Dragon of the Eldritch

A pin could have dropped and the sound would have echoed over the area.

Talk. The Eldritch wanted to talk.

Sirzechs eyed the young man before him, so casually speaking with and standing alongside an entity that could shatter reality.

Issei Hyoudou. What a strange being. Supposedly human, a pervert, seemingly courting Azathoth herself, and claimed to have no ulterior motive when he helped Rias.

So in what role was Issei Hyoudou here then? A diplomat from the Eldritch, a friend of Rias and the others, the Lover of Azathoth?

"I supposed a dialogue is well overdue," Sirzechs granted, glancing to Serafall who nodded with an unusually serious look about her.

"Good," Issei said as he leaned to the side, smiling at the two heiresses. "Rias, Sona. Everyone okay since last time?"

"Thanks to you, yes," Sona admitted evenly.

"Issei, not to sound rude, but what is this about?" Rias asked, crossing her arms and cocking her head.

"Well, we made a mess and I figure we should at least talk about it," Issei mused as he approached with Yog and Yid trailing behind him.

Everyone minus Rias and Sona tensed for a moment as Issei stopped and started looking between Sirzechs and Zeoticus curiously. "Sorry, I'd rather not get this wrong. Which one of you is the Duke and which one is the Satan?"

Somewhat taken aback by the situation, father and son shared a look. "I am the reigning Lucifer, Sirzechs" Sirzechs answered cautiously. "This is my father, Duke Zeoticus Gremory."

"Good to meet both of you," he said before looking at Venelana. "And you are Rias's...Sister?"

Venelana allowed herself to smile coyly at that. "Well, aren't you a charmer, young man. I happen to be her mother, Venelana," she explained in amusement.

"Moth-?!" Issei looked stunned by that, looking to Rias.

"...What?" she asked with a sweat-drop.

"Nothing, just...imagining you in a few more years," Issei admitted shamelessly before turning to Sona's parents. "And since I know the other Satan is Sona's sister, you much be the...Prince and Princess?"

"I am Caius, and my wife, Nelemia," Lord Sitri answered warily as he eyed the young man.

"Nice to meet you all and sorry we barged in like this," Issei answered.

"We, yes," Zeoticus said, looking toward the Eldritch Gods. He knew what they were, but not exactly who. "And these are...?"

"Hmm, I suppose I have never used this form when meeting with Devils and the like," Yidrah mused aloud to herself.

"She's the Dream-Witch," Rias introduced, nodding to Yidrah, who returned the gesture. "The other one is..." Rias paused, considering the proper epithet for Yog.

"The Gate and the Key," Sona supplied simply.

Yog chuckled at some suspicious but uncertain reactions. "I'm the Outer God of time, Yog-Sothoth."

That certainly got some startled, grim looks. "Was there any way to avoid freaking them out?" Issei asked idly to Yog.

Yog shook her head with a smirk. "Not many, no."

"Figures," Issei mused, rubbing his head.

"Issei," Rias spoke up. "You said you wanted to talk."

"Right, right. Just wanted to make sure we all knew each other," Issei said as he rejoined Yidrah and Yog. "Now, where to start..."

"Kungur, allow me," Yidrah requested.

"Floor is yours, Yid," Issei granted, prompting her to step forward.

"Lucifer, Leviathan, Noble Devils. We wish to discuss the disruptions the Eldritch faction has caused for the rest of Earth's supernatural communities," Yidrah explained diplomatically.

Both Satans shared a look. There wasn't really a choice. Refusing the Eldritch couldn't end well. "We'd be honored, of course," Sirzechs said neutrally. "If you had sent word, we would have been better prepared to receive you."

"No, you wouldn't have," Yog said wryly.

Serafall raised an eyebrow but didn't dare to inquire what that meant. "Should we be expecting your queen to join us?"

"No, it's just us this time," Yog said with a playful smile. "Though, Yidrah and I are mainly here for support. This is Issei's show."

Serafall furrowed her brow. "I see. Should we take this inside?"

"I mean, that'd be nice, but...I'm not sure you'd all be comfortable with that," Issei said, sheepish but knowing. "I figured you would all sleep easier knowing the Eldritch were never actually in your home."

That surprised everyone except Rias and Sona. But they were thankful for it nonetheless.

"Look, you mind if I be blunt?" Issei requested, seeing this was going nowhere.

"By all means," Serafall answered with a nod.

"The Devils and everyone else ran off to their home realms because Aza showed up and more of the Eldritch faction started showing up. You were afraid we'd take over or just destroy the world, right?" Issei summarized.

Serafall nodded. "More so the latter than the former."

"Well, I'm here to say you don't have to worry about that," Issei offered freely. "Aza and the others aren't planning on conquering anything. There's a...special agreement around Earth and Yidrah here helps keep it going."

"No one is allowed to claim ownership of the entire planet. Too many different Eldritch have claims here, live here, or are sealed here," Yidrah elaborated. "Thus, Earth is considered a neutral hub that all Eldritch are welcome to. The Outer Gods simply rarely had reasons to gather here."

Sirzechs raised an eyebrow. "So you can ensure that the Eldritch faction, for the foreseeable future, will not allow the Earth to be conquered."

"Correct," Yog answered with a hum. "But now they're wondering about the more concerning issue. After all, it's easier to destroy a planet than it is to conquer it. Or any of their realms."

The devils all looked uneasy at that as Issei held up his hands in assurance. "Don't worry. We're going to do everything we can to keep the other Eldritch from causing any extinction-level events. I still live there, after all."

"You keep saying we," Sirzechs observed. "Tell us, how do you intend to ensure that? Is the Daemon Sultana willing to indulge your desires that much?"

"Pfft, Indulge," Yog repeated with a snicker. Even Yidrah had to cover her mouth to hide a chuckle.

"Aza and the others came here because of me. I'm not willing to leave Earth, so I figured the least I should do is try to clear the air between the Eldritch and everyone. That I should let everyone know they can go back to Earth if they want. And if any of ours causes too much trouble, I'll personally make sure that we'll help take care of it."

Serafall raised an eyebrow. "I know you have powers, but are you sure you can guarantee that?"

Issei idly reached up to scratch the side of his head...and revealed the Gauntlet of Ddraig as he did. "I'm sure I'll figure something out."

"Is that...what I think it is?" Serafall asked in surprise.

"The Gauntlet of the Red Dragon Emperor," Sirzechs observed. "So, you were human."

"Mostly still am," Issei answered with a smile.

"Our Kungur isn't the type to sit back and let everyone else handle things for him," Yog said in amusement. "He's very hands-on, as the Queen knows and appreciates."

"..." Issei gave Yog a black stare. "You had to steal the chance for me to say that, didn't you?"

"Guilty," Yog said with a wink.

"I have heard of that title being passed around cults lately, Kungur. What is it?" Sirzechs inquired with suspicion.

"Brother," Rias spoke up as she stepped closer, glancing at Issei. "I believe he's effectively the King of the Eldritch."

Yog and Yidrah lost all amusement now while Issei looked sheepish. "...Effectively?" Yidrah repeated blankly.

"She meant no offense to your queen," Serafall said quickly, fearing for Rias's sanity and existence.

"Oh, it's not that," Issei said, feeling weird to openly say he was king of anything. "It's just..."

"What exactly did you think the title Kungur meant, little devils?" Yog asked with a raised eyebrow.

Sirzechs stiffened, as did most others. "You're saying that...?"

"The Eldritch already see him as their king," Sona finished with a frown. She and Rias had been too cautious in their estimation. They thought that Issei had informal power at most, not that a being like Azathoth would go as far as to make him actual royalty among the Eldritch Divinities…which explained...a lot. The Eldritch Gods and creatures they had met, they hadn't been treating Issei with respect because of the Daemon Sultana. They had been doing it because Issei was in fact the King of the Eldritch.

"Indeed they do, Devils of Sitri and Gremory," Ddraig spoke up, the jewel of the gauntlet glowing.

Sirzechs narrowed his eyes. "Ddraig, the Red Dragon of Domination."

"Hmm. It's been a few hosts since I've seen you, Satan of Ruin," Ddraig greeted. "You should listen to this one. Despite being touched by the Eldritch-"

"He does most of the touching," Yog corrected with a snort.

"-and my wielder, he is a supremely peaceful and well-meaning soul so far. Your sister and her companions have no doubt told you all of his attempt to, and I quote, not be an asshole," Ddraig finished off.

Many blinked at the surprising shift to crass language, but something was amusing about the way Ddraig said it.

Issei mock glared at the gauntlet. "Look, just because the Queen of the Universe has the eternal hots for me doesn't mean I need to be, well, an ass about it."

Serafall hummed as she looked between the group before clearing her throat. "So, in summary, you are here to assure us that you all mean no harm, despite what's happened, and you are willing to help us deal with any...Eldritch incidents, shall we say."

"Yeah, that's pretty much it," Issei answered with a shrug.

"That is rather generous of you," Sirzechs admitted. "But I hope you understand many will be reluctant to return."

"I know," Issei acknowledged casually. "But I figured I should at least make the offer."

There was a pause. Literally.

Issei blinked as everything turned grey, glancing at Yog. "There a reason you stopped time?" he asked before looking to Yid, who was also greyed out. "She's frozen too?"

"Things just got interesting," Yog answered with a hum.

"What do you mean?" Issei questioned suspiciously.

"They're about to bring up the subject of an alliance," Yog explained. "Perhaps not a full alliance, but at least a pact of some sort."

"...Shit. I do NOT have enough diplomat vocab to even try that," Issei said with a groan.

Yog rolled her eyes playfully. "That's not the concern. You, being you, were most likely going to give it to them free of charge."

"I agree with the Time Goddess's assessment," Ddraig commented.

"Huh, was wondering if that level of time stopping would work on you with Issei excluded," Yog observed in idle interest.

"I...okay, probably. But would that be a bad thing?" Issei asked, really wish he had more time to think about this.

Which he did, seeing as time was stopped.

"Not really," Yog answered idly. "But like I said before, this is the moment you start to accept that you are the King of the Eldritch Gods. And this will be your first act. So I want you to be sure what you want to do."

Issei looked thoughtful before making up his mind. "Unstop time, I know how I'm doing this."

Yog smiled. "So you do."

Time unfroze

"Perhaps another offer should be proposed," Sirzechs stated, glancing at Serafall.

She looked directly at Issei. "Kungur of the Eldritch, what are the possibilities of an alliance between our factions?"

"At the moment? None, really," Issei answered casually. "Now don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to it, but..."

"Yes?" Serafall encouraged curiously.

"I know nothing about your faction. Or any other faction. I've only known my own for less than a month!" Issei pointed out. "So I can't really make a choice like that when I have no idea how that'll affect everything."

Yog looked pleasantly surprised by this outcome. "Literally the smartest option he would have considered," Yog muttered under her breath while looking at the timelines.

"That said, I don't see why we can't be on good speaking terms. And if you want a way to easily contact me or Aza...," Issei glanced to Rias and Sona. "I am still going to school."

Sona raised an eyebrow. "You're suggesting we act as ambassadors to you from the Devil factions?"

Issei shrugged. "I mean, unless you have a better suggestion?"

"Pardon me, your Majesty," Venelana spoke up respectfully, everyone turning to her in surprise.

Issei was still not used to being addressed like that.

"But is it possible there are some...ulterior motives to wanting our daughters to return?" she asked with a knowing look.

"No. Getting the most beautiful girls back at my school is purely a bonus," Issei answered confidently.

Rias blinked; Surprised not by the compliment, but that she actually believed him. She couldn't see a single lie on Issei's face.

Serafall looked at her parents, and Sirzechs's. They were somewhat uneasy about this suggestion, but only slightly. "...We'll need time to consider-"

"I accept," Sona said bluntly.

"S-sona?!" Serafall turned in shock and protest.

"Sister, Issei Hyoudou is, first and foremost, one of the biggest perverts I have ever heard of. So much so that he has, apparently, been more interested in having sex with the Eldritch Queen than realizing he is the ruler of the most powerful faction in reality, or that he possesses a Longinus class Sacred Gear," Sona pointed out bluntly.

Her parents stiffened, glancing at said pervert.

Issei, however, just nodded. "Not a lie in there so far."

"Yet he is being surprisingly rational and practical," Sona continued. "And he has proven sincerely altruistic."

"She's right," Rias agreed with a smile. "If Issei says it's safe, he's given me every reason to believe him."

"If you are an ambassador to the Sultan and Sultana, any attack on you would be considered an insult to both of them," Yidrah stated. "You have my word that they and their servants will have their sanity protected and healed."

"The healed part is somewhat concerning," Zeoticus said idly. "But I can see our daughters have made up their own minds."

Lord Sitri sighed and nodded. "Though, it might be hard to arrange their return after everything..."

"Leave that to me," Yog said with a smirk. "I'll just change some things in the timeline, making it seem like you were on a field trip or were all sick and in quarantine for a while. Something like that. By the time you come back, no one will question why you all came back."

"I'll try to make sure she tells you the cover story, instead of making you wing it," Issei promised, somewhat exasperated. "Still, I think that's everything we need to talk about?"

"I believe so," Serafall said with a diplomatic smile. "Thank you for your time and consideration, Kungur."

"No problem, Leviathan," Issei assured, looking at Rias and Sona. "See ya whenever you come back, Ladies! Say hi to Akeno, Koneko, and the rest for me!"

With that, the trio left through a portal formed by Yog.

All of the devils visibly relaxed once they had left. "Well, it seems we do live in interesting times," Zeoticus remarked warily, looking at his daughter. "So, was there another reason why you were so opposed to the arrangement to Riser?"

"Father, don't get any ideas, please," Rias said with a sigh. "Though, in hindsight, I wish we hadn't decided to wait until we were home to tell...everything beyond the basics of what happened."

"We hardly expected him to show up with a declaration of peace," Sona said idly.

"So, you both knew he was the Eldritch King?" Sirzechs asked curiously.

"Well, we didn't know he was literally it, but..." Rias trailed off for a moment.

"The Eldritch all defer to him, even the Outer Gods," Sona explained. "As for the Daemon Sultana..."

"She's honestly in love with him," Rias answered. "It's almost terrifying how...normal they seem as a couple. Affectionate, a bit blunt with their flirting, but otherwise normal."

"So this entire ordeal is everyone just overreacting to a goddess falling in love and wanting to be with her lover," Venelana observed in amusement.

"But Sona, are you sure about this?!" Serafall asked insistently, gabbing onto Sona's shoulders. "Just being around the Eldritch Queen could hurt your sanity if she lost control! I heard what happened to Koneko!"

"Yes, and yet, I've kept track; no student has gone insane despite many having annoyed her while she's pretending to be a student," Sona answered reassuringly. "I wouldn't go as far as to say that Issei can control her, but he can definitely keep her calm. And Issei can readily call on the Dream-Witch if anything should go amiss."

Serafall looked between pouting and growling. "Fine! But you're not going back for a month!"

"Three days," Sona counter offered.

"A week," Sirzechs said with a smile. "Let's give everything a chance to calm down and everyone to relax."

"I suppose we should. Besides, it's not bad to be home for a bit," Rias agreed, getting a nod of acceptance from Sona. "Now we just need to explain this to the others..."

"You know Akeno is going to have a field day with this," Sona pointed out knowingly.

"I'm perfectly aware."


"Whew, I'm glad that's done," Issei said as they reappeared in his room. "Asia, we're back!"

A blond head popped out of the closet door, looking at him in surprise. "Already?"

"Yeah, it didn't take too long," Issei assured, missing how Yog was giving Asia a shushing gesture. "Aza show back up yet?"

"No, she's still out with Lady Shub," Asia answered, tilting her head. "May I ask what they're doing? She looked rather excited when she left?"

"Shub is talking sense into her, or as much as she can," Yog answered awkwardly.

"What is going on and why wasn't I told?" Issei asked, feeling alarmed. "Cause this feels more like an Aza-Aza thing, not a Queen-Aza thing."

"It's Aza trying to do an Aza-Aza thing by justifying it as a Queen-Aza thing," Yog elaborated with a chuckle. "Though I must say, I was rather impressed with your first try at doing a King-Issei thing."

" knew you were going to turn that on me the moment I said it," Issei said in acceptance. "Should I be worried or preparing for anything?"

Yog looked thoughtful. "Not really. Shub is the best one for this. It's kind of her topic of expertise..." she trailed off with a distant look.

"Expertise? Wait, was Aza trying to adopt a kid behind my back?!" Issei realized in alarm.

"Oh my!" Asia said in surprise. "Do...do I need to move to another room? So the child will be next to this room?"

"Asia, you're an angel, but not helping," Issei said quickly.

"And the baby wouldn't fit in there anyway," Yog commented honestly.

"...Yog, explain, now," Issei said bluntly.

Yog only looked slightly amused by their reaction this time. "There's an orphaned eldritch, an unhatched Baby Outer God. It'll be born within this century. Sooner if you take it on as a Servant. Aza was hoping it might be a good way to practice for the real thing. Shub knows it's far too soon for you to be considering that, so she's talking Aza out of it."

"I...okay, I appreciate that," Issei said, still taking that one in. "This...egg. It's going to be alright, right?"

"Oh yes. Kass is keeping an eye out for potential parents to take the lunar-tike in. It's a very patient baby," Yog assured.

"Umm..." Asia spoke up, eyes tinged with concern and sympathy. "May I ask, Lady Yog? How did this one become an orphan? Aren't Eldritch Eternal?"

"Yes, but we can be out of commission for a long time if killed," Yog reminded. "As for this one, it's hard for most to say. Eldritch have a lot of ways to reproduce. Sometimes we accidentally make children, or we fight and our severed body parts will come together into something new. And some, well, just don't care for being parents."

"Personal experience?" Issei asked, noting a tone to Yog that was between bitter and annoyed.

"Let's just say there's a reason I don't visit my parents. You'll find out eventually," Yog answered idly.

Deciding to change the subject, he brought the topic back to their meeting with the devils. "So, Rias and Sona. When are they coming back?"

"Oh, they decided to wait a week, spend some time in the Underworld," Yog answered with a smile. "So, we both know your ulterior motives for Rias, but why did you throw Sona in too?"

Issei smiled. "Well, I got the feeling that neither really wanted to leave like that, so I thought I'd give them an easy excuse to come back if they wanted. Still, makes me feel a bit stupid. If I thought to do this earlier, we might have saved them that fight on the train."

"Yes, if you thought about going to talk to the Devils back when you still thought that your title of Kungur was ceremonial at best," Yog retorted sarcastically. "Issei, for an Eldritch, you caught on very fast. For a non-Eldritch, you still caught on pretty quick."

"I'll have to take your word for it," Issei mused.

They all paused as there was a ring at the doorbell.

"Huh, wonder who that is," Issei commented but made no move to answer it, knowing his parents were home.

Yog tilted her head. "Hmm, your mother's coming."

Right as she said that there was a knock at the door. "Umm, Issei? There are some classmates here to see you?" his mother informed with a bewildered voice.

"Cla- I'll be right down, Mom!" Issei answered, turning to an impish Yog. "...You took us back in time for that meeting, didn't you?"

"Yep! It made everything a lot smoother and easier to deal with," Yog assured.

"Oh damn, no wonder they were worried. They just got off the train after all that, and then we showed up like that!" Issei said with a groan.

"Relax. There would have been more panic if we waited or gave them a heads up," Yog assured. "Now best hurry before I have to start slowing down time for us to have a longer conversation."

Issei didn't know if wanted to thank Yog or flip her off, ultimately sighing as he headed out the door. His mother was still there. "Hey, Mom. Who is it? I'm guessing not the guys."

"Oh, they're not guys of any kind," his mother said, eyeing Issei with narrowed eyes. "Issei, have you been up to anything?"

"Nothing you're imagining," Issei said with a sigh as he headed down the stairs to the front door.

He opened it and...blinked at the very surprising sight.

He wasn't too surprised by the presence of Akeno, smiling her very ara-ara smile at him as she looked away from whatever conversation she had been having.

It was her partner that got his surprise, if only because she was with Akeno, to begin with.

"Aza?" he greeted in surprise.

The Eldritch Queen grinned. "Issei, I think I made a friend today~!"

"The feeling is mutual, Aza," Akeno said with a giggle.

Yog blinked as she observed the encounter from up in the bedroom. "Huh...I didn't see that one coming."

End of Chapter

Aza is freinds with Akeno. Welp, good thing Issei's a pervert, he'd be doomed otherwise.

But, yes, Issei did his first act as King of the Eldritc, which was basically telling the Devils that they and the rest of the supernaturals can cool their tits. While that might not help everyone, it's at least a turn in the right direction.

And Yog's greatest use as an advisor is giving Issei extra time to think about what decisions he makes. Oh, but most importantly, yeah, the air got cleared and everyone now bluntly knows that Issei the King of the Eldritch. Not in effect, not figuratively, but literally. Because everyone has a hard time wrapping their head around that Aza being here just because she's in love. Which somehow just adds to the humor.

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