Disclaimer: My ownership in the story is limited. I own Hayley Carmichael, and Amanda Rodgers, they are new figments of my active imagination. The other people listed in this story, as of right now being Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy and Shane Helms, own themselves and the WWE owns their characters. It is indeed a sad event ;) I plan on owning Shane Helms at some point though. ;)

Summary: Boy meets girl, boy likes girl, boy doesn't get girls number. A typical love story WWE style! This is also a Shane Helms fic because he is the man of the moment. Also contains Characters from "Do I Have to Say the Words" which was my brain child. Continuation of that and then some. If you want any more of a Summary, read on and you'll get the gist.


Hayley stirred in bed and turned over to look at her clock. Jumping quickly out of bed, she knew the time had to be wrong. She had so much to do today before her meeting; there was no time to sleep in. Grabbing her clothes, she threw them on fast and ran down the stairs. Upon entering the kitchen she saw her roommate enjoying some coffee and reading the newspaper, which as Hayley knew was an everyday occurrence.

"Amanda, why didn't you wake me?"

"Hey Hayley, did you sleep well?"

"I slept fine, but I'm asking why you didn't wake me up. You know I've got that interview for that job today."

"You looked so peaceful sleeping there; I didn't want to be the one to ruin it. Plus you had a good time last night with that guy. So I just thought you might want to sleep in and dream a little longer. That was why you slept so well wasn't it?" Amanda said with a smirk, going back to the paper.

Hayley immediately thought of Shane, and the amazing time they'd had the night before. She had been invited to go along with Amanda to some new club that opened up in Raleigh, and although she didn't want to go at first, she was dragged along, and had met him there. Overall the night turned out very well, and although she wouldn't admit it to Amanda, she did have a few nice dreams.

"It was a good night, and yes I did have fun with Shane, but it's a new day and I'm so behind. I hate it when this shit happens."

Running her fingers through her hair, Hayley grabbed the pot of boiled water and made herself some herbal tea. She couldn't understand her friend's motivation for drinking coffee in the morning, when she was so happy with a cup and tea and her notebook. There just didn't seem to be anything better.

"What time is the meeting?"

"At one, and it's almost noon! I really can't believe of all days, I had to choose this one to screw up on."

"Don't worry about it, you'll get the job. I mean once they see how talented you are as a writer, and performer, they will be stupid not to hire you." Amanda said with a small smile and a tiny pat on her arm.

"Do you even know who the job interview is with? Did I even tell you?"

"No, but I mean it's not like it's with the WWE or anything right? So why the need to be so nervous?"

"Amanda, it is with the WWE, and well that's why I want to do this right!" Hayley sighed and sat down at the table with her tea. She had been writing for television and soap operas for so long, but eventually the need to write better things came along, and she couldn't do it anymore. So she had quit and then applied with the WWE for the head writer position. She knew there was a slim chance on her getting in, but she'd done it anyways.

"You'll be fine, so did you get his number?"

"No actually I didn't. Manda, it was a shot in the dark, and although I had a really good time, I don't think I'll see him again."

"You never know, you might see him sooner then you think."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You need to watch more television, especially for the job you're applying for. It might help you out a little."

"Amanda, stop being so evasive and tell me what you mean!" Hayley hated when her roommate decided to be secretive and evasive with her. Sometimes it kept her on her toes, but right now it was just annoying as hell.

"You'll see soon enough, and good luck with your meeting, or interview, whatever it is. I better get ready for work. Will you be home later?"

"Yeah, I'll let you know how it all goes, if I don't end up losing out because I'm so far behind."

"You'll be fine; don't worry your pretty little head. Just think good thoughts... and maybe some bad ones about Shane too, and you should be fine."

Making a face at her, Hayley sighed. She had really had a nice time with Shane last night, and in all of her fun had forgotten to get his number, as much as she didn't need a man in her life now, she did need some fun. She knew she was going to kick herself in the ass all day for this now. Placing her empty cup in the sink, she made her way to the bathroom to get a shower. It was show time.


"So did you get her number man?" Jeff asked as Shane made his way out of the spare bedroom of his house.

"Did I get what now?"

"Her number, the girl you were talking with and dancing with all night. You seemed pretty into her, everyone noticed."

"You know what Jeff? Don't worry about me, and whoever I'm having a good time with. Just focus on being married to Summer."

"I am focused on that believe me! She doesn't let me forget it. I just want to see you find somebody too man. It's about time you did."

"I will when the time is right. I didn't get her number by the way, and she didn't get mine, for obvious reasons. I wouldn't be able to call her back now would I?"

"No I guess not, but you could have missed out on a nice girl. Plus she lives in North Carolina, and you always said you wanted to settle down with a nice girl from home."

"Yeah I did, but not just yet. I'm not the marrying kind Jeff."

"I said the same things remember? Look at me now!" Jeff said laughing as Matt came into the house and took a seat silently.

"Well none the less, I need to get dressed and do some stuff. Last night was just that. A moment in time where I could actually have a good time, without being asked about being a WWE superstar. I'm sure that Hayley felt the same way. Just one night was good enough."

"Whatever you say man. I just think you passed up something good last night. She was really into you. Don't you think Matt?"

"Okay bro, I think you need to stop trying to match the single people up and focus on your wife. Where is she anyway?"

"Shopping with Amy. They left a few hours ago. Have you noticed how close they've become lately?"

"Yeah, and I think it has to do with being married to a Hardy. She's trying despite everything that's happened and I respect the hell out of that. Now leave Shane alone, and go work on your music. Summer mentioned something about needing more songs."

"I'm with Matt on this Jeff, go do something other then bothering me!"

With a smack on the head Jeff left the kitchen, leaving Matt and Shane to stand there looking at one another with strange looks on their faces.

"So you liked her a lot more then you're letting on didn't you?" Matt said after a minute of silence.

"Yeah, but there's nothing I can do about it now. I'm leaving again and she's. well she's doing her own thing."

"Yeah, but you might just be surprised what can happen when you don't realize it."

"Matt, don't turn into your brother now too! If it's meant to be that we meet up again, then it will happen. Just not right now. I can't handle that."

"But you will Shane, you will."