Hey guys this is my version of House of Anubis. I´m going to base it more on the original Dutch/Belgium version. But I'm still keeping things from the English version.

I'm also gonna add some made up characters. And instead of 8 people living in the house, it's going to be 12.


Nina Martin: Nina is the new girl at Anubis house. She the only American in the house. Nina's parents died when she was very young. After the dead of her parents she went to live with her grandmother and has a strong bond with her. Nina is very caring person and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. But she shy when it comes to boys. Nina has light brown hair and green/blue eyes. She shares a room with Patricia.

Patricia Williamson: Patricia is pretty complex person. When she doesn't like somebody, she makes that loud and clear. But she has a soft side when it comes to her friends. She has noticeable pale skin; long auburn hair and with different color streaks in her hair, she green-blue eyes. She used to share a room with Joy and now with Nina.

Amber Millington: Amber is known as pretty girl. Amber isn't really smart and can get scared easy. But Amber cares a about her friends. She has a twin brother named Aaron and the two are always there for each other. Amber has long blond hair and has blue/grey eyes. She shares a room with Mara.

Mara Jaffray: Mara is a sweet, shy and smart girl. She is smartest girl in the house. When there is a conflict in the house, Mara doesn't want to get involved. Mara has a secret crush on Mick, even to that he is dating her best friend Amber. Mara has dark brown hair and brown eyes. She shares a room with Amber.

Fiona Lawrence: Fiona is a sweet and caring girl. She is very spiritual. She reads the aura's off people. Many people call her a hippie. Fiona loves all kind of animals and because of that is she's vegetarian. Fiona has dirty blond hair and has green eyes. She shares a room with Caitlin.

Caitlin Webster: Caitlyn is sweet and nice girl. But Caitlyn is also very clumsy, she often let things fall out of her hands or accidently walks into doors or walls. Her mother died when she was 8 years old. Her dad works a gardener for the school She has a very big crush on Aaron and wants to be his girlfriend. She middle length brown hair, with blonde highlights and brown eyes. She shares a room with Fiona.

Joy Mercer: Joy is a quirky, creative, bubbly, artsy, and dramatic girl. She is best friends with Patricia. One day Joy suddenly disappears and nobody seems to know why. Joy has brown hair and brown eyes. Before her disappearance she shared a room with Patricia.


Fabian Rutter: Fabian is smart boy, with his heart in the right place. Fabian likes to read and also likes solving puzzles., because of this his house mates describe him as a big nerd. Fabian is the voice of reason in the house, he is also the must trusting person in the house. Fabian doesn't like injustice. Fabian is also very shy. Fabian has brown hair and blue eyes. Fabian shares a room with Mick.

Aaron Millington: Aaron is person with a big love of music. Aaron can sing and plays a lot of different instruments like piano, drums, saxophone and guitar. The guitar is his favorite instrument. He also love making tracks and he can breakdance. And overall is he a nice guy. Aaron is Amber's twin brother and is also protective of her. He's 17 minutes older then Amber. Aaron has blond hair and when he's not in school wears a dark grey beanie and he as blue/grey eyes. He shares a room with Otis.

Alfie Lewis: Alfie is the joker of the house. He loves pulling jokes on people. And he sometimes be little bit childish and because of that people don't take him very seriously that. Despite all that is Alfie a nice guy, who just want make people laugh. Alfie has brown hair and brown eyes. He share a room with Jerome.

Jerome Clarke: Jerome is portrayed as an uncaring and manipulative person. He will do almost anything to get money. He likes to get money fast, without doing a lot of work. Jerome is known a prankster who always has a trick up his sleeve. But Jerome does care about his friends, even he doesn't show it that much. Jerome has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He share a room with Alfie.

Mick Campbell: Mick is a real jock, but a jock with a heart of gold. Mick likes almost every sport there is. He is not the brightest student, but that doesn't mean he isn't gonna try. Mick has a big appetite and eats a lot of food. Mick has blonde hair and blue eyes. He shares a room with Fabian.

Otis Garfield: Otis is a prankster, just like Alfie and Jerome. He almost never leaves the house without his camera. He uses his camera to film the pranks that he and his friends pull. Otis is overall a nice guy who likes hanging out with his friends. Otis has cooper blonde hair and hazel eyes and he wears pair of black clubmaster glasses. Otis shares a room with Aaron.


Victor: Victor is the caretaker of the House of Anubis. He's very strict and he grounds people when they don't follow the rules. His best friend is his dead stuffed raven Corbiere, who he always talks to.

Trudy: Trudy is the house mother of Anubis house. She sees the children of Anubis house like her own children. (I'm gonna base Trudy more like her original Dutch/Belgium version. So she doesn't live in the house)