Chapter 3: Myou Joins the Group, and Meets Someone New

After being equipped with a katana, Myou set off with Inu-Yasha and Kagome after breakfast to find the rest of their group. It didn't take too long. From far off, Myou could tell there was a monk, a young female warrior, and a small child, with what looked like a pet cat or fox.

"Hello, there!" The monk called out as soon as Kagome and Inu-Yasha were in hearing range. "Ready to do some more Shikon shard hunt-?" He spotted the third person traveling with the pair, and stopped talking. "Well well well, who's this new comer…?" He said mostly to himself.

"Get over yourself, Miroku," The warrior growled at the monk. "Aren't you ever going to give up?"

"Aww, is Sango getting jealous?" Miroku teased, and was promptly slapped across the face the second his hand brushed against her thigh.

"Hey everybody!" Kagome said cheerfully as the threesome reached the group. "How are ya today?"

"We're doing wonderfully this morning, Kagome," Miroku said, though he was distracted by the newcomer, who also wore strange clothes, perhaps even stranger than Kagome's. "And who is this lovely lady over here?" Not wasting any time, as usual, Miroku made his way over to the new girl. Myou, confused, just stood there and smiled nervously as the monk approaching her.

"Hello miss," He began, and he took her hand. "My, you are lovely. May I ask of your name?" Miroku flashed a smile.

"Myou," Myou replied, while she noted that the girl was glaring at him, as if waiting for something to happen.

"I'm Miroku," He introduced himself, and held her hand up. "Would you, Myou, do me the honor of bearing my child?"

This was the last thing Myou expected to hear from a monk, so she was taken aback.

"Ok, Miroku, enough of THAT!" The warrior side-kicked Miroku in the head which knocked him off balance. "You ask that of EVERY girl you see!"

"Well, I never got an answer from you, Sango," Miroku called back to the warrior now known to Myou as Sango.

"Yes, I have!" She growled at him. "Doesn't the knocking your brains out of your thick skull equal 'No' in your head!"

"Nope," Miroku said with a smug smile, which drove Sango to wanting to punch his lights out again. Kagome decided that this was the best time to interrupt.

"This, everybody, is Myou. She's from my time, and she's paying us a visit," Kagome informed everyone.

"She's not just human!" A little kid, who had a tail and odd-shaped feet, piped in. This had been puzzling Myou for awhile by now. The child jumped up and landed on her head. He sniffed her a few times. "She's also part demon! Dog, to be precise!"

"Shippou, be nice," Sango scolded him gently. "This is Shippou, our little kitsune," She explained to Myou, who had the clear look of confusion on her face.

"Fox demon? That's cool!" She looked up and smiled at Shippou. "How do you do?" Myou said with a smile.

"I'm doing fine," Shippou said, smiling back with kitsune eyes.

"So, you're a half demon as well?" Miroku asked, as he rubbed the side of his sore face.

"I guess you could put it that way," She replied. But there was a 'Feh' that soon followed.

"She's not even half," Inu-Yasha said, putting his two sense into the conversation. "She's only here because Kagome said she'd be safer here."

Kagome eyed Inu-Yasha.

"But I thought it was YOUR idea, Inu-Yasha, to bring a complete stranger back to your time, just because she's part demon…?" She asked, waiting for a reply.

Inu-Yasha, realizing he had been caught, tried to cover it up.

"That's not true," He said. "You're the one who said to take her back here."

Before their argument could escalate, Myou interrupted.

"It doesn't matter how I got here, it's just important that I'm here, ne?" She asked with a smile. Silence followed.

"Yes, you're exactly right, Myou," Miroku said, as he continued to stare at Myou. She was ignoring him for now.

The wind suddenly picked up, and everyone except Myou noticed.

"Something big is coming this way," Inu-Yasha said in a low voice, glaring in the direction of the gust. Confused, Myou just stood there, looking around, trying to figure out what was going on. Soon, there was a low tremor in the ground, shaking the ground. As Inu-Yasha had said, something big was coming, and it was coming straight for them.

A low, threatening growl was heard, and some trees came crashing down, as an abnormally HUGE wolf jumped out of the forest and landed several yards away from Inu-Yasha and the group. Startled, Myou jumped and took several steps back, staring, horror-stricken by this giant wolf.

"Don't tell me it's one of Kouga's underlings!" Inu-Yasha shouted, half angry, have annoyed.

"There is a jewel shard in its snout, Inu-Yasha!" Kagome shouted out, as the half demon ran into battle. Myou watched as the silver-haired hanyou rushed forward and immediately began attacking the wolf. Myou noticed a slight change in the wind, and she heard what sounded like a whirlwind. Quickly glancing over to her right, she saw what looked like a mini tornado come charging into the open field. No one else seemed to notice it at first, all being distracted by the huge wolf Inu-Yasha was fighting. She watched in amazement as a person emerged from the mini twister, and the twister ceased to exist.

"I was wondering what happened to that shard my guard's found…" She heard the stranger say aloud to no one in particular. He was a tall male with black hair up in a ponytail and headband tied around his head, like a warrior. Also, he was dressed in what appeared to be wolf fur. The man snapped his head up and his eyes locked with hers.

"What're you staring at?" He asked her, his eyes narrowing. With an 'Eep!' Myou took a few steps back, and then hid behind Sango. Sango, puzzled, looked at Myou.

"What's wrong, Myou?" She asked quizzically. Myou pointed in the direction of the man dressed in wolf furs, and Sango looked in that direction. "Aaa-! Kouga!" She said loud enough for Kagome and the others to hear. With a snarl, Inu-Yasha jumped down off of the wolf and turned his attention on Kouga.

"Get your underling out of this place, Kouga!" Inu-Yasha demanded of him, baring his fangs as he spoke. Kouga just glared at Inu-Yasha, his expression reading 'You're dumber than you look'.

"What do you THINK I'm doing, Mutt-Face!" Kouga snapped back at the hanyou. "I'm tired of wasting my breath on you. I originally came to retrieve my stray follower," He coolly explained, eyeing the wolf as he spoke. By this time, the wolf, under the influence of the Shikon Jewel shard, unable to recognize his leader, Kouga, lunged at him.

"You're gonna regret that!" Kouga leapt high into the air, landing atop of the wolf's head. The wolf went ballistic, and started to shake its head to offset Kouga, but it wasn't enough. With a cry aloud, Kouga thrust his clawed hand into the snout of the wolf, and ripped out the Shikon Jewel shard. With a yelp, the poor wolf collapsed, and with the Shikon shard removed, it returned to its former, normal size.

Kouga, having gracefully landed on the ground not too far away, went to his wolf, and knelt down. He examined the damage on its snout, and was about to hoist it up over his shoulder, when Myou suddenly made an appearance by his side.

"GAH-! HEY! What're you doin' over here-!" Kouga began to demand, but was cut off as he watched the girl ripped off a strip of her clothing, and began to bandage the wounded wolf, wrapping the cloth strip around the top of its muzzle. "Eh..! Why're you doin' this to my wolf..!"

"I just wanted to be of help," Myou explained with a smile, as she tied off the bandage. "That should help until you can assist him later."

"Who are you?"

"Why should you care, you mangy wolf!" Broke in Inuyasha, annoyed with the appearance of the wolf demon.

"It's none of your business, Mutt!" Kouga retorted back menacingly.

"What'd you say-!" Inuyasha began to say, but was cut of by something he couldn't prevent.

"Inuyasha, SIT!" Kagome shouted.

"GYAH-!" BAM! Went Inuyasha into the earth below him.

Growling out of frustration, Kouga eyed the now scolded hanyou. "Anyways," He continued, returning his attention to Myou. "Who are you?"

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