Chapter 2 - True Beauty

It had been two days since it all had become real. The storm had died down and was now nothing but a slightly heavy downpour. He had decided to accept this as reality because even if it wasn't it was much better than actual reality. He had made himself familiar with his new body, discovering what a pain in the ass it was to groom a two and a half feet long beard every morning, but he decided to not shave it, after all, it looked magnificent. He had also made an effort towards learning to control his new tentacles.

He had gotten used to it but it still felt alien and familiar at the same time, as if this had been always his body. He had also discovered that he now had gills and an additional pair of transparent eyelids which would probably protect his eyes when he was submerged in water, but he did not have a chance to go swimming yet. Just like he hadn't had a chance to test his fighting skills yet, he was afraid he would damage 'The Survivor' if he did, so he postponed it.

He was currently looking through the freight lists, he had a rough list of what they had already in his head, but he did not know the didn't have to worry about supplies, for now, he was also sure that he would be able to sell some of their materials to make some money, the only problem was that he did not know the values of this world. Of much would he have to charge for 10 ingots of Adamantite, or anything at that.

It was at this point that he heard a faint knock on his door. "Aye".

In came the Princess accompanied by the boy in shining armor. The boy had a fresh and nasty burn scar on his left temple, the hair around it was shaved off, probably to be able to treat it properly.

"Ah, sit down. You feeling better boy?"

"Yes thank you." He could still see him wince as water droplets rant down the scar.

"Good good. Now, princess, Plihg hasn't spotted your escort yet, so we will have to discuss on how to proceed further."

"Yes, that is why I came here Captain Grayhate. Might I ask who this Plihg is?"

"Plihg is our lookout up in the crow's nest. I would tell you he has the best eyes on my crew, but he doesn't have any."

"He doesn't have eyes? Then why is he assigned to lookout?"

"Well, he is a skeleton so he doesn't need them."

"You use Undead?" For a second he could see the disgust on the princess's face as well as her bodyguards. But the princess was quick to hide it, the boy not so much.

"I don't use him. He asked to accompany me on my ship and I allowed it. I don't care what you are. Haven't you seen our musicians yet?"

"No, I don't believe so. I have heard them from the deck, but I was with Climb to look over his recovery."

"You should watch it tonight. Now Princess, tell me. Do you want us to get you to that Roble place or search for your escorts?"

"Well, before I decide that I wanted to ask you something. You said you had never heard of-"

"CAPTAIN! SHIP SIGHTED AT 7 O'CLOCK." He furrowed his brows.

"Come. That may be your escort."

He didn't wait for them as he went outside, immediately being greeted by rain pouring into his face. He went up to the helm to where Shacklegear was, the golem immediately handed him a spyglass that had extended out of his chest. What he saw behind them was a three-masted ship holding a course directly towards them.

"Princess. That country of yours, is the flag something white on black ground in between two red stripes?"

"Yes, Captain."

"Great. Reel in the sails. Drop the anchor. Turn port so we face them."


He himself went to the helm and turned it slightly port using the remaining momentum. "Princess. Please return to my quarters, you shouldn't wait in the rain. When they indeed are your escorts I will call for you or some of them will come over." He was fairly sure that even if the ship was hostile they would be able to sink it. 'The Survivor' was at least three times the size of that ship.

"Captain, the individuals on the ship are armed and seem ready to fight. They also have to canons on the bow loaded and ready."

"Thanks, Plihg."

"Load five of our port canons, that should be enough, should they attack us." He was glad he had sent the princess inside, she didn't need to hear that command.

After almost an hour the ship had reached them. He could see soldiers battle-ready on deck as well as three rather strange individuals that just like the players of Ygdrasil had rather exotic looking equipment.

"I am Captain Bill Grayhate of 'The Survivor' what are your intentions?" He shouted down to the ship whose deck was almost thirteen feet below him.

"We are the adamantine rank adventurer group Blue Roses. We are supposed to escort someone but lost them in the storm two days ago. Have you seen them?" The one who spoke had been a blonde woman in light armor, with a massive black bastard sword, held in both hands.

"Shacklegear. Tell the Princess that a group called Blue Rose is here. Ask her if they are her escorts." After quietly giving his orders he turned back towards the other ship. "Is your employer the third Princess of the Re-Estize Kingdom?"

He saw hope flashing up in their eyes. At this point, Shacklegear returned to his side. Upon seeing him fully for the first time the adventurers tensed up again.


"Very well." He took a Rope ladder and threw it over the railing. "You three come on board. Shacklegear bring them to me." With that, he turned around and went to his cabin under the helm.

Inside he saw the Princess standing in front of the couches. "The Golem told us that Blue Rose is here? Is that true?"

"Yeah, the three of them are coming on board right now. And his name is Ol'Shacklegear." He saw the boy furrow his brows as he told them that there were only three of them.

He sat down on the right couch again and waited. Shortly after he could hear the heavy steps of Shacklegear accompanied by the hissing of his valves.

"CAPTAIN." the Golem entered followed by the three adventurers. Along with the blond-haired one was a massive warrior woman, at least as bulky as that man Gazef. Adorned in heavy crimson armor. As well as a small figure wearing a mysterious mask, the rest of her body being completely wrapped in a red mantle.

The two big women both had their weapons lowered but still drawn, whereas he expected the small figure to be a magic caster. Upon seeing the princess the one he assumed to be their leader since she was also the one who had spoken for them, immediately rushed to the princess and embraced her in a hug.

"Renner I am so glad you are alright. We found debris from your ship and thought we had been too late."

"It is alright Lakyus. Captain Grayhate saved us." At this point, he just raised a hand to greet them.

"Thank you Grayhate-dono. But might I ask who you really are? Not only your crew consisting of...Curious individuals, but you also have the aura of a seasoned Warrior about yourself."

"As I said, I'm the Captain of 'The Survivor', this ship. My crew is my crew, I don't see what you mean."

At this point, he magic caster piqued up. "What we want to know is why your crew consists of so many nonhumans."

"Why shouldn't it. They are all experienced sailors and have sailed with me for a long time."

"And you?"

"What about me?"

"What are you? Are you truly just a human?"

The princess intervened with shock on her face. "Evileye, that is rude, he saved-"

"No." Everyone looked shocked at him as he exclaimed this fact. Immediately raising their weapons. "Lower your weapons, even if I am not human, If I had meant you harm, I wouldn't have let you on board, but just fired a broadside and sunk your ship before you could have done anything."

"If you are not Human why did you save the princess?" The Adventurers had positioned themselves between himself and the princess. Weapons still raised.

"I assume your name is Lakyus right? Because her ship was sinking. I will not abandon a ship that is sinking unless I sunk it myself. Almost all of my crew was saved from me out of shipwrecks that I happened upon." He stood up and drew his Cutlass. "And now drop your weapons or I'll personally throw you overboard." He had enough, he had been nice and polite this whole time and they were still pointing their weapons at him.

From behind him, he could hear Shacklegear getting ready for battle as a blade emerged from his right arm, while his left one extended a valve belonging to a flamethrower.

"Lakyus, please. Lower your weapons."

"Princess, please stay behind us. We will now return to our ship." The group slowly pushed towards the door. He just followed them with his eyes, slowly turning with their movements.

"I have three things to say about that. First, I believe that is still the Princess decision. Second, I think you're forgetting everyone else that we rescued from that wreck. Third." At this point, he smirked. "What do you think, how will my crew react if you leave like that, weapons drawn pointed towards me? I don't know your strength, but I know that you would not win a fight."

At this, the group froze up. "I had hoped to forge friendly relations upon coming here, to this new world. But it seems that won't be possible."

"New World?" The Mage asked.

"I have no reason to tell you any more child."

"Don't call me child! I am much older than you!"

"I heavily doubt that, or are you older than 200 years?" According to the lore, a Seafolk can only evolve into a Deep One after 200 years, so technically I am not lying.

"Yes, I am." Her hands immediately covered her mask where her mouth would be as if she had just told a secret.

"So you distrust me and my crew for largely being inhuman, but you aren't one yourself." He pointed his weapon towards the couch. "Why don't you sit down and we talk about this like civilized people. This is your last chance."

"Why should we trust you?"

"I have done nothing to offend or provoke you, except existing."

"You threatened to throw us overboard."

"After you came in here weapons drawn and then pointed them at me. It was no threat, merely what I would do with you if you wouldn't drop your weapons. And that still is the case, so I suggest you take my offer."

The first to move was the Princess who sat back down on the couch, immediately following her was the boy who had laid down his weapon before following her.

"Renner. What are you doing." Shortly after that followed the Mage who had mumbled something before.

"Evileye. What has gotten into-"

"This is our only chance Lakyus. I just tried to teleport, but something is preventing me. There is no escape."

"Why do you say there is no escape. I am not holding you. You came out of your own free will and if you want to leave you just have to sheathe your weapons and leave."

Their leader was still not satisfied. "If we don't return in the next few minutes they will fire the canons and sink your ship."

Now he was angry. "Listen Child." He spat out these words. "I have tolerated you insulting my crew and me, tolerated you drawing your weapons. And now you threaten my ship? Even I have limited patience." He could have sworn he felt the storm outside intensifying again. "Should these idiots even so much as move to fire the canons, that ship will be torn to pieces faster than you can leave this room." He took a step forward, not noticing the Killing Intent he was exuding. "I hope you like my ship because you won't easily leave. VERA!"

The door immediately flew open as a female dwarf came in. Her head was shaven clean with scars and tattoos all over it. She was holding a blunderbuss in her hands.

"Throw this woman into the brig."

"Aye, Captain." None of her comrades dared to move still being paralyzed by the aura he was projecting. After the woman had been taken by Vera he slowly calmed down.

"Sorry about that, but she took it to far." He sat down opposite to the princess, putting his Cutlass away. The giant women had gone to stand behind the couch beside the boy, while the Magic Caster and the Princess sat opposite from him, they all had a terrified expression on their face.

"Now like I said. I would have wished to form good relations, but well. Princess, I assume after this you would wish to be just left alone with your escorts? I will not force you to stay on my ship, but that woman will have to stay."

"No no. I would appreciate it if you would accompany us Captain Grayhate. Might I ask what will happen to Lakyus?"

"For now she'll stay in the brig. After that, she'll have to work here, after which we will release her in some harbor of her choice." He stood up. "Then you are free to leave. I believe you should talk to the Captain of your ship, we would also need maps to chart our own course, or at least know which direction we would be sailing." Before waiting for their answer he went to the back of the room and out onto the balcony.

The storm indeed had gotten stronger again. The anger of a deep one is supposed to call forth storms. Does that mean all Flavor Text has become real? He put a hand to the side of his neck, where he felt his gills. Should I try it? He was unaware that the Princess hadn't left the room yet and was slowly coming towards him when he hoisted himself over the railing and into the sea below.

He felt the impact on the water which should have been significant considering the height from which he had jumped. Instead if felt as if there was almost no resistance at all. He instinctively held his breath, but he could feel his gills move on their own and taking in water to allow him to breathe.

He slowly opened his eyes as he sunk deeper and deeper, despite the little light he could see perfectly and what he saw was breathtaking. A giant shoal of fish swimming in his direction parting to pass around him. Below him, he could see rocks covered by algae of all shapes and colors. It was truly beautiful.

He could feel through the water something approaching him from behind. As he turned he saw a massive Tiger Shark, but he could feel that the creature meant him no harm. As he sunk to the bottom he sat down and motioned for the shark to come closer.

He didn't know how long he had sat here patting the shark who eventually left. Leaving him to just gaze at the beauty. Slowly the Algae began to glow in all their different colors, painting an absolutely magnificent landscape, like never he had seen before. He had seen many pictures of the sea back in his world, he had once even seen the Great Barrier Reef of Australia before it had withered away. But all of that was nothing compared to what was in front of him.

He could see a figure approaching him from the surface. It was a blue-skinned man, wearing only a pair of pants, a net wrapped around his torso with a harpoon in hand.

"What is it Bulmir." He panicked as he opened his mouth thinking the water would flow in and drown him. But even though the water flowed in, it did not feel as if he was drowning. He could feel his lungs starting to filter the water just like his gills.

"I wanted to check up on you Captain. You have been down here for hours and ignored every message Rigla has sent you." The Seafolk was now hovering beside him.

"She sent messages? I must have blocked them out, but look at this. Can you blame me? This is the true beauty of the ocean. This is why I love sailing. This and the thrill."

"No, it indeed is beautiful. But the human ship is getting restless even though the Princess returned. Also, Hawk and Klir are starting their performance. I thought you want to know."

He stood up. "Well, then I should return." He swam through the water without a problem even though he was just moving his lower legs. He had never felt so free. Shortly after he could see 'The Survivor' as well as the hatches in its bottom that allowed entry from beneath. He decided he would pay a visit to the brig on his way up, just to see how that woman was doing.

With that thought, he went towards the middle one of the three hatches. After emerging from the water and setting foot on the boat again, he went towards the door and made his way through the bowels of his ship, leaving behind a trail of water as he was still soaking wet.

He quickly arrived at the brig which consisted of 8 cells closed off with adamantine bars. There beside a wardrobe on a simple wooden bank sat Wet Peete. Someone that could only be described as a stereotypical looking pirate, with an eyepatch, peg leg and currently smoking a pipe. He was the Jailor of his crew. On his shoulder sat a bright orange, blue and green Parrot.

"Captain." Peete raised his pipe to greet him.

"Peete, Stilg. Give me that women's sword."

"Aye Captain." While Peete stood up and went to the cabinet to retrieve the sword the parrot flew over to him.

"Oh my Captain, Might this one ask what is in store for that lady?" His voice was nothing like one would expect from a parrot, instead, it had a very clear and sophisticated pronunciation and the parrot itself was probably one of the most polite of his crew members.

"I'm about to tell her. You can listen if you want."

"This one would be most delighted to witness the judgement." Man am I glad I configured most NPCs to act friendly and normal to me. I would not last a day if they all acted like Stilg. I had enough of that at the company and it has been too long since then, I would have no idea how to react to that.

At this point, Peete handed him the black bastard Sword. "Thanks. You can go on deck and enjoy yourself with the Others."

"Alright Captain. Stilg you coming later?"

"But of course dear friend, but before that, this one will witness the judgement of our prisoner."

With that Peete left and Bill continued to the only occupied cell. There on the bench sat the Girl. The way she looked at him was calmer than before, but there was still some anger in them. He couldn't blame her after all he had imprisoned her here.

"You calmed down yet?" He leaned the sword on one of the support beams in between the cells where the keys for the cells were hanging.


"Great. Then I will now tell you what I will do with you." At this, he sensed fear welling up in her. "You will work here on my ship. Once I deem your punishment fulfilled, we will let you off in a harbor of your choice."

"What about my team?"

"The Princess has asked us to accompany her to Roble, so if you work hard enough I will let you disembark together with them. First, you will need other clothes. Your current ones aren't good for sailing. I will assign someone to you. You will do what they say. Sound acceptable?"

"Do I have other options?"

"You can refuse. Then you will just be left in here. And I will let you out in a year. So do you accept?"

She lowered her head in resignation. "Yes."

"Great." He extended one of his tentacles and grabbed the key to her cell.

"Eeek." He raised an eyebrow at that high pitched scream.

"You already knew I wasn't human, this shouldn't surprise you."

"You didn't say you had a tentacle for your arm."

"It's actually nine." She scurried away from him, trying to press herself through the wall of the ship.

"What are you?"

"I am called a Deep One. I doubt you have heard of it." He unlocked her cell. "You can have your sword back, but it goes without saying that should you try to attack any crew member, regardless of their race and appearance, I will throw you overboard without hesitation. So why don't you come and enjoy the night, there is a little party on deck like usual. It'll also be your chance to get food." With that he left.

The woman quickly picked up her sword and followed him through the labyrinth of the ship's innards.

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