Hey, sorry for the very slow update I've been busy. This chapter is based off of the song "Heather" and plot twist: this chapter it's Rachel comparing herself to Annabeth as she watches them happy together.

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Rachel was offered the job as the Oracle, at first she was hesitant, but now that she is the Oracle? She couldn't help but have conflicted feelings about the job.

What if she randomly spits out a prophecy while she's taking a biology test? Will monsters be able to detect her when she's not at camp halfblood?

But Rachel decided the worst part about it was watching the guy she likes fall in love with his best friend. Rachel knows they have a strong relationship, much stronger then hers with Percy. They've been friends since they were children - what can you expect? It hurts not being able to act on those feelings.

Then again, she did kiss the boy for gods sake, and he even kissed her back, but did he truly like her, or was he pretending she was someone else?

Rachel turned her head and watched as Annabeth and Percy bickered. Rachel could see that they were oh so obviously flirting with each other. Annabeth's face was flustered and Percy was grinning like an idiot.

Rachel knows that Percys in love with her, she's known that even since she ran out of that school...

The way he stares at her, it's as if she's the only one he has eyes for, and Rachel wanted that, she still wants that.

She doesn't just want any guy... she wants Percy Jackson.


I still remember
Third of December
Me in your sweater
You said it looked better


She winks at Percy and encourages him to ask her out... Even though she wishes it was her.

Percy blushes like a mad man and stares off at her. A dreamy expression appeared on his face, a expression reserved for Annabeth... Never Rachel.

Rachel knows she can't date anyone, but it still hurts. It hurts to know that you can't win the guy over you've been in love with for years.

She's just starting to understand how frustrated Annabeth's been, Percy is truly clueless. She watched as Annabeth jumped onto his back as an attempt to grab at a book he had in one hand, looming over his height.

She watched as Percy stared at her with a grin on his face as she tried to get the book out of his grasp. It was as if he didn't care about the book... just her.

Percy claims there was a bug on her face... Annabeth knows he was lying. She even blushed when he looked away.


On me, than it did you
Only if you knew
How much I liked you
But I watch your eyes, as she


Rachel has decided that Annabeth is truly the definition of perfect.

She knows she's worked hard but she couldn't help but be jealous.

She's smarter then the average human, sometimes even too smart for her own good. Which means she will get accepted into top colleges, which means she'll be successful in life.

She's beautiful... breathtaking. Annabeth might be no kid of Aphrodite but she sure looks like one. Her curly blonde her falls down her back, some stray pieces landing in front of her face. Her stormy eyes always calculating every move, and always beautiful. How could Rachel compete with an angel?

She has an amazing personality. At first Rachel let herself believe Annabeth truly was a cold, rude person, but then she pondered on why. She has such a huge heart, even if she doesn't like it show time to time. She cares for others more then she cares for herself, but as does Rachel and Percy still chose Annabeth.

Sometimes Rachel let's herself imagine Annabeth didn't exist. Would Percy be the same? Would she? If Annabeth didn't exist would she have ever met Percy?

She imagines it going two different ways. The first way she meets him and they fall in love, he gives up immortality for her and she gives up being the Oracle for him.

In her imagination sometimes she wonders if she would just be a clueless human who sees weird things that couldn't and can't be explained to the human eye. That's how she imagines herself as if she didn't meet Percy Jackson and his perfect sidekick.


Walks by
What a sight for
Sore eyes
Brighter than a
Blue sky
She's got you
While I die


They kissed. They kissed and Rachel smiled, she smiled for them. She smiled for them as if she was happy. As if she wasn't going to cry about it.

She couldn't help but envy Annabeth Chase, she doesn't understand how lucky she is... But maybe she does.

She watches as Percy and Annabeth giggle on the beach, throwing sand at each others faces.

She wants that, she wants a love that consumes her. She just wants love.

Being the Oracle has its perks, but it also has its cons. Love being one of them. When you love somebody you tell them, but in this case she can't - she never can.

She watched as Percy took her hand and dragged her into the ocean. Annabeth protested but Percy couldn't and wouldn't take no for a answer.

Rachel wanted to be his... but would he want to be hers?

She smiled and waved as Percy looked over at her.

He waved back and continued to splash around in the water with Annabeth.

She sighed and dragged herself into her cave... praying to Aphrodite. Maybe she'll find love... maybe she won't be lonely forever, but Rachel knows that she's doomed to centuries alone, just waiting for green smoke to pop out of her mouth, as if she was a machine.


Why would you ever kiss me?
I'm not even half, as pretty
You gave her your sweater
It's just polyester, but you like her better
Wish I were Heather


Rachel sometimes brings herself back in time, thinking about the time they shared a kiss.

Everything was perfect... until it wasn't.

She wished she could have had longer with him... time with him when he was Rachel's... not hers.

Sure they remain good friends... but what do you do when your in love with your friend but you can't act on it because you took a oath and he has a crazy girlfriend? You stay quiet and ignore your feelings, that's what you do.

Sometimes she acts like she never liked him and she never kissed him. It's easier that way.

She knows he never wanted to hurt her, but he did. He did the worst thing possible. He fell in love with someone else. And Rachel did the worst thing possible for herself, she closed all of the doors to love, and they remain locked.

She hopes someday they'll be open once again.


Watch as she stands with
Her holding your hand
Put your arm 'round her shoulder
Now I'm getting colder

But how could I hate her?
She's such an angel
But then again, kinda
Wish she were dead, as she—————————————————————————

After a while she moves on, she ignores love, she ignores everything that has to do with love. She pretends like she doesn't know how to love, but she knows how to love stronger then anyone.

After a year she'll still watch Percy and Annabeth giggle around in the sand like two year olds... and sometimes she wonders what could have been.

Percy Jackson will forever be her biggest what if.

And she will forever be envious of Annabeth Chase.


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