The door slammed open with a shaking Inko who held a letter with UA's seal. "I-it's here!" She panicked as Izuku took the letter.

Izuku sat at his desk and I sat on the edge of his bed as he looked at the letter before tearing it open and a small disk fell onto the desk. "What the?" I reached for it but it activated before I could touch it. Up sprung a holographic image of a large suited man with an Iconic hairstyle. "Young Midoriya! You may be wondering why I am here in this message from UA! Well I am proud to announce that I am joining UA's staff to train the next generation of heroes!Now time for your results on the entrance Exam. You did well on the written portion, and the practical exam, you scored a total of twenty nine Villain points. A respectable amount, but far from the best of even in your battle arena." Izuku's shoulder's slumped at this news. "But, you see, your actions as well as that of your Quirk Beelzebub, in saving other students from threats was noticed by the judges." He looked back up at the screen. "You see there was hidden part of the exam, Hero points gained by selfless actions. The heroic spark if you will. You helped turn the tide for a group of weaker students and saved them from getting hurt, but when faced with an impossible obstacle and a innocent was in danger you acted and saved her. Few students have ever stood up to the Zero pointer and even fewer have defeated it. Izuku Midoriya, you gained a Total of ninety eight Hero Points for a total of One Hundred and twenty seven points. The Top scorer in in the exam. Welcome to your Hero Academia, keep going Plus Ultra!"

Izuku was speechless, shaken up by the news. I stood up and place a hand on his shoulder. "You did it." I smiled down at him.

"No... we... we did it. We are a team after all." He said looking up at me, with that innocent smile. I leaned down and gave him a light kiss on the cheek and he locked up red as a tomato and fell of his chair stiff as a board.

'... this is going to take a while...'

Chapter 6: Class 1-A

I walked along side Izuku, him wearing the school uniform, me in my usual outfit as he was the student and I was his 'quirk'. I stood had a happy gait as he was wrecked with nervousness. "Izuku, it'll be fine. I'm just glad that I no longer have to wear the dreadful sailor outfit. I much prefer this uniform to your old one as well." I said as I straightened his tie.

We walked through the halls getting a few glances from other students but nothing much. Soon we reached a massive door marked 1-A. "Whoah, it must be like that to accommodate people with gigantification quirks." He said, before he could start mumbling I opened the door and pushed him inside. "W-wait!"

"Come on, we don't have all day Izuku. I want to get orientation over, it sounds boring." I walked in after him, and there were quite a few interesting people in the class. But what immediately drew my attention was the blue haired boy from the exam was yelling at Bakugo about having his feet up on the desk.

"You are disrespecting school property!" He yelled at him.

"Like I care... Deku..." He glared at us, and this was due to us getting the highest score on the entrance exam. The change in attention wasn't missed by the glasses wearing youth, he quickly stood in front of us.

"I am sorry for my earlier behavior, you two had seen something in the exam that I hadn't. I am Tenya Iida!" He bow and held his hand out for us to shake. Izuku hesitantly took it.

"Izuku Midoriya. Pleasure to meet you. And it's alright, you were just, intense when we first met." He said.

"I'm Beelzebub..." I started.

"I'm sorry, but I can't help but notice that you aren't wearing the UA uniform. That is a violation of rule..." Iida started.

"The rules wouldn't apply to her, she isn't even a real person." Bakugo said standing up from his desk, getting the attention of the entire class.

"Well, I find that is quite the rude thing to say to your classmate on the first day of school." Iida said turning to him.

"I agree, besides, her outfit isn't really offending the school image." A black haired girl with a large pony tail that flared out in several points to one side.

"Ahem. As I was saying, I'm not really a student here. You see Iida, I am Izuku's quirk." This caught the whole classes attention. I smiled as I did a pose. "Demon Guardian Beelzebub. At your service." I did a very sarcastic bow.

"Oh. My. GOD!" A girl that was completely invisible bounced over. "Izuku, your quirk is so cool!"

I felt kind of hurt that he was going to receive the praise but, I would earn my own in time. "Oh, yeah. Beelzebub is pretty amazing." He blushed as he looked away.

"Fascinating. I have never heard of a quirk like this." Iida looked at me closely. "Do you have shared emotions or thoughts?"

"No, for the most part we are separate entities." I said as smiled devilishly. "My purpose is to aid Izuku in any way I want. He can't order me around but we work as a team."

"I see, so you two are a dynamic duo!" A pink skinned girl with thin horn and gold and black eyes smiled at us.

"I-I guess we are." Oh, he was so cute when he got flustered by the girls.

'Maybe I can convince him to build a harem... no... he doesn't have the charisma for that... yet.' I thought as I looked around. 'These girls... and boys... all except for that ball headed one.'

"Green haired boy!" We turned on the spot to look at the brown haired girl from the exam, and yet again he turned even redder.

"It's Izuku..." He said weakly.

"That's right!" She hit her fist into her palm. "I never told you my name. I'm Ochako Uraraka. I heard you two got top score in the exam."

"Hmph." I looked back at a frustrated Bakugo. I remembered when we had talked to the middle school teacher with him after the letter had arrived. To say that Bakugo was pissed was an understatement. After we had left the class he and thrown both of us against a locker, yelling how he was supposed to be the best and that he would prove it and surpass All Might. And that we were nothing to him.

"Well... we didn't expect to get it. We got so few Villain points, and it was the fact the hero points were a factor that we got lucky." He tried to brush it off.

"Will all you sit down." I next to jumped when the tired voice interrupted us. I looked around looking for him, until I looked down and out the door. Laying there in a sleeping bag was a grown man with black hair and more bags under his eyes the Pandimonica. "I won't tell you twice." We all got to our seats. "Twenty six seconds. That is far too long. Next time I expect you to do better." He stepped out of the sleeping bag, he wore a black jump suit with a grey utility bely and a grey scarf around his neck. His tired red eyes looked us over. "I am Shouto Aizawa, your homeroom teacher. You are to call me Mr. Aizawa. Now there is gym uniforms in the back, Quirk included." He looked at me and I sighed. "We are doing your quirk apprehension test."

"So much for keeping my style on all day." I sighed to myself as the others spoke up.

"Wait, what about orientation day. Shouldn't we be doing that?" Uraraka asked.

"I'm not wasting my time with pointless ceremonies and press. My job is to train you into the best heroes I can in three years. I am using everyday I can for this. Now get your gym gear on. You have thirty minutes."

Hello. I got a raise at work... the day after I had a disagreement with my manager. Weird. Well three seasons of working there finally paid off. And the Local racing season is starting this weekend. I am working the pits down there for my step father and step grand father who are racing this year.