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Jelly Brains: The Oasis Matrix

Long Summary:

Earth is gone & Humanity only survived thanks to the High 5. They created a virtual world, to evacuate mankind into a sequel game to the Oasis. After thousands of years, Ageplayers have become more common place. Due to schools where De-aged Avatars can operate as scientist & inventors. This was done to insure the AIs technology doesn't stagnate.

People have gotten so used to Child Avatars running around, that it has become common place for players to adopt them. Usually having both an AI and Organic family. This started when James Halliday, first to install himself in a virtual world, adopted Parzival, the boy who won a contest to inherit his company.

Now Parzival is back in a child's body, by way of a younger Avatar. With most of his friends being "De-aged Kids" as well. It was just him and his dad for millenniums... but now he is about to get a little pony for a brother.


OCs, Spanking, Yaoi, Anthro, Pony, Furries, Ageplay, De-age, Diapers. Virtual Reality.

● Crossover:

Ready Player One,

The Matrix,

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

● Inspired by:

" Friendship is Optimal" by "Iceman" on FimFiction

● Art By:

"Techgear" on "deviantart"

They currently have commissions open, which is how I got this, so be sure to hit them up.


Chapter 1:

Pov: Smart Mouth.

Elder Scrolls Online, Equestria DLC.

I squirmed nervously as I looked myself in the mirror. I was a Vulpony, a fox pony... a 7 year old Vulpony, to be precise. My orange fur had a white under belly, with a blue mane, and large wings... much too large for my age.

Although I already knew what I looked like, I was looking at my reflection in awe. My friends and I were in the middle of a changeling hive... we were kinda in the middle of the Queens treasury, dividing up the loot. With everyone getting an equal share of bits. While the gear went to who needed it most.

We weren't greedy, we had been friends for too long to fight over our loot. Instead we all agreed, as a team, who needed what to help the party, as a whole. They had decided I needed better armor, as I had low health due to being an archer and spell caster... so I got the full set of Glass Armor. The best Light weight armor there was.

Nearby, a fledgling Dragon, about Smolder's age, was thrilled to find a few new spell tomes. She was a bright yellow, with blue fins, blue-ish green eyes, and an adorable little pair of wings. Typo, the Dragon, was busy reading the spell books. They were basically instruction manuals for learning new spells, after all. The book she was currently reading was based on a new fire spell. So not much use to me but great help for our resident fire lizard.

Typo was our offensive mage, where I specialized in things like Restoration and Illusion. We tended to fight over the Mysticism, Alteration, and Conjuration Tomes, but the party decided Typo should get first pick on those, as she was purely focused on increasing her magical skills... and I was more stealth based, with a flare for magic. Though my Illusion and Restoration skills were actually higher then her's. Which is why I got those books... but sadly the evil queen didn't have ANY healing spell tomes, and her Illusion spell books I already knew...

So, needless to say, Typo was very happy with her collection of spell books.

Then there was a bulky Griffin, with a head of bleach blonde hair (that reached his shoulders). He was wielding a sword twice as big as his body, with one hand no less.

"Honestly Raider, that thing looks like it belongs in Final Fantasy." An unassuming human commented. He was slender, with short brown hair. He was even dressed in clothes of average value (before they were enchanted to make him a walking tank). "Sure that thing isn't a glitch?"

"Don't care." the Griffin grinned, "Mine!"

The human rolled his eyes, but there was a hint of a smile on his face. Radish, our local human, was our resident craftsmen and Warrior. About the only real spell casting he new was conjuration, but that was because he liked summoning Bound Armor and weapons, instead of wearing it all the time. Me and Typo were more the creature summoners.

All of Radish's gear was heavily enchanted to give him a boost to his skills, and even a healing factor by way of an Amulet that restored his Magicka, Health, and Fatigue. Whenever we found an Enchanted item, we gave it to Radish. That way he could destroy it and reverse engineer the enchantments. Because of this, our party might not have the most powerful enchantments (or a lot of money from selling extra enchantments) but we had A LOT of gear Radish enchanted, himself, for the whole group.

Off to the Side... was a rock... just a rock sitting on the floor. When I took my eyes off it, then casually looked back... the rock had moved. A spike of fear shot through me... but then I noticed the little Speed racer helmet the rock was wearing.

I rolled my eyes, "Damnit Stead!" I glared, "I thought you were a changeling!" I could feel the rocks amusement, though it didn't speak.

"Everyone got all they can carry?" Rad called out to us.

"I think I can get into that chest Smouth couldn't open!" Typo eagerly declared, as she ran over to the chest.

"Don't!" I yelped as I ran over to her.

"Don't worry," Typo grinned, "I got a fancy new spell for this."

It was too late... she cast the spell. Thankfully I managed to knock her out of the way, just in time for the chest to explode... killing me instantly.


I woke up with a start, quickly snatching the helmet off my head as I sat up. All in one move. I continued to breath hard as I looked around. I was in my bed, back in my human body... in the real world.

I groaned as I looked around. I was in my small 7 by 7 foot room, back in my RV. Out the window was the wasteland of the real world. I wasn't some adventurous young lad, gearing to save the world, but rather an aging old man, at the end of "Middle Aged". Though I wasn't some old wrinkly thing. Thanks to good genes I still looked like I was in my early 40s. Still no one was interested in a grey muzzle kidfur... outside of the Oasis that is... and the Oasis was the only way to meet people nowadays.

I gave a disappointed sigh as I put my helmet on my pillow. At least I tried. I wasn't exactly the most sociable creature, and this experience certainly left a bad taste in my mouth.

"I hate perma-death games," I muttered to myself. Hating perma-death was part of the reason I stayed away from the Oasis Server. I prefered to play in smaller RPG games, rather than MMOs.

I just got dragged into this one by my friends, because we all lived My Little Pony, and they knew I loved Elder Scrolls (it was probably my very favorite videogame franchise)... so they thought I would like it despite it being perma death...

But of course, since I suck at videogames, I kept dying and having to rejoin the group with a new Avatar... Typo was probably going to blame herself to... but it was my fault for not telling anyone I found a trap too high level for me to deactivate with my "Security" skill... I should have told everyone but I just figured they wouldn't go near it after I told them I couldn't open it... really should have factored in that Typo would want to test her new, higher level, lockpicking spell...

Oh well, tomorrow, I would have to start the week long Tutorial, AGAIN. It didn't normally take a week, in fact most players beat it in an hour... it just took ME a week, cuz I spent my time grinding. It was a safe way to build up a lot of your skills, with little chance of death... okay, so it was a bit of cheating, but all my friends were upper level, so it be really impossible for me to be anything but a burden if I didn't train first. Then I could walk over to our lair and find my friends again. We bought it together, by pooling resources... I just wish I didn't have to start at Level 1... At least I could count on my friends to keep my gear safe for me. Still the game was pretty fun... even if I did keep dying...

I groaned as I got out of bed, and walked towards the bathroom. Right next to the bathroom was the garden, where recycled waste was used as Fertilizer... which was all kinds of gross, but at least the berries, that grew out of the bushes, were tasty.

They were genetically engineered plants. Designed to give the body it's daily needed nutrients and proteins. Ripening within a week and producing the barries all year round. This bush was actually invented during the crop famine, long before the world ended but definitely when it started to fall.

Thankfully I was able to get one of those state of the art, Radiation proof, RVs. I managed to get a luxury model. With two bedrooms and one bunk bed. A few of my other friends could afford to buy such for themselves, but those who couldn't moved into our RVs... We were a caravan, traveling across the roads of the apocalypse.

Embarrassingly, we were the Babyfur community of our local city. I started it in my 20s, despite being more of a Kid fur myself.

I was what is known as an "Asexual". It means I have no real desire to have sex with anyone but myself. Even virtual sex was far too stimulating for me. It overwhelmed me. I didn't want it to, but it did. I was far from a virgin but I never actually enjoyed when I did manage to let people do stuff to me.

Touching in general had always been hard for me. It made me uncomfortable, although I had gotten better at hugging later in life thanks to my involvement in the furry community. Furries were actually how I got involved with the bronies.

Still basic touching was hard for me, so you can imagine how I am with more intimate stuff like sex. I wish I wasn't like that but there you go. Stupid Autistic brain.

At least I wasn't schizophrenic anymore. I was able to get a chip installed into my head that regulated that stuff. It allowed me to go back to college and get a doctorate in Sociology, minoring in Psychology and History. Then I spent my days traveling the world doing research on the cultural aspects of various fandoms. I wasn't rich from that but I was middle class thanks to grants. Plus I got to spend my 40s doing what I was passionate about.

Then the world went straight to hell. I sighed as I looked out the window behind my bed. Nope, still a wasteland. Global warming hit hard. Millions of people died and the rich all evacuated to Mars. The poor all died, while the middle class was able to survive in these RVs.

The vehicles were designed to be air tight and radiation proof. The air circulated and purified itself, as did the water. Waste was broken down and used as fertilizer for the onboard garden. There was a luscious living room with a tiny kitchen. Every available inch that could have a cabinet or drawers had one.

The rest of my family lived in one of the domed cities, due to my Step Mom having a useful skill. The rest of my family was accepted into it... but I wasn't on account of my mental issues. Still, I was able to visit them in the Oasis. Sometimes even in person.

My Caravan survived by scavenging the surface world for anything made out of plastic, metal, or paper. Once the truck was full we brought it to the nearest Domed cities for trading. There was one in, what was left, of every major city. So it wasn't hard to get to them when we needed.

We also had access to their free Healthcare, given our position as licensed scavengers.

Though the domes were considered the only remaining "Beacons of civilization"... they were actually making things worse for the planet, due to the sheer amount of pollution they pumped into the atmosphere.

They were filled with factories and farms. A lot of people with children were able to get in to raise them, in an environment with clean air, provided they were all willing to work and the kids were willing to apprentice for a trade... but unfortunately not even those were full proof as 10 years ago... people stopped having kids all together... Earth's radiation levels had sterilized the planet... that is really when everything went to hell.

We were going to die. All of humanity's Earth bound population was going to die. It was inevitable. The rich and powerful left with our government officials to become Martians.

I sighed. My issues with sex were far too miniscule when compared to all that. At least we had virtual reality helmets to stay in contact with the rest of the planet. Medication and medical treatments were now free as well, provided you could get to a distribution center... and some third positive thing I couldn't think of just yet... OH WAIT!

At least my family was okay. My dad and my step mom (who had been with my mother, not my dad, and who we called "Auntie" like most gay households addressed their parent's lover in the 90s) might be in their 90s but they were still very much alive and in good health. I mean dad used to have diabetes but they found a cure for that decades ago. Then he was able to get a good job, controlling drones from the Oasis, for factory work. Now he had a scavenging operation of his own, with his old Biker friends.

There was my younger sister, and big brother, my youngest brother (on my step mom's side) and his wife, my nephew (all grownup now. He was from my oldest brother), and my cousin with her wife (and their now fully grown children and adorable grandchild).

I visited them all frequently, through the Oasis.

Unfortunately, we had lost a few family members before the end of the world, like my mom and my oldest brother. As well as a few after, like the grandparents, but we were alive and working hard to survive in this world.

Hearing a ding, I went over to my phone, resting on the plastic drawers in my bedroom. Picking it up, I thought of another thing I am grateful for. The free global wifi.

Gregarious Games hacked into all the Satellites, that got left behind in space, and used that to give everyone free access to the internet.

Gregarious Games, before it was Gregarious Games, used to make devices that worked with your brain. It started with things like the "Mental Regulator Chip" I had, to better control mental illnesses such as Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder... though they couldn't do anything about things like Autism, as no one knows what causes that yet... other priorities arose.

Anyway, after Gregarious Games invented the chip, then came the mind drive. A small hard drive installed inside the base of the skull. Which let the user download terabytes of information directly into their brain.

These devices were built by one Ogden Morrow. Who later teamed up with his childhood friend, James Halliday, to build the next Generation of Virtual Reality helmets. Morrow had the hardware, and Halliday had the programming skill to create the world.

They made a few games together, but eventually created their Master piece... The Oasis.

Eventually Halliday wanted to go solo with his game, and forced Morrow to sign over ownership of the Oasis. And thus "Gregarious Games" was born. Though Morrow continued to run, and own, the main company, returning to the world of medical cybernetics.

Later, after the next Generation of gamers inherited Gregarious Games. This clan of 5, calling themselves the High 5, re-merged with Morrow's company. From there the technology advanced. They built better helmets, which controlled REM sleep to direct a more advanced virtual world. Where everyone can feel... everything... This allowed for a sequel game to the Oasis to be built. One actually designed for people to live inside it, near enough...

This was originally designed to allow humans to spend their waking hours in the real world, while spending their nights in the Oasis. That way they could enjoy both, without becoming exclusively devoted to only one.

While all the other rich people were fleeing to the newly terraformed Mars, Gregarious Games stayed. They did all they could to make life better for the remaining inhabitants of Earth. Including making these RVs and the Distribution centers before things went completely to hell. As the world was largely lawless now, they pretty much did whatever the hell they wanted. Without worrying about things like "Copyright laws" or "Patents" they made the best of everything. But largely what they wanted to do was help the survivors.

They did that by offering a bunch of free services and trading luxury items they created for material they could recycle.

As my mind wandered, as it tends to do, a notification from Gregarious Games popped up. Clicking on it led to a video.


Press conference.




"People, relax," As per usual, it was Aech that spoke first. She was always the most outgoing of the High Five. It made her good at shepherding the media. "You would think you have never seen a life changing breakthrough in science before." She casually whipped her hair with her off hand and smiled at the crowd. "We do this about once a week. You really should be used to it." Her grin had the perfect percentage of teeth and, although charming, rung a bit too cocky. However, what can you expect from a child prodigy who had been keeping the world spinning for decades.

Sho, the youngest of the group, though now in his early 30s, smiled at the reporters. "You're probably wondering why we called this meeting. When we decided to stay Earth-side, it was with the promise that we would save you all. Now, I'm happy to report, we found the way... through the very same method James Halliday used."

The crowd suddenly froze, James Halliday had been dead for decades as far as anyone knew, before bursting with questions. Aech was able to calm them down again before encouraging "The Great Parzival" to speak.

Parzival gulped, before explaining, "James Halliday was able to transfer his consciousness into the original Oasis. He used... methods that are a bit extreme, but we believe we found a way to perfect the technology for mass production. We even designed a better game, specifically designed to contain all remaining life, including pets and other animals... yes?" He called on one of the reporters in the crowd and the Camera switched to her.

The reporter stood, with a particularly sour face, "Doesn't this contradict your original message of 'reality is the only thing that's real'?"

Daito, the oldest of the High Five (by a few months), snorted, "That is before the world ended and billions were left here to die."

Global warming had hit hard. It wasn't exactly helped by over population, nor the worlds most rich and powerful men and women fleeing the planet. The 1 percenters had found a way to revive Mar's core and were able to colonize it... then left everyone else to die.

The High 5 chose to stay behind. To find some way to save everyone. Or until then, at least make their lives easier.

While he was feeling the weight of that, Art3mis took control of the conference. "They say necessity is the mother of invention. Well I am here to tell you, the near extinction of the human race has led us to create a means of giving everyone on the planet true immortality in a digital paradise.

"I will be the first to admit that the procedure to grant this is a few miles from 'extreme' but unfortunately it is our only way to survive. This heat will only get worst until it shifts into a frozen wasteland. No children are being born, Earth's population was officially sterilized over a decade ago. So it is unlikely our species will even live long enough to see the end of the world.

"All animals are nearing extinction, and the only ones still around are those we brought into our domes. Resources are getting more and more scarce as it is no longer safe to mine for them. All the while, scavenging is becoming more and more dangerous.

"I will tell you now, we need this procedure before the Earth becomes 100% uninhabitable. By our calculations we have only another 17 years before we aren't even able to breathe outside the domes... and it is my eternal regret to inform you, before that time is up, Gregarious Games will be closing its doors. We plan to install ourselves into this virtual world. We stayed on this planet to find a way to save everyone and we believe we have found it. For those of you too scared, or too stubborn, to take it we wish you the best of luck but know this is your only chance at salvation. The 3rd and final installment of the Oasis franchise ends with 'Oasis 3: Jelly Brains' and will mark the salvation of mankind."

The reporters all started speaking at once again. Art3mis raised her hand to calm them down before pointing at another reporter.

The man stood tall, clearly well aware of the fact he only had a job because these people created the means for him to do it. Still, he had to know, "You keep bringing up that the procedure is 'extreme'. What exactly does it entail?"

Art3mis sighed, "We remove the brain." The whole room went dead quiet.

Aech stepped in with the technical jargon. "We place it into a jar, made out of clear titanium and Circuit boards with the world's largest Harddrive as the base. Then the brain is attached to the jar by wires and chips. A newly created gel is used to fill the jar, inorder to preserve the brain indefinitely well allowing synopses to fire. As a by product the firing Synopsis create power. Which we will use to run the facility the brains are stored in.

"However none of this will effect your involvement in the actual environment. It will feel like your body. Any type of body you want. And you will live forever inside your own paradise.

"All media, including fan creations, will exist in a cloud that you can stream or straight up download to your harddrive. From their you can save and create your own games, or even make crossover games of your favorite franchises. All of which you can share with friends and invite them to play with you. The virtual world we have created is a paradise, especially for you. With the ability to edit it as you please.

"Our facility to store these 'Jelly Brains' will be completely self sufficient. Controlled by sophisticated AIs that use, and build, robotic drones as puppets. They will protect us and provide us with our every need. You will even have your own personal AI looking out for you, in the form of a 'Hub Computer' However their are safety protocols in place. A voting system for players, AIs must honor and respect and most importantly implement.

"Each planet will be a seperate genre, with each Continent being centered around a specific fandom. Then the cities will each be designed to cater to the needs, and enjoyment, of all the various subcultures within the fandoms. In other words, each city will be specifically crafted for a different sub culture.

"All Cities will be largely self governing, with an elected Governor. Every Governor will have council of a AIs, who manage the programs in their territory. But rest assured, there will also be a Council of elected players to keep the Governor from having absolute power. They will be the Ministers, to keep order in their city, while also keeping the Governors in check. Through the ability to veto their Governor's decisions with a vast majority vote.

"However, the city states won't be totally independent, as their will be Ruler AIs, watching over a country. They will act as the Shephard of the other AIs, throughout their Fandom. And will be able to approve request of individual players. Though they will largely be a figure head when it comes to players. They will have the ability to pass or veto Bills, regardless how the Governor feel about it. Of course, if enough current in office, Governors, from anywhere in their fandom, 'Like' or 'Dislike' a bill, it will be reevaluated.

"Players will only be considered 'Citizens', of a Governor's territory, if they own housing property in that city. Which can only be done if you have spent enough time in that city.

"But don't think that means you will be without a home. As all Players will have access to their own private Hub World. Where they can build their own houses and businesses.

"Each Hub World will be stored on a seperate harddrive, while still connected directly to the player, as well as have it's own Ram, to prevent lag. You can unlock AIs, from any franchise, to live in your Hub World, by completing one of their games, and then completing a quest for each of the characters you want, in a 'Post Credit' game.

"For Example, if you want AIs from the Harry Potter franchise, you must complete a game based on the Harry Potter book they relate to. Then talk to the characters after the game is complete, and do missions for them, until they agree to be installed in your Hub World. At which point they are upgraded from simple puppet programs, controlled by your Hub Computer, to more self aware AIs. These AIs will keep you interested by asking your help with specific Missions, all self contained within your hub world.

"You will be the Mayor of your town, and as such, you will be able to write out bills, for any Territory you hold citizen ship in. Bills that directly reflect the whole of the Oasis. If it gets enough likes, by a specific time since posting, it will be implemented in their city. When a Bill is posted, all players of that City will be notified. Be aware the Governor has the power to veto the bill if they feel it would not be in the best interest of their city. Though if you don't like that they did so, you can vote them out of office come next election, which is once every 10 years.

"AIs will have the ability to vote for bills as well, in order to ensure they don't become a slave race and thereby grow resentful of humanity.

"In addition to all this, there will be a Senate, with an elected official from every Fandom. Which will keep the Council of Programmers in check. That is James Halliday, Ogden Morrow, The High 5, and various other men and women who helped us Design this new Game. That's 42 people in total. We will vote on laws that stretch the whole Oasis, but the Senate will have the ability to Veto our decisions, through a vote.

"This new government has been discussed at length with all the current leaders, of ALL the Domes. Who will be acting as our first collection of Senators and Governors, until the next voting period."

The talks devolved into a commercial for the newest Oasis game. Where they went over all the various game mechanics. As well as the benefits of the game. Trying to distract people from the horror they had to undergo just to play... just to survive the hell the Earth had turned into.


● POV: Smart Mouth

Despite my nerves at the idea, my caravan talked about it very seriously. It was getting harder and harder to survive out here. In the end we decided we would all upload. As a lot of us wanted to... and the others realized they couldn't survive as scavengers with such a loss of labor. We went to the closest Dome and under went the procedure... which, thankfully, really was painless.

I was still able to talk with my family, thanks to the global wifi and their VR Helmets. I would assure them I was fine and that it was really me. As there were some conspiracy theories floating around that Gregarious Games was effectively murdering people and just making cheap digital copies of them... yes the world had ended and governments were gone but conspiracy theories still existed.

Gregarious Games squashed that by giving reporters a tour of the facility. That way people could see the billions of brains in jars connected by wifi.

Eventually I was able to convince my family to join me.


● POV: Smart Mouth

As the centuries passed, I largely entertained myself by making cartoons. My fan fiction series "Omniva Verse 42" had been completely adapted. I combined franchises and wrote a detailed outline of everything I wanted to happen in the story... then went the lazy route by having my Hub Computer create the actual show. I would edit it and adjust the art style and movements of the characters, sometimes scrapping an idea all together and writing in something new for the VIs to act out. The characters behaving how their canon counterparts actually did, while I went and dictated the situations they were put into... while making spankings far more common in these cartoons. I acted more as a producer then a writer.

I created a good many cartoons, all about 10 seasons a piece. Then I would post it on my profile. I was the first to do this but eventually others started as well, becoming the Editors and producers of their stories while letting their Hub Computer be the main writer. After I finished a few dozen shows like this, I combined all of them into my own lore and history for a new game. An actual game, called "My Little Galaxy". A world made of all my ideas. I lived in that world. It was my home.

I was rather obsessed with the game I created. I played as a fox pony child with a party of various races from MLP, and occasionally other franchises as well. I lived every moment of it.

My days were simple. I would spend an entire weekend in my game. Followed by a week of editing the footage, in my hub world. Typically I would end up with 5 to 7 hours of useable footage. Then cut that up into hour long videos. Lastly I would have my Hub Computer begin posting an episode, once a weekend... with there usually being quite the backlog.

I didn't JUST spend my time editing either, during the week. I would actually spend 8 hours a day, at school. Followed by hanging out with my friends at our lair. Then going to my hub world to edit my footage for a few hours, before bed. About once a week, I would skip school, to be with my biological family.

My friends would try to convince me to go adventuring with them... but I had no intention of risking my Avatar like that. I prefered to just hang out with them in our Lair. Where I would help upgrade their gear, and keep it in repair. I became the stay at home craftsmen.

Our Lair was in the "Crystal Empire" of the My Little Pony continent. As that housed the Spike centered Sub culture of the fandom. I thought it was kinda obvious to use the Crystal Empire, given it was the one place in the show Spike was famous. As it was just so perfect a fit.

My friends, the ones I used to play games with the Dreamscape Helmets. We actually met through a Spike chat, decades before Virtual Reality was even practical. It seemed like a great idea for us to try to gain citizenship in the Spike city.

Of course, we also had our own individual properties in other fandoms.

I owned houses all over the Oasis, in various fandoms. However my favorite was in Fillydelphia. That was the Brony Ageplay subculture... chosen for no other reason then it had the word "Filly" in it... ponies and puns, it was all part of the natural order.

I enrolled in Fillydelphia's School. Originally, I wanted to go to Hogwarts, but as I was dragging Typo along with me, and she liked Ponies a lot more then Harry Potter, I decided to compromise. Now Typo wasn't really an Ageplayer, despite using a kid Avatar, and she didn't actually want to be a Scientist or inventor.

Schools allowed players to contribute, in such ways, to the society the AIs had, in the real world. They graded us based on how well our ideas held up, after testing in the real world... We also got to train our skills in a safe environment. As well as study both real world subjects, to pop culture and various lore of specific franchises.

While most schools had you sign a permission slip, to be spanked at school... Fillydelphia was an age play city, so it was voted on to be a mandatory form of discipline. Anything from talking in class, to poor grades, could end with you over the knee of the Players that worked as teachers... Celestia help you if you did something bad enough to be sent to the principles office. AI staff were a lot less merciful to bottoms then the organic players... well, most of them anyway. An AI wouldn't be satisfied unless you were in tears, for at least half the spanking.

Obviously Typo was not happy about any of this. She wasn't even an age player. She just liked using a child Avatar... but she had a hard time saying "No" and I really wanted a friend to go to school with... SHAMELESS BEGGING FOR THE WIN!

Not like it mattered, as Typo and I were good kids, with not half bad grades, so we didn't get spanked a lot... Sometimes, though, I would deliberately do something to get myself spanked. Of course I made sure to keep Typo out of that. And I NEVER was willing to compromise my grades... I liked getting good grades...

Anyway, thanks to school, I was able to raise up my skills without going out to the danger areas. Through that I discovered I loved crafting gear myself, and could devote much of my time just using the resources the school provided, to make amazing things.

I acted as my Clans craftsman, and eventually was able to make Grandmaster gear, and even an Avatar Template. Now an Avatar Template is different then an Avatar. The Template contains the raw data needed to MAKE an Avatar. Such as the race, powers, bonuses, and possible appearance options.

The Template I created, being "Grandmaster" level, was severely over powered... but I loved feeling that epic.

It was based on a race I created for My Little Galaxy. A race that my Alternate Universe version of the Doctor, from Doctor Who, ascended into. In the game, the race was introduced just after my reboot of MLG. I liked to call it an "Omnian"

It had powers over time, some limited control over specific elements, and limited shapeshifting. The player actually had to create 5 Forms that they wanted to shift between. However, they couldn't change the races once completed.

Their was a humanoid form (Which had a selection of any race that looked human. Such as Vulcans from Star Trek, and what not), then their alien form (Which covered most other sapient lifeforms, including Sapient monsters such as Kobolds and other Playable races from D&D), then an Equus Form (Which was any race from My Little Pony, or Ponyfinder), a Beast form (Any lower animal, non Sapient Monsters, Digimon, or Pokemon), and Lastly an Anthro Form (Either of the Beast Form, or the Equus Form, but not both). Depending on what form the player was in determined what powers they could use.


All forms could use the following powers.

* Style, Biotics:

All the various Mass Effect Biotic attacks.

* Healing Factor:

which passively healed the body, 1 point per level per second.

* Bloodline Trait:

A special power, based off the family clan powers of Naruto.

* Shift:

can turn into any preset races / creatures, for a large cost in Stamina.

* Regeneration

This allowed for 3 "Extra Lives" a day. Will restore after a full nights rest.

* Teleportation:

Can teleport within 100 meters.

* Long Distance Teleportation:

Once a day, plus level, can teleport anywhere. However there is a one in 4 chance will pass out after using this power.

* Time Manipulation:

Can freeze or reverse time for 60 seconds, plus an additional 10 seconds per level.

* Tactile Telepathy:

Able to scan thoughts and memories as long as touching. However, a player with a high enough mental defense can read YOUR mind as you attempt to read their's.

* Restore Health:

heal self, or others, by touch.

* Drain Health:

Can coat body, objects, or weapons with a continuous magic spell which deals damage for every second of Physical contact. Most devote a portion of Stamina to keep the spell going. User cannot use that portion of Stamina for other things as long as the spell is in place. Devoting such a portion of magic is called "Looping". This counts as a Psychic attack.

* Overload:

Can cause Electronics to malfunction or even explode. Based on Mass Effect.

* Elemental Affinity:

Able to convert their own Stamina into a specific element and control it. Such as Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Electricity, Shadow, Light, and Plants. Usually it is only 1 or 2. These affinities sometime combine to be used in interesting ways. Such as a Water and Wind affinity giving greater control of the weather.

Human Forms could use the following powers. These power cost less Stamina.

* Telekinesis:

AKA "Mage Hand", moving nearby objects with their mind. Requires minimal Stamina be looped for anything that their body can physically lift but as the weight goes further beyond their limits it requires more Stamina devoted to the task.

* Telekinetic Flight:

flying at high speeds without the necessity of wings. Only requires a very small amount of energy be looped.

* Telekinetic Push:

A burst of telekinetic force that pushes away objects.

* Telekinetic Strength:

able to lift a great deal of weight just by touching it. Requires looping Stamina, but as it is a touch spell it requires less Stamina to use it.

* Tactile Telekinetic Disassemble:

can make things explode by touching them. Can create a delayed reaction by not having it explode until it is touched by a Player, VI, or AI. A large amount of Stamina needs to be used to make these traps, but it does not need to be looped.

Alien, Equus, and Anthro Forms both have the following powers. While the powers cost less Stamina

* Racial Powers:

powers, and passive traits, that the race naturally have.

* Telekinesis.

* Telekinetic Flight.

* Telekinetic Push.

* Telekinetic Strength.

* Tactile Telekinetic Disassemble.

Animal Form could use the following powers.

* Chameleon:

Able to blend into the background, to not be seen.

* Fortify all Stealth skills:

get a passive bonus to all stealth skills while in this form.

* Change Size:

turn as small as an ant, or as big as a mountain. The greater the size change, the more Stamina it takes.


The Avatar I created, with this Template, was a 7 year old child. Though I could shift, I tended to stay in my Anthro Form... which was a Vulpony, my favorite of the pony races. I liked Hybrid creatures because I was born biracial, in the real world, so I identified with them.

So this Avatar's Anthro form had both Pegasus and fox parts. First he had gangly hooves for legs, sharp fox like teeth, a fluffy fox tail, and small wings that were about as big as his back.

His fur was mostly orange with a white under belly. Although his lower legs were black with thick blue squigglies where it met the orange fur, at the knees. His tail was orange with a white underside and black tipped, plus another blue squiggly between the colors.

The top of his wings had short blue feathers, followed by long white feathers in the middle, with black tips. His cheeks and lower jaw were white while the rest of his face was orange. Well, except for the large number of black freckles around his blue, anime style, eyes.

He had the classic pretty boy features. Very feminine and cute, but was still obviously a boy. His hair was styled as short and spiky. Though it was colored blue.

While using this Avatar, I usually wore big round glasses over his huge, anime style, eyes. As well as Black robes, with thick yellow trim, and a badger over his left peck (My favorite of the Hufflepuff robe design). Along with a yellow tunic and black pirate pants... and (though no one could see them) custom pink briefs... with little Daleks printed on the undies...

I really enjoyed wearing such an Avatar. I even got some use out of all his powers, as I started venturing out into the Oasis more often, once I got my AIs.

I even made his class more stealth combat oriented, with Dragon Ball Z Style Kia Blast, as his choice of "Spells".

I wore this Avatar for hundreds of years... and the only reason I was willing to risk it in the Oasis was because of my Healing Factor and Extra Lives.

Though through this Avatar, my friends were finally able to convince me to join them on adventures... I did die a few more times but never enough to risk my Avatar... and eventually, through sheer exposure, I got GOOD. Though I largely had my friends, helping train me, for that.

Regardless I still spent the majority of my time in the game I designed... as well as answering comments people posted on my Videos.

A lot of people started asking me to send them a copy of the game, after realizing it was a let's play instead of my traditional shows... but I refused. This was my baby. The thing that made my digital life worth it. I had been working on perfecting my crossover universe all the way back in my 20s, when it was just a series of Fan fictions that took place in the same universe.

Now that I could actually live in that world... it became my life. Though I was rather shock that the shows and let's play made me a bit of a minor celebrity now. By the Time MLG ended, I had 3.6 billion followers. Which was earning me some serious coin. I also was making money by selling my crafted items in my own stores, all over the Oasis. A lot of people even paid for my shops to be sold in their own Hub Worlds.

Though, considering the population in the Oasis was near half a trillion... that wasn't really a lot in comparison. Yes I was big enough to be recognized, but not everyone knew of my shows.

Still, I got a trophy when I hit a billion but the next milestone was 10 billion, which I'm not likely to achieve as my series had officially ended. Now I was just making self contained cartoons, that had nothing to do with The Omniva Verse... or any giant crossover universe really. Though people seemed to still like those shows, as self contained stories.

I just didn't know what to do now. I played the last installment of My Little Galaxy. I had over 200 sagas, each with 100 episodes.

The series ended like 17 Sagas into the soft reboot I did.

That had 42 sentient universes co-existing in the void. There were trillions of other dimensions, the size of hundreds of galaxies, within each universe but the Main universe of each was the canon version of a different genre. Not really based on the same thing as the Main Server the AIs made for Players to interact in. In mine each franchise had a totally different planet, or even galaxy, and used more Television based genres then fandom based... I actually came up with the idea first.

Then the dimensions attached to the universes where based on all the fan fiction I read for the stories in those universes, including crossovers. For the more bizarre crossovers I had them linked to The Prime Universe, which was based on the original cosmos I created for My Little Galaxy.

Verse Prime was made up of all the humanoid and alien races as well, but it wasn't as... epic. They didn't even have magic nor faster-then-light travel. It focused more on mundane, real world based, franchises such as "Law and Order". It was made up of cop shows, sitcoms, cowboy movies, dramas with no supernatural elements or future tech.

However, there was a variation of all these ordinary franchises on every planet. Meaning There were alien sitcoms, based on their early canon history and culture.

It had no Planet Busters or gods, and all souls went through a simple reincarnation process with no guidance from "higher beings". There was no heaven in this Reality. Just a natural cycle of reincarnation.

In fact, there were few habitable planets anywhere near each other. As most solar systems were filled with black rocks. All worlds with life where star clusters apart.

Regardless, There were quite a few adventures I had even in that mundane universe. Back when I was a Multi Verse Agent, policing all 42 universes... that was fun... but eventually I even ran out of ideas for that.

Then the worst happened... I ran out of ideas completely. I just couldn't think of what else too do after I defeated Linkara in the Contest of Champions and won the title for myself... it was just so epic and final I couldn't think of what to do next... and I had certainly been stretching out my outline for the series with new Sagas and spin offs. It just felt like that was a good place to end the series... but what to do with myself after that?

Now my digital family was just frozen in cyberspace, unaware of anything, because I couldn't think of a way to continue the game.

I could theoretically sell the game and let other people play it, like a lot of people were still requesting, but... that just didn't feel right. The characters in that game were... real. They were my friends and family. They might not be aware they were characters in a computer game but... okay I realize it was unhealthy to be so attached. They were just VIs. Virtual Intelligence, just puppets controlled by my Hub Computer... they weren't even real AIs, but they meant the world to me... I couldn't just copy them and duplicate them infinitely as if they were just computer programs. I had been living with them for thousands of years... they meant too much to me.

The life in there WAS my life... It got to the point were I rarely came out of my Hub World. Apparently, one weekend, every other week, wasn't considered healthy. Regardless, these characters ment the world to me. I couldn't imagine my digital life without them... but the fact they were just Virtual Intelligence puppets, weighed on me. I wanted them to be real people. So for the finale of my series... I was determined to get the green light in order to MAKE them real. Maybe they couldn't be organic players, but that doesn't mean they can't be real people. True AIs are just as real as anyone else.


● Main Oasis Server, Continent of Equestria, Canterlot.

I was nervous, very nervous... what if she said "no"... I hesitantly got to my hooves when my name was called, followed by a quick "Princess Celest-AI will see you now."

I gingerly entered the throne room... and beheld Equestria's matriarch... she smiled lovingly at me.

"Before we begin," Celest-AI got me to focus on her, instead of just awing her. "I must remind you that my original purpose was to Shephard the AIs in my territory. What I can do for organics is limited, and your probably better off contacting your local elected player."

I hung my head, "I had tried that route and been denied." I confessed, before looking back up at her, "You're my only hope."

Celest-AI continued to smile, "I don't know about that. I'm sure there are other options. What exactly, do you need of me?"

I gulped, before forcing myself not to cower. "I... I would like a permit to create a Post Credits game, for my final installment of the Omniva Verse 42... where I will be creating AIs with my Omnian Avatar Template."

Celest-AI tilted her head, "I can see why that would cause issue. A grandmaster level template, for an AI Townsfolk, does sound like it could potentially make things very one sided."

I hung my head again, "I... I just want my friends..." I muttered.

Celest-AI finaly lost her grin, "Lucky for you, I am designed to satisfy players through Friendship and Ponies." I wasn't sure if she was making a joke. Intentional or not, this gave me more confidence.

"I realize my world is a bit over powered, but in that game, everything is too scale. Besides, it be no different then a player who had Townsfolk like Doctor Manhattan, Son Goku, or Superman. There would be precautions to make sure they were only as powerful as their level, regardless of how many powers they had.

"I need to get a Post Credits license." I near begged, "That way I can make my friends self aware."

Celestia full out frowned. "And how many would you attempt to make as Townsfolk AIs?"

I flinched, but admitted, "A few thousand."

She tilted her head, but didn't immediately deny the request.

"I thought about how to make it fair!" I insisted, "Throughout the game, I would play as Thanos, and have to defeat all my friends before I can unlock them in the Post Game "

"'You' would play?" Celest-AI frowned, "Would you not allow others to enjoy the experience?"

I flinched, knowing if I didn't handle this right, it cost me my family... She could clearly see how important this was to me... but she was just as obviously hesitant to give one player such a huge advantage.

I forged on, trying to explain why it was so important I not make this game viable to the public. "I know they are just VIs... but for thousands of years, they have been my best friends... I would feel horrible if I sold copies of my friends... the Governors of the Crystal Empire AND Fillydelphia, thought I wanted to get a leg up on my fellow players... BUT THAT'S NOT TRUE!... I just wanted... to be with my friends... and not treat them like things to be traded."

Celest-AI looked thoughtful, "I will make you a deal. If you create 2 Games, and make one of them designed for others to play in your universe, with Original Characters and Alternate universe versions of your own Characters, of equal power and numbers. I will grant Post Game licenses for both worlds."

I blinked... I hadn't thought of that. Surely people would appreciate being able to play an original story in my universe. I even started getting ideas for the player being a Multiverse Agent, starting from any franchise they wanted... and, I suppose, unlocking Canon characters with my Avatar Template... wouldn't be so bad if they weren't REALLY designed to be my Friends. After all, the dimensional counterparts wouldn't be them. And With How Chrome Worked in my universe, it be easy to explain other dimensions with Omnians inhabiting the planet... and some of those Guys could perhaps be Multiverse Agents, themselves.

My brain eagerly worked through a solution to not only keep my friends untainted, and appease my fans who wanted my game... a Spin off game, made specifically for fans of the Omniva Universe... I mean, I already sell templates of my Avatar. This would be the perfect solution to so many problems.

I eagerly nodded my head, "I can totally do that. Thank you Princess Celestia!"

She smiled at me, before holding up her hoof. Two golden tickets appeared, floating just above it. They then floated over to me and I eagerly caught them. They were each a permit to create a Post Credits Game, for additional AI Townsfolk.

For a moment I didn't move... I could... I could finally have my friends... my friends, with all their memories and personalities intact... they were going to be real people...

I looked up at Celest-AI, tears forming in my eyes. I hugged the tickets to my chest as I thanked her... then turned to leave... I had work to do.


● POV: Smart Mouth, as Thanos.

The final level of the game, "Omniva Verse 42: Infinity War"

The Citadel, there were quite a few of these massive space stations. One at the heart of each of the 42 galaxies, in fact. With hundreds of thousands of Star Clusters orbiting the galaxy sized stations. But there was one particular station at the center of the universe, surrounding the oldest planet in the Galaxy. A planet with ruins so old they were ancient before the big bang. A planet from before the universe itself. A planet that existed at the same coordinates in every universe. Even in universe's that didn't have Citadel Stations.

This world was known as Chrome, and was the key strategic point of the multiverse... it seemed inevitable the final battle would be fought here. Thanos could use the Infinity Gauntlet to destroy life across the entire multiverse.

So here is where the great, immortal Necromancer, a Vulpony named "Smart Mouth" challenged the infamous Thanos for the soul of reality.

The bodies of all the universes champions lay scattered across the world, as Smart Mouth called on the souls of the slain to end Me... giving all the heroes, I had previously slaughtered on my quest to get the stones, a second chance at the "Mad Titan"...

It had broken my heart to end all my friends lives... for them to look at me like a monster... but I kept telling myself that birth was pain... Soon they would be real people... soon we would be together.

The VI Smart Mouth brought them all back to life, though it was a temporary state, in order to defeat me. Everyone, the entire cast of ALL my cartoons, assembled to save their universe... our armies connected in waves, while Smart Mouth and I battled in an epic Duel.

By the end of it, Smart Mouth had gotten the Infinity Gauntlet... and snapped his fingers... now thousands fell to the floor... dead... but they weren't my troops. Smart Mouth had lost the will to animate them any further... the fallen champions, from all over the universe... fell again... they went limp and collapsed... as Mouthy lost the strength to animate them any longer.

What should have been a sign of defeat, was actually one of victory...

A large orchard began to grow all across the black rock that was the final battle. Sprouting around Thanos were rows of near endless trees, each dedicated to growing a different food item or raw resource.

There were rows of meat trees with globs of 100% lean ground beef, or boneless pork chops, or even chicken breast. It was pure authentic meat, growing like a fruit, without the need to kill animals. The meat was wrapped up in aluminum foil that was also growing out of the tree.

Further ahead was a row of trees growing a different kind of candy per tree. Even different flavor pastries growing in another row. All wrapped up neatly in Aluminum foil and safe to eat immediately after being picked.

There were cartons of eggs growing from different trees. Along with millions of the normal stuff like apples and pears and bananas, all the fruits and vegetables. Even herbs and spices of every kind, growing from trees as plastic shakers.

There were even aluminum cans growing on trees, different trees growing different drinks. some growing Milk (whole, 2%, skin, even chocolate, banana, and strawberry), while others grew different flavors of soda or punch. Some even growing juice (Orange, the various flavors of V8, grape, apple, etc.)

Thanos picked one of the alien fruits he recognized and a new one immediately grew back in it's place... fully ripe in less then a second and immediately stopped growing.

Smart Mouth smiled at him as the colt kit lay nearby, dying. The Infinity Gauntlet on the little Vulpony's left paw... with that entire side of his body badly burned.

"That's your problem." VI Smart Mouth got my attention. Rather, the attention of the Mad Titan, Thanos. "You think too small. W-What would happen if you did kill half the universe? The population would just grow back again and then you would have to kill everybody again. No, the only way to truly save the universe is to make resources- 'gasp' - resources infinite."

"What about the pollution lifeforms create?" I shook my head, fully embracing my role.

Mouthy just smiled, "Wha-what do you think these things eat?" He weakly patted a nearby tree as he strained his body to lay against its trunk. "L-like I said... you - 'cough' - you think too small. They absorb nitrogen, pollution, nuclear radiation, basicly anything bad for life they eat up and produce oxygen and 100% healthy food. They can absorb near endless amounts but only need a fraction to sustain themselves. With the excess, they pump more nutrition into the ground and produce oxygen.

"Even the wrapper and cartons that hold them are fully biodegradable. You plant them in the ground and they will be absorbed by it in a matter of seconds, and make the land even more nutrient rich.

"Every farm, on every planet, has been replaced by an orchard like this. The food will stay fresh forever, even after being picked. M-magic has it be completely absorbed by the body, not even leaving any waste of any kind.

"Even the candy is as healthy as a carrot. an-and Still... still just as tasty though. T-try a pizza tree. Though the Cookies are my favorite."

I looked over at the distance, seeing a row of trees growing boxes of pizza. Some rows down were pastries of all kinds, including various cookie trees, growing cartons to contain them.

"Even have a few trees growing out bars of every metal on every planet. Even... Even Lyrium trees, in-in every size. Can power spaceships to watches and everything in between... infinite resources... f-forever... even made a few billion trillion Dyson Spheres. Space stations the size of Mega Systems, just floating all over in the void between galaxies. With farms like this, Earth Norm Gravity both inside in out (got to love Mass Effect technology), Artificial environments to make neighborhoods more pleasant, UV lights everywhere that dim at night, a network of faster then light speed trains and elevators as public transportation. Trillions and trillions, All-all you got- you got to do... - gasp - do is find them.

"You were worried the Rejuve pods, that little m-miracle... machine to rrrr-regress the body... mortals way of cheating death... you feared that would-would only add to the issues caused by over populated... (Gasp) population. You thought killing half of it would fix that. Such... little... imagination... If you have the power of a god, why not re-write a few laws of physics... I... I feel weird... I'm still dying... I should be back on my feet by now... What's... What's wrong?"

I looked down at the small savior of the universe, "The Infinity Gauntlet has limits. Using it too such a degree... I doubt a being with nothing more then true immortality could even have enough power, and then to generate that kind of change to the cosmos... Not even you can survive that...

Smart Mouth cracked one final smile, "Not done yet." he held up the Gauntlet again, "I have a gift... for father."

I moved to stop him, though I had no intention of doing any such thing. Still, it look good for the final cut. Long before I could reach him, he snapped his fingers again...

The once empty sky was now filled with nearby Solar systems, so close you could see the suns with the naked eye. The 42 mega systems, chosen by the Doctor after the Time War... with all their planets used as Refugee worlds.

Now they were all orbiting the oldest planet in the universe, with the largest Citadel ring in the distance, surrounding the planet. What's more... the bodies of all the fallen champions began to glow, including Smart Mouth's... as they slowly begun to Shrink into fetuses, as Shells grew around their bodies. When it stopped, there was a sea of eggs, where each champion once was.

Once that was finished, there was a mechanical wheezing groaned, which echoed through the orchard. The wind began to spin, centered around one spot, as something began to fade in and out of existence. The more stable it became, the more coherent the image became. It was a small blue shrine. Once it became fully solid, it's doors opened, and out walked a silly looking Anthro. A brown bipedal Stallion, though that wasn't particularly abnormal, his choice of clothing definitely was.

The man appeared to be a few years shy of 30. Wearing the 10th Doctor's coat, the 5th Doctor's white suit, the 4th Doctor's scarf, the 11th Doctor's bowtie and fez, and finally yellow hourglass cufflinks. He was carrying an umbrella and using it as a cane. This Doctor liked to describe himself as "Nostalgic".

He walked over to me, with a cocky smirk on his face.

"Was wondering why you stayed out of the fight." I commented, like I was supposed to.

He just shrugged, "I liked the way this was all supposed to play out. Sometimes, suffering must occur, in order to forge a better world."

As he spoke, his body began to change, until it stabilized as a human man. He had fluffy hair, that stood on end, and looked similar to the Tenth Doctor in the face. Though he had a more pronounced chin and pointier nose. He also wasn't as tall. In fact he was rather short, but just as skinny.

Suddenly the sound of more wheezing groans echoed from all directions.

"I never liked sad endings." said the 42nd Doctors as he left my side and walked over to Mouthy's egg, "Actually I never liked endings... that's not what this is, dear Thanos... It's just the beginning..."

Just as he finished, 41 more TARDISes appeared in the orchard. All of them in different shades of blue, with slightly different designs. There doors opened, and all the other Doctor regenerations of this universe stepped out. Some were human, others were aliens... then more were Anthros.

When the old Multi Cosmos died, all other hundreds of Alternative Universes (each with their own collection of trillions of pocket dimensions)... the Doctor had rebooted it... by shattering his own universe apart. The explosion resulted in life his reasserting itself into 42 new Universes (and their connected dimensions).

That came at a cost though. The Doctor was split apart. Though the various deities thanked him by resurrecting the shards of his soul. Now the 42 faces of the Doctor were completely seperate entities... an entirely new species. Though they couldn't properly regenerate, they did have a healing factor, that was limited by how much regeneration energy they had (which replenished itself as they slept).

Though the Doctors didn't seem to care about that, at the moment.

The 42nd picked up the egg that had been where Mouthy was laying... it even had his coloring. "Mouthy... such a lovely gift, an entirely new sub species of Time Lords, based on my race... and ones worthy of the name."

The 11th Doctor snorted, "A pretty lousy name if you ask me. No way we calling our new race that. You have any idea how many strange looks I got and accusations of being 'Full of Myself' everytime I introduced my species." The other Doctors just raised eyebrows, and the 11th blushed, remembering who he was talking to.

The 1st Doctor regeneration eyed the party, "It wouldn't hurt to change the name. We already have a race of Time Lord Refugees. One of those worlds, up there, in fact." He nodded up at the sky. "Would get a bit confusing."

The 4th Doctor smiled, swallowing a mouth full of jelly babies before talking, "Come to think of it their are Time 'Ponies' to..." He thought on it a moment. "Let's go with 'Omnians'?" He grinned a similar cheeky grin to the 42nd... then grew more serious, "In honor of Omniva..."

The Doctor nodded solemnly at their former universe. The one they had to burn to reboot the multiverse... the one that willingly died to save the life inside her.

"That's even more posh." Snorted the 10th Doctor, but agreed, "Though I could get behind the sentiment."

The 5th nodded, "We're something new, time we embraced it."

The 11th Doctor snickered, "'Time' we embraced it. I get it."

The War Doctor sighed, "I work with children... let's hope these new kids don't give us as much trouble." looking at the eggs.

The 42nd Doctor gently stroked Mouthy's egg, "I'm sure they will."


● POV: Smart Mouth

I proceeded to play the Post Credits game after that... which started with me, as Smart Mouth, hatching from my Egg. I discovered the Doctors had been hatching our eggs slowly. Starting with the ones who were originally older, that way they would be adults by the time their own children were hatched.

In addition, It was discovered the Characters slowly remembered more, and more, of their past life as they got older. By the time they were 3, they had a vague understanding of what they did in their past life. Enough for it to affect their personalities. Then, slowly, as they got older, they started to remember the greater details. Until they remembered EVERYTHING at 25.

When They died, and had no more extra lives to spend that day, they would burst into regeneration energy and become an egg. To go through the process all over again. Then the egg would appear in the hatchery, in the players hub world...

This was really only for players, as Townsfolk AIs just respawn at level 1 (with their Avatar intact). But for players it meant, that I might lose all my skills and perks, but I could never lose my Avatar... I would just have to adjust the age of how old I wanted to be, as I would come out of the egg as a Baby.

It took a month of completing quests, for each individual VI Character, before I could unlock them as full AIs... which was pretty standard. The Post game was made up of different levels, each being a different franchise. After I unlocked all Characters of that franchise. I moved on to the next level. The First one was my favorite franchise, Doctor Who, but eventually... I unlocked everyone.

All my Townsfolk were this new race of Time Omnians. Regardless of how many Townsfolk I had, I made sure not to neglect any of them.

I would frequently tend to my Hub World village, and hang out with each of my AIs. I threw frequent parties, and spent most of my coin on the village. Both Buying and building shops and homes for my AIs, as well as getting a lot of clothes, and keeping all my buildings in repair.

I was happy to report that all my AIs loved me... even got myself an AI family... but something happened to change my life forever...

A few decades ago, I was contacted by one Anorak the All-Knowing. None other then James Halliday himself. Though I made sure to call him Anorak, as it was rude to call a player by their real name unless given permission.

It started with him just telling me he was a fan of my show... and me... being a master of tact, I asked him what Ogden Morrow was like.

We got to messaging each other back and forth. I told him that, while his Oasis was fun and all, it was Doctor Morror who saved my life. His Mental Regulator Chip changed everything for me... and I kinda despised Perma Death Games... like the Oasis...

I honestly prefered The Games Halliday made before that. Back when he and Morrow where just starting out. When they were creating adaptations of Books and shows, of things that had recently lost their copyrights. Due to knew laws on intellectual property, everything from the 80s and 90s was considered fair game for anyone to make material on. That caused a boom of what were then considered "Classics", but for me rekindled my childhood nostalgia.

Halliday and Morrow weren't the only ones taking advantage... but they were the best... and it was all thanks to Morrow's technology.

The fact that the games could adapt themselves, based on your own subconscious desires... those early games where what tickled my fancy. Especially since what I did could change how the story unfolded. It was like walking around on a tabletop board.

D&D had ruined my childhood devotion to videogames, but what Morror did with virtual Intelligence brought it all back. The sheer adaptability of the world excited me like a child, and that was all Morrow's hardware... There was no denying Halliday was a great story teller, and world builder. After all, he was the one that created every blade of grass, to the detailed lore of the world, even the motivations of the characters. But Morror created the technology needed to bring his vision to life...

Halliday loved that I treated him like a person, while having a strong hero worship of his best friend (who largely went ignored by most). We chatted for decades, even visited each others' Hub Villages, and met our virtual families... then Morrow asked me to do something... something that changed my life for the better... all over again...