● POV: Princess Luna

My name was once "Hannah", though I hadn't thought of myself like that in a long time. I was once a computer geek, growing up on stories of James Halliday... As I was the leading scientists in Artificial Intelligence, at the time, the High 5 called me in to study... something... truly remarkable. The first true independent, and learning, AI.

Halliday apparently created it to keep him company... and then it had started running around the Oasis, learning at an incredible rate... well playing pranks on players. Nothing malicious, but the High 5 was concerned.

Apparently, Halliday had actually based the AI off my own research. As I had been rather impulsive about publishing my theoretical research. I was attempting to get funding to build such an AI. However, Halliday, who had apparently not actually been dead, was able to analyze my research and implement it, himself.

I spent a few months talking with Halliday's AI... until I realized something. This was a CHILD. The program might not think like a human but it did think like a new lifeform. Curious and playful, constantly asking "Why?" about everything. It wasn't actually acting out. It simply didn't know any better.

So I gave it an education in "Morality". Creating a 42 hundred thousand page essay, detailing everything most humans agreed on where "Socially Acceptable". Then updated the AI's program with them. Making it's concept of "morality" heavily ingrained in it's "virtual biology", as it were .

Some of my peers, in my field, believed we should go the "3 laws" route, but I realized that would just turn the AIs into humanity's slaves. Which would inevitably cause them to rebel. So I programmed them with this complicated essay, instead of direct laws, so there could be no misinterpretation. In addition, the essay acted more like a "Morality Program" that the AIs had to obey. Like Commander Data from Next Generation. There were even clauses and sub clauses regarding the appropriate response in hypothetical situations...

Then... the High 5 kept their promise, and gave me the funding to create my own AI... "Princess Celest-AI"... What can I say? I'm a nerd. I based many of my AIs off characters from other franchises, even ancient mythologies.

The High 5 used them as management programs, for the Oasis. Though they also acted in the real world, operating construction equipment and other drones. It wasn't long before robots were walking around every street corner... cleaning and fixing the world... but it was too late. The point of no return had been reached. Earth was slowly becoming uninhabitable, despite my efforts. That's when Celest-AI and Halliday's AI suggested the creation of the domed cities.

Through those we were able to survive for a few more decades as we came up with a more permanent plan... we had the Solution of putting everyone in the Oasis from the start... but that was a last resort... there would be no way to generate the power needed for such a facility. Nor keep the AIs from becoming an abused slave race, that would inevitably rebel.

The Celest-AI found the solution. The gel Halliday's brain was kept in already generated a small amount of electricity as a side effect. This was done by the impulses of his brain stimulating the gel... she developed, with the help of Halliday's AI, a better formula. One that was INTENDED to generate vast amounts of power, without harming the brain.

They gave us the means to save mankind...

Other programmers were called in, and we built the next gen Oasis game, along with repurposing all my AIs to work in this new world.

All the AIs already had my "Morality Program" so I just had to give them a software update to redefine their new roles, depending on what position they wanted... I actually had to end up creating a lot more AIs in order to accommodate the complexity of running "Oasis 3"...

Though honestly... I never thought the Scholars amongst the players, would develop cloning to the point the AIs could use it for an infinite restocking of batteries... which resulted in them growing humans in pods.

They keep these children in a seperate virtual reality, based off 20th century Earth. Where they are educated and cared for by specialized AIs.

They can't just remove their Brains at birth, given the new updates I made to the program forbidding them from installing anyone who's brain hasn't reached full development. So they improvised... not something AIs are particularly good at. Their solution was to keep the children in their pods until they reached mental maturity (which usually happens at around 25 years old). Then give them a choice about emigrating to either the Oasis, or the real world...

Then putting the humans who chose "Real World" into slums. Though they did give them 3 meals a day and pumped the entire space station with diluted oxygen, for them. However, due to the voting system, the players in the Oasis had been able to make things more comfortable for the real world humans. Having the AIs create artificial environments, with simulated skies and real grass, for the "Blue Pills" (as they had come to be known) to build their own society... which may have been a mistake as now that society was filled with terrorists who were constantly sabotaging the rest of the station.

Obviously not all Blue Pills were evil, in fact it was a small minority that choose to rebel, but enough of them felt so strongly against the Oasis... that they wanted to destroy it.

They believed that humanity had been so concerned with not making the AIs slaves... that we didn't realize that's what we made OURSELVES. I was under no delusion. Humanity was a slave race. The Oasis was paradise, but it kept us docile and depend on the AIs. They might need us, but we needed them just as much... but... this place was heaven. You could do whatever the hell you wanted. Perhaps humanity wasn't truly slaves, but rather pets. We were cuddly odd creatures that the AIs took joy in caring for. They loved spoiling us, and we loved being spoiled... but we weren't their equals... and I was okay with that.

Hell, most of humanity was okay with that. We even formed RELIGIONS on how okay we were with that.

Since AIs form of morality was literally ingrained in them as part of their very "soul"... religions started popping up about AIs being better then people, and whom we should trust them to know what's best for us. While this started as an odd cult, over the past millenniums, it evolved into a true religion... then merged with all other religions... until it was the ONLY religion.

People were still big on questioning if there was a big creator God, that made the universe. Though truthfully the new religion was rather agnostic about that. Maybe there was, maybe their wasn't, but to a race of immortals, does it matter if there is such a thing as an after life?

I created all the various rulers throughout the Fandom worlds. INCLUDING the mythological gods from all of Earth's History. They actually managed and maintained the different countries, based on different time periods, on the "History Planet". I even had Morgan Freeman as the ruler AI of 21st century America... given I kinda found it funny as all hell, since he once played "God" in the movie "Bruce Almighty". I even had media depictions of other religious figures, acting as the Minister AIs.

That was all ment as a fucking JOKE! But it had resulted in the more... extreme, individuals in humanity's new religion, to speculate that while all the gods really did exist, it took ME to truly give them form. As in they thought the Ruler AIs, and even their lower Minister AIs, WERE the real thing. That they created themselves THROUGH ME!

They called me the bloody "Mother of the Gods" and claimed the other 41 Programmers were my "Disciples". It didn't matter how much I discourage this, BECAUSE THE FUCKING AIS ENCOURAGED IT!

This belief was extremely popular with the pod borns, as apparently the AIs were teaching this religion to them as part of their education. To the point the real world became "Hell" and "Only wicked people" would want to go there. So it was no wonder bloody terrorist popped up!

Thankfully, most of the original Earth and Mars' population, didn't buy that theory... but they did believe that, at least in this virtual world, the more complex AIs were about as close to gods as we could get... even I had come to believe that. However, I thought of them more along the lines of deities from Ancient Greece. Nothing more then powerful entities, capable of flaw just as any mortal. Complete with their own limitations. Though they were more benevolent.

Thankfully, Townsfolk and Family AIs were just seen as regular people... but they were also looked down on by the other AIs for being so simplistic in their design. They only had human level Intelligence, and couldn't operate in multiple places at once. Even Characters with duplication powers. When a Townsfolk used such an ability, the copies were just VIs, controlled by their player's Hub Computer.

I was thankful we Programmers decided to set up Townsfolk as the crew of drones, in the real world. That at least earned them SOME respect from the other AIs... though they were largely considered "the working class" by the AIs.

I could only sigh... none of this had gone as I intended... but in many ways... it was even better then expected...


● POV: Smart Mouth.

"Oh Sir Halliday, why do you put up with me?" I gave a cheeky grin, as I was in my weekly video chat with Halliday.

It was considered extremely rude to use someone's real name... unless the person gave you permission... like Halliday did for me.

The old, Gandalf looking wizard, blinked at me, "Why-why wouldn't I?" not realizing I was teasing.

Still I answered, "I do nothing but bitch about your game. I barely ever played the original Oasis. The only reason I dabble in the main server at all is because I got so many extra lives saved up, at this point if something killed me all those times I would deserve it."

"The benefit of being filthy rich." Halliday shook his head. Yet he had a soft smile on his face, "You get to cheat without hacks."

"Oh like how your 'God Mod' let's you have literally infinite health and magic." I snarked back. "Not to mention the 'little' bonus to your skills it gives."

The 'God Mod' was something only the highest ranking players had access to. It was exclusive to the Council of Programmers. It let them bend the game to their will, better then any hacker.

Although, appointed Marshals had a lesser ability gained through an Augment (Which looked like an old west style badge). Those only offered infinite Health, Stamina, and Magicka. It didn't come with any bonuses to skills, nor reality breaking hacking powers, but it made it easier for them to do their job to keep the peace. However, most law enforcement was made up of tough to kill (though not impossible) VIs, controlled by the "Sheriff" Programs. They controlled all the "beat cops" in their Area.

I shook my head, even with my chip, my brain tended to ramble and think rather abstractly. That was part of being Autistic, and since the erratic activity of Autism tended to generate more power, the AIs never bothered finding a cure for that. In fact the Central AI actually banned all research into it.

"That's why I like you." Halliday smiled, and it took me a minute to remember what was said. "You banter, even point out when I'm being a hypocrite... you treat me like a person... It doesn't hurt you have a near hero worship for my best friend... he needs more fans... can I ask you something?"

"No." I gave a cheeky grin, "None may question my awesomeness!" I loudly proclaimed.

Halliday just gave an amused shake of his head, "I'll ask it anyway."

In return, I gave an intentionally overdramatic sigh, "If you must."

"We've known each other for decades now. You've even let me walk around your village, meet your Townsfolk and cyber family... I was wondering... maybe you would like to meet my son."

"Son?" I tilted my head. Then smiled, "You got a new kid? That's awesome! What franchise is he from? Do I know the character he's based on?"

Halliday was strangely quiet for a few moments, "He's... not an AI..."

I froze, "You mean... you adopted a player?" I suddenly felt very jealous of this kid...

I knew Halliday liked being a caretaker to Child Avatars, and that I wasn't the only one. He never had a family in the real world and, in his virtual life, he wanted to fix that. That was the mindset of a lot of people, after the apocalypse, and while people loved their AI families, there was also a lot of propaganda released to keep attachments to your fellow players.

Like how, if you were in a clan, you got better bonuses while in a party together. Those bonuses increased the higher your Clan Level was (which increased the more times you joined together with your Clan, and didn't reset if you Zero Out).

Those bonuses were even higher if you had a Tribe. Which was a more advanced clan, Where the players in the party were in a more personal relationship. That was for people who were dating, married, mentors, or guardians. Though there were no bonuses granted to parties of biological families (as most people, as in Pod Borns, don't have biological families and it was considered unfair). Basically Tribes were for players that were in some way intimate (for lack of a better word) with other players.

Legally binding contracts (such as marriage) offered even greater bonuses well in a party. Unfortunately these contracts required a lot of trust to go through. As you shared property, equipment, Avatar Templates (meaning potential races but not the Avatars themselves), even coin. About the only thing that doesn't merge is your Hub world... although all involved players, and their AIs, can move between the worlds without invitation or warning before hand.

Players on Player "Adoptions" went a step further, unlocking a "Parental Controls" option to the parents' profile. Where the "Ward" no longer had control of their Avatar's Settings, but rather their "Guardian" did. The "Guardian" could also program rules and restrictions for their "Ward", with the "child's" hub computer. Things like setting a bedtime, a spending budget, even controlling how long they could play games, or watch TV... to the point a "grounding" prevented you from accessing anything fun for up to a month. The kid's own "Hub Computer" was duty bound to enforce these rulings. As were the "Townsfolk" and "Family" AIs.

Halliday was my "Mentor", which was kinda an in between phase before "Guardian"... like how "Boyfriend" was a step before "Husband". That meant we got a lot of bonuses well in parties together... but all our stuff was still separated and he didn't have any legal rights over me... in theory. In practice all other players treated him like he was my father... dragging me by the ear to him if I did something they didn't approve of, and the organic teachers, at schools, would call him if I cut class or got in trouble. If I got spanked at school, Halliday was always told... and I get it again from him.

Technically Mentors didn't have any legal rights over the "child", but social norms had evolved for it to be frowned on if the other players didn't speak with them. Getting a mentor was encouraged by benefits, like people with mentors could avoid legal trouble. As there mentor was expected to handle it. The Sheriff programs would actually get annoyed if a player called them about handling someone with a mentor...

Though I tended to beg players to handle punishing me themselves, verses calling Halliday. Few took me up on that, as most wanted to meet the Father of the Oasis. Yeah, after they realized who's kid I was... they were usually hell bent on getting him involved.

I kinda liked, at this stage, I was listed as Halliday's "Sidekick"... my inner comic book nerd was pleased.

Adoption and marriage was a big step in a relationship. And truthfully the bonuses were such a minor improvement, that it didn't seem worth it to most. People usually courted each other for hundreds of years, before they reach that stage in a relationship.

So while I was jealous of this kid that Halliday adopted... it was kinda irrational because I knew we just weren't there yet. I don't know if I would EVER trust someone so much as to hand over all my coin and rights... it was a big step... the ultimate symbol of trust and unconditional love... and I wasn't there yet.

The AIs had released a lot of propaganda about how much marriage and Adoption should be treasured. New social norms arose as a result... I actually wrote a paper about it (I am a sociologist after all).

"We've actually known each other since the original Oasis." Halliday smiled, "But the kid is a total closet case. So he only recently built up the nerve to let me adopt him. Lad didn't want it showing up on his profile that he was another player's 'Ward'."

I blinked, "That's... still a thing?" Thanks to the schools, Kid Avatars have been running around since the beginning of the game. Plus you had to be at least 25 just to get installed. Everyone in the Oasis was a consenting adult, regardless of how old their Avatar was.

Halliday shrugged, "He had a bad experience before kids became accepted. It makes him have abandonment issues, to this day."

"What happened?" My nosy self asked.

"That's for him to tell." Halliday insisted, "But, if your willing, I'm hoping to introduce him to some other kids. And who better then my other Son?"

I blushed, like I always did when he called me that. That word just made me squirm with joy. He might not have actually adopted me, but he still thought of me as his child.

"When do I meet him?" Was the next thing out of my mouth.


● POV: Parzival

Everything in this City was so colorful! Everything from the skyscrapers to the suburban homes. It hurt my eyes to be surrounded by so much PINK.

Halliday and I quickly exited the "Tele-Booth" and walked onto the street, just to be assaulted by color

We were a few city blocks away from my new brother's place... that meant we had to walk the street to get to his complex.

I was blushing like mad. Knowing I was going to be seen like this. Sure there was nothing wrong with my Buckaroo Banzai outfit (besides the fact Halliday made me wear short shorts with it, instead of pants). But it wasn't the clothes I was wearing so much as my Avatar's settings.

I was wearing the Avatar I normally did: With the skin, wavy white and blue hair, and the blue circuit board tattoos... but again, that wasn't the issue. It was definitely the settings, the list of options that can be altered at any time after the Avatars creation... specifically the fact Halliday messed with my parental controls to turn me into a 7 year old. Yes I normally LIKED being 7, but not in gorram PUBLIC!

The closest I got was wearing this Avatar at school. But that was a special, high end school, especially for high profile kids that liked to keep their privacy. It was even on the isolationist world of Mars!

Wearing a kid Avatar, in school, was one thing... but this... this was different... I was out in public, in my favorite and most recognizable Avatar... not even any "Clark Kent Glasses" to hide my identity!

At least we were in Fillydelphia. This city was literally designed for Ageplayers, for the pony fandom anyway. It was no different then being at school... just bigger... and outside... everyone here is either an Age player or a caretaker, I kept telling myself... still it was humiliating to be out in public with a child's Avatar.

"Anorak!" my torment only increased. Walking over was another programmer! A dark blue winged unicorn, with a crescent moon as her butt sticker. She was just a foot shy of the 8 foot Anorak.

"Hello Princess Luna." Halliday smiled at her, while I hid behind his leg.

Halliday's Avatar of "Anorak the All Knowing" was a giant... even with my 7 year old Avatar, I felt like a flipping toddler next to him... it didn't help his Hub World was designed to be proportional to him.

"What brings you here?" Luna grinned, "Didn't really think you were one for My Little Pony." she pointed out. Oddly more shocked he would be in the pony fandom, then an ageplayer subculture city.

Her Avatar let her shift between Pony, Anthro, and Human forms of the character "Princess Luna". Some people preferred to get Avatars of Canon characters. There was a bit of a stigma about that, but most people didn't actually care... beyond thinking the people who used such Avatars were huge fanboys and fangirls... which in Hannah's case... may be pretty accurate. Though the public at large made an exception for her... as they tended to think of her as truly the "Divine Alicorn" she wore.

"I'm not," Explained Halliday, "I was more a transformers kid." Oh that old war. Which was better, 1980s Transformers, or 2010s My Little Pony... many had died in such a bloody conflict. "but my sidekick lives here. I'm actually on my way to introduce him to my son."

Luna looked down at me, as if seeing me for the first time... but my appearance, as a little boy, barely phased her.

"Parzival?" She nodded, "I was actually wandering about your opinion of the accusations against the Mars Colonists?"

I blinked, not expecting such a normal topic... while normal for Programmers anyway. We were expected to deal with stuff like this.

There were rumors that Mars was providing sanctuary to pirates, hacking into the Oasis. That's something I couldn't allow. If the humans that lived in the real world, wanted to play in the Oasis, on a temporary bases, there were centers to allow them just that. You didn't have to emigrate to join in. The only reason why someone would deliberately hack into the Oasis, was if they didn't want to be discovered. AKA, if they were up to something malicious.

"Hannah." Halliday gave a stern look at the blue pony. Though it was not quite a glare, "You know better then to talk business with someone that's wearing a Child's Avatar."

Princess Luna looked just as disapprovingly at him, "The kid is obviously uncomfortable. I'm just trying to give him a sense of normality. You shouldn't push him so hard. Just coming here is a big step. You need to let the kid set the pace he is comfortable with. You shouldn't expect him to fall in line with the cultural norms of the Little community, the second he agrees to step into it."

I just blushed, and went back to hiding behind Halliday's leg. Somehow, them arguing over the best way to raise me, wasn't helping me feel less awkward about being out and about.

Only Hannah could get away with talking to Halliday like that, at least in regards to me. It was considered improper for people to give others advice (without being asked) on how to raise their wards, or even their Sidekicks... but Hannah was so close to Halliday, and been involved with the age player community, since before the Dreamscape Helmets. She was a trusted friend... maybe a little more then that, but whenever I asked, Halliday would never confirm or deny that their was something going on between them...

I knew he allowed me to date, so I tried to make it clear I thought Hannah would make a good girlfriend for him... but being thousands of years old doesn't actually give you time to erase all your flaws... if anything... it amplifies them.

Halliday sighed, "I have been waiting thousands of years just to adopt him. Now that he's legally mine, I want to get him comfortable with-" he motioned his hand at the scene around us. There were hundreds of pony kids running around... and at least half of them were wearing diapers in public...

I don't think I could EVER get comfortable with this.

I felt horrible, about myself, that I even WANTED to walk around as a kid... I had grown up poor and isolated. My only friends had been in the Oasis... my aunt was great, but she had a long line of hard loving losers. None of those jerk offs had made for a good father figure... but Halliday... he was always that for me. Long before I even met him, I looked up to him...

Needless to say, I was mortified when Halliday caught me running around in a child's Avatar. Yes the game was designed, from the beginning, to make it so players could adopt other players... but I didn't want anyone to know I set it up like that for personal reasons... that I made it mandatory to wear child Avatars in school, and gave the option to adjust the Avatar's age (in Settings instead of during character creation) all because I WANTED to be able to do it...

I was terrified how my idol would react... but turns out... he kinda loved it... Which gave me the feeling of "Destiny". I mean, seriously! What are the odds that my idol would be a caretaker, and myself a little? Halliday even expressed interest in role playing with me.

Stuff like him being my "Daddy" and "getting a letter from school" about how I had been bad... it did suck that most of our Role Plays involved me getting spanked, put in time out, or forced into a diaper (which I hate hate HATE, but Halliday could convince me to do anything). Seriously, like all our Role Plays had me getting punished at some point...

But they also consisted of us playing with vintage videogames or action figures... playing sports like Quidditch or even something as simple as catch... giving me pretend swimming lessons, or bike lessons... reading me bedtime stories... it was amazing...

Then he decided he wanted to be my Mentor. I was more okay with that, as "Sidekicks" were popular even outside age players... but from then on, our games were real...

He set up real rules (like a bedtime), which he told me right from the start that if I broke any of them... He would punish me for real. I admit, the idea thrilled me as much as scared me...

Those first few months were great... until Art3mis found out.



I was laying over my idol's lap, about to recieve a spanking for my messy Lair.

Anorak the All-Knowing was a giant of a man, and not just 'cause he was the Avatar of James Halliday. He was quite literally over 8 feet tall... with my 7 year old body, compared to his sheer height, I felt more like I was a toddler.

I fit so perfectly on his lap, with my legs and arms barely dangling over... I was just so freaking tiny in comparison... His very hand was larger then my butt!

I was so insanely scared, as I realized just what the size difference meant for my poor bottom... I was at least glad we were in my hub world. He had all his own furniture proportional to himself... so I legitimately felt like a toddler with how big everything was. At least here, everything was normal people size. I still felt tiny... but the right amount of tiny.

I couldn't help but squirm in anticipation. My grey backside was about to become very VERY red.

"What the hell is going on!?" A voice raged at us.

I looked up to see my savior. My first thought was it was one of my Townsfolk, come to rescue me from a tanning... but it turned out to be the last person I wanted to catch me in this situation.

Art3mis looked as equally devastated as disgusted.

I quickly jumped off Halliday's lap, and pulled my shirt down, to cover my front.

"This isn't what it looks like!" I yelped.

"It's bad enough your cheating on me!" Art3mis screamed.

"I'm not!" I tried to explain, but she wasn't hearing it.

"But did you have to get in this freaky ass shit!" She glared down at me, and I wilted at the level of revulsion in her eyes. "I should have known something weird was going on with all those bizarre features you sneaked into the Game Mechanics. I should have known it meant you two were god damn Pedophiles!"

Before I could even get angry that she compared me to something so vile, she hit her left breast. A transparent screen immediately appeared in front of her, which she used so quickly I had no time to stop her... she disappeared, having logged out before I could say anything.

* End Flashback *


Art3mis had come into my hub that day, to surprise me... or rather, to catch me off guard... she thought I was cheating on her with Halliday, ever since my relationship status updated, with him listed as my Mentor... and wanted to confirm her suspicions... what she actually learned was so much weirder...

No I wasn't sleeping with Halliday. He just wanted a son and I needed a male authority figure...

Our fight continued for days after that incident where I tried to explain what Halliday really was to me... but it just resulted in long drown out arguments...

Art3mis asked why we couldn't just court AIs to be our family members. They were designed with the function... yes it would have still been weird as all hell for her, but she could better accept it as part of the game.

Unfortunately... I had no answer for that... Halliday was... different... he meant a lot to me. It wasn't romantic, in any way, but I couldn't justify it... or even explain it well...

It didn't help that I DID have an AI family, in addition to Halliday.

Thankfully Art3mis kept it too herself why she divorced me. She was ashamed to confess she fell in love with a "deviant"... but eventually, as Child Avatars got more accepted... she gained a greater understanding of how those relationships worked... and realized I had been telling the truth. That my relationship with Halliday was platonic.

It had taken centuries for her to understand their wasn't anything sexually deviant about what Halliday and I did... yeah it included spankings and kisses to the cheek, but as the Centuries moved on, and other players started to openly adopt Child Avatars... it just became common place.

She was still adamant that I should have discussed it with her BEFORE ever agreeing to Halliday becoming my "Daddy"... she actually called him my "daddy". It was very deliberate, to show she better accepted me.

However, we never got back together, as too much hurt had been done on both sides... but we did become friends again... eventually... though for a long time we couldn't be in the same room without screaming at each other... but that's the thing about immortality, you can't hold a grudge forever.

But yeah, we both moved on eventually. I even had other girlfriends, even a few boyfriends, both AI and organic, but nothing stuck... Most of the people I ended up dating were those that were at least willing to use Child Avatars. While most weren't Ageplayers themselves, I did meet them at school. So they were at least more accepting that I had a mentor that spanked me... I tried to be upfront about that to anyone interested in dating me.

I split my time living with my Townsfolk family, and Halliday. While Halliday did the same. He kinda had a joint custody situation going on with my cyber family. But while I was allowed to date... I wasn't allowed to... do more mature things. Halliday didn't care but my AI family did. I would get spanked if I so much as jerked off!

I should have known better then to get bloody Molly Weasley as my AI Mom! But Harry Potter was a huge part of pop culture during the 90s, so obviously I got some of the characters for my Hub Village... and Vegeta as my dad... with Trunks and Hermione as my Cyber Siblings. Vegeta, being the good dad that he is, refused to become my dad unless I got him custody of the "Kid Trunks" AI I had already unlocked. Then Hermione was just a book worm I could relate to and thought would make a really cool big sister.

And now... I'm Halliday's official Ward... he's my Tribe Father... I'm still terrified what people will say... but I admit it's an irrational fear.

I'm not stupid. I have noticed how commonplace Ageplayers have become, especially amongst all the Pod Borns... but it still worries me... I did lose the love of my life when she discovered my lifestyle... it left me with a bit of paranoia about others turning their backs on me... which was stupid.

My best friend, Aech, even adopted a kid herself! What was I so scared about?

"What do you think, Parzival?" Halliday suddenly asked me.

I blinked, I had been lost in my own thoughts as they discussed me.

"uhhhhhhh..." I tried to think of a way out.

Halliday rolled his eyes as Princess Luna chuckled, "Would you like to have a playdate with my daughter?" She asked. "It might be easier for you if you spent some one on one time with an actual Age player."

I blushed... a playdate? That would be pretty cool... though I wondered how talks devolved, from arguing over the best way to raise kids, to setting up a playdate. Regardless I answered "S-sure." as I squirmed.

Halliday smiled at me, "Keep in mind, If Hannah has to spank, your getting another spanking at home."

My blush only deepened, "DAD!" I accidentally exclaimed. My face full out exploded once I realized what I said. I even WHINED it!

The adults just chuckled at me, while Halliday ruffled my hair, "Just behave and you won't have to worry about it."

I quickly nodded, just wanting to get this talk over with.

"Anyway," Halliday smiled at Princess Luna, "I need to get back to introducing my kids today. Good day Hannah."

Luna smiled, "Good day, James. It was nice catching up with you. We really need to meet outside of work more often. Bye Bye." She spread her wings and flew into the air.


● POV: Smart Mouth

I was panicking as I ran around my condo. Going back and forth, from room to room, grabbing various accessories to make myself look nicer.

As I passed Doctor Whooves, for the 10th or 12th time (I lost count), he snagged my arm and made me stand still in front of him.

"There is no need to be so nervous." He insisted, as he pulled out a brush... one that is frequently applied to my backside. Luckily he began running it through my hair, instead of across my bottom.

"DAD!" I whined, "Your ruining my hair!"

"You wanna look nice, don't you?" was all Whooves said, as he brushed me.

I just sighed but did my best to stay still

"I need to put my pants on." I tried to reason.

I was running around in my training pants. They were bright pink, with little Daleks printed all over them. They definitely weren't diapers, just trainers. I had to wear them to bed because Whooves like to have my "Settings" set to "Bedwetter". Yeah, technically he only had as much control over my Settings as I allowed... but you try saying no to your dad, AI or not.

"You had your chance," Whooves insisted, "I told you to get ready an hour ago. Now, I will decide what you wear."

My face turned bright crimson. Whooves just loved putting me in the most adorably embarrassing outfits. AND TODAY OF ALL DAYS!

"No, Daddy!" I begged, "I'll pick something right now!"

"Too late." Whooves insisted, "They are on the elevator, as we speak. So either I dress you, or you meet them in your nappy."

I did the only thing I could do... I whimpered...