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Chapter 1- and so it begins

Peter's POV-

The phone rang loud and clear, once then twice. I ignored it. Nobody generally called me, and I liked it that way. I had become this antisocial being ever since 'it' happened, and frankly, had come to like it this way. It was better this way. I had nothing that others would want to hear, and they had nothing that I would wish to hear. Ignoring others was just the easy and best way out. Who needed friends or even people to talk? I had my pathetically depressing thoughts for company…. Fun, right?

The phone left in my bedroom- I had stayed put in the living room of my house since the past three weeks with absolutely nothing to look forward to- rang for the third time, and with a sigh on my lips and several curses loudly playing on repeat in my head, I rose from my self-assigned throne on the carpet of the room, walking, or rather pulling the weight of my legs, towards where the noise was coming from. I had not even wanted a cell phone in the first place. I had had no purpose for it, and I had insisted on keeping it so, but when was she the one to listen. She loved using and learning about the latest technology that was developed in the human world. It was fascinating for her to see of how soon and how much the world had developed since she had lived as a human. Her eyes would sparkle with excitement and joy whenever she would use a computer or even search something completely random on the internet. It was like magic for her, a new toy that captivated her attention, and so, reluctantly, I had agreed to fulfill her demands, like I did ever so often, of getting a cell phone for each of us. The smile on her face, though, had made it completely worth it.

The harsh ring of my personal Satan pulled me out of my melancholic thoughts and with another sigh; I picked up the piece of shit that had been ringing for a while now, putting it up to my ear after accepting the call from the unknown number.

Who was this calling; I could not help but wonder. I had hardly even given my number to anyone for that matter. She was the excited one out of us, who made sure that everyone we knew or were friendly enough with, would know of how to reach us if required.

"Peter Whitlock here," I spoke into the phone. I was already waiting for this call to end, so that I could go back to my life of brooding and pondering over the days gone by…

"Peter, this is me- Jasper. I need a favor."

I rolled my eyes. Of course, why else would he call? He only remembered my existence when he needed something from me. How typical of him.

"I am fine. Thank you. How are you doing yourself?" I bit back sarcastically.

I could never forgive him for ditching me… us…. like that. He had lost himself in that pixie he called a mate and those douchebag he called a family. He had become some ridiculous version of whom he had once been, changing so completely that I don't think even he would recognize himself in the mirror….long gone was the friend, or rather almost brother, that I had once had.

This had been further proved when he had not even bothered to offer to come back when 'it' had happened. He had just called, stating how his over the top- over enthusiastic wife had planned a long holiday to Europe in the same period and so how he could not be here for me.

That was it.

I had been at my lowest, and my so called brother had not even bothered to ask me of how I was doing.

One half-assed formality call was all I had got.

Then and there I had decided that I was so done with the antics of this so called brother of mine.

"Peter," he sighed on the other end. "This is not the time for jokes. I am serious here."

Was I laughing without me realizing it? Huh! I had not even realized I had been joking. For an empath of his credibility, he rather sucked at knowing what the other was trying to convey.

"He messed up… big time," he continued. Why though- I had no idea. "This could put us directly in the eye of the Volturi. He…they are not ready to understand. I tried. I tried a lot, but even Alice is convinced that nothing could go wrong. But I just know that," he sighed once again. "Hence…. I am asking you for this favor."

Hmm, who was this 'he' who had messed up?

That blond doctor who pretended to be human despite of evidence proving quite the contrary, or that typical jock of their coven- who laughed out loud even when there was nothing funny around, or….

"Edward…." Jasper sighed on the other end. "He created this mess and is now frolicking somewhere in South America. I am so annoyed by him right now. I told him, and everybody else, that this was a bad idea, but do they listen to me- No. I am just someone who has no prior knowledge of any of this in their eyes and mind."

I rolled my eyes. He had sure learnt dramatics in the decades that he had wasted attending High School over and over again. Like seriously- what had they not learnt the first ten times around that they still had to keep repeating it?

I mean, I was done with the whole high school experience in the first time itself. I wouldn't be willing to undergo that torture again, even if someone offered me a million or ten to go through it.

That shit was so not worth it!

But, coming back to the point, why was I not surprised to hear that Eddie boy had messed up? Of course in their clan of idiots- the biggest one out of all would be the answer. I had never met or even heard about a bigger idiot than the man himself. Seriously, he was on a different level of brooding and self loathing, which neither of us could even think about achieving.

I don't even know why he was still alive. It sure had to be a misunderstanding. He had made sure that everybody he met or even saw once would know of how much he hated this existence he was now forced to live in.

'She' had once actually even offered to help him with this mild problem of his, completely altruistic of hers, but his entire family had stared at us like we were the demons themselves out to harm their family.

Seriously, there is no value of good deeds remaining in the world!

"What did the idiot do now?"

I had to ask. Curiosity is a bitch, and I could not help but not know about something that would definitely have brought a smile out on her face.

"He fell in love….."

Okay….. surprising, and slightly embarrassing and pitiful for the receiver of his attraction, but not completely impossible.

"With a human." he continued.

My eyes widened with that one word. Human- he fell in love with a human? How was that even possible?

I mean, I was not the kind to treat them like only mere food, but mingling with humans was against our rules. We were not supposed to do so, and I was a firm believer in following the rules that had been made for our kind. Of course, it was also weird. We belonged to a different species for a reason.

I was not one for the superior- inferior debate, but honestly, couldn't he find one decent vampire to mate with? There were several out there, and several stupid ones at that. Finding someone to mate with could not have been that hard…. even for him.

Needless to say, I didn't think very highly of him, and almost felt bad for the human kid who fell in love with him. Nobody deserves that.

"Her father is the Police chief of Forks…" Jasper continued, taking my silence as agreement to continue.

Right…. that weird name holding small town in the middle of nowhere that they had moved to...

"She was living with her mom in Phoenix before she moved here to live with her dad, early this year. She is Edward's singer…..and after he somehow managed not to kill her on first sight, they started talking to one another." He sighed once again, the burden that it was on his head.

"Okay," I drawled out with the roll of the eye, interrupting him in the middle of that lovely story. Cue the sarcasm. "While this is certainly an interesting story to hear about, I would definitely not mind hearing the Cliffs Notes version. We all have things to do and places to be, you know?"

Now that was a lie. I had nowhere to be, well, apart from my living room, but I did not hate myself to that extreme to listen to the love story between Edward Cullen and some nameless human.

Staring at nothing was more interesting than that.

"Peter," Jasper gave an exasperated sigh on the other end. "Can we keep the humor at a minimum for a while? I am serious here."

What an asshole!

"What do you want me to do, Jasper? Can you directly come to the point of how Edward messed up? I am certainly not interested in listening to the love story of a man I completely despise." I said, annoyed and irritated.

He had people to talk to in his coven, right? Why irritate me then?

Didn't he know that it was too late to mend the metaphorical fences now?

"Okay fine," he growled out the words, mumbling a 'have it your way' under his breath. "The human, Bella, is Edward's singer. They both were attracted to one another, and despite both Rose and me opposing his ridiculous idea of talking to her, and telling him to stay away from the girl, he went and told her what we were. So now a human knows about our kind and if the Volturi get to know of this- we are finished."

"Just kill her then." I stated unapologetically with a shrug.

What was the big deal?

What was the point of this conversation again?

He sighed. "It is not that easy. Edward loves her, and has made us promise that none of us would harm her."

What a group of pansies! Seriously, were they even a vampire coven, or had their animal munching brains forgotten this fact?

"I repeat, what do you want from me? You said something about a favor….." I said slowly and clearly- anything to get the point across.

I shook my head in annoyance and boredom when there was no answer from his side. I just wanted to get rid of this irritating, boring conversation. It was giving me an impossible to happen, headache.

Jasper sighed once again. "There was an accident on Bella's eighteenth birthday. She got a paper cut, and I temporarily lost control, making Edward realize that she would never be safe around us. He forced us all to leave, leaving the girl behind. We are in Ithaca now, while Edward is in South America. I want you to go to Forks…."

"And kill the girl." I summarized.

It wouldn't be that hard to finish the job. She was just a human, and she had knowledge of our kind. We could not keep a human alive who knew of our world. That was just an easy way out to get you killed.

"NO," he shouted at me, panicking for a brief second. "Don't you dare kill her….She means a lot to the family. I just want you to go to Forks and keep an eye out on her."

"Why?" I asked in confusion.

Why keep an eye out on her?

If I wasn't supposed to kill her, what was the purpose of my going there?

"While the family believes that she would never tell our secret to another human…Rose and I am not so sure. It is not that we don't trust her, but we cannot afford her slipping. We cannot go ourselves because Alice watches over our futures like a hawk, but you, she hates you, and had sworn that she would never look into your future. If you go there nobody will be any wiser."

I nodded my head at that. Pixie hated me. She had wowed to never look into my future…..something about not tainting her visions with my pathetic face….well her loss and my, or rather her husband's, gain.

"Okay, I understand the 'why me' part, but what do you expect me to go there and do?"

Surely I had better stuff to do than just physically stalk a human….

His voice took over a confident timbre to it. "You have to make sure that she doesn't leak out our secret to her father or any of her friends. If she does…don't kill her, just let me know. Also, the girl is a danger magnet and extremely accident prone. Alice would not like it if anything happen to her. So…."

"Look." I cut him off before he could go any further. "I am really not interested in this whole stalking thing. I understand your worry, but this is a business of your coven, sorry- family," I corrected myself knowing how much the word 'coven' bothered these idiots, including my brother. "I have other work to do and….."

"Peter," he sighed on the other end. "It has been two years. She died two years back. You need to move on."

"This has nothing to do with her." I growled into the phone.

Truth was- this had everything to do with her, Charlotte Whitlock- my mate and wife. I had loved her….more than anybody could love another. I had not even imagined that when she had left for hunting that unfortunate day I was seeing her for the last time. That newborn, he had come out of nowhere and attacked. She had not even stood a chance to defend herself. I had obviously burnt that newborn after I found him, but by then my Charlotte had turned to ashes. She had left me and gone….forever. And while it had been two years now, I could not bring myself to leave our house, the one that she had decorated so lovingly, and go.

I could have and would have joined her in the other world, but I knew that that was not what she would want. She was the peace loving kind. She would have wanted me to live- live on behalf of the both of us. She would have wanted me to smile and laugh, and maybe even learn to live once again.

The smiling and laughing part of the deal was a far away dream, but I had started with the continuing to exist part.

"Okay, whatever you say." Jasper said on the other end. "But please do me this favor. I cannot trust anybody else."

I rubbed my eyes with my hand. "Why not ask one of those Denali's? Aren't they like your cousins or something?"

He sighed. "They are, but they are too close to Esme and Carlisle to keep quiet about this. Esme and Carlisle would not like our interfering. Edward has made us promise that we are not to have any interaction with the girl. Even Alice will not be deliberately looking into her future for fear of upsetting Edward."

"I don't give a rat's ass what Edward likes or dislikes." I stated without a hint of doubt in my voice.

"Exactly," he pointed out. "Hence you are perfect for this work. Just go in there- keep an eye out on her- and leave again…. as simple as that."

I sighed. I wanted to refuse. I really wanted to, but Charlotte's photo on the nightstand stopped me from answering. She was laughing in the photo. She had been a happy person, the kind to bright another's day. She would always say that if you have no purpose in life, you have nothing in life…

My life had been without a goal for so long now.

Maybe making sure that the human does not slip could be my purpose….. my new start. It would give me something to think about, apart from the memories that these four walls hold. I had stopped going out unless it was for hunting purposes, but maybe this would give me something to look forward to…..a purpose that was what this could be…..even if this was the most boring purpose in the entirety of eternity.

"Please, think of this as a favor." His voice begged me when I didn't answer for a few minutes.

While I wanted nothing to do with this vampire who I had once believed to be like a brother to me, I could do this for Charlotte. She would want me to live, instead of just wasting days away looking at the wall. She loved to do anything adventurous. This would be an adventure of sorts.

"Okay." I spoke into the phone. "I will do it. For how long, though?"

I was not wasting the rest of my eternity, or even a part of it, after some stupid human.

His voice suddenly got a cheerful tinge to it. "Great. I will tell Rose this. Maybe you could keep an eye out for close to a year. If she doesn't blabber our secret out till then, we can assume that she would not betray us in the long run. Also, she is extremely accident prone and a literal danger magnet so make sure that she doesn't kill herself by mistake. Alice would be really hurt by that." He repeated his earlier spoken words.

Fantastic! A damsel in distress- what was I getting myself into?

"Of course," I said sarcastically. "Who could do anything to disappoint or hurt Ms. Alice Cullen?"

I have never met a more pussy whipped husband than the major of the southern vampire wars. He wore the clothes she selected for him, hunted when she told him to hunt, did what she told him to do, and probably even spoke when she had a vision telling him it was okay to do so.

I shook my head. It was laughable.

"Peter." he warned me, making me roll my eyes in response. "I love Alice. If she is unhappy I am unhappy."

I rolled my eyes once again. Fate had surely been cruel for Jasper and extremely lucky for that pixie of a wife of his. She treated him like a life sized ken doll that she could puppet around and he made such bold statements for her.

"I also have another reason for asking you to do this. You see…. there might be a vampire problem in the area soon….." he continued.

"What do you mean by that?" I raised my eyebrow in question.

"A few months back we were playing a game of baseball; even Bella was there, when these three nomads came across us. The leader, James, was a tracker and thought of this as a hunt. He wanted to kill the human for the sake of enjoyment. He tracked us to Phoenix….. we managed to kill him, but his mate is still alive. The third in the coven, Laurent, is now living with the Denali's in Alaska. The rest of them are confident that Victoria, James's mate, would not be a problem. Even Alice believes so, but I am not so sure."

"It was a stupid move, Jasper." I said with a shrug. "This was Maria's first lesson. A mate will always come back for revenge. If you kill one - you kill both."

"I know." He sighed. "I tried convincing the rest of them of this, but Edward is confident that her thoughts mentioned nothing of this kind, and even Alice…." He was quiet for a few minutes. "I am still doubtful, but I care about the girl, and so am asking you to make sure that this vampire problem is solved. You are an amazing fighter. If someone can kill Victoria, it is you."

"What does this Victoria look like?"

I wouldn't want to kill the wrong vampire by mistake and cause problems for myself. I had heard that the Olympic peninsula thrived with those of our kind.

"Fiery redhead….. You will know when you see her."

I nodded my head in response.

"Okay. I will do this."

What was I signing up for? Why was I doing this to myself?

Stalking a human…..when did I fall this low?

"Thanks." He said on the other end. "I owe you one."

I rolled my eyes. He owed me much more than one for making me do this.

"What is the human's name again?"

"Bella….Bella Swan." He said instantly.

I nodded my head. Bella Swan who lives in Forks… here I come.