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The moon shone dimly in the pitch-black sky, emitting weak rays of light. Darkness, the perfect cover for predators to strike, it is when Death Eaters gather. Screams filled the air, but the trees surrounding serves as a sound barrier, muffling it, confining it within the clearing. A man lay writhing on the forest floor in pain, in the middle of a circle of hooded wizards, all wearing black cloaks and white masks. They were unmoved by his pleads and screams, but the one with pale skin and crimson eyes seemed to take pleasure in his torture, watching not the screaming man, but the reactions of his followers. He finally lifted the curse, and hissed, "That was just a taste of what I do to incompetent fools. Do not disappoint me again."

Avery got up painfully, and bent to kiss hem of his master's robes. "Yes, my Lord," he said weakly and then took his place in the circle once again.

The Dark Lord looked at each and every one of his followers before speaking. "We are close to our goal of purifying the wizarding world of muggles, of controlling those weaklings. The ministry is incompetent, governed by fools. It will not be long until they fall. However, Dumbledore and his muggle-loving followers are opposing us at every turn. Especially one James Potter who has uncovered several attacks and captured at least 26 Death Eaters just in the last raid. This is intolerable! But no matter, he has signed his death warrant the moment he chose to oppose me." He smiled maliciously. "A certain faithful rat has told me where they are hiding under the Fidelius Charm. It's time we pay him a visit."

It was Halloween. James and Lily were relaxing in the front room after dinner, their son, Harry, was already asleep and tucked in his little cot. Their hands were entwined, and Lily rested her head on James' shoulders. It was a peaceful night. Or seemed like it.

Somehow James could not shake off the ominous feeling that something is going to happen. Then he felt it. The wards protecting the house, it was being broken down, weakening.

"Lily! I want you to go upstairs to Harry. Stay in the room. If you hear anything -"

Crash. The door was blasted open.

James hurriedly pushed Lily towards the stairs. "Go! It's him! Take Harry and run! I'll hold him off." Lily stared at him with wide eyes, hesitating. "Go!"

She stumbled up the stairs, fear blinding her. Harry. I have to keep Harry safe.

Lily heard more crashes and spells casting downstairs. Shouting. Screams. Silence.

No! Not James. James…Silent tears fell, but fear kept the grief at bay. Fear. For her child's life. Footsteps echoed behind as the Death Eaters searched the place.

She burst into the nursery, picked Harry up from his cot and hugged him to her chest tightly, her back to the door.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" a sneer came from behind, and Lily froze.

She gasped as a hand yanked at her hair suddenly, forcing her to look into the white mask of the Death Eater. His lips curled humorlessly as he saw the apparent terror in her face.

"Well, hello Mrs Potter. Aren't you a pretty thing? My Lord will be pleased."

Lily shrank back in revulsion but his grip forced her to move as he dragged her down the stairs. The front room was a wreck, and James' body lay still near the wall at the other end, amidst shattered glass. Several Death Eaters stood before one similarly dressed man. Except he did not wear a mask.

"My Lord." The Death Eater bowed before the man. "I found her upstairs."

The Dark Lord lifted Lily's chin with a finger, his cold red eyes inspecting her like one would inspect an animal. Lily flinched at his touch, but he only smiled chilly and released her. She was caught off balanced and fell backward. His attention shifted to the baby cradled in her arms.


"No! Not Harry!" Lily tried to grab her child from him but two hands were restraining her, one Death Eater on each side.

"Please, don't hurt him! I'll- I'll do anything!"

The Dark Lord pretended to reconsider. "Very well. Kill your husband."

"I- I can't… please… don't-" Lily was torn between the two choices.

Voldemort set the baby down on the sofa. "Who do you want to save? Him?" he pointed his wand at the unconscious James, "Or your child?"

Lily had no answer, only saying, "Please… have mercy…"

Voldemort only laughed cruelly. "Since you can't make up your mind, I shall decide then. "

He raised his wand at the baby, "Avada -"

"No!" Lily broke free of her restrains and rushed forward to shield Harry.

"- Kedavra!" A flash of green light rushed towards Lily, blinding her, enveloping her, killing her.

Silly girl. Your husband was already dead.

He turned to his watching followers. "Why did you let her get free?"

The two Death Eaters fell to their knees and started to placate their Lord. "Forgive me… sorry my Lord… won't happen again…"


Painful screams.

Then heavy breathing as they tried to recover from the bout of torture.

"There will be no next time." It was a warning, and a dismissal.

"Yes, yes, my Lord." They hurriedly scrambled to their feet and each disappeared with the sound of swishing cloaks as they Apparated away.

Voldemort turned towards to baby, still debating what to do with him. Usually he would just kill everyone in the family, but there was something different about the child. He could feel it.

"Serpensortia!" a green and white diamond backed snake shot out of the end of the wand.

The snake turned to him and he hissed //go to the child. Tell me what you sense. //

The snake obeyed and slithered forth, hissing and coiling loosely around the child, flicking out its tongue, tasting, sensing. The child only looked through his bright green eyes at the snake, not at all afraid, instead seemed fascinated with the snake, stretching out his tiny hands towards the snake, wanting to touch it.

Voldemort looked at this display in interest, the way the child and snake interacted.

An unusual child. Still not crying, after all that happened, not even a sound. Most babies would have been wailing away, but this child…

//what do you sense?// Voldemort was growing impatient.

//power.// the snake hissed.

//dark or light?//

The snake circled the child, and flicked its tongue out to touch his nose. The child giggled in delight.


//what?// That sounded different.

//the child can Speak.// the snake finally answered.

Voldemort was shocked, but he heard it again.


It did not come from either the snake or himself; the only possibility was from the child.

//dark or light?// he asked again.

//he is still young.//

There is potential then… interesting turn of events. The Dark Lord waved his wand and the snake vanished in a small puff of green smoke. He scrutinized the child carefully before making up his mind and picked up the child. Surveying the damage then staring at the child thoughtfully, he cast a few more spells and Disapparated.

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