I kind of owe it my life so I err... Let it eat from my backpack." Eleven sheepishly looked away. It sounded even more embarrassing now that he said it out loud. The fact that he owed his life to this petulant little blob.

"Anyway we have to get go... what?!" Eleven was perplexed as he turned around to the sight of the Slime resting on Mario's cap.

"You like it there don't you little fella?" Mario smiled as the Slime sat comfortably on the plumber's hat.

"Whatever... at least I won't have to keep carrying him." Eleven grumbled to himself as they continued on.


The trio looked up. "Oh no."

Hordes of Crowmen rushed in the tight corridors as the sounds of chaos grew louder. They were all focused on the quick and agile plumber as he bounced throughout the ship. Several Crowmen lay unconscious on the floor; unfortunate casualties of the initial clash. The thugs gave chase to the man in red and blue. "AFTER HIM!" Mario hopped and bounced off the walls of the corridors as the huge, less agile and slower Crowmen stumbled over each other in an attempt to tackle him.

Meanwhile, Eleven slumped against the wall as he tried to catch his breath. In the confusion, all the forces had been directed to Mario instead of him.

"If I don't make it, help me save the Princess!" he remembered Mario's last words to him before they were separated. "That damn plumber!" Eleven thought to himself as he pondered on the next course of action to take. Slime was nowhere to be seen. "Well good riddance if we lose him here. At least those creeps would have their food supply depleted. Anyways, where should I go now?" Eleven wondered as he trudged along the hallway.

As he walked on, he reached a forked path. On the left were storage rooms. On the right, were holding cells. "From what I've overheard from the Crowmen, there's a princess in one of the crates so I should look for storage rooms." Eleven, thought.

Just then, the sounds of mechanical rattling and ticking came from the path on the right. Eleven smirked. He took the right path and held his shield out. As he walked, the sounds of the mechanical guards grew louder. When Eleven finally approached the cells, he looked up and saw that there were two massive cells holding Mechakoopas and Bob-ombs respectively.

They were not just rattling. The savage Mechakoopas clawed and chewed at the bars of their cage as the unpleasant sound of metal grinding against metal echoes off the walls. The Bob-ombs vibrated eerily as they were stacked to the brim in thegir cell, like stacks of potatoes in a barn. Eleven raised his shield.

"BRRRRNNNNGG! BRRRRRNNNGG!" The locks to the cells came off. Eleven ran as fast as he could as the cell doors swung open and the robots came pouring out. Identifying him as an intruder, they gave chase.

"Gotta get back to the hallway." He thought as he made several left and right turns. The menacing wave of robots followed suit. Just then, as he appraoched a balcony in a large storage room, troop of Crowmen appeared. The teen smirked.


The massive wave of mechakoopas and bob-ombs clashed with the group of Crowmen. Eleven slid off the balcony and landed in the storage room. Before him were more Crowmen who happened to be searching the crates for intruders.


More Mechakoopas and Bob-ombs dropped down onto the ground. Chaos ensued. There was a blurry mess as robots and Crowmen were thrown all over the place and explosions went off. The Crowmen drew their weapons while Mechakoopas violently lunged at them. Boxes were flipped and clouds of dust were created. The sound of yelling, metal and explosions filled the air.

Eleven got up groggily and tried to compose himself among this utter confusion. "Gotta get out of here. He thought." With that, he drew his sword and started slashing his way through the fighting.

"OUTTA MY WAY!" he yelled as he slashed down several Crowmen and Mechakoopas. He did this despite not being able to see very well.

Suddenly, "CLANG!" a blade clashed against his sword and pushed him back.


The other swordsman continued slashing down at Eleven's sword with immense speed and accuracy. Eleven could tell from his swordplay that he was a skilled swordsmen. He could barely parry the strikes as his opponent was strong and relentless. Eleven jumped back and stepped to the side, letting his opponent go past him, before striking a blow at him with immense force.

The other swordsman managed to parry it in time and slid back from the teen's powerful blow.

As the dust cleared, Eleven could see his opponent clearly. He was a teen of average height with slightly long brown hair and pointed ears. He wore a blue tunic and brown boots. They glared at each other as there was fire in each other's eyes.

"WHO ARE YOU?" Eleven demanded.

"Why should I give you my name?!" Link retorted.

Eleven glared. "Outta my way or you'll get hurt."

"No you get out of my way. WHERE'S ZELDA?!" Link demanded.

"I have no idea who you're talking about." said Eleven, maintaining his combat stance.

"BOOOOMM!" a huge explosion went off. Link and Eleven turned their heads, only to be rammed and flung away by a several supply boxes hit by the explosion. The walls to the room were broken down as the chaotic fighting spilled over to the rest of the ship...

Two Crowmen cowered under a pile of crates as the fighting raged on throughout the ship.

"Hey Bob, ya think it's safe now?"

"I'm not so sure Jimmy, but we can't stay here for too long, gotta get to the deck of the ship." Bob replied.

"Good thing Boss isn't on this ship or he might take his anger out on someone. Why did he even take this ship anyway?"

"Don'tcha know? He swapped some of our best goods with some 'inferior supplies' from the other ship earlier. Anyway, even if he's not here, we still gotta survive his rage when he learns about this." Bob explained.

Jimmy shuddered at the thought of their boss's fury as the two Crowmen came out from under the pile of boxes.

As they walked they came across a single corridor with a door infront. Bob turned the handle and opened the door. His jaw dropped. In the room, was a horde of Mechakoopas. They turned menacingly towards the shell-shocked Bob and started inching towards him.

"BOB GET DOWN!" Bob quickly ducked as Jimmy whipped out a Tommy gun

"BRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHH! BRRRRRRRRGGGGGGH!" The sound gunfire erupted as bullets tore through the Mechakoopas. They rattled violently as they were dismantled within a matter of seconds. They collapsed into a pile of nuts and bolts as smoke trailed off the barrel of Tommy gun.

"Wow! didn't expect them to be here." Bob remarked as he got up.

"Ummmm.. Bob?"

"whatisit Jimmy?"

"There..." Jimmy pointed in front of him.

Behind the destroyed mechakoopas, was a steel door to a concrete cell. The lock crumbled and fell apart, damaged from gunfire. The door swung open and out came pouring bob-ombs. Many of them.


Eleven woke up to the sound of chaos and fighting. He looked around him. He was in a hallway and debris from the crate that crashed into him were strewn all over. The swordsman he clashed with was nowhere to be seen.

"URGH my head hurts." he grumbled as he groggily got to his feet. The teen trudged on as he dragged his feet. His body was hurting and he was lost.

However, the teen had little time to relax as believe it or not, there came Mario running in his direction!

"Mario!" Eleven's face lit up with joy. Just then, he noticed slime bouncing alongside them plumber. "Oh. You're here too."

"Quickly Eleven! I've found out where the princess is being held!" Mario exclaimed.

"Wait! I haven't found what I'm looking f-

Numerous Mecha guards and Crowmen crashed into the hallway as they continued fighting, forming yet another battlefield behind Mario and Eleven.

"Nevermind..." Eleven continued, seeing that he had no choice but to follow Mario.

After running through several corridors, they finally arrived at a large storage room. There were numerous raised platforms and balconies which were lined with railings. Several huge burners hung on the walls and growled as they illuminated the room. Here, the whirring of blades and the howling of the wind outside were much more audible. Crates were stacked neatly. In front of our trio sat a crate labelled "PRINCESS".

"There she is!" the three rushed to the crate. "Alright, now we just gotta open the crate and then we can begin ou-

Mario's words were cut off as hordes of Crowmen rushed into the warehouse.


The raiders flooded all the doorways to the room. There were countless of them. Some hovered in the air above in case they tried to escape through the air.

"Dammit! There's too many of them! We can't fight through this." Eleven cursed.

All the Crowmen were focused on Mario, Eleven and Slime. They were surrounded from all angles. The three stood back-to-back as they maintained steady eye-contact with their enemies. No one dared to move. At any second, the room could erupt into violence. If it did, they would most probably lose, given how outnumbered they were.

Just then, Slime started choking and coughing. It winced as it spat out a large metal object. It was a Bob-omb! When and how could it have eaten one?

But Mario wasted no time. "Throw this there my signal! he shouted as he shoved it into Eleven's arms."

"Woah wa- oh okay.."

Mario's glove glowed and burst into flames.

The Crowmen were startled by Mario's sudden shouting. They prepared to attack.


Eleven flung the Bob-omb into a dense group of Crowmen under a huge mass of suspended platforms. At the same time, Mario fired a fireball in the same direction as the Bob-omb.

The Crowmen sprung into action. The first shot had been fired. Soon, it would all be over in a few seconds...

"BOOM!" the fireball collided with the Bob-omb. Crowmen were flung in all directions. Some went flying upwards and crashing into the hanging platforms.

But this did not stop the other Crowmen from pinning Mario, Eleven and Slime to the ground. Their attempts to break free were in vain as they were absolutely overwhelmed.


There were sudden explosions and the room was suddenly ripped apart. The howling of the winds filled the air as everything was flung out inti the open sky.

Eleven opened his eyes. Though it really hurt but he tried to keep it open.

He was in the air. Thousands of metres above the ground. Falling debris and crates were everywhere. Most of the Crowmen were injured, while the remaining ones tried their best to save themselves from the blast and rain of debris. How did all this happen?

Back then, Mario's intention was to create a diversion and to clear a pathway by dropping all the platforms above onto the Crowmen. But what he didn't know, was that on one of the platforms, was the army of Bob-ombs Crowmen Bob and Jimmy had set free earlier. As the crowmen crashed into it, it dropped countless Bob-ombs into the room. Thanks to the burners hanging on the sides of the walls, Bob-ombs that collided into it ended up setting up a chain explosion where almost every bob-omb in the roof went off. This created a powerful blast that killed most of the Crowmen and ripped the storage room apart.

"ELEVEN!! GRAB ON!!" a familiar italian voice called out.

Though he could barely hear him in the howling wind, Eleven looked and saw Mario and slime just barely clinging on to the crate. His cape was partially opened. The boy stretched out his hand and with a "CLASP!" he grabbed on ti Mario's white glove.

As both held the crate, Mario steered them away from the debris and opened it fully, slowing them down.

Nevertheless, they were falling at incredible speed. They grit their teeth and Slime bit his upper lip. Any scray rollercoaster ride would be nothing compared to what they were experiencing. The incredible G-force and velocity. They clenched their fists and teeth as air was constantly blowing their cheeks upwards.

As they descended, a lake came into view. Mario wasted no time steering them into the water body.

"WWWOOOAAAAAHHHHHHHH!! SPPLLSSSHHHHH!!" White foam was seen as the crate splashed like a flower blooming on the water's surface. It resurfaced, bringing back up the trio, who were now drenched. The crate gently floated to the shore.

As it sat by the lake, Eleven and Mario were sprawled out on the grass, simply exhausted from all that they had to go through. But they did it. They retrieved the Princess.

Though Eleven failed to obtain the information he desired, he was nevertheless happy that he finally succeeded at something.

"I guess I really gotta hand it to you slime, you really came in the clutch there." Eleven thanked the little creature with a little reluctance, yet grattitude in his voice.

"Now, to the Princess," with that, Mario and Eleven dismantled the box. Slime hopped around excitedly.

The wooden walls of the box fell with a 'thud'.