During all of the following week they all rehearsed and practiced and trained each day for their performances for the circus. Then came the opening day and they watched as dozens and dozens and dozens more of families gathered from outside into the tent and into their seats to watch the shows.

Then once everyone was seated, the lights went down and Kyle, who was the ringmaster of course, took his place I the center of the ring and spoke in a booming voice as he welcomed everyone and announced the first of the performances.

"Welcome everyone to the new edition of the Waldo and Williams Circus! For our first performance we have a new duo act originated by a fine man made of steel! Please give a hand for the rousing duo, Tyson the Tiger and Julio the Elephant, along with Nick Chopper the Tin Woodman from the Land of Oz!"

Then while the audience was thus engaged in their applause, the Tin Woodman strutted out into the ring while leader the baby tiger and elephant at either side of him. He then stood behind them and took a tin whistle from around his neck and blew on it.

Then at once Tyson leaped onto Julio's back and the little elephant began doing a dance around in the ring while many colored lights began flashing in all directions like steps to guide him in it. He leaped and bounded, turned around and reared up with his trunk extended, all with the little tiger sitting calmly on his back.

After this the audience cheered heartily. Then the Tin Woodman bowed deeply and then blew on his whistle again. Then Tyson leaped off of Julio's back and stood by his side. Then the Tin Woodman took a tin baton and began making motions with it in his hand. Then the tiger began making squeaky growls that were followed by very low and soft toots from the elephant. They

soon began doing this in a chorus as though singing a duet harmoniously.

Then after this the audience cheered again, the Tin Woodman bowed again, and then he blew on his whistle one more time. The Tyson leaped onto Julio's back again and stood up on his hind paws and held out his forepaws. Then the Tin Woodman took out a tiny silver ball and flung it into Tyson's open paws. He then began bouncing it up and around and then flung it forward and Julio caught hold of it in his trunk and tossed it back to Tyson, who then began tossing back a golden ball to him, then a red one, then a blue one, and back and forth again and again.

Then their acts were done. The audience gave a resounding applause as the Tin Woodman bowed again and then escorted the two baby animals away.

"And now," announced Kyle, "we have our new high-wire man, who is none other than Jack Pumpkinhead, also from the Land of Oz, along with our finest trapeze acts to date!"

The audience applauded vigorously as the lights shifted upward. Jack Pumpkinhead stood straight and tall on top of the very high and very thin wire and spread out his arms and began to walk across it. He had gone halfway when he took hold of his head and lifted it off of his neck. The audience gasped softly.

Then there a man on a trapeze came swinging upward toward him and took hold of his head and swung forward with it, then did an arc around the ring, and passed it onto a woman on another trapeze opposite him. She took it and swung back in a double arc, and then tossed it from a long distance to him again.

Then Jack, began walking along the tightrope once again. He held out his arms wide and in front of him as if waiting to catch his head. He reached the edge of the wire and then held his arms upward and his head was dropped from an unseen source from above onto his neck once again. The audience went wild with cheering. Then Jack,

caught up in the moment bowed, a little too low and lost his balance and fell from the tightrope.

He fell down and landed safely onto a trampoline that had been laid down for him in case of this. He held tightly to his head and got up again and bowed once again to the applauding audience.

"And now," Kyle the ringmaster announced, "we have our clowns, Looney Longfellow, and Silly Shoelong, together with the Scarecrow from the Land of Oz!"

The audience applauded with delight as the two clowns came into the ring along with the Scarecrow. Then Shoelong took off his left shoe and took hold of the Scarecrow and stuffed him fully into it with only his head sticking out. Then he began juggling it up and down and around. Then stopped momentarily and tossed it high up into the air and it then landed right side up on Looney Longfellow's head. After a few moments he took it off and bowed while holding it out and the Scarecrow dropped out of it fully upright and bowed also.

The audience erupted into laughter and applause. Then the Scarecrow unbuttoned the top three buttons on his jacket, and out leaped a tiny white mouse. The two clowns shrieked hysterically and began running all around him in circles while the mouse chased after them with them bumping into each other every second. When they finally became too dizzy to stand up any longer they both flopped down on the floor and and the mouse crawled up the Scarecrow again and hid itself in his jacket one again.

Then as the Scarecrow began bowing again and again to the cheering audience the two clowns looked at him reproachfully and went up behind him without him noticing and grabbed him each by an arm. The Scarecrow wiggled and wriggled as they turned him over and under as if they were wringing out a towel. Then they each rolled him up into a folded ball with his eyes peeking out from under his hat, and then began to pass him back and forth between each other, and bounce him up and down on the floor, and then Longfellow juggled him above him very fast, and then stepped away from him, leaving him

spinning horizontally in the air. Then, as if he were coming out of a cyclone, the Scarecrow unfolded and stood upright and erect facing the audience with a broad smile and took off his hat and bowed. The audience dissolved into hysterical laughter mixed with cheers and applause for the zany trio.

"And now," Kyle announced, "we have none other than young Carlyle the Magnificent Magician along with his partner, also from the Land of Oz, Mr. H.M. Wogglebug T.E.!"

The audience cheered as Carlyle walked into the ring alongside the Wogglebug. They bowed and then the Wogglebug took off his tall hat and handed it to Carlyle who reached into and pulled out a carrot. He then set the carrot on the floor and the hat beside it. Then suddenly the hat began trembling. It turned over and out hopped Bosco the Rabbit who began munching on the carrot.

As Bosco at the carrot the Wogglebug muttered words under his breath and the rabbit began growing larger and larger until he was as big as a

cow. The Wogglebug then pulled out his handkerchief from his vest pocket and began waving it and as he did it also began growing larger and larger until it was the size of a small bed-sheet.

Then he and Carlyle took hold of it and waved it in front of Bosco's eyes. They narrowed and he grunted and reared back on his hind legs and then made a great dash at both of them. He struck the white sheet they held out in front of them and seemed to disappear into it altogether. They held out in front of the audience to show the rabbit had vanished into it with his outline embroidered onto it.

The Wogglebug then took out a pair of scissors which he handed to Carlyle who cut out the rabbit's outline from the white sheet. Then the Wogglebug whispered something and in a great puff of sparkling pink smoke the rabbit reappeared, only he now was as tall as an average man and stood erect on his hind legs like one. He looked from between the two beside him and began to speak in a high pitched voice,

"Hey, what's the big idea!? I was asleep and now I'm awake! And I'm hungry, too! Give me a carrot!"

Then Carlyle held his hand out in front of the rabbit and he vanished again in a puff of smoke. Then the Wogglebug took his hat and put on his hand again. Then a look of surprise and confusion came over his face. Then the rabbit appeared as it was originally out from underneath it and began crawling down the Wogglebug's body which made him laugh and giggle.

Then the rabbit stood up on its hind legs and bowed along with the Wogglebug and Carlyle The audience cheered, and whistled, and applauded, and laughed like never before.

Then the remainder of the shows went on, and the circus was overall a huge success. Afterward, Kyle and the rest of the circus' members got together before the visitors from Oz and Kyle announced to the m with much pride,

"You all did your performances splendidly! The show has never been this successful in all of my time with it! So, to show you my gratitude to all of you, I am going to now give you each your check for three-thousand dollars apiece!

And he did. And the Wogglebug beamed and clapped his hands ecstatically as he exclaimed, "Then this means not only have raised the sum total to save the school building in time to, but we also have exceeded the amount needed!"

Then they all cheered together and gave each other a big long group hug.

So then the very next morning, the Wogglebug, accompanied by his companions, went straight to the mayor's office and presented him with the checks they had earned. He was much astonished at first to see them, but then he smiled and said pleasantly,

"Well, I can see these are all real. And a bargain is a bargain as always. So I will pass a bill to have the school reopened and also restored where it needs to be. And, I admit I actually rather relieved to be able to do so."

"Thank you, Mr. Mayor, sir," the Wogglebug said with a deep bow.

Then as he and his companions left the mayor's office they walked down the street and the Wogglebug proposed to them, "Why don't we go and take a look at the school the day it reopens? I'd love to see the children being happy to be where they want to be."

They all agreed to this. And so a couple days later they came by the school building and found to their delight many children were arriving to it droves to the sound of the morning bells. The Wogglebug, Scarecrow, and Jack Pumpkinhead were all smiling. Then the Wogglebug noticed a tear trickling down the cheek of the Tin Woodman beside him and he asked him,

"Are these tears of joy I see from you, old friend?"

The Tin Woodman turned slowly towards him and said softly, "I wish they were. As they should be on a day like this. But there are still many children working in those factories every day who are also liable to have such accidents. I wish we could do something to help to prevent these things from happening."

"So do I," agreed the Wogglebug solemnly. "After all, children shouldn't have to face such hardships. They should be free to enjoy their childhoods just as they deserve to. There must be something we can do." He thought for a minute or so, and then he said with a bright expression. "I know! We could get the people of the city together, from the most common to the most elite, and arrange for a public meeting about the child labor laws around here and thus raise awareness of the childrens' welfare!"

"What a brilliant idea!" agreed the Scarecrow.

And so over the next few weeks they made arrangements for the city meeting at Carnegie Hall about the Child Labor Laws. And at the meeting they met with Edgar Gardner Murphy, an American clergyman who proposed the National Child Labor Law Committee. And his proposal was met with overwhelming support among both men and women.

"It went over very well, it seemed," the Scarecrow said as they came out of the meeting.

"I only wish we could stop all the suffering in all of the world," added the Tin Woodman.

"Unfortunately, we cannot," said the Wogglebug. "All we can do is try to our best to make it better, and it always starts with children."