With their task of dehydrating the volcano now completed, they climbed halfway down and then they were picked up once again by the pterodactyl and flown back down to the ground where the dinosaur elders were waiting for them.

"We are most pleased to report to you we have been successful in our task," Mr. Wogglebug announced to them proudly.

"You have surely saved us all, dear friends," declared one of the dinosaur elders.

"I suppose we have," said the Scarecrow.

"And now we must get to the water cavern," said the Tin Woodman. "So that we can water the tree and you can have fresh water again."

"I fear that may not be as easy a task," said one of the dinosaur elders gravely. "For if the water

cavern does in fact exist it is locked tightly up behind those great rocks there." He pointed to the clusters of massive rocks that were on all sides of the volcano's base.

"So I see," Mr. Wogglebug said thoughtfully. "Well, I have a theory as for that. I have a theory that if we all, and by all I mean us, and as many of you dinosaurs as possible, and including what you call the lesser ones, all cooperate and work together to push and pull as many of the rocks away as possible then we can easily get into the water cavern."

The dinosaur elders now all looked at them and at each other as though they had been suggesting a most preposterous idea. But then finally one of them said, "Very well. If you are sure of this plan, then I'm sure we have good reason as of now to trust it."

"And you do," Mr. Wogglebug assured them.

And so then as many of the evolved dinosaurs were called together and many of he lesser ones were also brought with them. Then they all, with some instruction from the Oz visitors, combined all of their strength and will and pushed and pulled away the rocks at the volcano's base. They all nudged, budged, and chucked the rocks as much as they could, and it took them a very long time, quite a few hours, to do it with enough of them. But then, finally they had dislodged enough of the rocks to have made a large hole in the ground until it was big enough for the very largest of them to fit through.

"Very well done," Mr. Wogglebug said. "Now you see all that you can accomplish when you all work together, whether you are more or lesser of each other? And now," he continued, "if my calculations are correct there should be a very big cavern filled to the brim with cool, and clear fresh water that should last you all for ages if you are careful to preserve it and use it wisely. Now we'll need for one or two of you to go down and see if I am right."

So then one very large tyrannosaurus volunteered and went down into the hole along with a stone container to bring back a sample of the water in. He came up again a few minutes later and reported joyfully that there really was fresh water in an enormous cavern down there.

Everyone cheered, and then Mr. Wogglebug took the sample of water brought back to the spot where they had planted the palm tree seed and gave it all of the water.

"Now," he continued solemnly, "I shall apply a little bit of special magic which only we from Oz were allowed to have, and only for this time only. For all trees must take a much longer time to grow into their fullness. But you must see what can become of such a tiny thing when given all the proper care and attention that it requires."

He then stood and made gestures with his hands and muttered a few mysterious words to the seed. Then all at once the tree grew out from the ground, and sprouted its palm fronds and in between them also sprouted many large coconuts.

The dinosaurs all looked in awe, amazement, and astonishment at the new palm tree which held the very largest and the thickest palm fronds and the heaviest and juiciest looking coconuts they had ever seen also. Then one of the dinosaur elders stepped forward and said,

"It is the most miraculous thing we have ever seen. Can it be done more?"

"Absolutely," replied Mr. Wogglebug. "For there are many seeds contained within these coconuts and more seeds for many other plant life on this island, I'm sure. And if you will just keep on planting and replanting them you will all have enough vegetation to last all of your lifetimes. Just remember what I said, that they all require a lot of time, and care, and patience to grow. Just like children do, and speaking of which I must now perform my test of Jason and Emmanuel to prove to you their rightful birth positions so that you may have your rightful leader."

"Of course," said the dinosaur elder. "But how are you going to do so?"

"It will be very simple," Mr. Wogglebug replied. "First I must have the remains of the egg shells which they both came from, and also a sharp stone knife."

And so these things were brought to him at once, and then Jason and Emmanuel were brought to him, and he proceeded with the test. He very carefully and gently cut off a bit of a scale from both of their bodies. Then he put the scales into each of the egg shells. Then, by using a combination of science and magic, he held them up to the sunlight and determined how the colors of the scales matched the colors found within the insides of the shells.

"It is done," he announced. "And I am most pleased to report that I was correct in my theories. And Jason and Emmanuel were indeed switched at birth and so Emmanuel is in fact the rightful leader of all of you, and most appropriately so. As he can teach you much that you need to learn,

such as how to take care of each other, especially the lesser ones."

"We really do thank you for all that you have done for us," said the dinosaur elder. "We shall take to heart the lessons you've showed to us for always. Now we ask if there is any way in which we might be able to repay you?"

"All we ask of you is that we may take four of the palm fronds from the tree which we planted for you, which is by all means yours as much as ours, so that we may be able to repair our flight of transportation and thus return to our own land."

"By all means, you may do so," replied the dinosaurs.

So then the Visitors From Oz got the new palm fronds and attached them to the sofas of the Gump with cord and then refastened the head and broom tail to each ends. Then with one last farewell to the dinosaur population they took again to the air and left the island as they took flight high above

the island and soared of the ocean and soon the island was left far behind them and all they could see was light and water surrounding them.

"I can see the Emerald City already," said Jack as he pointed straight ahead. "Very small, of course, he added."

Soon enough they approached a very vast desert beneath them and eventually they began to see the countries that were off to the sides, Jinxland, Merryland, the Land of Ev, and the Land of Ix.

"Look over there, it's the Isle of Yew!" exclaimed the Tin Woodman pointing out the tiny isle below them. "I'd like to visit it someday."

"So would I," agreed Mr. Wogglebug. "I really could get used to adventuring out into the unknown."

Then shortly they came upon a massive diamond-shaped oasis in the exact center of the desert. It was Oz, and they flew straight across the Country of the Quadlings and into the Emerald City.

They approached the gates of the Emerald Palace and just inside of them they found Queen Ozma herself waiting for them.

"Thank goodness you're back finally!" she exclaimed on seeing them and rising to them. "Where were you? You were gone for so long!"

"Ah! Where haven't we been indeed!" Mr. Wogglebug said with a chortle. "We've seen parts of the world we never even knew existed before!"