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A week after the Final Battle, Harry Potter officially finished the curbstomp by publicly executing the creepy snake thing guy with Walden MacNair's former axe. Since Tom Riddle was a far cry from human at that point, putting down a formerly dangerous and hideous monster with that weapon was deemed suitable by the Ministry of Magic.

Plus, Harry really wanted to keep it. It was a totally wicked looking axe.

He would go on to be awarded an Order of Merlin, First Class, for his efforts in stopping Voldemort and his followers. The public was once again eating out of the palm of his hand, and Harry happily ate up the resulting attention.

His little dudes were also even more in awe, and with a new crop of firsties, he decided to recruit more people into the Lifting Army. It would eventually become a Hogwarts tradition. Also, Harry was mostly pleased that the veterans had kept up some amount of physical activity over the summer break.

Millicent Bulstrode in particular had been doing squats by the boatload and now had a serious badonkadonk. Ron was a lucky guy. They would end up getting caught fooling around in broom closets many, many times that year by prefects, but luckily several of those prefects were their friends and thus they only ended up getting half as many detentions as they otherwise would have earned.

And speaking of prefects, with the death of her father in Harry's final offensive against the Death Eaters, Pansy Parkinson and her mother moved to France, where she transferred to Beauxbatons, hoping to get a new start on life. That meant that Daphne finally got the badge and authority that she so desired, one more step on her path to ruling over the peasants.

With the curse on the Defense position no longer in play, Fleur Delacour spent the next two years as a professor who was quite well thought of by most of the castle's inhabitants. Obviously, there were some issues with jealousy, but as she was clearly in a relationship, it was fairly smooth sailing.

And McG especially approved of her for giving Harry so many detentions- to keep him from getting into more trouble if he had extra free time. Occasionally, one of his honeys was 'in trouble' with him at the same time, but as long as Miss Delacour kept their behavior private, Minerva was just happy that things had quieted down a bit.

She was also pleased though that Harry kept his ridiculously named Lifting Army going over his two NEWT years, teaching physical fitness to many young students and playing referee for rugby matches when the weather was nice enough.

By Harry Potter's standards, it was a quiet final two years at Hogwarts.

When the summer of 1998 rolled around, Parvati and Padma scheduled the first of two wedding celebrations. They would have one in England, shortly after finishing their final term at school, and then travel across Europe for a month on a honeymoon before arriving in India to have a second ceremony for the extended Patil family.

Harry was already planning on tapping into the Mind Gem's powers in order to learn a whole bunch of stuff- including Hindi (the language) and all the steps for a massive three day wedding. That seemed way too extravagant to him, but his honeys had proven they could make it very much worth his while.

Daphne and Fleur were each going to join them for part of their trips that summer, with Fleur escorting them through the French Riviera for a week and Daphne tagging along for a week traveling through Italy and Greece.

But first, the party for their friends back home in Scotland.

McG was sighing as she tied the tartan sash over Harry's bare shoulder. "Remind me why we're holding this at Hogwarts?"

"Because there's bound to be like a million people who wanted to come and the house-elves offered to cater everything," he shrugged. She smacked his shoulder and hissed about him standing still. "I'm just hoping Dumbledore won't reveal his true evil plan and screw up things. I don't think the girls would be happy about that."

McG snickered. "Don't worry about that; I've already spoken to Albus about making sure he's on his best behavior, with terrible consequences if he crosses me."

"You're the best," Harry grinned.


She had finished her work and he spotted a mirror. "I look awesome."

She chuckled again. "You should be glad that we've got a nice, clear day for once, what with your refusal to wear a shirt."

Harry smiled. "I worked hard for these muscles, so I'm going to show off for my honeys on their big day. Or, one of their big days, anyway."

"And what of Miss Greengrass and Miss Delacour?"

"Daphne's got this hand fasting planned around next Christmas," he replied. "It's pretty much just going to be a small, family-type thing. As for Fleur, apparently the Veela enclave is planning some big bash for next spring equinox, to celebrate the rebirth of life or something."

"I suppose it's just as well that I'll be able to celebrate with you today then, since I doubt I'll be available for either of those events," McG said as she got just a tiny bit teary. "You look very dashing, Harry. I'm sure James and Lily would be quite proud."

"Thanks." He turned in front of the mirror a couple of times to double check his appearance and flex just a bit. "And thanks for helping me out with your clan's tartan. I didn't know how big a deal that stuff was."

Her own outfit matched his to some extent, although hers was obviously more feminine and she wasn't an insane young man who wanted to walk around shirtless.

A knock came and the door opened to reveal Sirius Black and Thanos behind him, both of them dressed similarly, although only the Thicc Daddy was also bare chested, wearing just a vest above the waist. "Looking sharp there, Harry."

"Thanks, Sirius."

Thanos laughed deeply and closed the door behind him. "I believe we have just enough time for a traditional shot of liquid courage."

"Allow me," McG replied as she waved her wand and summoned four glasses and a bottle. "Glenlivet 1978. I bought two bottles, the first for your parents' wedding."

"Cool," Harry said as he accepted the first glass from her.

Sirius took a deep sniff of the whiskey and nodded. "To James and Lily, wherever they are, and to the future."

"To the future," Thanos agreed as they all took a drink.

While Harry had Sirius, Thanos, and McG standing on his side of the aisle, the bridesmaids had been Daphne, Fleur, and Lavender. Rumors told of a rather vicious 'argument' between the three blondes about who would be maid of honor- and despite neither having Veela powers nor knowing Kung Fu, Lavender somehow came out the winner.

Normally, a polygamous marriage wouldn't have been allowed, but Harry had literally saved the world again, so no one said anything.

Having a cosmic entity like Death presiding over the ceremony also had something to do with stifling any outrage. Thanos beamed at her the entire time, saying she looked gorgeous in her best shadowy-black robes. No one else dared to try to look under her cloak's hood.

Of course, some people probably were afraid that it was a dementor that the large purple man kept gazing at with love-struck eyes.

Things went smoothly through the wedding and on into the reception, when McG noticed a distinguished gentleman in a wheelchair who floated over to see her. She didn't recognize his face, but he gave off the impression of being a fellow educator.

"Pardon me," he said as he approached. "Are you Professor McGonagall?"

"I am," she replied. "I don't believe we've met."

"Professor Charles Xavier," he answered before kissing the back of her hand. "I run a small school for gifted youngsters in New York, although you probably haven't heard of it."

"What can I do for you, professor?" McG asked.

"I was hoping to discuss your former protege," Xavier said, motioning to Harry who was at that moment engaged in a very risque dance with both Parvati and Fleur that was drawing many eyes their way. "After certain events that occurred with him and the powers he now has at his disposal, a few of my colleagues and acquaintances wanted me to determine if he would pose any great danger."

McG sighed fondly. "Harry is remarkably more responsible than he appears. If I didn't know that he planned to travel the world for the next few years, I'd almost be tempted to have him stay at Hogwarts to continue teaching some sort of physical education. His efforts at doing such things for the younger years have helped to make them some of the best behaved students we've had over my tenure."

Xavier chuckled. "Keeping them busy so they don't get into trouble, you mean? Idle hands are the devil's playthings, so to speak. If you've spent enough time around teenagers, I can definitely see why you would agree with the notion."

"I'll drink to that," she said with a grin as she took a sip of her glass of wine.

"Indeed." He joined her.

Across the room, Harry was taking a break and squeezed Parvati with the arm he had around her. "Will you look at that? I'll be damned."

"What?" his honey asked before he pointed to their former head of house. "Professor McGonagall? I wonder who she's talking to."

"That's not the important part," Harry shook his head. "Look at her face."

Parvati gasped. "She's smiling! And... is that- did she just blush?"

"All that time and effort I put in," he chuckled to himself sadly. "But then she just meets a dude on her own."

"Well, it was at your wedding, so I guess you could get partial credit," Parvati teased him.

"I'll take it," Harry replied. "He's not a very big dude."

"Sorta handsome, though," Parvati said. "In that, 'distinguished older gentleman' way. That's not really my type."

"I should hope not," he said as his hand slipped down to her bum.

Parvati giggled. "Don't worry- I'm not into bald guys."

"Hmm," Harry murmured for a second. "Do you think I should go over and warn him to be good to her?"

"I think she can take care of herself," Parvati answered. "Besides, it's a wedding, and people should be having fun and celebrating."

"What are you two talking about?" Padma asked as she sauntered over and leaned up against Harry's other side.

Parvati pointed to their old teacher. "Harry's plan to set McGonagall up finally paid off when we weren't looking."

"Good for her," Padma said. "But I'm going to have to borrow our husband- it's my turn for the next dance."

"Fine," her sister replied with a smirk. "But I'm calling dibs on going first tonight."

"Hey! No fair," Padma frowned.

"You went first last night," Parvati added.

Padma sighed. "Fine."

"I should remind you both that I've got powers over time and space and all that stuff," Harry interjected. "I think you could both go first, in that case."

Parvati's eyes lit up. "Please tell me that we've got stamina potions ready."

"Already taken care of." They turned to see Daphne behind them. "You didn't think your bridesmaids would forget something important like that, did you?"

Slightly earlier at the reception...

Albus Dumbledore had wandered over towards the open bar and bumped into the Weasley twins, who were looking quite suspicious. "Hello, boys. You wouldn't happen to be considering spiking peoples' drinks, would you?"

"Of course not," Fred replied immediately.

"We would never do something like that, sir," George added, trying and failing at looking completely un-suspicious.

Albus nodded and stroked his beard. "That's just as well then- I'd hate for my addition to have a bad effect with any ingredients that you may have used."

"Too many house elves watching over things," Fred shrugged sadly.

George started to agree before pulling up short. "Sir, did you say that you slipped something..."

"Call me Albie," Dumbledore smiled with his eyes twinkling merrily. "All my friends do. And yes, I may have used the switching spell to slip in a tiny bit of ecstasy here and there. But, isn't that fitting for a wedding? I'd think the Potters might enjoy the night even more."

"Not to mention the other guests," Fred grinned wickedly. "If you two will excuse me, I need to find my date."

"Good thinking," George nodded, before shaking Dumbledore's hand. "Have a good day, professor."

The headmaster waved as they walked off and smiled. "That's a job well done, I'd say."

By the time dawn rolled around the next day, even with the power of the Infinity Stones, Harry Potter was ready to take a day off from working out. He'd get back into his routine soon enough, and in the next few years, he had plans to work towards becoming Mr. Universe.

Meanwhile, McG and Xavier kept up a thorough correspondence... and hopefully more, someday.

Harry was very tempted to meddle.

His honeys kept him fairly busy though, and as they toured the world, they got into many dangerous scenarios as Harry was always intrigued by stories of buried treasure, forgotten temples, lost castles, and every other place that curse breakers would normally salivate over. Not to mention seeking out every nasty monster he could find.

He even sent one particularly 'friendly' graphorn back to Scotland as a gift to Hagrid, who was always a good bro.

Tales of Harry's deeds often seemed wild and unimaginable to the public, even though Luna Lovegood occasionally joined them to chronicle some of his adventures. She sent back many interesting stories to her father, and The Quibbler's audience boomed.

Whether or not Luna ever successfully seduced Sirius Black is another story...

xxx The End xxx

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