Chapter 1: The Human Who is Demon

Why am I running? Where am I going? Where am I?

The leaves crunched under my feet, branches snagged at me.

Am I being chased? Or am I the chaser?

The moon, full and white, suddenly turned red. A scream was heard up ahead, and I jumped into the air. Landing with a thud on top of my victim, my nails turned into claws, and I sunk them deep into the chest of the doomed person.

"AHHH!" A young girl woke up screaming, the continuous nightmare waking her up once more, just before dawn. Panting, she looked around the room frantically for any sign of danger. She checked her wrists, and there were the same marks.

Silver stripes, one on each wrist, never stayed visible for long. She sighed, and grabbed a towel as she headed to the shower.

For years now, she'd been having very similar dreams at least 3 times a month. Now, just starting that year, she had been having the same dream almost every night. Even when she talked to her school friends about it, they didn't know or cared what it meant.

She stripped off her nightgown and got into the shower, the warm water relaxing her usual tense muscles in the morning. She, Myou Naito, a high school foreign exchange student from the U.S.A. in Japan, wasn't having the best of luck so far. Summer had just began in Japan, and that meant she was going home soon.

She would miss her new friends here in Japan dreadfully, but her family missed her even more. She sighed and thought over this as she shampooed her long, dark brown hair, her equally dark brown eyes looking out the window. The beautiful garden that the Lien's kept was what greeted Myou's gaze. The cherry blossoms on the cherry trees were a brilliant pink-white as the morning light washed over the petals like gold water over a black rose.

After getting dressed in her summer outfit, a blue-fire shirt and jeans, Myou ran down the steps, two at a time, to the dining room, where she made herself some pancakes.

"Good morning, Myou," Mr. Lien said as he walked in 10 minutes later, tea in one hand and his brief case in the other. "Sleep well?"

"I had the same nightmare, Mr. Lien." She said quietly, while drowning her pancakes in syrup.

Mr. Lien stopped in his tracks, and took a sip of his tea.

"Talked to any of your friends at school about it?" He asked worriedly.

Myou just shook her head. "No, but a few of them told me to try and talk to a girl named Kagome, who has been absent for almost the whole school year. They've pointed her out to me before, but she's always studying and making up for her lost days." She paused to eat a few bites of pancake. " So I haven't been able to stop and talk to her. Now that school is out, I most likely won't be able to talk to her." Myou stopped and sipped some orange juice after relaying this to Mr. Lien.

All he did was nod, before his son, Kai Lien, walked in.

The rest of the day was normal enough.

Myou went to the arcade with her friends, and saw a few new movies afterwards. Ate some ice cream and beat the local guys at Air Hockey, while she planned with her friends on what to do the next day.

As she walked up the walkway, she waved good-bye to her friends while licking her orange sherbet ice cream cone.

"And don't forget to go meet Kagome!" Sally called out to Myou.

"She lives two blocks from you!" Molly shouted before turning the corner.

Myou just smiled, and went up to her room.

She locked her door closed, and opened up the window. A strong summer gust rustled the tree branches, and her long brown hair, now down and out of its normal ponytail, waved in the wind as it tousled her hair. Her brown eyes reflected the full moon's light, as she looked at the night sky with determination.

"I'm going to find out what's wrong with me, even if I have to stay up all night to find out!" Myou told herself, as the wind picked up once more. She walked over to her bed, and sat down on the edge of it, looking in the mirror over her dresser.

The white moonlight seemed to make her eyes look silver, her hair black, and her face more menacing. But then she saw something that made her think twice.


They looked like black dog-ears on the top of her head, and her normal ears weren't on her head anymore.

She reached up to touch the ears she thought she was seeing, and when she did feel them, and the ears twitched, she fell onto the floor, frightened.

Why do I have dog-ears?! Her thoughts were panicky.

She looked at her normally short, bitten nails, to find long, sharp, claw- like nails in their place. Then her gaze fell onto her wrists, and she saw them.

The silver stripes.

In the moonlight they shone menacingly, like silver blood. Myou couldn't remove her eyes from staring at the stripes. Suddenly she got the urge to run outside, run until she couldn't run any longer. She picked up a scent of somebody. Somebody not human.

Leaping up onto the windowsill, Myou looked outside, her now silver eyes scanning the street. The wind tossed her black hair, before she leaped down to the ground, and started to follow the scent.

"I just need a week off, ok Inu-Yasha? I have plans with my family, and I can't just ditch them."

"Stupid Kagome, and we're so close to finding all of the Shikon Shards." Inu-Yasha grumbled, as he headed towards the well.

Inu-Yasha, a half demon from Sengoku Jidai Japan, has been on the hunt for the Shikon Shards to put the Shikon Jewel back together, so that Inu-Yasha will become a full demon, is his life-long goal.

The full moon light washed over his silver hair as Inu-Yasha headed off to the ancient well that led him between the time he was from, and Kagome's time.

Inu-Yasha leapt up onto the edge of the well, ready to jump down and return to his time when a scent in the air brought him to a halt. He turned around, and sniffed the air.

"Half-Demon." He smirked, as left the edge of the well.

Wonder if this half-demon has any Shikon Shards? Inu-Yasha thought as he followed the scent. The moonlight glinted off of Tetsusaiga's sheath, as Inu-Yasha continued.

Suddenly, the half-demon streaked by him, and ripped the sleeve of his haroi. Inu-Yasha quickly reached out and snagged the half-demon by the wrist, and stopped it from running away.

"Don't you even think that you'll be able to get away from me THAT easily, you-!" He cut himself short when his gaze fell onto the dog-ears of this half-demon, and the claw-like nails. Inu-Yasha's gold-yellow eyes grew wide, and his grip loosened on this half-demon's wrist. He noticed that it was a young girl, who looked about Kagome's age, maybe a year older.

She took the chance to get out of his grasp, and stood 5 feet away from Inu- Yasha, unsure of whom this weird thing was, that looked similar to her. Her silver eyes caught the light of the moon; the silver stripes glinted in the light.

Who is he? Where did he come from? Is he like me?

Inu-Yasha couldn't believe what he was seeing. Another half-dog demon? It couldn't be! Inu-Yasha was still staring at her when Kagome came running down the back porch stairs after hearing some noise.

"Inu-Yasha, what's wrong-?" Kagome stopped when she spied a girl with long black hair, and. Ears? "Inu-Yasha? Who's THAT?!"

"I don't know, Kagome. I caught her scent before I was able to jump down the well." He still kept his gaze on this half-demon. "What's your name?" He demanded her.

The girl stood up more straight, and tossed her long black hair behind her head.

"My name is Myou, and I'm not sure why I'm out here, or why I'm in this strange form." She pointed at her ears, her hair, her eyes, and her hands. She looked over at Kagome, and her eyes brightened as if in recognizing an old friend. "You're Kagome, right?"

"Hold on there, Myou!" Inu-Yasha said, his hand on the Tetsusaiga. "Don't you dare get any closer to Kagome, you half-demon! How are we to trust you when you attacked me?" He said menacingly.

Myou shrank back, her eyes showing fear that Inu-Yasha only saw in humans.

"You aren't completely demon, are you?" He asked, his voice less menacing. "You're probably not even half-demon."

Myou's eyes flashed in the light.

"Demon? What's a demon? Is that what you and I are?" She asked, silver stripes appearing on her face.

Inu-Yasha about fell flat onto the ground, very shocked and surprised.

"You aren't even half-demon, ARE you?!" He asked, but not as menacing.

Myou just looked at him, the striped on her face becoming more solid.

Kagome, now over the shock of seeing another half-dog demon, noticed a light radiating off of this half-demon. She gasped.

"What's your problem now, Kagome?" Inu-Yasha asked, half irritated.

Kagome pointed at Myou.

"She. She has a Jewel shard in her!" Kagome looked shocked, and Inu-Yasha didn't know why.

"Well if she does, where is it, and why are you acting so shocked?" He demanded, irritated.

"It's in her heart." She whispered. "And I recognize her as Myou Naito, from school!"

Inu-Yasha cocked an eyebrow. "How is that a problem? She's not a friend of yours, is she?"

Kagome just looked at Myou, as the silver stripes became solid on her face, and Myou's eyes flashed dangerously.